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(It's fake). Your SOTU open thread.

Ok, that was well done.

And in the interest of fairness and balance, the Democrat response from Joe Kennedy III...

Up here in Dreamy McSocky Land they're taking the #SOTU hard.


...and he blocked me.


Thanks Kate!

Every time Trump talks about the economy consider this: 2017 was pretty much a carbon copy of 2016. GDP growth was slightly more, job growth was less and the unemployment rate dropped about the same. All three within margin of error. All of the other .shot economic indicators have been following the same trend since 2011. Don't believe me? Look it up yourself.

Stock market performance isn't a good economic indicator. It can rise during recessions and is affected too much from external factors.

So what are we left with? Anecdotes. Which is what Trump is going to cling on to tonight.

I'm looking forward to the State of the Union.

Watching it on CRTV

Don't need a crystal ball or fortune cookie to figure out the headlines tomorrow: Trump Colludes With Putin To Ruin Olympics By Denying Climate Change Thereby Provoking North Korea. Or something to that effect.
Dems and Hollywood will protest even if given the moon. Bush Derangement Syndrome has morphed into a deadlier strain called Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Enjoy this moment! I hope Trump can savor it also.

I plan on taking one for the team and watching the SOTU address on CNN. Knowing your enemy, and all that.

MAGA !! It REALLY happened !!! Somewhere a feeble old woman has reverted to a fetal position ... possibly listening to “What Happened” ... on tape. As read by Donna Brazille.

Stony faced Dems in the house are looking like a bus rolled over them.

They are great anecdotes -- Truly inspiring. Anyone watching this should quickly see what the pronlem in Canada is. I think Trump is inspiring.

“Righteous Mission”
“Extraordinary success”
“Cajun Navy”
“Took a bullet” ... and made it back to work in 3-months Steve Scalise

MY President - 45 ... NFL -0

SOTU synopsis:
American Lives Matter

Pelosi seems to have something stuck in her dentures ...

Bernie Sanders not too happy. Did you see that scowl?

“The era of economic surrender is OVER!!!

... cue the WSJ ... to whine and moan
... cue the Chamber of Commerce to issue dire warnings

“Let’s provide Vocational Training” ... thank you, Mike Rowe!

"Beautiful clean coal"

Lol no did he hit his head? The American coal industry is still in trouble due to extreme pricing pressure. Last I checked natural gas fracking isn't disappearing.

Also if you want to fix trade deficits stop importing $200 billion worth of oil every year.

Synopsis: America First. Americans First. Defend Americans. Defend America.

“Americans are Dreamers too”

The Dummycrats all appear to be sitting there like bumps on a log. That's because a usurper is reading the speech, not the real President--you know, the one who won the popular vote and whose 50-point lead was erased by the Russians.

Grow up, you people.

Trump is a good communicator. He seems genuine and does not pontificate like Obama.

Watching it on FoxNews. It is a great SOTU!

I guess the Congressional Black caucus all shop at the same Black Uhuru outlet store ... the brightly colored African prints look like they’d be right at home in Namibia ... Hey ! Black Dems! The UN is in Midtown Manhattan ! Not in DC ... not in the well of the US Senate ... where ALL LIVES MATTER!

If I have to hear ONE MORE lecture and scold from a worthless “Community Agitator” whose sole achievement is reading a TelePrompTer and hisssing his ss’s at me ... I’m gonna go all Vegas on his Palm Springs Estate.

If there is one characteristic of this Trump speech it is ... sincerity. And might I add ... fearlessness. He is so refreshingly uninhibited by political correctness that he simply speaks his heart and mind.

Whoa! Mad Dog got a standing-O ... when does a member of the President’s Cabinet ever get a standing-O?

The only Trump-invited guests missing from this SOTU ... are the women who were raped and assaulted by Bill Clinton. Are they in the House? Will they be Trump’s tie-in to the me-too movement? That would be awesommmmme (to quote Chris Farley)

Best TV I have seen for a while. Very moving stories and Trump is gracious in introducing all those people. In Canada, our PM is big on shaming us and apologizing. Really something wrong with the Liberal message to Canadians.

A tour de force speech.

Well done sir

He just finished his speech. Truly inspiring!

I watched it on PBS, which immediately began dumping all over it. Now I have another reason for letting my membership lapse.

This just in, Justin Trudeau's response: "Umm uhh uhh, hey check out my socks".

I wouldn’t want to be Hillary’s liver tonight.

Joe Kennedy is embarrassing himself. What a TWIT

I'm watching the official response right now. Ouch! This guy is the Kennedy version of wee Juthtin. He's about as inspiring as a wet dishrag.

Kennedy (Not another one!) busy making lots of noise, tearing down Trump with the usual Democratic talking points -- not very convincing.

We're watching the political aspirations of Joe Kennedy III CROAK in real time.


Pledging allegiance to illegals. What a disaster for the Dems.

