They Admire His Basic Pricktatorship



If we can just arrange a meeting with someone we can call this a business

Trust the Brit tabloid press to report what the spineless Canadians will not. Photos often are worth 1000 words, and there is a reason they print lots and lots of photos here.

You didn’t think that this could get as strange as the Ontario PC leadership soap opera? Well, breaking news from the Punjab:

No doubts in my mind; at least not about our boy wonder…

Mixing diplomatic incidents with pleasure, on somebody's else's dime. Investing in "what Canadians want." SNAFU.

"At the request of Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan — who was snubbed by Singh when Sajjan visited India last April — Canada's high commissioner was dispatched to set up a meeting with Singh, Trudeau and Sajjan later this week."

Trudeau is scheduled to be in Punjab Wednesday for a visit to the Golden Temple, the holiest site in Sikhism. Three days ago, Trudeau's officials denied Indian media reports that Singh — the head of that province's government — was to serve as Trudeau's tour guide at the temple, and said no meeting was planned."

On Sunday afternoon however, those same officials said a meeting is now being sought. Indian media are also reporting Singh has asked the Indian external affairs ministry to help him secure a meeting with Trudeau."

Singh has accused multiple Trudeau cabinet ministers of being Khalistani sympathizers and has been the most vocal with allegations that Canada's Sikh communities are a hotbed of Sikh separatists, giving oxygen to extremist elements of the cause."

Khalistan is the name of the independent Sikh state sought by some members of the Sikh community."

Maybe the Indian PM could visit Canada, meet with Quebec separatist leaders and tour the claimed territories with them. Idiots.

Justin Trudeau is a mascot of everything that is wrong with the world today. From being at the forefront of encouraging every degeneracy to welcoming radicalism into his homeland, from cheap gimmicks of tokenism to attempts at creating a culture of politically correct absurdities, the stink of his leftist hypocrisy wafts far and wide. As citizen of India, I could not care less if the elected leader of Canada seeks to drive his nation to the dumps. But where it has an adverse effect on my country is where I choose to draw the line.

Our PM with all the diplomatic gravitas of a popcorn fart in a hurricane.

You are absolutely correct - if you want to find out what PM FancySox is up to in India, you'll have to read the Indian and British press. Our Canadian media is either not reporting on the trip at all, or they will have a fawning, sycophantic item:

Junior thinks he's 'hard at work'? Doing what? So far, all of the pictures coming from India show him visiting the Taj Mahal, an elephant sanctuary, a yoga ashram and a Hindu temple. He is also scheduled to attend a cricket match, meet Bollywood stars, and visit a mosque.

Ah, yes. The pretty pictures of the turdos and their little turdettes. As my Uncle used to say: "Too *&^%$#g sweet to be wholesome.

Perhaps if the Socks Family took up a Diana-esque “forlorn” pose while larking-aboot “her bench” ... it would have been a more appropriate posture ... more accurately representing the current Canadian malaise. Representative of this administration’s divorce from reality. As it is ... the posed “candid” PR photos are quite sickening.

How many tonnes of Co2 were dumped into the atmosphere to transport the wife and kids on holiday halfway round the world? And how does that comport with ... The Paris Agreement.

Combining family with work is so much fun, now if he could just say something that is ahhh, ahhh, ahhh so spiritual and fullfilling that would
Make the trip worthwhile.
Since there in the neighborhood is the next stop the olympics?
Oh maybe not he wont be able to compete for attention with the NK

That's a good link with a pertinent Indian perspective:
"Perhaps it’s time to take the next step now and confront Trudeau directly over his shenanigans when he meets with the prime minister and other officials. India is a nuclear power, and a major military and economic power today. A two-bit newbie putting us under the bus to further his politics of appeasement, needs to be shown his place"

It's not even the same bench - if you look closely, the bench Diana sat on was on the other side of the pool, closer to the Taj Mahal than the bench that Trudeau and his family are sitting on. Somebody pranked Trudeau, or his handlers are incompetent - or both. There's an analogy in there somewhere. I have to say it galls me to see the Prime Tourist and his family spending taxpayer money on fancy vacations - and to have the media in Canada be his cheerleaders, and get paid more tax dollars for failing - instead of doing their real job and holding this incompetent government to account. It really makes one wonder how much Trudeau and his wife fancy themselves to really BE Canadian royalty.

