Medicated To Death


Leo Knight - Here's a column I wrote back in 2013 after Sandy Hook. It includes a chart worth looking at common denominators in school shootings...

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OK. An impressive list. And I suppose I appreciate anything that takes the blame off guns. However, is it the medication ... or is it the fkcued-up monsters who NEED such medications. I am not now, nor have I ever been on such medications, nor have I been under psychiatric care (yeah, insert joke here), and I can assure you I am no threat whatsoever to go postal someday. The vast majority of our fellow citizens are no threat either. But the psychopaths, and fudged-up mental patients are most likely to go on a murder spree. Those same mental cases are most likely to receive various forms of mental care including psychotropic drugs. I am far less likely to blame “Big Pharma” or “The Doctors” as I am the evil that motivated these heinous acts. And I won’t blame violent video games, or death metal music. Nope. Such acts are evil, perpetrated by evil men ... or mentally fragile ... I don’t care how you want to label it.

And I can’t WAIT to learn about this creeps warm, wonderful, parents. These sort of apples rarely fall too far from the trees.

Sounds like this monster was a known monster. I'm sure political correctness/liberalism handcuffed people from doing what needed to be done to have prevented this.

Another common denominator is the dysfunctional institution called the public school.

Kenj, Sid says 10 times what you did in a much shorter post. You display only a great level of ignorance as to mental issues. I have ADD, and at almost 60 years of age my doctor wanted to put me on meds. I questioned him as to WHY, as I had done well without them for almost 60 years. Point being my liberal doctor is a pill pusher. So we need to look at societies ways of dealing with these issues as much as the individuals struggling with them.

For this list to have any value we need to know what percentage of the general population is on such meds and how many mass shootings were there in that time frame.

If 10% of the general population is on these meds but only 5% of the shootings are perpetrated by people on these meds then the link doesn't exist.

Somewhat peripheral to Kathy's point, but in a similar vein, has anyone looked at the number of school shooters who were kept in "academic" programs (it's almost an oxymoron in modern schools) who may have been more suited to the trades courses as used to be offered as a separate stream back in the day? I'd be curious to know. Combine absentee parenting, with a dysfunctional, completely non-engaging school program and mental illness and voila -- explosion.

His list would be in much better context if he listed the non-medicated school killers, too. I am sure I could make a similar looking list of school shooters that owned skateboards or had allergies. Aggendized sorting of facts is how people get sucked into conspiracy theories. Also, he doesn't even try to explain the millions of kids on these drugs that do no harm.

Is it possible these drugs are a cause of or contributor to extreme violence? Of course, anything is possible as they say, but there is NO actual evidence, only speculation.

Indeed, this was apparently the kid that many thought was a candidate to 'go postal'. Yet again, kids suffer at the hands of irresponsible PC-addled teachers and parents. What is the point of training people to watch for particular signs if they aren't going to take action anyways?

Kenji, I was truly dismayed with your cruel comments about people dealing with mental health issues. To call good people dealing with depression or ADD, etc "fkcued-up monsters" is ignorant and and simply asinine. My youngest daughter was diagnosed with ADD about a decade ago, and I fought it bitterly, but lost to her mother. Well, I had to apologize to them both when we witnessed how the medication helped her concentrate and her grades spikes accordingly. There is NO DOUBT she was helped. She still deals with it slightly as an adult but is a loving person dedicated to her apprenticeship. She is most certainly not a 'fkcued-up monster'!

Maybe if you had some personal experience with a mental health ailment, you wouldn't be so painfully ignorant about it.

This list gets shorter when false flags like Sandy Hook are removed and only actual school violence incidents remain.

The issue with adolescents being prescribed SSRI's is most of them are prescribed 'off-label'. This means the makers of the drug never conducted long-term tests on their efficacy and safety on children and the accompanying literature says as much.

These are drugs developed, tested and approved for the use by adults. Bending to pharmaceutical lobbying and an attendant influx of cash to all in the distribution chain, the approving authority (in this case the FDA) has sidestepped their due diligence and left it up to doctor's discretion. Ask a doctor, or better yet a pharm sales rep, how a doctor is educated on these drugs and they will tell you they get almost all their info from the sales rep themselves and the shiny pamphlet they provide.

