“Driver fled the scene” …. UPDATE: 10 Dead, 15 Injured

Police say a white van has struck numerous pedestrians in Toronto.


The incident happened at the busy intersection of Yonge Street and Finch Avenue, according to the Toronto Police Service. Initial estimates suggest eight to 10 people were struck.


Witness Alex Shaker, who was driving southbound at the time, says the van was travelling at high speed on the sidewalk.

Subway has been ordered shut down by police. Developing…

Update: 9 dead, 16 injured

Mayor John Tory stresses “unity”, so take from that what you will.

Update: Driver identified as Alek Minassian.

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  1. Just an isolated incident of mental illness … but the van is … WHITE!!!! … we know that much.

  2. Allahu Ackvan!

    I’ll put money on the attacker having taken a selfie with the current PMOC

  3. I believe that this will be the “work of a lone wolf” and that citizens need not be alarmed or worried.

  4. http://torontosun.com/news/local-news/multiple-pedestrians-struck-by-van-on-yonge-st

    Notice photo of police officer with “assault rifle”, clearly they have a protocol response for possible jihadi attacks.

    The jihadi in Edmonton, who struck the police officer with his car last fall. He then used a white rental van for his second vehicle, but was stopped by police before he could use it to run down those leaving the football game.

    By-standers are reporting the driver seemed to be in full control of the van during the incident.

    1. No big deal, just the new reality. I saw cops with M4s at the Canucks game. I’m glad they were there.

      Too bad nobody got a chance to blast the prick before they hurt those people.

      Soon from the mediocracy: white man eh? No, white van. Oh, but it sounds similar so right so is of course true so:

      Alt right white man in van attacks pedestrians in Toronto. Or is it enemy combatants? We will learn soon enough.

      1. Well, the people he hit are likely Liberal voters, so they got what they voted for. Also, they vote for gun confiscation, so I would say it is time for Toronto police to be disarmed.

        The new rules; YOU EAT YOUR OWN DOG FOOD. Why should Alan Rock get armed RCMP? You want carbon taxes; you get to walk back and forth to your constituency in the Yukon Territories. No taxpayer funded air travel for you.

        1. Why would any Canadian live in Ontario what with Trudeau and Kathleen Loser. It.’s like a Conservative living in NYC or San Fransicko. The locals want you dead ad when you die they laugh.

          1. Canada and Ontario have finally become world class. massive unpayable debt, massive unsustainable immigration from the third world, and now we have joined the world with mass killings by truck. Of course we will spend the next decade wondering just why the killer acted as he did. I guess that also makes us world class.

    2. Larry when out local convenience store was was robbed we had cops with M4s and a K-9 unit on the street within minutes. M4s are a SOP not a specific response to a terrorist attack.

      1. Mister Singh, who was driving the truck that killed 16 in Saskabush has not been named yet. Only white Christian male are to be identified

    1. But they EMPHASIZED the … WHITE … van

      I suspect if it were a brown or tan van … it would have just been a … “van”

      1. Time for a ban on assault vans. And vehicle rental agencies must be required to do background checks.

        1. I demand regulation and licensing of all vehicles and drivers. Oh … wait a minute …

        2. That’s exactly what 680 News here in Toronto is emphasizing ” you can rent a van with just a credit card and a drivers license , people are calling for more government oversight in renting vans” I kid you not ….

          1. We should register those vehicles and have mandatory licensing

  5. Let’s bring in another shitload of third world savages. To Trudeau, there’s never too much death.

  6. My office is at Yonge and Finch. I am not there today – fortunately. Spoke to a coworker who said they could see 4 bodies from the windows (facing south). I’ve been waiting for something like this here. It was only a matter of time. Wait for the media spin.

  7. Wonder if Moronto police chief has visited the mosque already to treasure them that they are safe from islamohobia in response to today’s and tomorrow’s attacks.

  8. I guess I’m not a loyal (post-national, sharia-compliant, gender-balanced, Soros vassal) Canadian. I’ve never been attacked with a van yet nor do I ever wish to be. In addition, I have no desire to be culturally enriched, vibrantly or otherwise, and I’m a diversity weakling.

  9. Probably just a returning traveler who, while on his way home from his reintegration poetry class, got distracted while on his cell phone, while calling to book his next session. Ralph Goodale says these travelers are not a danger to Canadians and Justin says they have much to offer Canadian society so don’t panic, the Liberals have it all under control with sunny ways.

