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Asian correspondent!

In the booth with Mike Tirico and Katie Couric, NBC Asian correspondent Joshua Cooper Ramo said that "every Korean" respected Japan for their recent achievements as a nation, insinuating that South Korea had forgotten about the 35 brutal years of Japanese rule that ended after World War II.

But there's more... much, much more.

And not to be outdone.


Let's try a comparison. Do South Koreans feel more comfortable with China and North Korea or Japan? 73 years is a long time to hate friends because they were former enemies.

We were fortunate enough to live and work based in Tokyo (with business responsibility for Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan and Singapore) for 3 years. Koreans, Japanese and Chinese ALL DEEPLY HATE EACH OTHER and have for many generations. There is ZERO "admiration" of one toward either of the others, there is just very intense economic competition and hatred. This is widely known to EVERY 'gaijin' (Japanese word) and 'gwailo'(Chinese word) "round eyed foreign devil" living anywhere in Asia that this NBC clown clearly knows NOTHING about the region of which he's supposed to be an 'expert'.

NBC is not enjoying good ratings in their Korean sojourn.
Potemkin villages, total cultural insensitivity, maybe they should have done some homework before embarking. At this rate they will rival Trudeau Jr in apology medals.

When I was a colt I went out to the coast and worked for Federal Grain. While working there I learned a few things you don't encounter growing up rural route.

One was the use of the word 'Japed'. It was used in the sense of one getting screwed i.e. 'you japed me on that deal'. I'd never heard of the word but thought it was a left over from WW11.

Japanese Canadians could probably have found some use for it the way we treated them.

Japanese rank the races thusly:

- Japanese at the very very top

- Whites down quite a bit from the top, but an area you would still call "upper"

- EVERY OTHER RACE from Arab to black to other Asians as far down on the bottom as your scale could possibly go. They are essentially dirt that you wipe from your shoe if you notice them at all.

The left are quite EXPERT at what they don’t know.

Actually, I don't totally disagree with the Japanese on that one. They are not hypocritically going on about diversity, though the problem at the moment may be that they are not replacing their population very effectively.

Oh, NBC, the things you say without thinking!

Some people might think that you're morons.

Hey, Kenji.

Is there not even one person, in all of peoplekind, in the MSM that does not see the hypocrisy in all of this?!

"KIm Yo Jong enthralls the South"

Does the Toronto Star realize that "enthralls" literally means "enslaves"? Look it up, guys.

I work for a Japanese company here in the US, with about 5% of the workforce being actual Japanese citizens. I've never once had an unpleasant encounter although once in a great while I get a vibe that the Japanese colleague thinks they're superior to me. I make a comfortable living thanks to this company. Further, a Japanese surgeon saved my Dad's life after getting whacked in the head by a Chicom shell in Korea 1951, so I for one am a huge fan of the Japanese.

well, the canadian media aren't any smarter. they are,
right now, pissing themselves over a drunken, armed
aboriginal raiding party
that went sideways, resulting
in the not too atypical death of one of the raiders.

the after the fact perjury should be a story on its own.

needless to say, pierre-lite is also commiserating
with the dead dumbass.


Only willingly dishonest leftards focused on a specific agenda could possibly 'mistake' the sincere big smiles and cheers of those with national pride from the forced big smiles and cheers of those terrified of returning home to torture and execution in case they didn't smile and cheer enough.

I am guessing the cold-blooded pricks at NBC are leaving that last part out of their feel-good, sanitized N. Korean Olympic coverage.

“73 years is a long time to hate friends because they were former enemies.”

Unless of course you are over 73 years old and experienced the atrocities first hand.

I hear you.
I'm looking for a gracefull exit from a FB thread, that has gone VERY sideways.
It is worsened locally, by todays missing young adult in -25 C weather.
The common feature being, there is always someone else to blame....

geez, louise... talk to anyone residing in an
middle eastern muslim majority country. these
folks despise each other with a passion not
seen since the hellenic wars, which is the only
reason israel has managed to survive in the
middle of a sea of islamic haters.

not a week goes by, some akbarring martyr manages
to vaporise a bunch of his muslim neighbours
in the name of the religion of peace.


"...the after the fact perjury should be a story on its own ..."

I understand perjury to mean lies spoken in testimony under oath in court? Was there any of that? I didn't follow court reporting in the trial of Gerald Stanley closely enough to know?