It really is more than embarrassment for Canadian Citizens. It means Canada is not a Serious Country whenever there is an International Meeting.

I am sure we are all aware of this arrested development Teen-Ager acting on the World Stage by showing off his famous Socks and then recognizing this was a childish thing to do at the G-20.

Our Prime Minister then becoming uncertain whether He should join in with The Grown-ups of Japan; China*; France; Germany; Britain; and the U.S.A; during a casual discussion break between meetings.
*China treats Justin Trudeau as the "little potato" he is felt to be.

"It really makes one wonder how much Trudeau and his wife fancy themselves to really BE Canadian royalty."

How much? Part way between completely and totally. And a good percentage of our shallow infantile population does too.

He continues to be an embarrassment, there's nothing more I cold say that would pass the filter.

His family in tow doesn't come cheap, we are paying for the family tour. Nice work if you can get it..and we gave it to him.

What's with the outfits? Did they hire Moochelle's stylist? I mean no boob belt but what a trashy looking dress.

Too bad we couldn't have coaxed them to jump into Elon Musk's red Tesla to go for a very long ride.

Somewhere I have heard it said:

Canada can and must do better than this.

And speaking of the shiny potato:

That's not Hooey R.

Wow, it's like all the commenters at the Mail are Canadian Alt Right Nazis or something. No one likes Justhin.

A working holiday with family and 6 MP's....WHY!!!! So why would anyone in their RIGHT MIND, take their holiday's working...then take your family along with you, certainly not saving any MONEY and then on top of it all take 6 MP's with you. PM Sock Puppet sure fancies himself...taking Q's from Obama and Butt's.

The man's pushing 50, for goodness sake! One would have expected that, at his age, he would act like and be accountable as an adult. Unfortunately, possibly because of who his father was, he was allowed to go through life behaving like someone who's perpetually stuck in adolescence.

Look on the bright side: at least he's out of the country for a few days.

In that picture at top, Sophie`s pose does have a 'let them eat cake' vibe. Either that or she`s auditioning for Canada`s Next Top Model.

I heard 8 cab ministers are on the trip? Shameus....just askin'?

Bongo has to act up and draw attention to himself. Soapy is a perfect accomplice his narcissist equal.

The oldman was always acting up when he left the country. Sliding down bannisters, pirouetting behind the queen in an attempt to draw attention to himself. He was a jackass and world leaders outside the communist block treated him as one.

Bongo is unleashing my repressed memory that I had locked away for 30 years. He is a dangerous fool - just like his father.

I think somebody needs to get in touch with the paparazzi in India and set them straight on who Canada's first family is, specifically who our first lady is.
Here's a hint.
Her last name is Windsor not trudeau, and you if you look at the back of our coinage you will see her profile.
This liberal side show has gone on for too long and is getting stale. There are some that finally saw the light after reading his eulogy of Castro, but after the "peoplekind" stupidity he is now a punchline instead of the prince of progressive. This is reminiscent of the year before Mulroney's first election and the bloom is off the rose.
Everything that he has done that is outside of legislative change will be reversed by the next government with the stroke of a pen.
If he can't hang on to majority by snickering the soft NDP vote again he won't remain liberal leader...liberals do not consider a minority a win....but the NDP does.

If they were trying to look classy they have failed miserably. In fact they are acting like tacky tourists in spite of the money we put out.

When it comes to class, you either have it or you don't, you cannot fake it.

The children look suitably embarrassed by their parents...we feel your pain kids, we feel your pain.

This is repulsive Canada. I weep for you all.

Keep your chins up. This too will pass. If we Yanks could endure 8 long years of the Jug Eared F---, you too can endure.

Understand the ignorance of Canada's "Prince of Wailing" is because the Liberal Party of Canada Crony Insiders had No-One to turn to after the successive attempts to Run their Then leadership candidates as a Replacement for Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Administration. Especially during the the Financial Crisis of 2008/2009, created by the Feckless American Democrat Party(s) in the establishment of the Toxic Mortgages. A situation created by the Then Chairperson Barney Frank in the Slick-Willy Clinton reign.