  10. I bet the deadly white van had an AUTOMATIC transmission as well – they should be banned pronto!

    1. An AUTOMATIC white van, my, they should only be owned by the state. Manuals for the prols!

  11. Close all the mosques. This is not a religion of peace. It is a war cult. No one wants to convert to THAT.


    1. Poor Ryder Truck Rentals.
      They already changed brand colour once after the Tomothy McVeigh massacre.

      1. I believe a Ryder rental truck was also used in the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993.

  12. “He started going down on the sidewalk and crumbling down people one by one,” Shaker told CTV News Channel on Monday afternoon.

    Shaker said he saw the vehicle strike someone with a stroller.

    “He just destroyed so many people’s lives,” he said. “Every single thing that got in his way.”

    ‘So many bodies’

    Carol Roberts, who witnessed the aftermath, said she saw “a lot of people lying lifeless on the ground.”

    “It was just so many bodies,” she told CTV News Channel…

    Witness Phil Zullo, who was driving northbound, says he first noticed the commotion when he saw police taking down a male suspect.

    Zullo says he continued north, where he saw “shoes and hats flown everywhere.”

    A witness named Kash told local news station CP24 that he was having lunch at a Jack Astors restaurant when he came out and saw four bodies on the ground in front of Mel Lastman Square.

    “People were trying to revive them obviously to no avail,” he said.

    “It seems very clearly that the van had hopped the curb and kind of driven on the sidewalk going southbound and hit plenty of people.”

    Kash said that it was “very traumatic.”

    …Video shared with CTV News shows the suspect pointing a small, dark object at police, with his back to the van. Police can be seen taking cover behind their vehicle and shouting at him to get down.

    “Get down!” the officer is heard shouting.

    “I have a gun in my pocket,” the suspect can be heard saying.

    “Get down or you’ll be shot!” the officer says.

    The camera turns away from the confrontation for approximately eight seconds, then looks back to show the suspect on the ground, face-down, with the officer cuffing him.

  13. Turdeau will have his lackeys scouring the internet to find and scrub any selfies that may or may not link him to the driver.

    Meanwhile a ‘prepare for another apology tour’ app just flashed on his iPhone, so he’s bounding to the rat-cave to brush up on a solemn smile and some obligatory Arabic phrases.

  14. Let’s not jump to conclusions. It’s highly likely that the perp was a muzzie but it’s also possible he wasn’t. Remember the horrific mass murder in Norway by Anders Bereivic.

  15. Good for Toronto, that world-class city of cultural diversity. They must be so proud.

  16. “I have a gun in my pocket,” – the suspect can be heard saying.

    “Oh, I thought you were just happy to see me” – the policeman was heard replying.

    1. “I have a gun in my pocket,”…annnnd that’s how they’ll tie this to conservative gun owners.

  17. This has all the hallmarks of your typical Mo M.O. We don’t know the complete story yet but I am feeling pretty safe in guessing it was who we all suspect.
    Will this event be the final nail in the coffin of Le Dauphin’s tenure? He who lectures us about being accepting as he stands behind armed guards and gated security? He who shows up for a photo-op welcoming Syrian “refugees” and then runs off to the next selfie opportunity, leaving others to deal with the consequences? He who calls ISIS murderers and thugs “world travelers?” He who demands more and more from hard-working people as his trust fund remains untouched?
    Will Joe Two have the gonads to stand up and point out any of this?
    Dear God in Heaven, this country is profoundly stupid

      1. Hasn’t he given us to understand that Islam is a “religion of peace”? I wonder what he thinks of this recent example of peaceing on people?

  18. As soon as they heard the news, Trudeau and the CBC were praying.

    “Please be a white guy. Please be a white guy. Please be a white guy.”

    1. John Walker Lindh is a white guy.
      According to the Haddith, Muhammad had red hair and skin as white as snow.(except for a large dark mole on his back)

  19. Isn’t there Arabic on the wall of the building just above (and to the right of) the van? Is that a mosque, or just an advert of some kind?

  20. If this actually turns out to be a Trudeau protected foreign fighter, all the damaged family victims need to file a class action against the PM and drain his family trust !

    1. LOL, taxpayers may end up paying in the best case scenario, his trust fund is well out of reach.

    2. We won’t get any info unfavourable to the gubmint unless The Rebel gets some leaks from patriotic authorities.

    1. John Tory is an idiot. Called it a “tragedy”. WTF?! Humboldt was a tragedy. This is a F’n calamity, an outrage. Stupid putz of a man.

  21. Two observations. 1) To date, name of the “driver” not yet revealed. 2) Media hesitating to label this a “terrorist” attack.

