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yeagar.jpg "And why, oh why, can't this administration get anything, even a pair of shoes, right?" -- Vogue writer Lynn Yaeger


Because out of all the problems in the entire globe; some dipstick thinks that the FLOTUS shoe style is the most important top shelf issue.

No wonder people are cutting cable. At least with all the power outages in Houston, houses underwater, people homeless; not to mention dying they don't have to listen to this absolute drivel.


Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

1st Saint Nicolaas Army
Army Group 'True North'

Aw come on. That's a random homless cat lady on the way to trade unused tampons for a skein on pink acrylic to knit herself a "Resist!" pusdy hat. Right? Right?

The Ringling Brothers just shut down. Everyone's gotta go somewhere.

Talk about crazy people wandering the streets talking to themselves ... isn't there a shelter somewhere that will take this homeless woman ?

Come now folks wake up eh!! She wore those with intentions of unclogging storm sewer covers that are ridden with dead leaves! And they work well to aerate the lawns!

Seriously! You don't think that the pic could be Photoshopped!

Fake news--alive and well!

PS: The shades look good!

IOW "You're doing a great job President Trump! We're scraping to find something to criticize."

And like her spurious claims of being related to the heroic test pilot for experimental jets she's taken it upon herself to be a test pilot for "state of the art crazy cat lady looks"?

If it wouldn't have been the heels it would have been something else. The Marxist media is out to denigrate Trump's presidency no matter what.

I wouldn't doubt that the person in the photo above might be better dressed than the Vogue writer.

Imagine if the Hildabeast or Michelle O'Bummer had been dressed like that when going to visit the great unwashed. People like this apprentice cat lady would have would have been overjoyed. Such courage! How uplifting!

When she got off Airforce 1 she had conventional runners on. Not that it would have made a difference to Vogue . Even if Trump walked on water the headlines would scream "Trump can't swim".

What the Vogue writer meant to say was, "The Trumps looked presidential heading to flood ravaged Texas,even though I am envious and full of hate for the Trumps."
It appears the lunatic Vogue Lady has never gotten anything right,except for being shallow and vindictive.

Heh. That'll leave a nasty mark.

Shoes: She would look good in any shoes, suck it up bag ladies. The Lady wants to be a lady @ all times... Dressing down is worse

Trump needs to feed CNN some bait, appointing Sheriff Joe to Smack-down California sanctuary cities would do the trick...We would just have to round-up the lug-nuts who would become enraged like raped Apes.

CNN & Virginia Governor set up (Bait) the dim-witted right by dressing up some Actors in Nazi uniforms & threatening to remove the R E Lee statue....Of course if they do/did remove the Statue the Democrats couldn't be elected dog catcher in any Southern State for 100 years...

Those that don't understand that Consequence follows actions can never make it right again.. Suicide becomes their only option....


Melania was the epitome of hotness yesterday post Air Force One with that white shirt, her hair pulled back and the black FLOTUS hat.

Hottest FLOTUS ever. Hotter than even Jackie? YES!

Interesting that the vast majority of criticism on Melania Trump's choice of fashion is coming from women. These must be the same women reading about the one food that Michelle Obama will never eat. Fascinating lives these people must have.

Lynne YagBag looks like she is looking for her misplaced "stolen" shopping cart.
By her looks, no wonder she's raging on Melania, she is jealous as hell.

BTW: us'n dutch put out some good lookin ladies, this YagBag ain't one of them

From the linked article:

This morning, Mrs. Trump boarded Air Force One wearing a pair of towering pointy-toed snakeskin heels better suited to a shopping afternoon on Madison Avenue or a girls’ luncheon at La Grenouille.

Yup. And she looked better wearing them than any other first lady has looked wearing anything. She's not just beautiful. She has class, and the world could definitely use more of that.

Ken, that 'person in the photo above' IS the Vogue writer. Better off in Barnum & Bailey.

Odd that in the fashion world, no one seems to notice that Lynn Yaeger looks and dresses like a homeless clown. It's deep. The average person just can't understand the statement she is making about fashion .....

Melina will be fine. Only the progressive weenies will take this seriously.

"If it wouldn't have been the heels it would have been something else. The Marxist media is out to denigrate Trump's presidency no matter what."

Bingo. That is ALL the Vogue story is about, NOT footwear.

As per the fashion lady pictured.... she can sure recycle the hell out of kitchen drapes.

Fake news. The First Lady didn't wear hi-heels to the flood area, she was immaculately and appropriately dressed for the trip from the White House to Air-Force-1. And when she deplaned at the flood area she was sensibly and appropriately dressed wearing flat shoes. So it's actually the FAKE NEWS that can't seem to get it right, not the Trumps.