"Russia, knee-deep in our democracy." I can't believe what I'm hearing.

It's hard to believe that he's the grand nephew of someone who declared in a speech: "We choose to go to the moon and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. For that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills."

Where did Pelosi leave her flying broom and her pointed hat? What a look on her face!!

Glad Trump slapped the NHL kneelers hard.

Great and courageous guests he brought.

His wife looked beautiful.

Loved how he toyed with the sour Dems, motioning them from time to time to stand. Did it just enough to annoy them and delight his fans without it looking inappropriate.

He rocked. No surprise. And he is just getting warmed up. Wait until the next one.

Had to endure it on CNN. What a whiny, biased, childish network.

Go Trump! Fine job. And all from a man with a non-political background.

Had to watch SOTU on CNN since I do not get FOX News as part of my basic cable package in Toronto. I was waiting for the DEM response to come before flipping over to CBC News to see if they would plug in to it live, which they did. Interesting that last year they imposed a blackout on the Republican's rebuttal to Obama's SOTU address. But there's no bias from our state broadcaster, I'm told.

#CroakinJoe just confirmed what the modern day Dems stand for. Open Boarders. I don't know why they don't just admit it and campaign on it.

Sorry, I meant NFL kneelers....ha! Too much hockey and football at the same time.

I simply am struck by the contrast between Trump and Trudeau. Trump is very positive about America, while much of the Trudeau rhetoric has been about Canadian shortcomings. Even during the 150th We were discouraged from celebrating our heritage. Trump puts forward a positive message even as he acknowledges problems. What the heck is wrong with Trudeau?

Trudeau is a GLOBALIST. Trump is NOT. Full stop!

I heard JFK.
I saw JFK.
Joe is an embarrassment to JFK

That's about right. Hopefully Canadians will start paying attention to the way the globalist vision is destroying the country. It is very disheartening.

How is he joe kennedy the 3rd. He should be joe the fourth. His war hero great uncle doesn’t count?

Caught that. DELUSIONAL. The Dummycrats have so much invested in this farce, that now it will be a conspiracy to also be going after the FBI and staff to hide the Russia Russia Russia meme.

That crazy story is already out there.

But it is easy to believe he is the grand-nephew of Ted Kennedy. That is who he reminded me of the most. And I agree with others that he is an American version of the Shiny Pony. Fortunately Americans are much better at vetting candidates than Canada.

I really enjoyed Trump rubbing Democrats noses in his successes for over an hour. The Democrats all looked liked they were from some country other than America.

Some Kennedy III


Is there anything more 1%-ish than a Kennedy the III ?
Is there anything more me-too rapey than a Kennedy the III ?
Is there anything more pathetic than a Kennedy the III saying “Ich bin ein Berliner” (auf Spanish)?
Is there anything more DESPERATE than a Kennedy the III pandering to illegal aliens?
Is there anything more repulsive than a Kennedy the III endorsing any-gender make-believe weddings?
Is there anything more worthy of condemnation than a CATHOLIC Kennedy who ignores God’s word ?

JFK, despite his moral shortcomings, inspired people with his rhetoric.

It's hard not to be moved when one hears his inauguration speech or when he said before Congress "I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth" just days after Alan Shepard's suborbital flight in Freedom 7.

Kennedy III was an outright embarrassment.

I'm an old guy, and an American ...Trump's SOTU was the best I've heard (by far) since Reagan's heyday. It was genuinely uplifting, sincerely delivered and visionary. When Trump NEEDS to hit it out of the park he does it effortlessly and with great power. Those scowling Democrats looked like the evil bastards that they are.

After Joe Kennedy's Democrat response I just couldn't endure any more of their whining. If he's the best they've got the Dems are in deep kimchee ...reminds me of Justin without the stammering and stuttering.

Thank you Mister President for all you've done and will be doing in the future! MAGA!

That wasn’t jfks rhetoric it was Sorenson’s - a dem on the right wing of the party. The far left wrote joe 4s speech.

Ji Seong-Ho:

"After the president's praise during his first State of the Union speech, Ji Seong-ho stood up and pumped his crutches over his head to the applause and cheers of the congressional audience.

"Today he lives in Seoul, where he rescues other defectors and broadcasts into North Korea what the regime fears most: the truth," Trump said. "Today, he has a new leg, but Seong-ho, I understand, you still keep those old crutches as a reminder of how far you've come."

I thought he was quite Churchillian, actually, particularly around the immigration proposal:

Inter alia (and paraphrasing, of course): "these are the grim issues, with the "hard and heavy tidings" we must face, now, to fix America...",

By my read, almost no one in the chamber knew what to make of what he said; probably a win.

No question that Trump loves America.

It wasn't just the words that were inspiring but his manner of delivery. Any clod can read Shakespeare out loud but not everyone is an Olivier or a Branagh.

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