2018: Hottest Year Ever


You heard it here first.


damn that global warming. minus 30 where i am. Happy New Year.

-28 C here in south central Iowa. The previous record low for January 1 was -24.4

Yup. And one month ago Environment Canada's chief appocalypsing puppet, Dave Phillips, was telling us to prepare for a mild winter. They deserve double the contempt and derision they heap on us.

Thank God we have our catastrophic scientists who have the expertise to explain to us the difference between mere weather and dangerous climate change. This is weather but those hot dry weeks last summer; that was climate change.

Climate Change aka AGW has never been about "warming" but is a leftist dream and effort of people control, increased resource taxing for the implementation of more progressive SJW projects, and moving the wealth from those less equal in the west to the 2nd and 3rd world dictators bank accounts.

David Philips, Canada's ancient prophet of doom whose grey visage portends destruction.
All he's missing is a sackcloth coat and a sandwich board written with the words:
'repent ye CO2 sinners the end is nigh'

My mango groves in Kirkland Lake should start producing delicious fruit in the next couple of decades.

I sure hope @Kimberly_Anne16 never ever ever dares bringing up climate change when abnormally warm temperatures strike North America for a week or two.

My not allowed comments on CBC just this month! Athropogenic climate change is based on CO2 containing heat! Because this is impossible at the current ratio in the atmosphere 4 in every 10,000 particles! I would like Catherine McKenna to explain to us ,how CO2 is causing Climate change! Article "Catherine to impose carbon tax on all Provinces 2018"


Saw this very rare mention of Canada on Drudge and am thankful for the rarity. Note the esteem in which Jr is held by most of the commentators, sort of the reverse of what CBC tells us. As for the very geography challenged prof from U of T, isn't this opposite to the standard complaint about American knowledge of Canada?
Just think this deep thinker may be advising CC Barbie and Jr on climate matters. Woe is Canada.

I see some of the twits are of the "climate change is not weather - except when it's hot" crimatology set.

Always liked this summary by Steyn from his column "The Dog Ate My Tree Rings":

"Hysterical queens like Gordon Brown are demanding we introduce global taxation, micro-regulation of every aspect of your life, massive multi-trillion dollar transfers from the productive sector to eco-rackets and transnational bureaucracies, bovine flatulence levies and extraterrestrial surveillance of once sovereign states on the basis of fevered speculations for which there is no raw data."

Y'know, with all of those sexual harassment, abuse stories flying around this past year I must say that the UN's IPCC may be spot on for once when they say that 2017 was the "hottest" year on record.

I know, eh? What a miserable lot. They can't even enjoy a nice sunny day!

However, Jerry Brown is STILL “right” about Global Warming here in SUNNY California ... where it NEVER rains anymore (the DRYEST Dec. evah!) in CA ... and where it just keeps getting warmer and warmer and warmer ... surely the “never-ending” DROUGHT is back with a vengeance after morphing into EXTREME snow and rain last year. We don’t even need to wait for the rest of the rainy season in Jan. Feb. Mar. or April ... nope ... Jerry will soon declare that we are back in the grips of “the worst drought ever in the history of California”.

And Jerry says that the rest of the continent is being EXTREMELY Frozen by a HORRIFIC “Polar Vortex” caused by (what else?) ... Global Warming. Every single EXTREME weather event evah recorded (since the invention of the automobile) has been/will be caused by Global Warming. So ... to all my FROZEN friends in the Great White North ... if you want to keep FREEZING ... then just keep driving your pickup trucks and killing Gaia “who” will just keep making more Polar Vortex-es to KILL-OFF all you “parasitic” humans and start “healing” her (er, shim’s) self.

It’s so easy to “talk” like a Global Warmist ... all emotional rubbish ... with the word “science” tossed in to make the religion of earth-worship “sound” all scienci and whatnot.

No doubt this will help melt Arctic ice. You know, because ice which forms in a polar vortex is more susceptible to early melting.

Looks to me more like a damn accurate map of American soil currently lost to illegal Mexican immigration.

Save that map. In a few years you can re-use it for the coming ice sheet.

It's not ice that's increasing. It's all those drowning polar bears because there isn't supposed to be any ice there any more. After all, Al Gore, et. al., told us so.

Boy, those carbon taxes sure were effective, weren't they?

But but but it’s COLDER in Ottawa than Inuvik..........therefore the Arctic is Warming!

In less than a year in office, Pres. Donald J. Trump has solved the anthropogenic global warming problem!

Surely, for him making peace with Gaia, a Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded, forthwith.

And any and all Liberal carbon taxes will be cancelled in his honour...

No, you say, because the Trudeau Liberals tax is on carbon based life forms, not on CO2 (plant food required for photosynthesis producing breathable oxygen).

Canadian voters must have known what they were voting for unless the *MMSM emit fake news?

(Hint- the first M in MSM stands for mendacious)

Yes. Taking money from poor people in rich countries and giving it to rich people in poor countries.

Yep ... without any fanfare or eco-celebrations/declarations ... MY President has tamed the seas and cooled the planet all while ramping-up manufacturing and exploiting Gaia’s resources. Yes ... I truly expect MY President to WIN multiple Nobel (participation) Trophies for both “Peace” and “Science(s)”

Ha! Riiiiiiigt.

That is about how they want it to work. And, of course, skim off a little for the Al Gores, et al in the process.

