And The Billions Will Deport Themselves


CTV News;

A big Canadian player has quietly picked up his chips and is heading for the exit amid the tumult over the Trudeau government's controversial tax proposals.

A business owner has informed John Manley, the head of an organization representing Canada's largest corporations, that he has moved billions of dollars outside the country since the Liberals formally proposed their tax changes in mid-July.

The government's proposals to eliminate several tax incentives have awakened a broad array of vocal opponents -- from the small business community, to farmers, to tax planners, to professionals like doctors and lawyers. Some backbench Liberal MPs have also publicly expressed their concerns.

In the background, the Liberals' proposed tax reforms are also seen as a threat by a much-smaller, more-silent group of Canadians: wealthy leaders of big business.

Manley, a former Liberal finance minister in the Chretien government, said the elements of the government's plan to tighten rules on passive investment portfolios and the transfer of family businesses have created worries for some members of his organization, the Business Council of Canada.

The financial concerns have been compounded by the government's accompanying messages that Manley believes have "vilified" higher-income Canadians.

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Trudeau is an incompetent silver spoon socialist and those who voted for him are equally as incompetent.

Doubtful the Trudeau cabal will pay any heed to John Manley, he's way too Blue for them.

Canada is kryptonite to investors.

The process referred to as capital flight is completely alien to juthtin and Caty-Wine.
They have never been able to realize that if the wealthy can afford a good tax lawyer they can also afford to spirit their wealth outside of their tax jurisdiction. The ones left behind are those that can afford neither and as such are left with a choice of being a slave or being free.
Those loose lips in the liberal caucus are likely on the blu-lib side of the party,And all they need now for open civil war to take place is if someone in that group takes a leadership role.

The question is who?

I watched your Fearless Canadian PM on American Television the other day.

He told the older clueless interviewing woman about his-their plans for a more Progressive Canadian Liberal Refugee State, and the increased revenues I know the Canadians will enjoy paying.

After watching him for about 5 minutes I still didn't know what the frick he was talking about, so I turned on a re-run of Canadian Football.

At least I could understand what the announcers were saying.

Andrew Coyne goes off on the BBD/Gov't of Canada relationship in today's NP:

I agree with the "silver spoon socialist" description. But with his stance on Boeing Trudeau may be accomplishing a few things strategically appealing to his voter base:
-By saving the few billions originally allotted to the purchase of the Super Hornets, Trudeau would be able to boast "See, our deficit is as small as we said it would be!” A bonus? He would be signalling he’s not afraid of big bad American corporations.

-Without the Super Hornets, Canada would be unable to participate in active NATO or similar missions against ISIS. The only missions our military would be able to undertake would be the legendary epitome of Canadian niceness: “peacekeeping”.

-By continuing to support Bombardier, he would be signalling he’s fighting for “the middle class and those fighting hard to join it”. BTW, watch Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs Andrew Leslie’s smirk as he repeats that oft-used cliché ( at the 21:00 mark) as well as general laughter in the House.

Probably correct. Trudeau has completely screwed up the fighter jet procurement and what the hey we just won't buy any jets at all. His voting base will be really happy.

On Friday I was listening to Johnathan T Gilliam hosting for Sean Hannity on Patriot and he had Canaduhs very own "Dim Jong Um Um, Toronto pyjama boys UN speech to a nearly empty hall except for the trucked in Rosies screaming. Johnathan and his on air girl turned this pathetic girlymans lispy squawk into a real comedy act with Helen Reddys "I am Woman" playing in the background, if you can get a chance to post some of that pathetic antiTrump screech Kate you should. Canadians need to know this is a communist, exactly what Gilliam called it, yes it is an it because he called for no genders basically. Thanks Toronto. I hope your poopsie boy, taxes your dump to the point the loser Leafs pack up and go to Portland.

I remember seeing a cotemporary ink sketch of Marie-Antoinette on her way to her execution. Can someone with a lot more graphic skills than me photo shop turdo la doo\s and morneau's faces onto that sketch?

Bombardier's (Canadair's)"initial and continued success" had nothing to do with "careful planning" but was a total fluke. Papa Trudeau had been persuaded to pony up the cash to fund the design of a small executive jet to keep the lights on in the assembly plant at Cartierville Airport. The resulting small Canadair Challenger Executive Jet "was a big hit with the RCAF" as a fast air taxi for government big shots (and nobody else). Then Lufthansa was "involved" in ordering a bunch, the oil crisis hit, the hub and spoke concept to save airliner fuel was developed, the model was stretched and turned into a money machine, the orders rolled in, and they were off to the races.
All that plus the crazy subsidized financing of sales where airlines can get the best deals from offshore builders makes Monty Python look sedate.
As for Boeing, they are "co-parents" of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 Russian built regional jet which is also competition for Bombardier. If Shiny Pony thinks his two deuces potential fighter order count for anything playing poker with Boeing, he is going to get schooled otherwise when it comes to how aircraft industry poker is played.
The Chinese, Japanese etc are major players in making sub assemblies for Bombardier but you can bet that the massive numbers of regional jets needed later in Asia will be built in Asia by Asian builders. Perhaps they will all get together and buy Bombardier for its technology and certification expertise if a suitable cents on the dollar deal shows up in the future.

