"It can no longer be denied that 'global institutions' are in trouble."


Igor, Bar The Door.


If Catalonia breaks from Spain/EU, hopefully "Progressive" Scotland will follow and break from the UK, and Canadian's will again have a chance to finally kick Quebec back to Europe and out of our pockets!

Debt = poverty = Instability
Been that way for thousands of years.

Trump got it exactly right ... humanity is "tribal". Nations, not Globalism, are the "natural" State of mankind. Man instinctively seeks small, defensible, "tribes" for mutual protection. The larger the group, the more fragmented the values and goals of the "tribe". Mankind will always retreat into the smallest, most homogeneous, groups possible to protect their values, and their very lives. And tribalism does NOT imply or create warfare. Individual tribes are just as likely to trade with one another as declare war. So it is rubbish to claim that globalism is a more "progressive" state of man. Rubbish. Globalism will ALWAYS result in fragmentation and conflict. You simply cannot FORCE large, disparate groups into an imaginary Union. It doesn't work. Not now, not ever. So, once again, Trump had the "marbles" to tell it like it is ... rather than repeat the leftist, globalist, fantasy. Winning!!! Not only America winning!!! but every nation in the world winnng!!! (except the rogue, budding nuclear states ... NKO and Iran).

Canadian's will again have a chance to finally kick Quebec back to Europe and out of our pockets

It'll never happen so long as the "natural governing party" is in charge. Without Quebec, it won't retain its hold on power.

Exactly! Catalonian Independence is tangible PROOF of Tribalism. The region virtually speaks a different language than Spain and has a bit more conservative values. The Spanish government is crapping their pants over the referendum. Witness the fragmentation of humans into smaller "tribes" with common values. The EU is a leftist, globalist, wet dream that is rapidly going the way of Venezuela.

Yes, human nature seems to prefer tribes but that's not the evil that progressives make it out to be. Tribalism conjures up images of dark age conflict and chaos after the fall of Rome. That's just one form of tribalism in a very tough era. By definition tribalism is the culture and beliefs of a group and feelings of identity and loyalty to that group.

If we admit it or not, most of us are tribal under that definition: sports, politics, career, social clubs, education, etc. We belong to many tribes and there's lots of overlap with people from other tribes who belong to one or more of your groups. In that sense tribalism is cohesive and inclusive with many circles of friends and friends of friends. Tribes can also work well with eachother for shared benefits. I think the problems arises only under toxic conditions.

Toxic tribalism is where you willing join or are forced into a group that's sole purpose is to create hierarchies of power, rights and scapegoats.Progressives forcing people to solely identify with skin color and then insisting you are a victim or oppressor is an example of this. Snobbery and elitism are only mildly toxic tribalism until they veer off into eugenics and population control. Racial and religious wars are two other examples.The more you force people to identify with fewer and fewer tribes by policing interactions with their other tribes the more conflict is created. Blacks and other POC shouldn't learn about X. Gays should always be leftists. Good women are feminists. Whites shouldn't be allowed to share ethnic food, clothing, music either as individuals or for economic purposes but everyone else can. I can punch anyone who disagrees with my tribe. Free speech, due process and other natural rights are examples of toxic whiteness. Statues of long dead white men oppress me.

Like I've said before, I think this era is sorting for extreme gullibility. How easily are you led? How many ridiculous things will you believe?

Very well expressed LC ... spot on. Tribalism has been demonized ... as has white skin, the nuclear family, heterosexuality, Capitalism, etc. America has been terminally fragmented into Blue and Red, Coastal and Fly-over, rich and poor, shades of brown and white, hetero and homo. So many primary differences in values and goals will neccessarily split our country in two. Even California is yearning to divide the interior from the coast. The more that centralized government undermines the will and beliefs of HALF the country ... the sooner the split will happen. Yeah, I know ... "that'll never happen" ... well ... just keep it up all you RESISTers ... all you ANTIFA freaks ... and you'll be left with your mouths agape when you are left to fend for yourselves with the rest of your leaching brethren.

I'm more optimistic than you. I think the middle will pull away from the extremes. Normal people get along with other normal people, despite differences. The majority on the left and right have more in common with each other than with their extreme right and left fanatics. I doubt the radicals can maintain this level of hostility and hysteria. Outrage fatigue and being embarrassed/disgusted by the antics of those who claim to be affiliated with your "tribe" will calm things down. At least that's my hope. Politically, the big winner will be the party that recognizes when this moment occurs and presents a candidate who has the traits to attract the votes of the normals on both sides.


Tribalism has been ENCOURAGED!

The Progressive Communists have been encouraging every "disaffected population" inside nations to demand "their rights (and their piece of the 'action')." It doesn't matter if they deserve it, or can actually make any productive gains with their piece of the action. Look at the US, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQEIEIOBBQ Rights, La Raza, CAIR, and a dozen other movements and organizations are all demanding "theirs," "NOW!"

California's insane Democrats are demanding Secession. Blue State hell holes like Chicago (800 murdered last year), and Baltimore (murders up 240%) are declaring themselves Sanctuary Cities, where US Federal Law does not apply.

