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Whacko environmentalists, the media and Liberals.

"Sixty-eight to sixty-nine per cent of the market this year is light trucks," says Dennis DesRosiers, of DesRosiers Automotive Consultants. "In fact, for four of the past 12 months, it's been over 70 per cent, and this will stay positive for another year, at least." DesRosiers crunches numbers and breaks down stats; he cares little about what ad campaigns and headlines say we should be buying, and instead reports on what we actually are.


So if the statistical reality is that hybrids and electrics are more like the last mosquito in the room at night instead of the elephant, why is that all we hear about? "I blame you guys," laughs DesRosiers. "The media play it hard and the OEMs are taking a huge risk on technology that, look at the numbers, nobody wants." Those internal combustion engines are doing more with less, doing it better, and doing it for longer. Electrics seem to be the answer to a question nobody asked, at least in the passenger and light truck vehicle segment.

Rabid environmentalism is a cult. A very small, insignificant minority. Virtue signalling, on the other hand, is practised by a very large hypocritical mass. This second group, flailing away against coal, oil and gas in their coal, oil and gas fuelled lives push stupid politicians into stupid, unsustainable, and expensive positions.


I'd rather drive an electric than a truck. What is with people and driving cars bigger than they have any use for? Have fun parking that pig.

I'd be okay with an electric car that makes sense from a design, use, and cost standpoint. That hasn't happened yet. Don't expect it to happen within the next decade at least.

I, too, prefer you to drive an electric vehicle rather than a truck. A really tiny one.

Strictly anecdotal, but I've been watching the size of pickups increase dramatically. When I go to my favorite coffee shop, I have to be careful not to park my van next to an F150 or Ican't get my door open enough to get out.
Where I am, the majority of these beasts never see a logging road or get dirt in their boxes. They all seem to have classy box covers.
Notice how all the pics emphasize the massive aspect?

I bought a RAM half ton diesel last year, can make Calgary to Regina on less than a tank. Eco-freaks will make four trips in a compact to move the smallest load, all the while crying about how they're saving the environment.

Are you the one in that little EV that needed two and a half spaces to park even though you drove in forward from the opposite space to get in?

regarding environmentalists, I remember a photo link here @ sda of a bunch of kayakers in their OIL BASED FIBERGLAS craft, paddling around an OIL tanker or such, protesting somethingorother against 'big oil'.

in their water craft, manufactured in part, by the use of OIL based products.

p.s., y'all remember that unme is a bot. it failed the turing test.

also, Canuckistan is a GINORMOUS country. many of us live in distant locales. the concept of 'just in time' inventories, DOESNT WORK because of that, unlike where it was perfected in highly dense and much much smaller Japan. where it doesnt snow nearly as much and the outside temp doesnt get to minus 20 regularly.

electric vehicles is a variation on that theme.

ignore the propaganda, and that is exactly what it is, gubbamint sponsored propaganda.

Those cute electric cars win't be much use out here on the prairies. How can I haul a load of duck decoys, ground blinds, dogs, shotguns and shells down a muddy road in one of these converted golf carts?

And I can imagine turning the heater on while commuting to work when it's -30 degrees. I can just see the car come to a halt while the heater and defroster take all the juice in a futile attempt to keep the windshield clear.

And just as Kate's sub-header above states, wait until the self driving car hits black ice, slush, or a mud hole on a gravel road after a hard rain. These things might be fine for the Yuber crowd in Tirrana, but will just be empty hulks on the side of the road in a matter or a few days. Two cups of gas and a match will serve as the last rites!

Yes, I can see in a Clown Car. Its somehow.......fitting.

Yes, I can see you in a Clown Car. Its somehow.......fitting.

"I've been watching the size of pickups increase dramatically."

Yeah, me too. Part of it is the increase in tire size. 15" rims were once standard. Now it's 17" or 18" and goes up to 20". This raises the truck so much that it requires a step to get in.

Wider as well. Maybe as much as a foot compared to a 1960's model.

Hood is stretched out by a foot, and adding the half sized suicide doors adds another ~3 ft, full back seat ~4 ft.

With a 6.5 ft bed the damn thing can be something over 21 feet long, bumper to bumper. Hard to park at the mall and not a vehicle for the city.