This weak kneed Chairman Barney Frank wisely resigned to what some say was a forty million stash; ___ facilitated by the CEO "Jim" Jameson who secured His own "Stash" to a tune of 100 million.

The Liberal ran in succession Paul Martin-"P.M. Dithers"___--Francophone & France dual Citizen + uni-lingual 'what's His Name?': _____Then Pseudo intellectual from ""Ivy League Princeton U.S.A.--Who had identified as a Non-Canadian for so long Canadians had absolutely no Idea who this egg-head clown was; The Princeton Guy was running for Libertal party Leader __aagainst His former room-mate at College_BOB Rae__ Who escaped from the NDP Socialist Party to attempt to become a Liberal Party Leader. _____But Bob was forgetting The Liberal Party anti-semitism roots was therby prevented from winning over the Princeton import.__Why? possibly because the former Ontario NDP Premier and now Liberla party leadership Candidate's Wife was a Jew by birth.

The Liberal Party then decided they must resort by the return of the "Anti-Canadian Culture and Values Trudeau family".Recognizing the difficulty of unseating the one of The Most Accomplished Prime Ministers in Canada's History P.M. Stephen Harper​.

The unseating of P.M. Harper requiredt the Liberal Party/Laurentien Elite Cabal insiders to promise the Liberal side of the Crony Crowd would use the Canadain Tax-payer Funding to add a Billion and a Half more Tax-payer dollars to theCBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Special Funding requirement due to it's very low Viewership.--- Especially when the CBC dropped the Hockey Night in Canada coverage in favour of the Liberal Party Elite's presentations.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper had refused to extend any additional Tax-Payer funding and expected the Bloated CBC to reduce it's expenses.

Canadians do remember the False Narrative against Conservative appointed Senator Mike Duffy, while ignoring the more egregious situation against Liberal appointed Marc Harb. Canadians will Not remember Senator Mike Duffy was found not at fault.---Why?-- because the Central Canada Media - especially the Fake news provider CBC did not provide coverage any where near to the smear they did.

Anyways The Liberal Party attempted to curtail the adolescent behaviour of the Trudeau Family Scion Justin___ through attaching Justin's socialist College BFF to Justin's hip.

The person chosen has been recognized as the one who played a significant role in the mis-- led effort of damage to the Ontario Economy. Buying a return to an Ontario Liberal Party majority government after the Failed Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty was forced out and went to Princeton's Ivy League University for His sinecure.

Using Liberal Party Brokerage Politics whereever they can the Liberal Ontario Government used which was acknowledged as a (proven) corrupt practice of buying the Votes of Mississauge & Oakville. Costing the Ontario Taxpayers One & Quarter Billion to pay for Lawsuits due to cancelling __TWO "in ConstructionProcess" Natural Gas Electricity Plants__replacing coal-fired Generation.

It appears bringing the "joined -at -the -hip Justin Trudeau & Gerald Butts College Buddies together again;------ {} Justin never finished any of the many attempts at College(s).{}----- started off badly.

When Mr. Butts and his own entourage, moved from Toronto to Ottawa, to be with Justin Trudeau:----- Mr. Butts claimed moving expenses near A Half a Million Dollars for the Move from Toronto to Ottawa. When this became public knowledge through a leak to social media; Butts had to give most of the money back.

Anyways it appears the Liberal Party's attempt to encourage adult behaviour by Justin & Princess Sophie----She apparently makes all Family Decisions-------whatever the cost to the Tax-payer----has not wokrd as well as planned; except to leave Mr. Gerald Butts in Control of the Liberal Party Government ineffectual retread Cabinet;---- while doing everything possible to keep P.M. Justin away from Ottawa, regardless of the cost to the Canadian Tax-payer.

India knows who their enemies are. The fiasco of the Air India tragedy was not lost on India. If the 300+ casualties had white skin Canadians would have paid attention.
Bongo's flirtation with Indias enemies is coming back to bite his ass. Everything this jackass does blows up in his face.

My first thought exactly.