Time wounds all heels

I doubt the Marines tasked with transporting The First Lady mind too much what she's wearing on her feet.

Is that photo, really Lynn Yaeger?

... she's beautiful. (takes another sip of morning whiskey) .


Holy crap! The bag lady is the writer of the article. Glass houses and all that. There's a women that looks like that in my town. I cross the street to avoid coming face to face. Melania sure is nice.

She must have recovered from the blindness she must have had when looking at the clothes Ms. bam wore.

Not only are these people malicious, they are also dumb.
In a flood ravaged place like Texas, Melania in fact did come prepared...and with appropriate footwear.
Should the water suddenly rise...well she's got an extra 4 inches of breathing space before she has to sweat it !!

I thought it was the old man, out on another lost weekend........

That really is the writer of the article. What a bitter old bugger!

I look at that picture and all I can think of is Jabberwocky.

Meanwhile the Deplorables , the redneck nascar peta's worst nightmare people are out ther rescuing people !

The New York Times had an article too. If anything it is even dumber than the Vogue bag lady's.

Do you like this picture more?

This is from her own web page on Vogue, with a picture she picked to represent herself:

There is definitely a stylistic similarity between the two pictures, so no, I don't think that the pic was Photoshopped. Imagine the audacity of that bag lady criticizing the elegant FLOTUS.

My Son watches CBC newsworld every day,and I often suffer through a few minutes.

This AM they had the Press conference for the Governor of Texas for about fifteen minutes,as he droned on about current matters.
The overall tone is one of "Trump is failing the people of Texas",that awful awful man"!

Whenever they switch back to CBC H/Q the sneer on the face of the talking head is something to behold.

Meanwhile,in about half an hour of CBC reportage,they didn't mention this story,as I guess it doesn't resonate with the Canadian anti-Trump crowd:

To sum it up,there are monsoons and massive flooding across SE Asia,with 41 MILLION people displaced and a death toll of 1200,so far. And these people are SOL with no insurance and no effective relief efforts,so their situation may continue for months.

But it's "over there",and meanwhile,that awful Trump woman wore high heels to get on a plane to Texas!

Oh you want to see more of the divine Lynn Yaeger?

Nothing like having "Chicks On The Right" looking at your thighs... scroll down for impact.


Very clever ... yet I am afraid the MSM is more like a dog with a bone ... reluctant to give it up ... despite all the meat having been chewed clear off ...

Spider man in a house dress,you go girl.

Very bad optics for Vogue.

Don, your kid needs to splain himself. CBC is the enemy

...didn't know the circus was in town!

That woman - Lynn Yaeger is an award winning JOURNALIST. You can't critisize the appearance of someone who has not deliberately put themselves in the public eye. She sits behind a computer because her job is to write - its not her fault some jerk decided to snap her picture on some random occasion. She also hasn't done anything offensive or innapropriate, she dared to leave the house wearing an outfit not everyone else likes. 

The FLOTUS job is literally to be out and seen in public and photographed, so you better damn well make sure you dress appropriately at all times. Promoting merchandise (the hats) for your own personal interest on that type of occassion is highly innapropriate. Also, the heels were just stupid. It tells you a lot about where her head is at ... 

She'said been rode hard and put away wet.

Well it is not surprising to find out that the specimen in the photo is the vogue writer.

Thanks--she is sooooo cute! Especially when wearing sunglasses! She needs a pair of Ray-Bans to go with her bomber jackets.

Au contraire. "That woman" is "an award winning JOURNALIST" (with all caps, no less!) who writes for a FASHION magazine, and chooses to criticize the fashion sense of someone who is in the public eye. Therefore, she has deliberately put herself, or at least her fashion sense, also in the public eye.

There are enough links here to show that that "random" picture is not an accident. How about the one I linked from her own website? Yes, she has done something very offensive. She dresses like that and pontificates on FASHION, especially the fashion sense of someone whose appearances in public has been faultless?

The First Lady wore high heels to board a private plane. Why was that stupid? Per your dictation, she dresses appropriately at all times. What is stupid is all the JOURNALISTS (many with awards no doubt) presume that it was the only pair of shoes on the plane. For all I know, she deliberately made it look like a big fat minnow, and the JOURNALISTS bit on it, hook, line, and sinker! And she's reeling all of them in.

Interesting bio. No one says she is not a good writer, but her perspective on this one is petty and her complaint about "optics" rings shallow when you look at her own personal taste. One might reasonable ask "Where is Yaeger's head at?"

Would you call this peer review?

Proof that Ronald McDonald can't live on $15/hr and has fallen on hard times.

Look at her photo in the Vogue link. Yeager deliberately looks like that.

THAT'S hilarious!

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