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    1. No one who is a socialist is good at math, or logical consistency. But they are good at the creed of envy…

      Also, would have been true genius to bring the original boy and the parents there to say that for her.

  1. I have one criticism: The news segments say that she is liberal. Other than that, it was well done.

    1. If you closely followed the newscasts that the teacher was watching, some of that give a rather discordant implication that the criticisms came from the right. I don’t know how anyone can possibly come up with that, but it gives an indication of how deep the malaise is.

      1. But… But… But… The parents called her a nazi! Doesn’t that mean the teacher was alt right? Why then did the media report her as a “liberal” extremist? I’m so confused……

    2. Noticed that too. Including she should teach commie, remark. Perhaps the creator is a liberal and that is their view of FOX news so the Eli sits liberal remark.

    1. It’s been that way for many years.

      I used to teach at a certain post-secondary institution and I was in situations like that numerous times.

      I dealt with “genius” students who insisted that their, often warped, logic was correct. (“But I got the right answer!” “True, but the way you got it was incorrect.”)

      I dealt with administrators (many of whom were self-promoters) who were more concerned about making the kiddies feel good about themselves and, thereby, enhancing the reputation of the department.

      Deans? The less said about them the better.

      In addition, the institution adopted the ideology of “students are our customers” and that my sole task was to “meet or exceed the needs and expectations” of those “customers”. So, if they expected that 2 + 2 = 22, I was required to comply.

      I endured that idiocy for about 10 years before I quit. Trying to teach the course material the way it should be taught was about as pointless as trying to drain a river with a sieve.

      By the way, it took about 2 years for the stress from that job to finally disappear.

  2. Hmmm.

    The world or rather the ill-informed part of the population (not necessarily their fault) of the world does not know the things that the “intellectual” swamp is feeding them. After all they, the “intellectualists” are the ubermensch ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Übermensch ) of the current era, which will eventually pass, though not before inflicting untold damage to civilization.

    As bizarre as the clip sounds, the sentiment is a daily occurrence by the enforcers of the mass media cartel.
    One should not be surprised if the masses find the story fair.

    Recent example would be the animals of the MS13. The corrupt politicians and their media enforcers insisted that the president called all Mexicans by that.
    Any sane person, without having to ponder, will recognize the scam and know what is happening.

    The fascinating thing to note is that every time the idiot politicians and the media cartel enforcers get hung on a verb that Trump uttered, his popularity inches up ever so slightly.
    That just could be a sign of some rationality breaking out.

    In a variety of “reports” there are examples of willful suspension of reality.
    You see, it is much easier to control the plebeians if they are fed daily dose of alternate “facts”.

    Of course Pres. Trump is not saint and without fault. He’s got his moments. On the whole though, so far, he does what he thinks is practical and good for his country without ideology.
    What is surprising is, that the ruling class is opposing every syllable that appears on his twitter or comes out of his mouth.

    The media cartel is doing, as a volunteer service, what the communists did by threat of prison and death (that would depend on what class of communist division one occupied, “layer” in their terminology, since it was officially classless society,) to force to the population of the countries where they ruled and rule, see People’s Democratic Republic of Korea and the socialist paradise of Venezuela.

    Yeah, world likes to be lied to.

  3. Not to put too fine a point on this video I couldn’t help thinking how this is exactly what is happening at the moment to Tommy Robinson in England. Substitute Muslim for Math and this video encapsulates what has transpired in the UK and indeed what is about to transpire here with the infamous M-103.

    It would seem that the three to five percent group of the population that recognize themselves as the ‘intelligentsia’ (politicians, academics, union leaders) are leading the forty to forty-five percent (SJW’s, BLM group, LBGTXYZ, etc.) of the population that can’t think for themselves down the garden path. The rest of us are getting sucked into the cauldron because we are too busy trying to earn a living and pay the taxes that are required to keep the ‘intelligentsia’ and their followers in power.

    Hopefully there will be a backlash in the Robinson arrest that will resonate through the UK and will cause a similar echo here in Canada.

  4. My First Grade Teacher just informed me that under the rules of Common Core math … if one of her children drew a PICTURE of ‘4-markers’ but wrote the number ‘22’ in response to the question ‘what is 2+2 ?’ … then she is obligated … under the rules of Common Core math … to give that pupil 50% credit toward a correct answer. No exaggeration. If she FAILS to grade her pupils in this manner … she will be officially reprimanded (in her employment file) which could eventually lead to her dismissal. She literally cannot “insist” that 2+2=4. The number 4 (after all, MacDonalds has calculators for all that “busy” work anyway).

    Common Core is a system designed solely to “boost” the grades of poor “urban” students. Period. When coupled with Obama’s PROMISE program, which similarly gives “partial” justice for heinous “urban” behavior, Obama has engineered higher academic outcomes for poorly-performing students.


    Rather than actually EDUCATE, and even more importantly … DISCIPLINE… “urban” students, Obama has undermined their progress. He has treated them as incapable of decent behavior or decent grades. Obama is a racist, who practices the soft (racist) tyranny of low expectations.

    Remember … all of our academic institutions are the white man’s racist construct.

