More Candles And Teddy Bears At Folkfest


"There is no reason to be alarmed by this."

The sad truth, and getting sadder with every attack, is that the political class has little interest in doing what would really be necessary to combat Islamist terrorism, let alone talk about it. They don't want to talk about how Britain's lax immigration policies over decades led to hundreds of thousands of immigrants entering the country with varying degrees of willingness to assimilate and adopt Western values. They don't want to openly criticize the blatant problems with the multiculturalism the UK has pursued for years and the obvious impact it has had on the immigrant population.

Oh no. This would cost them too much. It would shatter the façade of political correctness that's been constructed over our "civilized" western world, and destroy the illusion, so vital to the political class, that Western values are universal.

The politicians are only willing to give speeches about how united we are and how terrorists cannot tear us apart. But the truth--so clear and obvious--is that with every attack the West becomes more and more divided. We are not united, not by a long shot. Before the bodies of the poor souls who were killed Saturday by radical Islamists were even identified, the Left and Right were at one another's throats. On that score, the terrorists emerge victorious every time.



Meanwhile in another European city this is happening, so get ready to break out the teddy bears, cards, etc., etc., etc.

London has already been taken over by the muslims. The MUSLIM mayor, Khan is telling Londoners that this is just normal fare in the big cities of the 21st century. No need to be alarmed until the guy with the big machete uses it on you. Then you won't have time to complain about it .... just die in the street.

The sickness in this world ... coming from the left is a bizarre form of cultural suicide, all while saving us from the dreaded conservatism.

I am so glad I am old ... this world is becoming too stupid to live in.

Cheers, and good morning ...

Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London - "There is no reason to be alarmed by this." Do your duty as an infidel and die. The potential victims must have ran too fast for his liking.

...and the teddy bears and candles become our makeshift cenotaphs to our war dead but of course those who placed them would never see it that way.

I see Qatar is being ostracized by SA,Egypt and the UAE,probably because Trump has sent a message that he's pissed off at the terrorism that has become commonplace. Note that Qatar was a significant donor to the Clinton Foundation.

The West doesn't have much hope when we are represented by cowardly politicians whose only goal is to stay in Office long enough to collect their pension.

The first caliphate I expect will be Canada,the perpetually nice stupid Country run by a pretender with the ability of a fourth rate actor.

Meanwhile,jihadists, load those vans up with diesel and fertilizer and take a few hundred more infidels with you and let's get the caliphate on the fast track. Not that I wish harm to innocent people,but maybe,just maybe if someone turns up the stove,the frogs in the pot may finally feel some discomfort.

PM May has promised "police and armed police" in the streets.I hope no one gets hurt.

In response to the increasing number of terrorist attacks in the last few weeks across the globe the Liberal government in Canada is now proposing to institute new laws to prevent similar attacks happening in Canada. Starting on July 1st. all rental vehicles in Canada will be required to be hired with a dedicated Mennonite driver and come equipped as a Bennett Buggy. All knives, and hammers will be registered and all homes will be subject to 24 hour access by the police for search and seizure for any unregistered 'assault weapons'. For the uninitiated and the Liberal trolls out there this is called black humour so I'm not attaching a SARC/ tag.

I disagree very much with the comment "..the Left and Right were at one another's throats. On that score, the terrorists emerge victorious every time."

Six months before Pearl Harbour the left and right in the US were very much divided. Ditto in the UK before Poland was invaded in '39. Etc. Etc. There are always divisions i the political spectrum. That is THE key differentiator between democratic nations and totalitarian regimes like those in the muslim world, Nazism and communism.

That said when a crisis finally hits home hard enough, serious changes in the political mood and tactics happen. The Americans prior to Pearl Harbour had lost civilians in the global conflict but still almost narrowly voted to shut down mobilization. In the UK it wasn't Poland that saw Chamberlain replaced but rather the invasion of France and direct battle between the BEF and the Nazis.