Of course, the SJWs will see this as just. They don't object to rich socialists and wealthy communists. Think of people like the Castros, Mugabe, Hugo Chavez's daughter, all of whom are on the left and dripping money. Even Dr. Fruit Fly has 4 houses and let's not forget that Naomi Klein is far from being a pauper.

If the SJWs found that offensive, those people would have been tarred and feathered a long time ago. What they object to are rich white heterosexual conservatives, who they regard as a blot on society to be eliminated forever.

Hey, being a leftist elitist demagogue costs money. You don't think that Gore or Dr. Fruit Fly would preach their message more effectively if they were poor, do you?

I get a kick listening to the so serious Climate alarmists explain this cold spell is weather not climate. They can't grasp they're being MOCKED and take the bait every time. Imagine for a moment if the weather was unseasonably warm for this time of year. It wouldn't be weather then would it?
I'll never forget a news report here in Calgary a couple years ago when in Oct the mountains got dumped on. CTV sent out a crew to the ski hills where the managers were thrilled to be opening so soon. The interview took place at the bottom of the mountain and behind him there was hundreds of HAPPY skiers. It was a HAPPY story and the news anchors were so HAPPY reporting it. A few weeks later the World Cup Downhill event had to be cancelled because a warm spell caused the conditions to become unsafe. So CTV sent a crew out to the same mountain and reported the news worthy cancellation but couldn't end it there, they had to get in GLOBAL WARMING. Some expert guy stood on the bottom of the mountain and SADLY reported that this was "likely" a result of the "warming earth" and "we better get used to it". Behind him were hundreds of HAPPY skiers. The mountain of snow didn't melt, it's just that the race track became icy therefore dangerous for such an event. But the same news anchors were SAD because it was made into a SAD story. So in three weeks or so it went from WEATHER to CLIMATE CHANGE. And they wonder why we mock them.

Try to get it straight SDAers. Weather is real, we can see it, feel it and even hear it, and most inconveniently, in the present.

Climate can be made up, is always somewhere else, never in the present, with the past changeable and all of it taxable.

Only the "rich" have to pay Justin's & the Apparatchik's latest number "Peel the Onion and Watch it Bleed." Catchy, eh?

Especially those working poor rich people paying carbon taxes. The middle class soon in crisis will understand too.

Any questions, other than from fascists who disagree; nobody should listen to a fascist, right? Or is it left?

Happy New Year to my fellow serfs-in-waiting.

Oh Susanna don't you cry for me...
2018 will be better than 2017, the meltdown is underway.
Buy popcorn.
If you have not noticed, the A players have moved on. All we can get to come out to play are the true believers.
Which unfortunately hold office in Canada.
I can't wait to hear from Climate Barbie as to why cold is hot and plantfood is killing us all..but once she gets cornered I am sure the approved answer will be that our soon to be imposed Carbon Tax is working.
That all the "efforts" of the Federal Liberal Party are paying off, look how much warmer we would be if the tax was not working...

Is it really a crime to punish incurable stupidity?

-37.6°C at Eureka, NU in the last hour.

What can I say??

Actually, I've seen a few stories circulate that 2017 is going to be listed as the 3rd hottest year on record. And, who is naive enough to think that these last few weeks of bone-chilling cold won't be "adjusted" when all is said and done? Personally, I love when they do that, because a vast majority of the populace knows they are full of excrement, because they base their knowledge on personal experience for the most part. We're "selfish" that way.

The Warmists continuously overstep and overplay...and it bites them in their lying posteriors every single time.

With the major ice storm that hit the Fraser Valley, made roads impassable and knocked out power for thousands we can hope that the a$$hole Suzuki is trapped in one of those homes and has to burn furniture to keep warm.

He wouldn't call it an act of desperation, either. Instead, he'll say he's using "green" energy. After all, no fossil fuels would be used.

I can't wait to hear from Climate Barbie as to why cold is hot and plantfood is killing us all

But if she's called that, she'll clam up. After all, there may be girls considering careers in politics who might be watching, at least according to her.

Please keep in mind that there is no money or job security in "everything's normal", but buckets of money and lifetime job security for "the sky is falling". Elementary my dear Watson,..... elementary.


1000% Totally AGREE.

Christina Figures herself (IPCC Exec Secretary), alluded to the fact that "Climate Change" has nothing to do with the environment....it has everything to do with changing the "Economic Model' that planet has used since Industrialization: CAPITALISM.

...into Marxism.."

This is being done via:

Energy Poverty for all. The Killing cheap affordable energy sources in the West in favour of Renewables....which produce only electricity...Inefficient, unreliable & extremely expensive electricity at best all the while promoting the stupidity of EV's as our prime motive force...

And in Canada, by Carbon Taxation, shuttering our energy Industry & the killing of Coal.

And last but not least, removing from the mix any fuel source that may provide heat and warmth in your home: Wood fireplaces, stoves - Nat gas fireplaces, stoves ... either by direct outlaw of any new construction or massive overbearing regulation on existing systems.

Then watch as we are outlawed from driving....and driven into 500 sq ft "homes"

Remember, you heard it here first...the Goal is 100% dependence upon Government and 100% removal of our Individual FREEDOM.

A thought:

Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Green or BQ - In the last federal election, except for those few voters who cast their X for the Libertarians, everyone voted for parties that support the Climate Change bullshit.


The carbon tax will work but not at $15 or $30. It has to be at least $150/tonne. Let's get on with it. I've ordered my Tesla S. Waiting for the truck. Anyone else?

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