In essence, when you're giving your child drugs that were never intended for children on the basis of the doctor's recommendation. How does a doctor do this? By giving your child a dose and seeing if it works; treating your child like a human guinea pig.

The 'brain chemical imbalance' belief is parroted by the pharmaceutical industry ad nauseum and the public has ate it up. 1 in 4 women in the US is on some type of psychoactive drug. Are we really believe that 25% of women have 'unbalanced brain chemistry' all of a sudden? And by all of a sudden since the 70's when these stats were first studied?

The issue is environmental. Your body reacts to what you feed it. Stop feeding your kids processed shit, have them exercise, have them sleep 7-8 hours a night, manage their gut biome, teach them how to properly handle stress. Stop pumping chemicals into them while you mistreat them by maintaining their unhealthy lifestyles.

Why so many meds? People had ADD and other issues a hundred years ago.

I think that broken homes, a society that tells boys they are no good for anything, and an adrift society in so many ways that has no moorings. What is it, over half of children born to single mothers and in single parent homes.

We are becoming a lost society.

In essence ... you're giving your child drugs that were never intended for children.

But giving their children those drugs usually makes the parents feel so much better.

Double down on that Ken.

We are currently transitioning and witnessing Bizarro World

Surprised you posted such a questionable item Kate. Cherry-picked data - no rigour at all. If there is a thread between meds and this stuff let’s see it proven otherwise it’s fake news.

Report: FBI Warned About Potential School Shooter Named Nikolas Cruz in September

"A YouTuber named Ben Bennight emailed the FBI tip-line after he noticed a comment left by a “Nikolas Cruz” on one of his videos. The comment read, “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.”

Bennight lives in Mississippi and says he was “immediately” contacted by the local FBI office. He met with agents the following day. “That was the last I heard from them,” he told BuzzFeed."

Sorry, but I refuse to believe the current FBI 'makes mistakes'.

Bernard Kerik: "The @FBI knew about Cruz, they knew about the bomber in NJ/NY, they knew about the husband and wife in San Bernardino, and they knew about the Boston bombers, yet we're wasting resources chasing Russian collusion and harassing @GenFlynn. Time for @jeffsessions to do something!"

Pretty much sums it up.

"The FBI knew about the shooter."

This has to be the dumbest thing ever. What that means is that the FBI had a complaint that the kid said something on-line. Which means NOTHING. They have no path forward from a complaint about an on-line comment.

Consider, all you people screaming because "the FBI knew about him!!!" Do you want the FBI coming around to your house because some schmuck complained? Really? Do you want the FBI Department of PreCrime locking up your teenager because somebody, somewhere, said he might do something someday?

How about y'all face the reality: in a FREE country, the cops only come -after- the crime is committed. In a FREE country, -you- are responsible for your own safety. Not the cops, not the schools, YOU.

And maybe reconsider the wisdom of trusting your children to an institution that thinks "shelter in place" and "gun free zones" are reasonable approaches to security.

*sigh* ... sadly, I feel the need to reveal more personal information, than I should, to defend my admittedly non-PC statements about mental health.

I have 3 (adult) children, two of which are every parents dream, one of which ... isn’t ... to say the least. Why? He is bi-Polar, with schizophrenia. Not your common (sadly) garden variety bi-Polar ... but pretty much full on schizophrenic. He went from a straight-A student in Jr. Hi to giving us much trouble in HS; lying, hiding, sneaking ... mainly so he could smoke lots of dope, with the WRONG people. Yet doing just well-enough to get admitted to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (but that’s another story in itself). We chalked it all up to rebellious teen behaviour. Until. His first quarter at Cal Poly ... when everything went off the rails (a common age for bi-Polar to manifest). He finished Q-1 with 2-F’s out of 4-courses, and routinely threatened to kill himself ... and everything went downhill from there ... and we discovered quickly that parents have NO rights whatsoever over their 19yo son. None. Yet he is our son, and we never stopped trying ... all the way up to the time he set his Chico State apartment on fire (because the voices told him to) and he was thrown out of school for stalking a girl. By that incident he had been 5150’ed multiple times (police code for a psych-detainer) and institutionalized several times (sadly, it was catch and release, as he is just smart enough to pull it together to get released) ... and remember ... parents have NO rights whatsoever over a 22yo adult. But try we did ... and finally got him institutionalized long-enough for all those baaaaaaad mmmmKay psychotropic drugs to build-up in his system to STOP the voices and antisocial impulses. So, yeah ... I have a love-hate relationship with psychotropic drugs. I hate that my son cannot live a single day without being on both Lithium and Abilify, and love that both these drugs allow him to at least be a marginally functional citizen. I have watched, listened, and learned about what these drugs can accomplish. They have NOT been cavalierly prescribed to my son, and without them he would be permanently institionalized. My mid-thirties son still lives with us, because he cannot otherwise function entirely on his own and I cannot simply dump him on the streets and onto “societies” lap. And, we cannot (don’t want to) pay for him to have his own apartment (that he’ll set on fire again).