I suppose the young woman summoned to witness who didn't show up and had a warrant issued was avoiding having to choose between committing perjury or recanting on the stand her her statements to police investigating. And I know some of the media have published (and some continue) the untrue stories told by Colten Boushie's colleagues to police and media before the trial, but I am not sure it counts as exactly perjury if they didn't swear to it in court.

On a somewhat related matter, now that Boushie's death has been determined by a court of law to have been caused by an accident will WCB get involved, since it appears he was at work when it occurred?


How far removed from "castle doctrine" was this event? can it be used again in Canada, while in defence of your personal household, and "fearing for your life" ?

Can the prosecution in Canada get a conviction for this? It's been the other way for eons, has the tide turned?

"japed'", never heard of that term. Perhaps it's restricted to the west coast. The term I am familiar with is "You jewed me on that deal".

It was pronounced, "gyped" in Regina Sask in the 60-70's ... and the local Japanese folks that operated the nearest confectionary (because nobody wanted to hire them?) were some of the best folks I've ever met.

I think it was brought back from those serving in WW2

Today's Sesame Street Media Day has been brought to you by the letter S:

Shallow, Stupid, and Sucked-in by a Slaughterer.

While everyone is drooling over Kim Yo-Jong, are they worried about the soldiers who nearly died defecting?

I say eight North Koreans will defect this time around.

HINT: The mainstream media ALSO said that The Soviet Union "won" the diplomatic Olympics ... by BOYCOTTING the 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles.

The LA Olympics turned a PROFIT ... and the Soviet Union heaved its last dying death rattle.

Brilliant media! ffff-en brilliant. So insightful. So nuanced.

I think it's hilarious that the depth of hatred for Trump is so deep within the media that they are willing to go all Sean Penn on a murderous dictator just because he hates Trump too.

If the media had any pride left they'd be too embarassed to show their face in public. Interesting times to be sure.

@ Marc
'gyped or gypped", meaning one got cheated. Insulting to gypsies. Nothing to do with the 'Japs' or 'japed'.(gosh, listen to us racists). heh

The defense alluded to the fact that'a man's home is his castle. Not sure if they went full 'castle doctrine'. It is a legitimate defence but not so much in Canada where the rcmp get away with Mr Big stings and the prime minister comments on just concluded trials.

And the Leni Riefenstahl gold medal in propaganda goes to ....

"It is a legitimate defence but not so much in Canada where the rcmp get away with Mr Big stings and the prime minister comments on just concluded trials...."

Yup, but let me finish that sentence for ya....

"...and where the stupid, slumbering public doesn't have a clue or care about things like freedom of speech or property rights."

Whether it's "the enemy of my enemy (Trump) is my friend" or relative ideological proximity to totalitarian socialists, the modern MSM has a natural affinity for the NORKs. If San Francisco was a smoldering radio-active ash pit from a successful NORK ICBM the MSM would blame Trump.

You can tell what the Japanese think of other cultures by the openness of their immigration policies.

"an activity done to make someone laugh or to trick someone: "

Goes back a long way. Rudyard Kipling used it in "Stalky and Co" (1899) IIRC

Captcha 5000 FRUITS

They all hate us more. Not one more young American should die for Korean, Japanese, or Chinese millionaires.

"The left are quite EXPERT at what they don’t know."

Wasn't Josef Stalin the greatest genius mankind has ever known? According to Josef Stalin.

I look at that picture of North Korean uniformity and I see is the “red rum, red rum” scene from The Shining.

Not Asia but

A book recommended around the 1980's on Africa reckoned that to understand African politics etc you needed to look not much further than the tribal structure.

Some 500 years of European influence has changed the balances of power but done very little to change who hates who.

What Americans need to do is to stop watching ABC and also call the local companies who advertise on their local ABC stations and tell them they will not purchase anything from them because they are supporting a media outlet that is promoting a murderous dictatorship and continues to denigrate the president of the USA.

Only hitting them where it counts -- the income stream -- will see them change their ways. A boycott of local businesses which buy advertising from ABC is required.

As for CNN and the NYT et al a similar boycott would work if Americans hit local businesses like auto dealers and chain stores in a similar manner. Tell them you are going to eat at the local restaurant rather than their establishment which obviously supports un-American media ideology. You have to fight the scumbag progressives in the same way they intimidate businesses who don't do what they want.

