Jordan Peterson Reveals a Glitch in The Matrix of The Blue Church


Anyone familiar with the The Matrix trilogy knows the meaning of "the glitch" term.

British journalist Jordan Greenhall recently published a deep analysis of the now infamous Peterson-Newman "debate":

It's too early to tell but one has reason to suspect that future historians will look back at this event as a pivotal marker of the definitive decline of the mainstream media.


Can someone provide a link to the debate for me please.
All I can find on youtube are other people's reaction / interpretation to it.


Decline of the mainstream media - and the definitive revealing of their agendas.
This was supposed to be an "interview". Yet all who have seen it categorize it as a "debate". Because the MSM have not intention of interviewing anybody outside their ideological bubble. They are there to debate, and attempt to discredit and debunk anybody not on the Party Line, and any fool who goes in to an interview thinking it is an actual interview is going to be eviscerated.
Jordan Peterson is not a fool. And her clumsy attempts to "interview" only show what she was REALLY there for.
If you are on one side, the MSM will coddle you, and give you a platform. If you are on the other side, they will attack you. They are not interested in "interviewing" anybody.

Wow. What an interesting glimpse into the mind of an apparently well-educated 30-something, Internet-generation, hipster, techie ... who pontificates in grand statements and pronouncements as though he actually understands half of the world he droans on about. And you think I use lots of words to describe simple fundamentals. His word salad is tossed about with authoritative enthusiasm ...

Advice to navigate this new world: Step into a liminal space ... set yourself free. Do not allow fear to guide you. Exploratory. Swim. Protect yourself in this dangerous world ... natural exploratory approach just listen go to human base turn inward. Use other people to make sense of this. Integrated with your own body, go out into nature fundamental capacity to Perceive reality in all the modalities you have the capacity to do. Go into nature. Be removed from your own native capabilities. Know that you have no fkcu what is going on. Chaos.

Wha, wha, whaaat? I am quite shocked to learn that THIS is how the internet generation thinks and behaves. Yeah, he appears to be aligned with my view of the entire RED Trump Revolution ... but my oh my how he is so convoluted in thinking about it. IMHO, this is how people think when they believe there is no God. But that THEY are all their own gods who fabricate the reality around them simply by thinking and doing what they wish.

What this man fails to understand is that the RED Trump Revolution took place without HIM thinking, saying, or doing anything about it. The RED Revolution is coming about purely as a natural reaction to BLUE authoritarianism and failure. Groups of people do ONLY what is in each individuals SELF interest. The BLUE media cannot force cultural and personal suicide ... despite trying their best. 8-years of the “most perfect” President EVER in the history of the World ... did NOTHING to improve the lives of the common man. The promises of Obama are just dust in the wind. The RICH got RICHER and the POOR got POORER. There. That’s your simple explanation of the RED Trump Revolution. Period.

Just as the BLUE Revolution of the 60’s was a reaction to specific dysfunctions in individuals lives, I.e.; working 9-5x35 years for a soulless corporation, then you DIE of a heart-attack. Being killed at age 19 in a remote Jungle in Southeast Asia ... for NOTHING. Yearning for individual LIBERTY as embodied by the FREE SPEECH movement ... and most of all ... searching for “meaning” in the FIRST generation of lives that would span well-into the 80’s free of need. What are we here for? ... the RED Revolution happened for these SAME (justifiable) reasons. Let’s not “overthink” this. Despite the rhetoric of this man, the cause and the outcome of the RED Revolution is simple ... it is not a glitch in some complex program or machine. The majority of Americans (and Brits) voted to SAVE their lives from the soul-crushing, life-crushing orthodoxy of the BLUE State and weaponized BLUE media. When given a chance, people will ALWAYS vote for their own survival. For their own quality of life. Sadly, many people STILL place their HOPE in the CHANGE promised by the State. However, it all too often occurs to those people ... too late... to reverse their mistake (see: Venezuela).

SHE was the most ELITE, Authoritarian, Freedom-crushing, Life-crushing candidate that the BLUE State could possibly have offered. The BLUE State had/is still tone deaf to the message they are sending to citizens of the world ... that YOUR LIFE doesn’t matter. Someone ELSE’S life has been chosen to matter, and you WILL OBEY the State. Mankind is NOT wired to volunteer for murder. Like a corpse with multiple defensive wounds, the surviving REDS have fought and clawed-back to retain our FREEDOM and LIBERTY. It’s what our God has hardwired us to do. We do it individually, we do it in Tribes, and we do it in binary elections. I would argue that the RED Revolution is EXACTLY what the BLUE Revolution was ... a struggle for LIFE and LIBERTY.