So I am (on balance) a huge FAN of psychotropic drugs! Just as fervently as I am (on balance) a huge ENEMY of marijuana. The more I read studies about how dope permanently scrambles the brain chemistry of adolescent users ... the more I see my own son.

And sorry to claim credit here ... but my wife and I refuse to dump our son on society. We have advocated vigorously for his care and have taken responsibility for him despite wishing we didn’t have to. In fact his County (public) healthcare and social service workers literally advised us to throw him on the streets so he could get FREE public housing. He isn’t a priority, because we already provide his housing. We just can’t do it, because we have already seen how that story ends. Every single time a mass shooting like this takes place ... the wife and I look at each other and say ... that could be our son, if we just didn’t care. And no, I don’t own a gun. And I never can so long as I live ... whether our son lives with us or not ... because he is still highly intelligent, and would find my gun safe when visiting over Thanksgiving.

If you haven’t noticed ... I speak and think in “shorthand” (no wonder I like MY President so much). I don’t suffer fools, and I don’t believe in PC nonsense or dancing around (what I see to be ) the TRUTH. My own son is a mental patient. One that I love. One that I continue to care for. But I have seen up close and personal the mayhem and destruction his mental illness can cause, THAT is what I speak of. Hate the sin, LOVE the sinner. I am convinced that I have quite literally SAVED lives, by taking responsibility for my mentally ill son. I only wish every other parent/society would go to the lengths we have to keep each other safe.

I thank GOD for our pharmacopeia. I thank GOD for psychotropic drugs. My son ISNT on this nifty list BECAUSE of his psychotropic drugs. However, don’t get me started on ADD drugs ...

Incidentally, to assume the meds are at fault for these shootings is ridiculous. School shootings are almost by definition perpetrated by people who are crazy. Crazy people are treated with medication. How surprising is it that school shooters are all on medications?

They were all under a doctor's care at the time of the shootings as well. Shall we assume the doctors are to blame?

They were all wearing shoes. The shoes made them do it?

Come on, people! Try harder here.

That was for you, CO.

No offense, but I fervently WISH the worst my son had was ADD. Which I believe is over-diagnosed and over-medicated ... which isn’t to say that for the PROPER (medical, organic) diagnosis ... Ritalin doesn’t do wonders.

My son is decidedly fkcued-up ... BIGLY time. Forget the bell curve of “sanity” ... he’s off the charts. I have a lifetimes worth of fkcued-up stories I could tell. But I love him and take responsibility for him as if he weren’t fkcued-up. Because that’s what people with integrity do. Forgive me for speaking so curt. But it is what it is.

If we want to STOP these monstrous deeds ... we need to help the monsters. When my son is ON his meds ... he is a functional (albeit at a low level) member of our society who even holds a rudimentary job. But off his “evil” meds ... all I can say is ...”Run, shelter, fight”

I have no statistical data to back up the relationship between prescription drugs and school shootings but I do have a bit of experience with the school/medical industry and kid control. 20 years ago our oldest daughter was acting out in school. The school administration as much told us the either we medicate our daughter or she would be banned from school. We went to the family doctor who immediately wrote out a prescription for some form of mind control drug. The drug had the opposite effect as was expected and we took her off the meds a few days after she began taking them. We home schooled her rather than attempting to get along with the idiot administration and while home schooling we discovered that she had Asperger's syndrome and the drugs that had been given have very harmful effects on children with Asperger's. Long story short. The teaching profession is riddled with incompetent twits that have a bit of training so they are regarded as authorities and the doctors are too willing to go along with the amateurs in the education system. Shame on both of them.