I remember watching the news once many years ago when they were interviewing John Manley about tax changes the liberal liberal government was making when he was minister of Industry or Minister of Finance
And Minister John Manley stated with great enthusiasm that if Canadians don't like the rates of tax in Canada they could just leave, and we will bring in a hard-working immigrant to take their place

Remember, this is the PM who wept and indulged in orgiastic homilies at the death of murderous autocrat Fidel Castro, and who openly praised China's "basic dictatorship" for how it allows the government - to wit, the Chinese Communist Party - to really get things done. You know, like Stalin did. Or Mussolini. THEY got things done.

This is the political model that Justin Trudeau, just like all of the left, admires, and to which he aspires - to be able to rule by fiat, because he knows best. He thinks he should be able to do whatever he wants. What else would you expect from a spoiled rich kid who's never held a real job in his life, has never had to make payroll, and has no idea where money comes from if it isn't a "family fortune"?

Every time he opens his mouth, our economy shudders. Every time he proposes one of his idiotic, ill-thought-out policies, international markets and credit rating agencies look at us askance. Canadians will regret bitterly electing this self-absorbed, incompetent, shallow narcissist and his gang of corrupt, ideologically-motivated, self-interested idiots.

Oh, and re: the Bombardier far as the notion of the "civil service" making dispassionate, objective recommendations to government goes...yeah, dream on. That only works when the Conservatives are in power and the dyed-in-the-wool, hard-core Liberal sycophants that populate the upper ranks of the allegedly apolitical public service aren't falling all over themselves to see how quickly they can ingratiate themselves to their political superiors. When the Cons are running the show, the PS chieftains don't care about whether their advice is potentially politically damaging to elected officials; they just fire it in and let the chips fall where they may, because "screw them". But when the Libs are at the helm, the whole rotting edifice bends over backwards to accommodate the politicians' (and their unelected, unaccountable appointees') every whim, no matter how irregular or extralegal, because to do otherwise might imperil a bureaucrat's next promotion, patronage appointment, or sinecure.

Put not your hopes in the objectivity of the mandarins, amigos; they are a check only upon the policy objectives of Conservative governments. When it's a clammy, grasping Liberal hand on the national tiller, the mandarins are its enthusiastic enablers.

Manley and his crew are climate hustlers of the first degree. So commie lite is ok but now that the mask has come off and Manley and his crew are in this Marxist governments sights he wants to whine.

Manley and the BCC sent out letters to Canadian businesses "encouraging " businesses to sign up for climate extortion, as the good liberal elitist he is.

I have no doubt however that the McCain and Weston families will be largely unscathed.


That little shit Trudeau, our fake PM ... believes that the Cuban model is best for Canada ... only without the great weather and cigars.


Crazy that when corruption in Canada is the topic, Quebec is always front and center.

You have to give credit to Ontario, though.

They are trying damn hard to be #1 themselves.

I have been listening to Michael Campbell for over two decades talk of how ignorant the Liberals in particular are at failing to see how people change their behaviors when tax laws change. Have they even considered how many contractors already work "under the tax radar", let alone how many more that will feel obliged to with these proposed changes? The Libs will be driving billions of dollars more either underground or offshore. Fools.

If I had Boeing's legal power, I would sue the feds over the gobs of hard-earned tax dollars they have given Bombardier, too.

He wept for his dad fidel.

Its Fascism, not Communism. Hitler, Franco and Mussolini would recognize what's going on here instantly. The one thing the Liberals were smart enough to do is put a cute face on it. Fascism with multi-culti free love instead of killing the scapegoats. Way easier to sell in peace time.

How about Boing workers in Winnipeg, Vancouver and other Canadian cities?

Canadian Observed said: "Have they even considered how many contractors already work "under the tax radar","

All of them. Construction is already a cash economy. What's going to happen is DOCTORS are going to become a cash economy.

That's how they do it in Italy and Greece. Cash. Instant 30% discount.

Welcome to Red Canaduh, Comrade. Where everyone can live in harmonious diversity so long as they believe, talk and act in the correct appropriate government approved manner. Capitalism isn't a worry because we're working hard to make sure everyone under watchful bureaucratic care will be equally poor, properly re-educated, regionally confined and suitably muzzled.

Macleans? That article bowls me over.

They actually kicked HairDo la Doo hard in the buttocks.