Interestingly, one truck style, the "work truck" is not selling well. A work truck has only the front seat.

That said, I have a truck and I like it a lot. It's really nice on long trips as the seats ave very generous and visibility is excellent. Rides like a fine car. Plenty of power. I actually bought it to tow a trailer. Mine is a 2011 and I've never had to replace one thing (except tires) on it since that time..... same brakes, same battery, same everything. Nice. 18.5 mpg highway, 16.5 city.

An electric powered truck would be fine with me. Huge torque. But first they've got to solve the battery thing.

Good luck with your MONSTER batteries when they can't be recharged anymore.

They can last anywhere from 1 day to 10 years. You could be in the middle of driving on a busy road and they suddenly just die. No warning. Just dead. And everything in the car won't work.

Creating EV batteries? They are an environmental nightmare, dangerous and energy-intensive to manufacture.

Recycling dead EV batteries? They are, again, an environmental disaster waiting to happen, dangerous and energy-intensive/

I'm writing a new book: "Peak Cobalt". Perhaps even "Peak Lithium". Want to help me?

The problem is that those brain-dead environmentalists and greens are imposing their morals on us AT OUR COST AND ON OUR BACKS because of so many of them who influence government and are actually in government.

They are, essentially, legislating morality, their morality.

There are so many government regulations for automobile manufacturers that they are throwing their hands up in frustration and being intimidated into going fully electric vehicle BECAUSE OF GOVERNMENT EDICTS.

And, on top of that, governments keep moving the goalposts.

Automobile manufacturers are being played for fools big time by governments, the environmentalists, and the greens. Even if every car is an EV, it will not be the end of it. Governments will have MORE regulations on ELECTRIC VEHICLES.

There will be no end to it.

Some people don’t read very well ...

“Canada is pretty boring,” he says. “We buy the least amount of vehicle we need; Americans buy the most.”

Oh well, certain trolls aren’t worth bothering with ... even when they “believe” all you baaaaad Canadians are buying incredibly well-built, efficient, practical vehicles that JUST meet your needs ... not BIG ASS beasts. My observation is that those people who drive electrics and hybrids actually HATE cars, and are thrilled to be driving an “anti-car”, car. Even those kewl Tesla S drivers (my town is littered with em) essentially HATE cars, and HATE driving. They are the people most excited by self driving cars so they can continue to text-and-drive in comfort. Selfie-and-drive in comfort.

My 6-yo (bought used -MINT- with 34,000 Miles) BMW hardtop convertible 335i is simply the best automobile I have ever owned. The twin turbos not only allow me to rapidly pass the Prius with an Obama bumper sticker ... but they increase fuel efficiency and make my car less polluting. And I am farrrrrr more “environmental” than all the new electric buyers. Because I KEEP my (increasingly high quality) cars well into 200k mi odometer readings. They are easy to maintain, and the items I don’t maintain MYSELF (all fluids, brakes, and easily replaced parts, including timing belts and water pumps) virtually NEVER need replacing. The precision, computerized, machining of parts, quality metallurgy, and modern assembly techniques are making each vehicle a long distance champion. The auto expert quoted in this article is speaking the TRUTH about marketplace behaviour, he knows what he speaks of. PS ... the stereotype of the azzwhole BMW driver has been supplanted by the Azzwipe AUDI driver. We BMW aficianados are simple car lovers, and lovers of German precision (not glorified and rebadged VW). Audi drivers are trying too hard to signal something about their private parts.

Back to the hybrid - electric ruse ... while the current ICE autos are retaining value and utility for 20years of service ... hybrid and electric cars plummet in both value and utility with each mile you drive and recharge cycle. That massive battery pack has a very short life compared to my ICE engine that will go deep into 200k without major repair or replacement. Your battery? With each cycle ... it ... is ... losing ... its... storage ... capacity. Your range gets shorter and shorter every day ... until you need an entire new battery (new engine). Therefore, nobody wants to buy a dying ... soon-to-be-worthless-battery-driven-auto. Used values of hybrids and electrics are crap. Check the resale statistics.

