Senator Liz Warren (aka Faucahontas) Has Culturally Appropriated Native Americans


Do you remember Rachel Dolezal? She was drummed out of the public spotlight because of her false claims that she was African-American.

One then wonders why there is so much tolerance among Democrats for Elizabeth Warren's [allegedly] false claim that she has Native American heritage? Just a few days ago, in a bizarre speech, she tried to get past her fairy tale personal history story, as well as throwing President Andrew Jackson under the bus. Full text of her speech

Besides the "Faucahontas" moniker, SDA readers are encouraged to come up with other funny nicknames for the Delirious Lizzy W.

Update: Corrected the spelling of Lizzy's alias. More about this here.


I believe her original moniker was "fauxcahontas". Hard to top that one.

I thought the generally accepted moniker was #Fauxcahontas

#she too

Lieawatha and should be her defence. Narendra, she pretends those don’t exist.


Warren, being a home to rabbits, says to me, that Liz Warren’s Indian name should be ...

Elizabeth ‘Many Rabbits’ Warren.



INSTEAD. Gawd I hate autocorrect

argues with rabbits

Sh!tting Bull, of course

What isn't funny about the whole thing is how she used it to advance her academic career and how Yale used it to classify her as a diversity hire, without it she would be a complete unknown, she's whiter than mozzarella with mayonnaise on white bread, yet the primitive ignorant principle of "one drop of blood" was dishonestly used and pounced upon by our intellectual superiors on the left.

What happened to the leaders of the tribes who came out to protest her impersonation?

Seriously, both Canada and the U.S. need to establish just exactly what constitutes the definition of First Nations/Native Americans.

I would contend that most of the native DNA is now so diluted that in all likelihood at least 50% of the people who claim to the First Nations/Native Americans are less the 40% pure blooded native.

I think we ought to make a mandatory DNA test the first thing to establish just how "pure" people are. If you're less than 50% you're off the list. Save both countries millions.

Don't like to take the DNA test? You're automatically removed.

How does that sound?

Sounds much to commonsensical to ever be implemented.

How's this for a)either expert trolling or b) Indian Pride

copy and paste into browser...

She has refused any and all meeting with them, offers of DNA tests, everything for decades.

For Lizzie, the crazy cat lady of Canadian politics!

Maybe she is simply battling delusions caused by a native spirit, then I suggest Pocahaunted.

I am willing to donate my Indian Guide name ... Swims with Beaver
Although the meaning may be somewhat differently interpreted for her ...

Crazy Horse Shit or
Running Bull Shit

The Unoriginal Aboriginal
Ms. Cherokee Piracy
Dances with bulls

Bear Shrills.......She who drinks Tee-Pee

Hare Shrills....She who drink Tea-Pee

ooops sorry for double post

Not a reliably historic name;
Screeching Harpy

Kevin - Thanks for that information!

Or as I prefer Witch lying and swimming in on native gene pool

Warren's spirit name? Squatting Weasel.

"Walking Eagle": because she's so full of shit that she can't fly.

Mueller and team, over here!

Thanks. You beat me to it. "Fauxcahontas" it is.


Chief Spreading Bull

"Typical Democrat."

hard to say more.
Fauxcahontas works for me too.

Hopefully soon it will be Elizabeth, sucks to be you,Warren.




So, how did she get from "I was always told I was 1/16th Cherokee to "my mother was half Cherokee", per the text of the speech? Her Indian name should be Lies Like a Sidewalk..

"Dances with Dung"

Grey Beaver.

Cherokey Cheeks

the great spirit in the sky calls me to proclaim my rights as a human being born on this planet. i have the same rights as everyone freaking one else. get over it. i will however step on your rights if it advances mine.

Shops At Whole Foods

She who avoids

There's always Lieawatha.

she learned the trick from shania twang:


Also: Fauxcohones

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