Comments viz a viz North Korea "cheerleaders":

Why not, Avery Brundage was very impressed by the Nazis' organization of the 1936 Olympics. That is the nature of liberals. They love organization and mindless robotic repetition (see Beijing Olympics) enforced by abject fear.

Comments viz a viz Japanese:

No one can or should "forget" the unspeakable atrocities committed by occupying Japanese against the Korean and Chinese civilians before and during World World II. They were so horrendous I could not get through the introduction to "the Rape of Nanking." And the Japanese had NEVER, ever acknowledged them, let alone apologize for them.

My personal experience going through the Tokyo Airport: I had bought something duty free, and the clerk filling out the slip took the liberty of putting down ROK for my nationality. I am not Korean, but share a surname common to many Koreans. I merely informed him that I was American. The clerk gave me this withering look that said whatever your nationality may be, you are still just a lowly Korean. That was not nearly as bad as when they tried to change my seats in favor of a Japanese tour group. It was not long after the second world war, and being American still brought out the fear of God in them. They didn't know that about me, and I had to play that card to get them to leave me alone.

BTW ... not to rub it in (ohhhhheeee ... he said “rub”) ... but YOUR gay skater (Chen) is better than our gay skater (Rippon). And I blame Rippon’s PDS ... I guess it’s sort of like gay-PMS ... Pence Derangement Syndrome.

Short answer - no. Cognitive dissonance

why would that be insulting to me????:-)))

''In a highly developed information society and a highly educated society such as Japan, the people require politics that bravely faces problems. In the United States, because there are a considerable number of blacks, Puerto Ricans and Mexicans, the (intellectual) level is lower.''

Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone


Maybe Rippon should just shut up and skate. I mean really, c’mon, figure skating world. Like it’s a surprise that most male skaters are gay? And really, who cares about his politics, you’re either a winner, or first loser, or next loser.

Does this NK love not seem contrived to anyone?

Sure, it's the Olympics, but where did this collaboration and warm heartedness come from all of a sudden? And we were going to nuclear war just weeks ago?

It's a new narrative we're being fed. We're being led.

Putting aside the bell curve distribution of intellect, which I would argue is similar for all races ... just consider the EDUCATIONAL differences between America and Japan:

In America, approx. 40% of college-age citizens attend some form of college, including Jr college.

In Japan, 75% of college-age citizens attend college

In Japan, one must pass a rigorous college entrance exam( given once per year) to make it into college.

In America, nobody is denied college entrance regardless of grades or scholarship ... esp. at Jr. Colleges

In Japan there are virtually NO post-graduate liberal arts degrees. Only the hard sciences offer post graduate college degrees. There is NO SUCH THING as a “gender studies” degree in Japan

In America, many colleges literally allow the student to make up their own degrees, many of which are esoteric and useless.

In Japan, there is no such thing as “social promotion”. You either pass the test or you don’t move on.

In America, students are graded on effort, and are promoted no matter how poorly they perform. In fact, parents would sue the school for failing to promote their child to the next grade and hurt their feeeeeelings.

In Japan, primary and secondary schools are rigorous and serious places with strict discipline and high expectations for students.

In America primary and secondary schools are pathetic and getting worse, with falling test scores and chaos on campus. The lowest common denominator rules.

As an embarrassed American, I must say that I agree with the Japanese PM. However, his comment either loses something in translation or misses the cause of our educational disparity. It isn’t “race” that divides us as it is “culture”. American culture has undergone a horrible decline in the last 30 years. Schools have been dumbed-down, discipline doesn’t exist. Literacy rates are falling. Drop out rates are increasing. Standards of all kinds are being “relaxed”. But there is an interesting divide in our public schools. Homegrown minorities are performing horribly, while immigrant minorities are excelling. This is not true across all racial groups (Mexicans and Central Americans do poorly), but Asian immigrants and African immigrants do exceptionally well despite language barriers (which quickly go-away). It’s our declining culture of lowered expectations and re-definition of what passes for scholarship that validates the Japanese PM’s comment.

As soon as the games are over the regular games resume.
Kim fires a missile over Japan. Game, set match

In Japan, 75% of college-age citizens attend college

In Japan, one must pass a rigorous college entrance exam( given once per year) to make it into college.

You're an idiot. But that's OK. I'm sure you have a degree.

Those NK Cheerleaders are exactly what our MSM will be like once they drop the last facade of impartial news purveyor.

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