    1. Many of my educational colleagues didn’t want to spend a lot of time marking. They simplified their work by either giving full credit for a correct answer (without checking if the procedure to get the result was right) or zero.

      Often, they didn’t even do that much. They simply gave multiple-choice exams.

      I, on the other hand, having gone through undergraduate engineering, gave partial credit. I would see if the solution was set up correctly, checked for any assumptions the students made, and then went through what they presented.

      I was often quite generous if the logic and method were fundamentally correct. That at least indicated if they understood what they were doing. Sometimes, even after they went through the entire calculation, the answer was wrong because of, say, a sign error. I penalized them for that.

      Many times, my students appreciated that I did that because it showed them that I checked their work and pointed out where they made their mistakes.

      In industry, they would be expected to do the same thing.

      1. I see no problem with giving partial credit when showing your work for complex, multi-step, problems … but NEVER for simple facts that should be grasped easily, in one step. I took many physics and chemistry courses, along with calculus and analytic geometry … where I received partial credit. That makes sense. Partial credit for a single operation “problem” is silly.

        1. During the first term of my last year of teaching, I got stuck with a certain service course for a different department.

          I gave a mid-term exam and the kiddies weren’t happy about it. (“Gee, Dr. Rupertslander actually expected us to work for our marks!”) After I graded it, gave it back, and went through the solutions, one student came up to me afterwards and demanded extra marks.

          The question required the solution of a quadratic equation, as I recall, and she hadn’t shown me how she got the results. When I was a student, I was expected to show all my steps and she had neglected to do so, so she was penalized.

          She started shouting at me that she had used her calculator for that, that everybody was doing it, and, that I was a lousy instructor. I took up the matter with the department head who shrugged it off.

          Apparently, I was required to inform them ahead of time that they were supposed to show all of their steps. It seemed that the requirement to do so without saying had long been abandoned.

          That group of students turned out to be the worst I ever had. They were lazy, but, considering how the department was run, I shouldn’t have been surprised. Many openly cheated and, if I took them to task, they began playing lawyer with me.

          Apparently, I was expected to pass everyone simply for showing up because, if the institution’s philosophy was to be believed, they were all winners and were so when their student applications were accepted. After all, the other departmental instructors gave out high grades like free candy and I was expected to do the same.

          I quit shortly after final exams at the end of the following term.

  5. Post modern nihilism in drama. It’s hard to believe an example that blatant could be considered possible but the message is clear.

    1. The message is straight from room 101, in the Ministry of Love. 2+2=5, double think can make you admit obvious falsehoods, and big brother is watching.

      O’Brien keeps Winston in room 101, untill Winston says 2+2 equals 5.

      The Star Trek the next gen plagiarized ‘1984’ as well, on this exact subject. ‘Chain of Command’ season 6 episodes 10 and 11.

    2. While I was teaching, I often despaired at how badly my students spelled. I was told by our department secretary at the time that I shouldn’t worry about it because “language is evolving”.

  6. So when is that short film going to ve officially added to the Bible as certified divine prophesy?

    That is literally the only question left. And I was literally shaking. Or whatever the trigger signal is today.

  7. Heh….cool, now do a biology one on gender. For that one I’ll make popcorn.

    1. Heh. Gender applies to inanimate objects or concepts, such as parts of speech. Biologically, there are two sexes for organisms that reproduce sexually, even if, for some organisms, that can change from one to the other by chemically induced transformation. For organisms that do not reproduce sexually, sex does not apply.

      I cringe every time I hear the word gender applied to living humans if the speaker is speaking English.

      1. That’s not how it’s being applied. Gender is, quite obviously, being substituted for sex. I’m sorry to inform you, but facts don’t apply, only the narrative. Restroom for Male use…restroom for female use…self-identified “gender” defines who can go where…and the “I’m a Little Teapot” song is autobiographical.

    2. Yes, I was wondering, how do we know that that was a young boy in the skit. It was probably a 45 year old socially constructed female.

    1. Initiative is also something that’s no longer taught or encouraged.

      I remember giving a quiz on kinetic energy or momentum to one group of students and, rather than mechanical objects, I used molecules as the bodies in question. I thought why not, as it covered the necessary concepts, such as mass and velocity. Oh, the outrage! How dare I use that when I wasn’t teaching a course in physics!

      Then, in another course, I would be frequently asked what the value of a certain parameter was, such as the yield strength of 316 stainless steel. That information was usually in the back of the textbook, so my answer to them was to look it up. After all, they paid for the book and its contents, so they may as well use of what’s available. Besides, they would have had to do that sort of thing in industry.

      Needless to say, I paid for it in my student evaluations. How dare I not give them the answer they wanted when they demanded it? Of course, my department administrators took a dim view of my approach.

  8. Like all parodies, it’s an exaggeration with a hard kernel of truth….. that’s what makes it funny (last scene).

  9. naturally, the troublesome student is male, because boys are all rapists and need to be made fun of more. gotta get those suicide rates higher.

  10. Fun, but in Ontario, it’s the opposite. Normal parents are treated like closed-minded bigots. This teacher isn’t the norm.