Out here in the buck brush everyone dives a pickup even the grass widows (ranch women ). Nobody has a car. Vehicles are for work, and they look it.

Exactly. Lysenkoism has hooked in pretty deep.

And all because of a nonexistent AGW snake oil. The truth came out into open at COP23 when the 3rd world countries wanted the wealth redistribution fund payments started sooner rather than 2020. This tells you exactly what it is all about.

Captcha: autogas 8100

Sold my Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie 2011 fully loaded leather touch screen navigation ect ect way to nice could not go off road with it.....and bought the last best year of the Toyota Tacoma the gen 3 2001 solid axle but still locking rear diff put a small 2" lift slightly bigger tires arb bumper winch and light force off road lights as well as skid plates and rock sliders has dents dings you name it .....funny thing .....

I get more compliments on my truck now than I ever got with my Dodge and I drive the crap outta that little 6cylinder it's the newer version of the 22re a very solid well made engine it lacks a little power to be sure but more than enough to get me up the side of a mountain. And haul my kids and gear around . The new tacomas are as big as my Dodge and just as expensive people are so stupid....I am praying for the day I can get a left hand drive land cruiser 79 series glx the axles on them are thicker yes thicker than an f-350 both lockers and both solid axles right through and something I really like about toyotas was a few of the years they made the front and rear diffs located on the same side so you did not have to manouver left to right to avoid contacting rocks ect ect just smart Japanese technology a focus on quality .....ahhh the good old days. And don't get me wrong today's technology is friken awesome but nothing is solid and well made anymore mostly due to gov regulation went to an aluminum body so they could keep the weight in other things vehicle havea set weight limit by the gov they cannot go over it the more shit you put in em the less you can put elsewhere and wires get heavy real fast ......anyway that's my rant I think the chevy Colorado has potential but it's still a bit to big stick the locking doffs on the original Colorado keep the diesel and then you have something a good platform start from .

I drive a 15 year old Tundra that I bought slightly used with 25k km on it and now at 327k km, its still going strong. It's a "work limo".

I drive an '02 GMC supercab 4x4 pickup with a gas V8, 223.000 km and going strong. It is an extremely versatile vehicle, can transport one person or 6, can carry clean cargo or dirty, good for short jaunts or long trips, great on pavement in town or mud in the bush, handles like a car with all the passenger comforts and conveniences, it's everything I want or need.

When it finally wears out, I'll replace it with something similar. If an electric vehicle can give me the same service at the same price (no gov't subsidies) I would be happy to have one. But not until then.

I used to enjoy reading this blog. Now it is polluted with BS from idiots. You know who you are.

Hehehehehe, butt they are EXPERTS:-)))

I always assumed you drive a clown car.

Virtue signalling, on the other hand, is practised by a very large hypocritical mass. This second group, flailing away against coal, oil and gas in their coal, oil and gas fuelled lives push stupid politicians into stupid, unsustainable, and expensive positions.

If the mass of people are hypocritical, then their hypocrisy extends to the ballot box where they vote against their own self interest. It begs the question of how conscious this hypocrisy is. Otherwise, there's be this disconnect where people talk Liberal but vote Conservative (etc.). We know from Ontario that people are willing to vote Liberal until their electric utilities pancake and they (as a mass of people) enter energy poverty.

Rather than "hypocrisy", I'd call that "delusion".

Captcha: Highway Second winter, headed to grandma's for dinner. Hast'a la vista, baby.

I still drive my "work truck", a 2005 F150 4x4, 4 door (to carry temp sensitive equip), short box, with a cap. It fits inside my garage, too, with room to spare. At 216,000 km it still runs like a top, but showing a bit of rust from all the road salt. Comfortable like a car. Lots of f/n power V8 5.2L & 25 MILES PER GAL, on the highway where it spent a lot of time! City, well like any truck with an auto trans, it sucks. When it dies, I'll think about it's successor. I've owned & driven 4 "work trucks". A Toyota 240,000 km, a couple of Dodge 1500 V8's 80,000 km & 210,000 km between them & this Ford. F150 is the only automatic, the others were standard shift. I recommend the F150, although the new aluminum frame leaves me a bit cold for off road, rough use, but maybe someone could enlighten me.