It looks as though the UK may be on the cusp of truly dealing with Islamism within its borders Ms May's speech alluded to the abandoning of political correctness - interpreted as - among other things - a ban on burkas and other face coverings. The sunni muslim states seem to be coming round to the threat as well.

The turning takes time and the voices on the left (or in the US in '41 the voices on the right) are weakening. This is a good sign as is the debate on how to proceed.

"France has been in a state of emergency since the January 2015 attacks on the Charlie Hebdo offices and a Jewish supermarket in Paris which killed 17 people and wounded 22."

Coming up on Two and a Half Years for the state of Emergency. 2-1/2 Years!

Where is the Emergency? Where is the Urgency?

Good Point. Just weeks prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor there had been huge peace rallies across the US. They were quickly forgotten.

Politicians are all moral cowards. Why do you expect leadership from them?

If 9/11 didn't wake up the West than nothing will. This incessant, downward, escalating spiral of terrorism - quite frankly aided and abetted by the left and an intelligence state/security services perfectly content with only just "watching" these jihadists in waiting - will continue in Europe until civil war erupts. And knowing the current state of the ball-less metrosexual Western male - I have a feeling surrendering to these savages is virtually guaranteed. Not happening in North America though. Right my Canadian friends?

I wonder whut the proclamations would be if newly minted terroristcitizens (that's right, one word)
decided to regroup and target Lieberal politishuns. seriously. what if they parked in front of various constituency offices, hacked off Lieberal heads and posted the vids for the world to see.

If you support immigration, and I do, then the liberal/progressive reaction to Islamic terrorism is absolutely counterproductive. Saying things like: it's no big deal/ we'll just have to get used to it, more people die of X than by terrorism, don't worry because it's not immigrants and refugees doing this - it's their children, don't criticize Islam because it causes (allegedly peaceful) Muslims to become terrorists. Do they seriously not understand how heartless and stupid they sound? Would they tell grieving parents who lost a child to a nurse who decides to off ailing patients. "hey, bad luck, but do you know how many children choke to death per year. We just have to accept that a certain number of nurses are bad. Don't complain or more nurses might start killing patients. It's no big deal anyway."

Not a winning argument, especially in the case of terrorism since there are so many non Muslim immigrants whose religion, culture and politics don't foster hatred. Why are progressives protecting a fundamentalist religion anyway? How progressives got owned by a religion that hates feminism, GLT..., jews, hedonism, atheists, and who generally target big city dwelling "allies" is truly a question for the ages. And, make no mistake, Islam is their boss because all other progressive identity groups and individuals will be immediately excommunicated from the Church of Latter Day Progressives if they criticize them in any way. I think this partly accounts for the vitriol towards non-progressives after each attack rather than towards the obvious culprits - misdirected anger. You can't yell at your psychotic boss but you might blow up at your annoying neighbor.

You guys are all crazy. What's important is windmills, global warming, and getting guns out of the hands of killer white people. That's what counts.

When the whole country is on wind power, and the carbon tax has finally destroyed Capitalism once and for all, and the frigging redneck beer-swilling rural white trash are FINALLY all stuffed safely in camps, THEN the world will be peaceful and safe.

Every honky taken care of by the jihadinis is one less to feed.


Just remember that's what the Liberals, the NDP and more than half of the CPC really think, deep down inside, and you will not go far wrong. I wish I was kidding, but when you listen to them talk, that is what they say.

WE are the danger. Terrorists are just misunderstood freedom fighters.

"The sad truth, and getting sadder with every attack, is that the political class has little interest in doing what would really be necessary to combat Islamist terrorism, let alone talk about it. "

Absolutely true. And as I have said before on more than one occasion, that isn't going to change until the mobs are howling and torching through the streets of Westmount and Rockliffe Park, or they start beheading our ivory tower trash.

That's what happened back in 1970. Turdo la first couldn't have cared less when the FLQ was killing ordinary folks, but when a member of his inner sanctum elite was murdered (Pierre Laporte), he shit his pants, tripled his bodyguard, and called in the army.

