21 Replies to “Team Trudeau mocks Trump, leaks to CNN”

  1. “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”
    ― Albert Einstein

    In Trudeau we’ve discovered the Unified Fool Theory.

  2. The Spawn showing that he got an abundance of his mother’s genes.

    The brains of a part-time drama teacher and snowboarder in action.

  3. Lets be fair.
    The “source” is the leaker, and from the sounds of it they gave info to CNN that they knew would be recieved and accepted as fact without doing any kind of verification.
    The source could be anyone that sockmonkey lets into his inner circle up to and including his closest advisors.

  4. Who give a darn what that blabbering nincompoop Trudeau says he is a typical liberal all mouth and no mind

  5. They just are so immersed in the idea that the game is trying to make Trump look bad at every opportunity.

  6. Canada did the Sunday interviews on MSNBC (NBC) & CNN… Nothing more to say….Funny how MSM has turned on Bill Clinton & California is up for grabs,,, The Democrat is running against Trump & the Republican is running against dysfunctional California,..

  7. It’s a liberal thing. A lib friend of mine who lives in the U.S. was lamenting Hillary’s loss on social media and asking what he could tell his students in university. My advice to him was to spend the next four years thinking up new insults and epithets for Dem candidates to hurl at people in order to get them to vote for them.

    1. Not a good plan. You obviously didn’t have older brothers when you were a lad.

  8. This is what happens when you send a grade nine class and the class dummy onto the world stage.

  9. Gee, a whole lot of smug Canadians are going to be even less comfortable vacationing in the US of A. The ‘man’ who brought us ‘peoplekind’ should keep his lisping pie-hole shut. The leaker should get a vacation on Ellesmere Island.

    1. The Canadian pastime of “Who is the Biggest Cheapskate” will always ensure a lively supply of Canadians across the border to enjoy the low-cost fruits of a free, capitalist society.

      1. When the Canadian dollar was worth $ 1.07 to the US $ buck we saw the reverse trend. Even when it was at par Americans flocked here. You are ignorant.

  10. One need only look at Acosta’s virulent hatred and criticism of Trump and see how he has positively influenced the president’s administration. No?

    1. Since, over the past three years or so, CNN has gone bonkers, I am still wondering how to drop the putrid network from my basic Rogers package. If anyone has any ideas, let me know. One of the many shortcomings of the conservative movement is organizing boycotts. CNN has become a grotesque joke – Jim Acosta included.

      1. Cut your cable completely. Get an in home antenna, to pick up your local news stations free. Install a program like Leonflix (which is free & legal) for all your movies. All other international news you can get off of the internet.

  11. Get ready for the Northern Peso to hit the 65 cent mark in the next 12-18 months, transfer your money into US dollars now before the Canuck buck goes in the tank!