This F150: Brakes only done once, 5 sets of tires, 4 windshields (this last one is spot free even after a year - not driving as much). I just replaced the original battery. COSTCO best prices. Replaced the wiper motor & one driving light housing. Assorted parking lot & rock dings.

Sometimes I give some of the German roadsters a look as a future purchase/lease.

"..I'd rather drive an electric than a truck..." I say go for it...All Libtard MORONS should be driving EV's...totally agree.! It is you fools that will keep EV Mfgrs busy...and while doing so, maybe we can reduce or eliminate the taxpayer supplied BS Subsidies.

"...My observation is that those people who drive electrics and hybrids actually HATE cars, and are thrilled to be driving an “anti-car”, car..." Without a Doubt..!!
Smug little schmarmy arrogant pricks that would have no issue telling YOU, what you must Drive to save Their precious environment. they can collectively kiss my (_i_)...

Well good luck to all the EV buyers and owners. The one Glaring Issue that is NEVER discussed by ANY of you is this: What it would take to not only generate the required electricity, but supply it.??

Hydro.? Nope - All tapped out world wide
Fossil Fuels.? Nope - Not ever...with todays Eco-Nazi Govt mind set
Wind & Solar.? LMAO for a week - ain't ever gonna happen nor can it.
Soooo..? whats Left.? NUCLEAR and if you think you are going to see the Gores / Suzuki's / Michael Mann's of the planet endorsing that...? you're on some pretty good Acid. And we haven't even talked about re-charging stations....have we.?

TESLA just came out with a pile of outrageous GARBAGE on their Big Rig EV. It will never see the light of day once you do the math on range/charging time and size of Energy Storage required to "recharge" in 30 min. Never mind the cost of one of them. Pure sensationalist BS as is all the hype on EV's.

For the record: My ride: 2006 GMC Sierra 2500 HD CCSB D'max (LBZ Engined - Allison Trans). Bought Feb 2007 at 51,350 km's - Now at 514,670 virtually trouble free kms (320,000 miles), and runs better today than the day I drove it off the lot. 21.5mpg (US Gal) Hwy at 75 Mphr. ZERO Emissions control No lift - 17" rims with 265/70R17's BFG's - EFI Live Tuning - no blk smoke...and it rides like a Caddy. And believe it or not, I still get dealer enquiries asking if I wish to sell it....they have interested buyers 11 years later.

Best Diesel Pickup ever built by GM.

Adios muchacho's....gonna drive it till either it or me dies

OMG. You'd be the biggest dumbass in the room.

No one with a brain in the north would want an electric car with frozen batteries & a ground clearance of 3.5 inches when it snows 5 inches+ frequently. Unless you really bloody like shoveling.

XD And show me when the hell you can do this with electric cars:
Caravan with Renault 1.4 turbo engine

of course you would

and you'd rather have a member of ISIS as president than Trump

I would have said; instead of Trudeau as prime minister, but Trudeau is an ISIS sympathiser... if not a member.

My recently purchased '03 F350 crew, 4X4 turbo diesel with 400k+ km is a mechanical juggernaut.

When I see you, in your road-lice EV, my suggestion would be to roll up your window and stay in the right lane where you belong. I will laugh uproariously when the whine of the turbo or the rolling coal will cause your face to prune up and contort in your self-righteous, condescending indignation as I wave and drive past you. Remember, please, please stay in that right lane, the bottom of the bush bumper may just be at head height. Just something to think about.

There is lots of room at the ends of the parking lot, so taking up as many stalls as needed should be none of your concern. You can park as close to the doors as humanly possible. Wedge your way in there, have fun.

I don't see any option on SDA for being informed of recent posts, yet you always seem to chime in within ten minutes. I doubt you have a job that actually produces anything of value. When you decide to contribute to society in a positive way, then (maybe) I will pay attention to you. Until then, I will skip over your comments and advise others to do the same and not feed the troll.

"Nobody needs an electric car". It is fun taking any and all argumemts the Marxiantology cult uses, and just throwing it back at them.

Guns? "Nobody needs an electric car."
"Coastal snowflakes clinging to their electric cars and dogma".

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