It'll be the same with turdo la doo as well, and all those other yellow bellies posing as leaders in most of the western world.

Diversity stabs us stronger.
Diversity truck rams us stronger.
Divetsity rapes us stronger.
Diversity bombs us stronger.

We are going to be SOOOOOOO strong.

"If you support immigration, and I do..."

You're part of the problem. All you serve to do is lower Canadian wages and split apart communities.

British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Sunday that “enough is enough” and that Britain can’t “pretend that things can remain the same.”

OK ... then WHAT are you actually proposing to change ? WHAT EXACTLY won't remain the same ? Let me remind you Ms. May that the reason Donald Trump is president is because of polit-speak like yours ... stern generic phases with exactly ZERO substance. Speeches like yours CAUSED BREXIT.

Donald Trump is the ONLY world leader who has offered ANYTHING concrete in response to Islamic Terrorism. And IF we had a functional Press ... Trumps speech, in Saudi Arabia, to the gathered heads of ME Nations would be hailed as HISTORIC ! The Press would be citing Qatar's isolation by its ME neighbors as initiated by Trump's message to Islamic nations to police themselves (thank you, Steve Bannon ... great speech!).

It should also tell you the police are not on your side either. The RCMP provides 24 7 security for them; you have no such proection. Your taxes build palaces for them; what exactly did you think the Peace Tower was? What did you think Rideau Hall was? Why don't MPs sit in cubicles like you? Why don't MPs have to line up at the ER like you? Why don't judges work from cubicles like you? Why did your ancestors allow this to happen? Why do you allow it to persist?

This IS (International Socialist's) the plan folks!

It's been theorized that in the '90s the IS's used the the extremists actions such as the Oklahoma bombings and the Wacko-type activity as the excuse to build the infrastructure to crack down on whichever force opposed them. One of the great oppositions to IS was orthodox Christian movements as Christianity understands that freedom of choice is the fundamental gift that allows us to be good. That characteristic among men has brought us all the good things our civilization has achieved. ISs are athiests that believe paradise is achieved on earth through communism.

Since September 2001 the crisis that keeps giving, IS, an ever more controlling grip on us the Religion of Peace (ROP).

The IS movement will never let a good crisis go to waste. The ROP's activists are a twofer for the ISers as they make Christians submit and their armed element keeps providing an excellent crisis to provide more cover for an ever increasing power grab.

Get used to it indeed!

Obviously I disagree. Canada's immigration issues aren't the same as the ones in the US. Canada's isn't perfect either and there's room for debate on things like annual immigration numbers and family class immigration without calling everyone xenophobic racists.

IMO, There's a big difference between 1) opposing violent religions and violent political immigrant groups 2) being concerned about certain aspects of immigration policy 3)and opposing all immigrants.

Only the far right and progressives want it to be all or nothing.

The problem, as I see it, is WHY does anyone have superior rights..If an Muslim immigrate/Refugee needs watching, why should we waste money..They should be GONE.. Why allowing them into the Country is a different issue... than why allow them to stay.. Naturalization Citizenship may be rescinded & should be if they become a risk

That is why Trumps travel bane is important..The judgement by the 9th circuit gives superior Rights to Non-citizens & States

1. State Rights do not reach into Federal immigration & Management

2. The Congress MUST step-up and force the Courts to comply, or be impeached... Yes Congress may impeach any, or all SCOTUS, or Federal Courts...

June 6 th 1944 . Our allied troops show up with teddy bears and flowers . I fear we have dropped the torch .

Hey, whaddya know, you been cursed...

Jer 17:5  Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD. 

Isa 3:4  And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them. 