Millions of kids are loners.
Millions of kids get into trouble.
Millions of kids are on some kind of medication.
Millions of kids have psychological problems.
Millions of kids have dysfunctional families.
This kid murdered 17 other kids.

I agree with you, Gord. No source for any of the claims, and some of the claims are simply "Antidepressant?" - what does that mean? That the kid WAS on an antidepressant, but you're not sure which, or you're not sure if the kid was on anything?

The list is 47 entries from 1993-2011, or about 2.5 episodes per year. How many school incidents are there each year? Do they all get reported? And some of the entries are "plot", "threat", and "stand off" - does that mean no one was hurt, and these incidents weren't widely reported?

As a data analyst, this list is interesting, but you can't draw any conclusions from it without much more rigour. I know a lot of people will want to jump on this as an excuse or explanation, but there's no sensible way to conclude either from this data.

Another big correlation:

The vast, vast majority of these shootings happened during daytime hours...

Agreed, re: school teachers and administrators ... playing doctor. My personal opinion? Too few male teachers. Too little discipline (because discipline is hard and litigious).

And I need to add that when my son finally got medicated-enough to overcome his bi-Polar/schizophrenia ... he was decidedly OVER-medicated. He was virtually comatose with “posturing”. I immediately began petitioning his doctors to back-off his medication to the minimum effective levels. It took some time and effort, but we finally got the dosage balanced. It should be noted that while he was being institutionalized (twice, for long periods of time) I observed their desire to OVER-medicate patients ... in order to maintain peace and order. The institutions are necessary, but simply HORROR SHOWS.

Correction: this kid murdered one hero football coach/security guard and 16 other kids.

Properly trained and armed guards in schools are a possible solution. Not because they would get into a shootout, but because their presence would be a deterrent yielding the best result - no shooting at all.

The idea I heard on Fox last night - making protection of schools a federal responsibility - is a good one imho.

"A beloved football coach who witnesses said shielded students as a gunman opened fire inside a Parkland, Fla., high school Wednesday, is the first of 17 fatalities to be identified."

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School football team’s Twitter account confirmed Aaron Feis’ death early Thursday morning."

“It is with Great sadness that our Football Family has learned about the death of Aaron Feis,” the tweet read. “He was our Assistant Football Coach and security guard. He selflessly shielded students from the shooter when he was shot. He died a hero and he will forever be in our hearts and memories”

Sometimes the worst in some brings out the best in others.

Yes! But how many were on St. valentines Day!

Do you know what's NOT on the list? The overwhelming majority of people who are helped by medication!

I have some personal experience with this also. I'm not going to go into details other than to say that my experience is similar to Kenji's. My point is: Until you've been there yourself, you probably shouldn't be pointing fingers.

Kenji, life has its challenges, and they find us, rather than the opposite.

As well, full onboard here with the anti-pot stance. Was really hard on my kids with this thru their teenage years, and earlier, making it clear, no stoners allowed! I went thru my own issues in my teens and young adult years, knew better to warn my kids not to fall in with the crowd. Now as young adults, they have to deal with their choices.

Not to get sidetracked, but the pro-pot crowd is full oh lies and distortions, it’s not a wonder drug as it’s being portrayed

"School shootings are almost by definition perpetrated by people who are crazy. Crazy people are treated with medication"

Yup. It's backward reasoning like upon finding in an autopsy that a person who died of cancer has chemo drugs in them and then concluding that the chemo drugs were the cause of the cancer. Correlation is not causation.

In Switzerland virtually every home has a fully functioning fully automatic assault rifle, government issued.
Very high firearm possession rate.
Shootings similar to this one do not occur in Switzerland.(or rarely)

American culture used to be a well functioning healthy culture where these sort of incidents were rare. Something has gone very wrong with American culture. The ties that bind, the unifying cultural things are being broken, erased.
This is producing antisocial malignant narcissists apparently incapable of valuing their fellow Americans.
The tribe is fractured.

