The Apprentices


Think of it as a reality TV trade deal, with Team America coming out ahead.

Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama are in "advanced negotiations" with streaming video provider Netflix to produce and appear in shows that will chronicle their lives after the White House, the New York Times reported. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Name That Show in the comments, and I'll send out a free book from the free book library to the one I like best (closes Sunday night at midnight).



Bedtime for O'Bonzo

How awful -- that is not a suggested name, just a reaction. Ugh -- the Obama's. It was so nice to be rid of them while it lasted.

The Manchurian candidate would be apt.

How about The Bull***t Chronicles?

I, Me, My and Mine

Fear and Loathing in Kalorama? It is the DC suburb they live in.

I, Me, My and Mine

Bambi and the Moocher

A Fistfull of Dollars

Bitter Clingers

Me, me, and me.

You Didn't Build That

South Side Suckas

You Didn't Build That

My Life with Zher

Me, I, and me!

South Side Suckas

If you liked your old tv show...

"Who Paid Good Money For This Crap?"






Blazing Saddles - Part Deux

Community Organizing With The Stars!

The Incredible Shrinking President


How to get fired by Netflix.(this would be the spin off about the person who gives this the go ahead)

From Ayers to Eternity

Our big fat affirmative action windfall.

Movin'On Up

"Batman and Robbin"

That's a good one



(~) being that annoying logo we don’t see around anymore, thank God!

If you like Netflix, you can keep Netflix

the Obama Adventures: All Talk, No Action

Ugh. This is even worse than f*cking up Altered Carbon. I haven't watched the show itself but the trailer told me all I needed to know.

Let’s do Reality TV Differently

Black Privilege

Streams From My Father

Dreams of my Fatherland

"AFTER THE GAME"...staring Mooch and the Pooch

Hoping and Changing For a Big Payoff.

Orange is the New Barack

Altered States

The Twilight Zone

Catch Me If You Can

Highway To Hell

The Jerk

The possibilities are enedless.

The Whore and the Housewife

How about, "How to do Nothin' after Eight Years of Doin' Nothin" ( And Get Paid for it!!)

BO and the Bear

The Conning of America-Part Two

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