21 Replies to “The Sound Of Settled Science”

  1. If we need any more proof that the whole Warmista story is a scam, then this is it. Order of calculation should not alter the result.

    1. If we need any more proof that the whole Warmista story is a scam

      Some people will spare no expense to “redistribute” the wealth of others.

    2. True, for our usual abstract infinite precision mathematics. That is not true for finite precision math, which is what digital computers use. This fact has been known from the dawn of digital computers. Finite computer numerical analysis books pound that fact into you.

    3. yes it should give different results, and that is one of the big drawbacks of these so called climate models. No one knows which should come first or second….and so on. As I have said many times, and for years now, “there is not a program written that can run a climate model, and if there was, there ain’t a computer alive that could run it”. Throw in the fact that as the data is “collected”, the margin of error is about 5 degrees C, another inconvenient fact for the climate bullshitters. Too many people do not have the knowledge or intellectual capacity to determined these drawback factors, and they are too stupid to understand their own limitations!!!

  2. They will keep working the numbers until they get the required results…problem is, Trudeau, McKenna could be presented this, and more proof, but the train keeps rollin,,,,no stopping it, least of all facts….

    1. problem is, Trudeau, McKenna could be presented this, and more proof, but the train keeps rollin

      In order to make such evidence effective, one needs to present it to people who can understand it. The Rainbow Sparkle Prince and Climate Barbie fall short in that category.

  3. This is interesting because statistics has a similar issue but not to the same degree. In a paper, one must cite the statistics program used because believe it or not the numbers/results they spit out (p value etc) actually vary a bit between the programs.

    No, this does not ‘prove’ AGW is a ‘scam’. It’s still very real.

    1. AGW is a scam. That the globe’s cities, via altering their local environments, are warmer than their surroundings, does not mean that the globe is doing the same. Part of the reason why they get away with it is that conflating a radiant brightness temperature with a thermodynamic temperature is done routinely. Go ahead, keep averaging the numerical labels on lottery balls, you’ll still only win if you’re lucky.

      1. Sigh. UHI effect has been corrected for. The data is fine, and clear that there’s been warming and CO2 emitted by man is the only reasonable explanation.

        1. UHI has been negatively accounted for. If properly accounted for then the adjustment applied to temperatures would have been an increase on older data when population around the station was lower. The adjustments applied are the opposite – the temperature was artificially lowered when the population was lower.

          Adjustments comprise roughly half of the current “warming trend”. Ironically, if you look at stations that have over 100 years of daily records, the last few years have had roughly 5 times the number of daily “record low” values than the number of daily “record high” values. “Warmest year ever” applies to gridded temperature sets that incorporate a lot of infill data and are only remotely accurate since satellite records began. And guess what? The satellites disagree with the gridded temperature models.

          Climate change is a real risk to Canadians, but not the phony-baloney AGW type. When the ice sheets return then Canada will cease to exist. Worrying about trace gasses is much less important than figuring out why the ~80% normal state of our climate over the last 5 million years is extensive glaciation.

        2. ..CO2 emitted by man is the only reasonable explanation….”

          UNME, you missed the “un” in Reasonable.
          Only a Blithering Marxist idiot (like yourself), would actually believe that it, is the sole factor in anything to do with climate.

          The only reason that CO2 is being utilized as the culprit in so called “Man Made Wraming” (as in RAMMING), is that it is the one teeney little thing that could be monetized in such a way as to be used to RAM Renewables up every Western Hemispheres Nations (_i_).

          Your average New Guinea native could tell you that the SUN is the and always has been, the Primary driver of climate. The problem as realized by M. Strong way back in 1992 at the first Global Congress in Brazil was they just couldn’t figure out how to Monetize Solar rays.

          “ahhh, so how about we use that GHG thing we read about back in the 70’s…? that aught to do it..!!” . Followed up by Gores .ppt and presto, Your current garbage thesis replete with garbage computer models, massaged data sets and 30 years trying to prove it – Without ANY Success.

          UNME, do you completely discount what 2 top execs at the UN’s IPCC publicly stated..?? hmm.?

          Christina Figueres
          Ottmar Edenhofer

          “…Climate Change has nothing to do with the environment, rather it is about changing the world Economic Model of the past 150 years”

          Seems to me there are only 2: Capitalism and Marxism.
          I believe them at their word. All part/parcel of the 1 World Government initially championed by the same M. Strong and the invited Globalist Elites back in 1992.