From my experience, the diagnosis of ADD and administration of drugs to children is a result of politically correct control of the schools.

My grandson was immature for his age, and with a birthday in Dec. he ended up starting school much younger than his fellow students.

Because he was immature, he didn't learn what he needed to in Kindergarten and grade 1. His parents and grandparents begged and pleaded to get him to repeat grade 1. His teacher acknowledged that he didn't know the work. School officials agreed that he didn't know the work, but refused to hold him back because it would be "bad for his self-esteem".

Since grade 2 is based on knowledge acquired in grade 1 that he didn't have, he could not comprehend what he was being taught. Because he couldn't understand it, the teacher might as well have been speaking Greek. He was extremely bored, as children are when they have nothing to do. In essence, he was expected to sit still in class all day and do nothing. Kids just don't do that. So naturally he played, moved around, was disruptive. The school (who were responsible for the situation in the first place) demanded he be put on Ritalin. Parents refused and were told that if they didn't, social services would seize him and his brother too and put them in foster care. Parents caved. Kid still didn't learn anything.

In the old days he would have been held back to repeat as often as necessary. Political correctness resulted in him graduating almost functionally illiterate.

And then all we will hear is how students are being bullied by those awful school security guards. The left’s goal is to ban guns, nothing will stop them, bullying is a worse crime to them.

"The left’s goal is to ban guns, nothing will stop them, bullying is a worse crime to them."

Whenever they say, "It's for the children!" the proper reply is, "Abortion murders innocent children."

Thanks for sharing that, I see now that the tone of your original post was not born of ignorance, actually it seems quite the opposite, you have too damned much experience with this shit. I sincerely wish you and your son the all best.

What is it, over half of children born to single mothers and in single parent homes.

Over the years, I've concluded that many people have children for the wrong reasons.

One is that they believe that society, even if it's just their relatives, expects that they do.

Another is that having children bestows a certain esteem or status on them. If, say, one has fathered a child, it shows that person has fulfilled his responsibility by being a "real" man.

Then there are those people who view their children as simply another accessory one is expected to acquire, along with the "right" job, a house, and a fancy automobile. For them, their children are a higher form of house pet.

Some women have children because they need an emotional anchor.

Oh, and don't forget the feminist premise of "having it all". That's turned out well, hasn't it?

Having children is a commitment not just of time but of energy and resources because they require care and attention. That commitment, generally, lasts on the order of 20 years for each one until, presumably, they become independent and are on their own. That fact seems to occur to people after their children are born.

It takes the Village ... to fcku-up a societies kids. Thanks, Hillary. For saying that ANYTHING = a Family. Rubbish.

But our kids are quite EXPERT at butt sex and the proper lubricants to use

My wife teaches 1st grade, and it IS a pivotal year for the little munchkins. And ... our local school won't admit any "young" male kindergartners. At all. Ever. Under any circumstance. My two boys (despite being quite well prepared) were made to wait till they were 6yo to start kindergarten. It frustrated me at first, but now I see the wisdom.

My wife does an excellent job, however, unruly kids are the bane of her existence. It seems almost ridiculous to me how much time and effort she has to put into "classroom management" ... good citizenship "oaths", along with a myriad of rules and regulations. Being the rather DIRECT person that I am ... I would prefer a return to Nuns + yardsticks to smack the little monsters into line. All the singsong-y "reasoning" with 6-7yo's is just exhausting.

This year, she had the most PERFECT group of kids EVER. All ready and willing to learn and follow the rules ... the kids were doing GREAT! Then ... 3 new kids were DUMPED into her classroom ... and these defective kids (sorry ... its my no-bullshit-speak again) have RUINED everything. Now, instead of TEACHING ... my wife is CLASSROOM MANAGING all day.

Hint: women! listen-up ... if you do DRUGS ... DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN. For the love of GOD ... I will vote to PAY YOU NOT TO HAVE KIDS!! Instead of all the government checks you receive for having them.

This year, she had the most PERFECT group of kids EVER. All ready and willing to learn and follow the rules ... the kids were doing GREAT! Then ... 3 new kids were DUMPED into her classroom ... and these defective kids (sorry ... its my no-bullshit-speak again) have RUINED everything. Now, instead of TEACHING ... my wife is CLASSROOM MANAGING all day.