BTW ... is this how hipsters dress their children?

My past posting should be proof enough of my utter contempt for Le Dauphin. However, please consider this; how many billions have we poured into India and have gotten nothing in return? I don't care if it's Don Cherry's dog Blue visiting India. They should be rolling out the red carpet and kissing the feet of any Canadian that shows up in their s%!thole country.

If it were me, I would say that if the Indian PM doesn't have time to meet with me, maybe I don't have time to write the blank cheques that we constantly give them.

Of course, Le Dauphin would never do that. Too many liarberals skimming foreign aid funds

Just listened to CTV's version of the India trip. How important it is to increase trade with India as at present our trade with that country per year amounts to 4 days of our trade with the U.S. Besides letting loose by accident this fact about how important trade with the U.S. is, the coverage failed to note that Trudeau is only spending an afternoon on trade talks in India.

God, why can't these people just go away?

It is unbelievable to me that not one Canadian news site, other than you, have shown these pictures of the buffoonish Trudeaus at the Taj Mahal. Not one. Comments I made on Huffington Post regarding these pictures were also removed. Apparently the media arms of the Liberal party do not want Canadians seeing just how low class our Prime Minister and his wife are. They are the laughing stock of the rest of the world, and Canada is, too, thanks to them. This is just shameful.

I have to agree with you there. I'm hoping that if we consistently circulate these stories through blogs and social media that more and more of the Canadian electorate will stop seeing him as part of a royal line - and start seeing him more as a punch line.

You might recall how back in the 70's Canada/PET supplied India with plutonium and nuke technology ostensibly to produce energy. The Indians rewarded our generosity and trust by detonating an atomic bomb in violation of the terms of the agreement to supply.

I love Canada. I love most citizens of Canada. Except for that small disagreement at the Vancouver Airport. I live in Oklahoma and served with the USMC. My memories of joint operations with the Armed Forces of Canada are some of the best memories ever and they are some of the finest people ever.

Turd "Oh", not at all.

I’ve been there ... and many parts of India are quite literally sh*tholes ... literally. The nose doesn’t lie. Perhaps the Indian government can build some sewage infrastructure with all those Canadian dollars? Nah. Palaces in London for the elites ... those are urgently needed.

Give the young man a break. After all his father was a self loathing Canada-hating Marxist commie plutocrat while his Mother is an unremarkable sperm dumpster bimbo to the stars.

I know this is not a major issue, but I also do not like Sophie's dress. She needs a stylist.

Comments here are truly cringeworthy:

I'll bet the PMO is stumped about where to send him next.

If only they'd visit Diana's tunnel in Paris.

So let me get this timeline straight. WK has a post up about a 'very powerful man in Canada' about to be accused by Me Too and suddenly Justin is out of country more time than he is in Canada. The trouble he has is that he has literally been Trumped at every turn. NAFTA dead, China no go, India ditto. The meeting he skipped in Vietnam is coming back to bite him big time. Funny how a non religious man like Trudeau is spending so much time touring temples and mosques and shrines in India.

The UK papers have it right.... "Trudeau POSES..." That is all he does - pose.
Did anybody ever offer an explanation as to WHY he missed that all important meeting in Vietnam? Out posing with schoolgirls?

We finally have our Obama.


Not that we were ever given the opportunity, but had I ever been sent along at company expense when my husband was on a business trip, that would have been considered a taxable benefit by CRA unless my presence was a necessary and integral part of said business trip. Bringing the offsprings along at company expense would MOST DEFINITELY have been considered a taxable benefit, and the cost of their travel would have hit my husband's T4 (boxes 16 and 40) big time.

So I want to be reassured that CRA will take a hard look at the Trudeau to ensure that the cost of the children's travel which is covered by the taxpayers is at the very least a taxable benefit on his T4. Ideally, he should repay us 100% of his children's travel on this and similar trips, but his having to pay taxes on the benefit received would be something.

It was long, although worth the read. I appreciate and enjoyed the effort! I did have to look up one word though...haha.

It is like having a nightmare and waking thinking I'm glad that's not real, then realizing that it is real and we are living that nightmare. I love Canada but this is beyond embarrassing.


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