The old saying that ... “I have become that which I hate” ... applies to all the BLUE State voters who put an x next to Trump’s name. They had watched their BLUE Revolution disintegrate into a HORROR SHOW. So they quietly joined the New Revolution ... to reclaim their birthright. To reclaim THEIR lives.

Thank you,
IMHO, That was a terrible interview.

FYI, if anyone is looking for the paper GREENHALL wrote that spurred this youtube conversation it's here.

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. There's nothing going on here that hasn't been seen thousands of times throughout human history, but nobody studies history so these guys think they're incredibly profound for noticing obvious traits of human psychology like "it's easier to fool someone than to convince them that they have been fooled".

The Jordan Peterson debate was interesting to be sure, but I think the first big Glitch was actually Dan Rather's "fake but true" evisceration by people using the internet to utterly debunk his attack on Bush's national guard service. As someone put it, Rather was destroyed by nine-year olds with a computer and a mouse and unshaven dads sipping coffee sitting in front of the computer in their dressing gowns. That was followed by "green helmet man" and a whole series of spankings handed out to the lame stream media. I do like the speaker's point about the blue church having a very limited series of inputs and outputs from which to select, and their inability to deal with reality when it deviates from the pre-determined narrative, which is actually most of the time. It accounts for the labelling e.g. "denier", "racist" (anyone winning an argument with a liberal) because it allows the blue church acolytes to hide from uncomfortable truths and avoid having to deal with inputs that challenge the narrative.


She threw everything she had at him. And it wasn't much.

Most profound and brilliantly written!

I also watched Rebel Wisdom's 54 minute segment done on Feb 15.

This "Blue Church" seems to me to be an extension of or an integral part of the Frankfurt School's grip on our institutions. Am I wrong?

This "Blue Church" also appears to be an important part of the cold 3rd civil war that we discussed on a previous thread.

Robert is right. "Most profound and brilliantly written!"

Hmmm....Blue Church you say.


Your agent was an altar boy for a number of years at The Blue Church some 60 years ago, right here

Gentlemen (KK+B): you’re too kind. I actually expected to get eviscerated for talking-down this commentary (although, there is still time for UnMe to weigh-in, when shim’s finished making half-caff Chai Teas this afternoon at the Toronto coffee roasters). I expect Kate will ban me from her Site ... for having a somewhat negative reaction to the Matrix duuuude.

I find it very interesting how Jordan Peterson speaks in clear, unambiguous, statements with brevity and clarity ... only to be ... uh ... interpreted ... by the Matrix-whisperer who seems to confuse even himself with his explanations. Or ... I am just not nuanced-enough, and educated-enough, to understand his analysis. Nah.

But he is right about the internet, and person-to-person communication supplanting the Blue State Broadcast Networks. The PEOPLE are acting in ways that bypass the narrative, only to create our own. And yeah ... awesome point DrD ... Rathergate was surely one of the first shots heard round the world. Hah! by beer-swilling Self-publishers who can tell one font from another. At the end of the day, the BLUE Meanies aren’t quite as bright as they claim to be. Ha. The smartest woman in the world. Riiiigggghhht.

What's interesting about the quote is that you can spot it daily, perhaps several times a day in your conversation with the LIV's.

There is slight chance and none that they will look the truth right in the eyes and get it.

Yes, who only knows who coined that descriptor.

Btw, we were in Bratislava in 2013. Nice city, nice bridge, great castle, and the Emontree restaurant with the big lady by the bar. She let me stand by her for a photo. Our lady guide made no bones about her dislike of the EU.

cnn's Chris Cuomo is a fine example of your comment.

Its where I was born and grew up, what can I say.
Thanks Ken

Speaking of Revolution ...

And ...

These are my absolute favorite Beatles LIVE videos that should reveal to even the casual listener to their incredible musicianship let alone writing. Good Lord ... they were pushing the boundaries of pop/rock music in ways never before heard at the time. I can still remember the DAY that the (highly anticipated) White Album dropped. Spinning it over and over at a friends apartment, while his youngish, divorcee Mom grooved with us. The lp was a revelation as well as revolution. The fuzz guitar of Lennon’s opening riff is brilliant (and frightening for parents of the day). Harrison was a genius guitar “hook” writer and his melodic lead fills on Get Back are brilliant reinterpretations of classic Blues. And what else do these two seminal tunes reveal? The absolute brilliance of Rock Piano played by Billy Preston. The Beatles were competent and confident-enough Artists at this point in their career to welcome and integrate the contribution of someone as brilliant as Preston. His Fender Rhodes piano (I think it is) enriches these tunes far beyond what McCartney could ever write for the piano. It’s just a whole different vibe that drives these songs with “lead piano” riffs that are so cool.