This sounds delusional. If your wife expects children to not act like children I'd say she's in the wrong profession. Gr 1 is glorified babysitting.

You couldn't be more WRONG. My wife's kids LEARN and GROW in her classroom. She has created an online "dojo" dedicated to reading enrichment where she can track her kids in REAL TIME, and give feedback to students and parents and track their success and/or struggles. My wife works every weekend correcting and commenting on the large volume of work she hands out each week, and works well into each evening after she leaves school ... tracking the kids in her online "dojo". Every year at least 1/4 of her kids speak no English. Yeah ... she has loads of "refugee" children, and whatever you want to call Jerry's kids fresh from Guatemala.

Parents BEG to have their kids placed in her classroom. But the crack-babies with deep seated emotional and mental health problems ... yes ... in FIRST GRADE ... disrupt the learning environment she's created. D'ya wanna know what some of these troubled 1st graders ACT OUT in her classroom ? Uh, yeah, the EXACT thing they saw their mamma doin to her boyfriend on the living room couch the night before. She don't teach the white and Asian children in our comfy suburb ... she teaches in Oaktown ... aka the inner-city ... aka the hood ... aka in an "urban" setting. She is dedicated to lifting these kids out of the HORROR SHOW of their lives and equipping them for success.

I drink orange juice and I have no cancer. Clearly orange juice prevents cancer.

Correlation =/= causation. There's no evidence these drugs worsened the condition of the shooter. Maybe we'd have more shootings without them.

Not only is federalized protection of schools wildly unconstitutional, but armed guards in school are a terrible idea, much like having cops in school. They end up being applied to situations where they are not remotely appropriate.


let's have a chart of mentally ill students ON meds vs those OFF meds and see which one pulls the trigger more often.

'cause and effect'. like I said elsewhere, 10+ years of programming AND a case of asperger's pretty much showed me the diff between
qualitative vs quantitative.

opinion vs provable, concrete, factually based decisions. or at the least, *clearly stating* the evidence is weak.

holy fcuk joe. I just spotted your reference to asperger's. jeezuz murphy I can REALLY identify with your sit'n.

I got labelled 'inattentive' and 'slow'. aka class dummy.

the complete OPPOSITE was and is true; to the uninitiated, we aspies in fact can focus to the exclusion of all else including classroom activities.

on top of that, once I 'got' the point ahead of the 'little darlings', there was fcukall for me to do but daydream.

my extremely strong suspicions are the public edjukaSHUN cystem continues the process of 'dumbing it down' to the level of the lowest achiever.
of course, as long as they all here in dyke led ontariowe understand the mechanics of buttfcuking all is well.

Excellent! So you and I agree that the Federal government should keep their bloody noses out of State Education RIGHTS. So you MUST be in favor of DUMPING Obama's ESSA program, along with Common Core ? Super! I agree. The Constitution gives the Federal Government NO ROLE WHATSOEVER in education.

Yeah. Another area where Canada beats America: there's no department of education up here.

Well maybe not federally, but the provinces do a fine job of screwing it up in any event.

Every Province has a Ministry of Education.

Every Province legally represents the Crown.
Every province has a Premier and each Premier is known as a First Minister while Canada is governed by
the Prime Minister.(Derek Zoolander, First Among Equals)

Your understanding of Canadian politics is stunted and puerile.

been there and done that, no T-shit though. We were fortunate, with the right meds and much work things worked out. Our son became a successful adult and family man. he still is on meds but they work for him.

The spouse is a special educator at a small town/school district...and I can verify on many occasions teachers WANT kids medicated immediately after any out of the norm behaviors...and I can also say firsthand that MANY of these medications that are prescribed HAVE VERY bad side affects...

...the dox and the big pharma folks love this situation...

have a super weekend!!!

Mass murderers are in one of three categories (and not just in the U.S.): psychotics who see and hear things that aren't there (the Florida shooter is now saying demons told him to do it; family murders by usually a very angry father; political terror. Mentally ill people are often medicated. The only area where drugs may play a part is that people who are SEVERELY depressed may after starting an antidepressant, have enough energy to plan and commit a mass murder/

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