    Sunny ways, everybody… Sunny Ways. You do know that “Diversity is our strength,” right?

    Keep calm, everyone. Nothing to see here. Just another normal day (well, soon to be normal. For now, it’s just an “isolated incident) in the big T.O.

    Coming to a major urban center near you…

  22. I wonder if they asked him his name yet. Looks like a white guy in the pics but we would all know his sock size by now if that were so. And known by police? As what?

  23. Gawwd … 9 DEAD !!!

    I always tell the wife … that these terrorist event could really get much much more deadly with just slightly better planning. We have, frankly, been lucky thus far … there will come a time when hundreds, if not thousands of us will be murdered at public gatherings. I’m not looking forward to that event


    A Pew poll finds 40% of Americans worry that an US city will be destroyed by a terrorist nuclear attack . James Lileks thinks the annihilation of a city is a dead certainty and will only mark the start of a long, wearying struggle against Islamists armed with nuclear car bombs.

    The imminence of the threat is open to debate. Despite the perception that technological diffusion has put weapons of mass destruction within easy reach of Islamic terrorists — the cliché of a mullah brewing anthrax in a cave — terrorist weapons remain at the 1970s level. The Al-Qaeda attack on the September 11 was the most sophisticated terrorist assault in history. Yet it did not employ any new technological elements, just the creative use of old techniques like the airline hijacking. High explosives, small arms, and poison gas still comprise the terrorist arsenal. ”


  25. Most likely a soon-to-be disappointed Leafs fan*.
    I phoned my limozeen liberal sister who lives several blocks away from Sunnybrook Hospital just to make sure everything’s okay with her brood. Once it was confirmed her family wasn’t near the area (hey, ya never know), I mentioned that this was all part and parcel of living in a big city.
    “You had to go there, eh?”
    “Just saying…”

    Interesting fact, my sister and I were in high school at the same time as the current Chief of Police, Mark Saunders. A real stand-up guy back then and am sure whatever politically correct crap he might spout will have been forced upon him.

    *PS: Why yes, yes a as a matter of fact I am that shallow.

  26. John Tory, thanks for your “Unity” comment thus canned answer. What does unity have to do with this anyway? and 9 dead. Enough unity or not enough? If people are murdered on the street, and we have unity, all is well? or what? What is unity to you?

  27. Prayers for the dead and injured, and their families and friends. So many families were ripped apart today.

    Don’t know the ID or motive yet. But I am very sure that your politically correct law enforcement agencies will have already had contact with the killer. “Not enough to act.” Just like our crazy Waffle House Killer.

    He will be a Known Wolf.

    Just like the fifty Known Wolves that came before him.

  28. News from Israel is reporting 9 dead,16 injured. No speculation yet as to the ethnicity or religion of the perp,but from the short video still I saw, he looked kind of swarthy but white. Maybe a white hispanic like that guy that shot L’il Trayvon,the future President of the USA.

  29. PET POT Cemetery Report.

    Stupid Liberal Justine say, Watch Moi jump.

    “Alek Minassian, 25, has been identified as the man responsible for the plowing into pedestrians with a rented white Ryder van during a terror attack in Toronto.”


    “Alek Minassian Photos: Full Story of Toronto Van Attack Terrorist”

    “A LinkedIn profile with the name Alek Minassian says that he was a student at Seneca College.

    Former NYC Police commissioner Bill Bratton told MSNBC that Minassian was previously known to authorities before the attack as a potential terror suspect.”


    1. I like this line from the article – “Witnesses at the scene said he appeared to be deliberately targeting pedestrians along Yonge St. near Finch Ave.” Appeared to be targeting? He drove the van 4 kilometers down the sidewalk on Yonge street and hit 25 people! Up to 10 dead now. Appeared to be deliberate my ass.

    2. Has former NYC Commissioner Bratton’s statement this suspect was known to police as a terror subject been confirmed.

      I’ve heard this has been debunked. Who knows. Anyway, we all know he is a lunatic, that’s for sure.

      1. Yep. His other name was that which must not be said. Voldomort or Beatlejuice, something like that.

      2. Lepine’s father was Algerian if you were asking a serious question. If it was rhetorical please ignore my post.

          1. Correct on his real name richfisher – I have always heard that his father, however, was Algerian (and a piece of shit wife beater). It really doesn’t matter at this point. Human garbage is human garbage. We can agree to disagree and still both agree I think. B

      3. It is generally an Armenian name. But who knows where exactly the family is from . But most Armenians are Armenian Apostolic Christian, not all though and not all are religious.