Sorry ... this is the way my mind works ... it just bounces around things I recall and connect in odd (unique?) ways.

To all of the previous commenters-Yes.---except maybe the Beatles interlude; which is also appreciated.

However; within in the Blue Church verses Peterson, the 40 minutes Robert brought forward--Thank you Robert-- the click on of the 54 minute with a coverage of Peterson as the focus of a documentary; please ponder for a moment whether the following Facebook comment I have dropped on as many Main Stream articles from today as I reasonable; is this fighting back at the Blue Church meme of avoidance about the disappearance of the FBI recognizing their unfortunate failure in the Florida School Tragedy?

Whether we are surprised or not some of the responsibility rests with FBI and their continuing lackadaisical approach to the events leading up to the tragedy.
Failing to follow through on the information provided is just negligent.
One has to begin with a premise the FBI Agent feels the final achievement has been achieved; this is the the highlight of his/her career.
Similar to an apparent acceptance of politicalizing happening to Canada's RCMP when the Individual receives the position of Federal Police Officer.
As the saying goes in the naval forces when someone ignores the necessary trust to fellow shipmates ___in peril on the sea___; "Pull up the ladder Jack-I am aboard". ____ignoring the indifferent wrath of the Sea through failure of performing ones duty sets up the depths of destruction for all aboard.
What has happened to integrity and extra effort required to fulfill the personnel Oath of Obligation to your fellow Citizens beyond the bureaucratic fulfillment of the Oath of Office.
This is a matter of Leadership; ___Yes and the Leader(s) of the FBI and the RCMP throughout the term(s) of the baby boomer generation of this last four or five decades should do some soul-searching of their personal maliaise of Leadership, at whatever level of accountability to direct and inspire they provided.

Kenai, with respect

1. I agree with you on your take on this speaker.

Where I disagree with you.

A you stated "Groups of people do ONLY what is in each individuals SELF interest"

I say groups of people are very willing to do things against their own best interests as long as they FEEL they are helping the greater good.
Good example of that is the carbon tax.

B. The BLUE media cannot force cultural and personal suicide ....

I say that remains to be seen. See Canada and most of Europe. Even the USA isn't clear yet.

FBI working against the 2ND Amendment perhaps.. Trying to get it overturned?

Mankind is NOT wired to volunteer for murder.

We like to say people kind. It’s more inclusive.

Sorry. Kenji

What?! Who doesn’t like the Beatles? ... except Millenial brats pretending to be more sophisticated than enjoying a common garden variety pop Group that their grandparents liked.

Regarding the bureaucratic oath of office ...

I watched a video last week ... on some Fox News program (Varney and Co.?) that I cannot accurately recall as coming from a retired FBI Agent or Congressman ... I’ve tried to search for the video clip, but cannot find it. Anyway, what I recall was, this person (in the know) gave his reason (theory) as to why the Nickolas Cruz report was dropped (never pursued) by the FBI. He said that this LOCAL case would be viewed as - not ever having a chance to be “Federally prosecuted”. I don’t recall him giving any further explanation. And I wasn’t sure WHAT he was implying ... or whether he was implying anything ... just suggesting that the FBI are ONLY interested in “Federal cases”.

I immediately recalled the story Kate posted about the medical shunt-manufacturer who was being sued by the Justice Dept. ... more accurately ... who BEAT the Justice Dept. In Federal Court. This gentleman’s conclusion was that the Justice Dept. Is structured such that the ONLY WAY to be promoted and advanced in the Dept. ... was by the number of successfully prosecuted and/or settled lawsuits that rained $$$ penalties and fines $$$ on the Dept. Therefore the Justice Dept. is bringing countless numbers of frivolous lawsuits that are best to “settle” rather than fight. I immediately had a very sickening feeling that the SAME THING was happening within the FBI. That Agents are ONLY interested in cases that would become successful FEDERAL prosecutions ... that could advance their careers. Therefore ... the Cruz case was dropped (or rather NOT pursued by any Agent) because their was nothing “in it” for the FBI Agents.

I am one who believes that you always have to look for the selfish motivations behind actions people take, in order to understand them. Sorry, but very few of us truly put our own selfish interests aside for a greater good. If ANYONE would give, sacrificially, for the greater societal good ... I would HOPE it would be our FBI Agents. However, I have my doubts. I believe that most of the FBI-bureaucrats are primarily interested in their own career paths and $$$, than they are in doing public good. And it pains me to be so sickeningly cynical ... but I fear I am RIGHT about this. And 17 kids DIED as a result. I honestly believe that God is giving us a wake-up call about how our society has devolved from a model for success ... into a fragmented quagmire of disparate self-interest. I am afraid YOU are right mikesr... that the only place you will find the bureaucratic oath of office ... is on the printed certificates of graduation from Quantico. It no longer lives in the hearts of the “rank and file” FBI (and perhaps RCMP?).