          AS such all this talk about sustainability, Climate Change and the push for Renewables makes TOTAL Sense in that their use creates Defacto ENERGY POVERTY. The base upon which said change will be affected.

          High Energy Prices = Industry moves to lower cost Energy Source Locations.
          Industry moves = Jobs disappear. (Witness Ontario)
          Jobs Disappearing + HI Energy Costs = Populace becomes poor
          Poor Populace = Government Dependance
          Govt Dependance = Marxism.

          Conclusion: CLIMATE CHANGE due to CO2 Emissions is a Compete and Total FRAUD intended to Destroy CAPITALISM. A gargantuan WEALTH Transfer if you will…that will fail.

          One look at what the licked dry “Finger Bowl” has unaccomplished in 3 years is ample proof of that as were the policies of so many Socialist Govts throughout the West since 1992.

          1. Of course, the wealth that is to be “redistributed” will be ours, not theirs. Can you imagine Naomi Klein giving up any of her net worth? David Suzuki, maybe? If they do, it’ll probably happen on April 1.

    2. Unthing, quit proving to those of use who studied math (statistics) that you have NO blood clue what you are mewling about. Read my fvcking post up above and get a grasp on the fact of your comprehensive abilities!!

  4. Duh.
    The selection of the parameters will effect the outcome.
    Garbage In Gospel Out.
    This was one of the early warming signs , the lack of cited error ranges is always a tipoff.
    Of course having to admit the Global Circulation Model you just spent millions of dollars running, has the same validity as a back of a napkin guesstimate, might be extremely career limiting.
    It is somewhat depressing to find we have hardly improved on our understanding of climate,earth climate in particular, since the retirement of Hubert Lamb.
    Climatology will live in infamy, these last decades of policy based evidence manufacturing will be case studies,in mass hysteria and human gullibility.
    Funny how the very institutions created to protect us from mass hysteria and witch burnings have been the leaders of this idiocy.
    The sky is falling, my emperors new clothes inform me so.
    Seems too much government is as toxic as too little.

  5. So its bullshit calculated one way, but super bullshit calculated another. “I have no time” for the Global Wealth Transfer thieves.

  6. The way to repair poor Mother Earth from all the damage done to her with all these dangerous gasses, and all these season changes, from Winter, to Spring, to Summer to Autumn is quite simple.

    You cancel the Gang Greens, the Liberal and Green parties and the so called green movement, except for the few good ideas that they had. These changes would be in effect all around the planet, simultaneously, say, effectively, the first of January. Secondly, the term limit would be for 100 years. Then reassess in 100 years.

    Yes, there, that would help. That’s gonna do it!

    Lucky, America, all that worry, all that trouble, all gone! Poof ! Just like that! All they had to do was vote Trump.

    In the meantime Canada is already so crippled from shooting ourselves in our collective feet. Oh well, at least we have a, quote, Goddess of Weather and a Prime Minister who specializes in Quantum Computing, unquote!

    Quote: thanks to B A Rupertslander

  7. Good news all………I just re-checked my math and realized that at one point I subtracted before I added when I should have added before I subtracted. The polar ice caps aren’t going to melt after all, and coastal cities aren’t going to drown.

    Instead, we’re all going to starve to death because it’s going to be too cold to grow food. Unless we raise your taxes. If we do that, everything will be fine. I’m working on an equation to prove that, but I’m not sure if I should multiply before I divide or divide before I multiply.

  8. ya wanna FIX mother Earth..? Ya need to fix Society first

    So, lets start with DE-CERTIFYING Every Fvcking Public Service UNION on the Planet for starters…..and work from there.

    Take their Wages/Benefits to a level equal to Private Industry….and then we can have a clean slate to build upon.

    Once done, then come and talk to me about Volcanos causing Climate Change….K? God, Im so tried of dealing with Cupcakes, Marxists and 1000 yard blank stare Leftists…can we not just deport them en masse…? Libya or Venezuela perhaps….

  9. OH yea UN-THING….looked at any Solar Research lately..??

    ZERO Sunspot activity – indicative of a 30-50 yr cooling cycle…sorta like a Maunder Minimum.

    Oh, but I’m sure thats due to CO2 as well hmm.??