I've no issue with immigration: It is WHERE Said immigrants come from...and I don't give a Rats ASS if that is racist or not. Why do we burden ourselves with those that are completely incapable of English or French Language skills..?? Why are we the taxpayer, forced to cough up the dough to pay for ESL or FSL for that matter....that, is in my mind, Assinine. We should be looking at Britons, South Africaaners, Europeans, Scandinavians, South Americans...I want those that are going to keep their respective religions behind closed doors - I want those that will ASSIMILATE into our culture. And I would prefer English speaking immigrants over all others.

I am 100% against ANY Islamic immigration and for obvious reasons: Little to NO Assimilation - Desire for Sharia near unanimous - inherent violence upon gaining sufficient numbers past 3.5% of population as they have EVERYWHERE they have gone.

Who the F invites invaders through the front door anyway..???

This Progressive Experiment urged on by SOROS and his disgusting gang of global Marxists is failing and it will end in bloodshed and eventually, Radioactivity....

Mark my words...

"Isa 3:4 And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them."

Hey! What do you know, Isiah knew then already that Justin Trudeau was going to be elected prime minister someday.

Isa 3:4 And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.

God's wisdom, and omnipotence is mind-blowing. Giving Isaiah the inspiration to so accurately predict our future. Indeed, the children have been put in charge (yes, SHE is a 69yo child). And a child-like 25yo NUTCASE EXTREMIST is given access to America's TOP SECRETS. A dope-smoking, Community Organizer who never held an actual JOB in his life is made leader of the most powerful nation on earth. I have never been a Hal Lindsay, end-of-times, Christian weirdo ... but it seems as though prophecy-upon-prophecy keeps piling up ... pointing to a very unpleasant END to mankind.

And somewhere ... sometime ... without notification or Congressional action ... our immigration system started writing its own rules. Ignoring our immigration LAWS in their entirety. We USED TO require that ALL legal immigrants to the US had demonstrable means of support ... and were BANNED from leaching off social services. Now ... we are importing a dependent underclass faster than our tax revenues can keep up (see: $ 21 Trillion deficit). And we USED to require LOYALTY oaths, which included a public REJECTION of all other national affiliations. Christianity is NOT in conflict with our US Constitution (for obvious reasons, since it is based almost exclusively on the tenets of Christ). However Islam is in direct conflict and opposition to the US Constitution. I believe it is time to impose, if not restore, a LOYALTY oath for all Islamic immigrants. One in which they will RENOUNCE ALL Qur'anic beliefs which are in conflict with the US Constitution. That they will be AMERICAN citizens FIRST ... Islamic EXTREMISTS - NEVER.

It should be extremely limited and family class should not exist at all, full stop. I live in a large city in Western Canada. The amount of elderly immigrants that are brought here to use Canada's healthcare freely whilst never having paid for it is laughable.

If you think that immigration doesn't lower Canadian's wages, you must have been asleep for the entirety of the TFW scandal. Look at the ads for truckers on any job website, look at the requirements for lower tier jobs like a bank teller at TD. TD requires a bach degree and experience for a bank teller making barely minimum wage. Nobody, or statistically nobody, applies. "Well, we just need to get 20 Flipflops to do this job then."

Well the British government is taking action - demanding greater control over the internet. This is some of the best evidence that the deep state is creating false flag attacks all over in order for the population to beg for more authoritarianism. The British government is responsible for the Manchester suicide bomber; someone who MI6 funded and armed to fight against Gadaffi and lots of islamofascist Libyans have been allowed to live in Britain. The whole thing stinks and the big question is whether the population will get pissed off enough to start dealing with banksters and globalists in the appropriate fashion. While history doesn't repeat itself, it does rhyme and an event similar to the French revolution may be the way that this situation is finally resolved if the people finally become aware of how they're being manipulated.

Right now divide and conquer tactics are the primary tools of the globalists the prevent an awakening among the population and what is needed is to make people of different political views aware of how they're being manipulated before free communication is eliminated "to prevent terrorism". The USSR plants who now run the universities have trained whole generations to believe that logic is a "tool of white oppression" and that the way to way to deal with people who think differently than they do is to shout them down, and, if there are 10-20x more of the brainless midgets than their opponents, attack them physically.