But you’re still wrong about John, Paul, George, and well ... OK ... Ringo.

Bone ... with respect ... my statements are necessarily generalizations about human nature. Of course there are always exceptions to every rule. So, yes, you are correct. Except I will add ...
A. I wonder how many people actually DO support such a “good” Carbon taxation? -vs- having it imposed upon them without direct vote? And how will they feel about it when they can no longer afford their daily Latte? “Feel good” programs are usually supported by people who are unaffected by them. When they begin to hurt, they change their opinions and support for such programs.
B. Blue media suicide squads ... well ... a big chunk of 6million Jews took a voluntary shower for Herr Fuhrer ...

Rob R ... touche’ :)

"future historians will look back at this event as a pivotal marker of the definitive decline of..."

Stop right there. Robert, I like reading your stuff. It is interesting, me.
However we live in a Age which is so saturated with information, and History is such an ignored Ology, ...who the "F" decides what Goes and what does Not go into any historic record of interest in the Information Age...
scratch that

We live in the Information Age and ALL of IT is being recorded and ALL of US have been making HISTORY since the beginning of the AGE for a long time.
What is important and what is not, has become or will become entirely subjective depending upon who are the winners and who are the losers and thus become taught as Tautology History.
Well.. I hope you get this point now in this space and time. Because tomorrow the point will be irrelevant.

The winners decide who the losers are and it is yet to be decided who is which today, tomorrow it may change.

(Leftists are currently the ones who Dominate the Humanities Departments and write the History Books. Right Wingers, currently, denigrate the Humanities Departments of Universities. Guess who Writes History?)

spoiler: it ain't the people that like you or think like you, Robert.

Jordan Peterson reminds me a bit of Milo in the sense that he keeps his good humour in the face of errant nonsense and outright hostility.Have to get his book 12 Rules to Live By.

Since Jordan and Milo are totally different personality types, that is an astute observation.

I think you will find that the reason for this is because they are both well-informed and have complete confidence in their beliefs. To me though, Peterson does it with class while Milo is full of himself and often exhibits zero shame.

Oz, if I have learned anything from watching politics and media spin these past many years, it is to look at most everything I thought I understood about history with a healthier dose of skepticism.

This (the interview/debate) can only be considered the pivotal moment of the decline of the MSM for the very young or those with a bad memory. The MSM were going rogue in the 70s and were caught red handed a few times although they did usually get away with it until Rush Limbaugh and the rise of talk radio. I suggest the turning point was during the Clinton administration. Internet bloggers and fact checkers garnered huge wins during the Clinton administration and during the Bush years. Fox News was started and in a few years had surpassed CNN and the others. By the turn of the century the MSM was no longer denying bias. Then they chose political sides during the Bush/Gore election and became more brazenly democratic each election cycle since.

Now, of course, under Trump they have moved from denial of any loss of pure unbiased objectivity to beaten down victim status. Yes, they finally admit they're biased BUT...
They're threatened by the president.
Losing market share to less biased competitors.
Betrayed daily by undisputed fact.
The pace at which they are losing their jobs is increasing.
Oh my!

Holy mackerel. The guy must be stoned out of his tree to talk like that.

Holy mackerel. That guy talks like he's stoned out of his tree.

Enlightenment is not, and has never been, the goal of the MSM.

Being killed at age 19 in a remote Jungle in Southeast Asia ... for NOTHING. --Kenji
I disagree. The post-WWII strategy of Communist Containment worked. The Soviet Socialist Empire collapsed from within without ending in a spasm of thermonuclear war. Those who served even "at age 19" in "a remote Jungle(sic) in Southeast Asia" did not achieve "NOTHING". They did their bit to prevent you from being incinerated in a nuclear fireball or dying horribly later from thirst, starvation, disease, or fallout contamination. Or maybe you would have been fated to perish in a socialist gulag but for them. Instead of ungratefully taking their sacrifices for granted, you should thank a veteran of the West's forces in Southeast Asia. For those who died, you should do even more.

I humbly accept your correction. Thank you for your thoughtful chastisement. I much prefer to place value on every sacrifice, by every soldier EVER on the field of battle for my country, than to cynically call it a waste. I just would have preferred WINNING that WAR ... or at least partitioning Vietnam as was done in Korea. If so, then our Democratic Allies would be thriving as are the South Koreans.

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