The honeymoon is definitely over for the Silver Spoon Idiot

Oh, and anyone catch that weak, ineffectual defence of the tax disaster by Mourneau the day before, from Newfoundland or somewhere? He looked defeated, while still repeating the same, lame talking points. Dreadful and unconvincing

The honeymoon? Manley for whatever reason is looking for the funeral arrangements.

I cannot WAIT for President Trump to push through his tax reductions ... specifically lowering the corporate tax rate from a downright Communist 35% ... to 15%. All the financial experts agree that there will be a massive repatriation of $$$$$ into the USA. Hey! Who knows ... maybe Canadian $$$$ will flow into the USA? Thank you tiny-PM!! For chasing Capitalists OUT of your budding Socialist Nirvana.

Now all we need is the GOPe to get off their collective asses and get out of the way of MY President's agenda FOR America.

Why should we be surprised?!

He learned from one of the best Commies around. His dad pierre trudeau. Or is it fidel?

Either way, they were both commies and now those who voted for the spawn are reaping the harvest that they have sown.

Miss Prime Minister Harper yet?

Yes, but you forgot to mention the huge boost given Bombardier by that OTHER Liberal PM,Brian Mulroney,when he awarded Bombardier the CF-18 maintenance contract over the far better option,Bristol Aerospace of Winnipeg in the hated West!

The result was a great many BA employees had to go to work for Bombardier or be unemployed.

Bombardier is part of the Canadian Establishment,Quebec wing, and it will forever be pandered to by PM's,doesn't matter which color tie he wears.

I'd like to hear a logical explanation for how in hell Bombardier has lost money for SO long when we have had PM's act as door-to-door salesmen for them,wrapping up huge contracts with China, and moving their factory expansion to Ireland for the cheap taxes.

Bombardier has signed multi-billion dollar contracts for decades,yet still has to come demanding bailouts by two different levels of government.

So, Creepy (if I may call you that), other than your slinging of pejoratives at others doing the same, may I respectfully ask, what is your plan? You asked old white guy for his plan so perhaps you wouldn't mind elevating us with your wisdom and sharing your ideas, and not just your diatribe.

Don Morris said: "I'd like to hear a logical explanation for how in hell Bombardier has lost money for SO long..."

Same reason it cost two Billion dollars to build a gun registry.

Money. Laundering.

Once you accept that they're stealing the tax money and giving to their friends, everything they do makes perfect sense.

The clown appears to be yet another agent provocateur. Or merely an idiot. Hard to tell these days.

"Is that chu, Lucy? Chu got some splainin' to do..."

Oh I didn't want a contest started for #1, the natural gas plant fiasco really hit it out of the park for Ontario ...

and I do hope Boeing wins. If Bombardier can't stand without the crutch of gov't aid. Let it burn. The same as the CBC would without corporate welfare.

Canada needs a real navy, and all new air force jets, for +20 years the military have taken a beating from the federal gov't while they bail out non players. Is the federal gov't playing for the other team? Are they actually trying to fail?

Perhaps Creepy plans to gather all the disgusted citizens he knows,take them to a training camp in the mountains,then lead an attack in the Spring, just like Castro.The only respectable mountains in Canada are in B.C.,or on the B.C/Alberta border,and it gets damned cold in there every Winter,something Castro didn't have to endure. So, dress warm,maybe get some of those Canada Goose down parkas.

I suspect CC is the Che of his movement. And I wish him and his fellow Rebels/Freedom Fighters all the good luck in the world. I may contribute by purchasing one of CC's T-shirts when they get around to printing them. I hope he's as ruggedly handsome as Che, as I don't want a nerd on my chest.

I thought of doing the same when I was a young lad, but just one look at the map and I knew it wouldn't work in Canada,what with the Capitol being roughly three thousand miles from any decent mountains.

So, like every other Canadian, my only recourse is to bitch to my elected officials,who politely smile and say,"thanks for your input", bitch on the blogs and websites of the msm, and try to convince every person I know to vote against the current government.

In a truly courageous act of defiance,I gave PM Trudeau's plane "the finger" as he left here and flew over my house,I don't know if he responded as his colorful Dad would have.

Over to you,CC,and The Plan to Save Canada.

Will this suffice in the meantime?

For the libranos it's all about stealing the money. Quebek is a branch plant of the party.
Bongo's old man wasn't particularly involved but he was ok with the guys around him accumulating wealth at the taxpayers expense while in his cabinet. Mulroney, while technically not a librano was an accomplished artist in the trade.

I'm an old white woman, unrelated to "old white guy".
I'm trying to understand your posts to the elderly one and am far too old and stupid to understand what you mean.
Tell me if I'm wrong:
You want Kate to ban "old white guy"? That he shouldn't be allowed to comment on SDA?
I wish you had a website or would use your real name as it would be interesting to see who you really are. Other than a pig, that is.

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