The Progressive Communists are purposely tearing our countries and institutions aparts, fragmenting us, and turning us against each other. Their hope is that soon they will be the largest organized bloc, and then Communists can pull off, wait for it,

The Glorious Communist Revolution!

And once the Communists gain power, you will see how tolerant they are for anyone opposing them, or that they think might oppose them.

The Gulags, Katyn Forest, Holodomor, and the Cambodian Killing Fields will all be repeated.
Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom; and then cut them all down. Unleash the Cultural Revolution!

Well said Kenny and LC very well stated.

The best part of tribalism is that say Christianity being the core of the tribe ...well that includes all different types sizes and colors of humans .....humans that at their core embrace jesus as their savior ...to that end blacks asians whites all .....ALL get along in the tribe very well intermarriage all of it is fine because at its core Christianity only counts humans as a race ....so you will literally see black and Asian christians helping encouraging white christians to succeed ...and vise versa we lift each other up this strengthens the tribe ...

THE toxicity is secular atheism that tribe is like boiling lava never content never at peace ever we could say it is an amalgamation of all of the other toxic tribes such as atheism , Islam,Marxism,communism,environmentalism ,socialism, and secular humanism......secular humanism is where you see tenth level maggots sprout up (as Suzuki points out) and hippies, and Worshipping via ect ect ...all the while envying the very thing they could have if they would simply lower their swords and join in peace with the Christian tribes but it never happens there are 2 things in this world with respect to humans ......good and bad god rightfully states we are all bad .....and it's funny but we as christians agree we see it in not only others but ourselves as well and so we tend to try ....TRY to reject what the lord says is bad for us ......then their is the bad the bad people always claim to be good and do good but they do the exact opposite....in the name of freedom they slaughter millions of unborn children , in the name of liberty they silence those they disagree with all the while claiming to be tolorant and good people who are for tithe little guy but they are only for themselves .....they are cunning liars and manipulative and deceitful and very good at projection ......call a white conservative a racist for 5 decades and all of a sudden liberal white guilt becomes a thing hell they even call black conservatives racists....lol. Anyway the left likes to play the game of opposites ......we are crafting the patriot act in the name of freedom .....one of the most tyrannical pieces of legislation ever crafted lol ......we are going to allow people to die with dignity ......by legalizing murder their is no dignity in suicide by doctor.....we beleive so strongly in defending all life that you cannot kill this convicted cereal pedophile he has a right to live ......we will kill you if you dare to kill him ......but I'm the same breath they celebrate freedom and human rights by wearing "proud to have had an abortion" t-shirt outside a Christian church ......toxic is the perfect word for all of the tribes I listed above and they are infecting our cultures and sadly I feel there is no coming back the days are numbered here on earth for western civilization the Bible clearly states it ....it's not possible to keep this kind of decadence up and survive USA is not a Christian country it is a country once full of christians ......if you wonder why the constitution is trampled on by the left it's because people don't go to church anymore they don't believe anymore life is to good to easy their bellies are full there is no fire in the belly no zeal for Jesus ......freedom to survive needs to be watered with the blood of patriots and it's dryer than a desert bone and it has been since the 40' s perhaps even earlier .

I am very much afraid you are right rd. The Dark Ages followed the collapse of Rome. The entire world is now on the same treadmill. When The American Empire which is falling right now finally bottoms, the rest of the world will also implode. Tribes or no tribes, when starvation and the rule of the jungle take hold, it's every man for himself. Kill or be killed.

The Great Depression will look like a Sunday School picnic.

LC, rd, Paul (the apostle) ... you all simultaneously humble me and educate me with your intellect. I heartily agree with all your insights. Right on brothers (sisters?) ... Right ON!!! you can take the hippie out of Haight Ashbury ... but you can't take the Haight Ashbury lexicon out of the hippie.

Yes, the left is gathering and defining their own tribes ... and ... they are trying to enslave the unwilling and opposition tribes. That's their problem (and the problem with Marxism) ... that they cannot simply LIVE (and let live) in their own tribe, with their own "fellow travelers" ... but they have to "convert" the rest of us to their (un)orthodoxy. They are NOT going to absorb conservatism and convert it or pervert it (although the GOPe is a fairly perverted party). We are separate tribes and live in a different world. I don't believe America is any longer a homogenous ... and yes ... it will be the middle that separates from the EXTREMES. However, I would suspect that I ... might be classified as an EXTREME right winger. But I am not. I consider myself interminally "normal". And I am a mini-libertarian in that I totally believe that "live and let live" is the most benevolent way to conduct ones life. However ... there are still minimum standards of decency, laws, and morality that underpin my attitudes ... and "gender-fluidity" is defiantly over the line. I hope that belief is actually "normal" and that following one's basic biology and physiology is ... well ... normal!

one of the greatest tribal definers happens to be religion. There are many different religions, and many subsets of each of those religions. The RCC dictated that Jews either convert to RC or leave the country. That was in 1200 - 1300 AD, and the Jews have been kicked around ever since by the "Christians". Even today Muslims, many of the Christian denominations, some Hindus, Sikhs join the BDS movement. So that is an extreme example of the negative effects of "tribalism". So, this type of divisiveness has a long human history, and is a re-occurring effect.

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