September 11, in retrospect, is the USSA's Reichstag fire and the reason events didn't move as quickly as they did in 1930's Germany is that the former USA had huge portions of the population that firmly believed in the constitution and there's that pesky 2nd Amendment which prevented the Japanese from attempting a US invasion in the 1940's as, in the words of one Japanese general, there's a rifle behind every blade of grass in the US.

Instead, the deep state has sought to deepen divisions in the former USA, use Bernays propaganda techniques on the population, create more false flag attacks and waste US military resources to further the aims of ziocons. The current instability in the middle east is in the interest of only one country in the region and which likely planned the WTC attacks with the Saudi's as convenient fall guys.

ZH had a very interesting post today about the role of MI6 in creating the Manchester suicide bomber and using whatever it took to ensure that the "dictator" Gadaffi was overthrown and the country of Libya was turned into another failed state. Also, it was a very convenient source of untraceable weapons for ISIS which is one of the reasons that no real investigation of ambassador Stephen's death at the hands of British trained "freedom fighters" has ever been carried out. Should Trump attempt to do this his likely fate would likely be the same as befell JFK and Nixon.

The link to the British governments attempt to stiffle free internet communication "to fight terrorism" is:

The role of the British government (and NATO) in using Al Qada to fight Gadaffi (and create ISIS) is given here:

What Canada can do is to remove itself from a now useless and, an organization which fits all terms specified in Canada's anti-terrorist legislation, NATO. I thought this was something that the Lieberals had as one of their goals, but the current pneumocephalic son of a whore puppet of the globalists that calls himself Prime Minister will only do what his globalist masters tell him to do as long as he can take selfies wherever he wants.

Whether these "terrorist attacks" are just blowback from the seemingly logical, but usually disastrous policy "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" or a modernizing of the plans for operation Gladio and similar historical NATO false flags is probably only known to the deep state. The other alternative is that Bezmenov (a former KGB agent who defected to the US over 20 years ago) is totally correct and the plans to instill cultural marxism in the university systems of the west has succeeded beyond the USSR's wildest expectations. Bezmenov has noted that the USSR had planned, had it still been in existence, to take over a collapsed USA once it had been sufficiently weakened. The first action of the USSR once it took over the USA would be to execute all of the useful idiots who had facilitated the social breakdown as they would no longer be of any use and could not be re-educated. The only problem is that the USSR no longer exists and this might be a big factor in the current deep state Russophobia as the USSR likely handn't planned on having a nuclear armed state run by idiots if it collapsed.

I'm hearing rumors that a movement is underway to name Chuck Norris as a Cardinal so he can be positioned to be the next pope. I understand he is pouring some cold water on the movement as he is a Braves fan.

Churchill was a moral coward?

How about Tom cotton?

Or Stephen Harper.

I disagree. 9/11 was the first act that got the worlds attention and the us et al certainly reacted. This is going to be a very long war. And there will be more 'wake up' moments.

The temporary foreign workers program, TFW, is different than immigrants and refugees. Yes, corporations abused the program. It needed (needs) to be fixed not abandoned. It's a good way to fill vacancies and get a good look at potential immigrants.

Yer singin' to the choir, Kevin.

When PMJT keeps telling us that "Canadian values are inclusion, diversity, and peace," we had better have something real to counter it. The kids in public education aren't getting anything real, nor anyone who imbibes popular media and culture.

This is one view:

". . . the removal of Christianity from the laws, customs, standards, constitutions, and foundational narrative of the West has been more like the removal of the skeleton. All the bones have been taken out, and although the mass of our flesh is still there, it is a quivering, shapeless mass, resembling a bean bag chair that is trying to get away from a nameless predator.

We have no structure any more. We have no shared creed. We do not know what we are here for. It makes no sense to speak of our inherited “shared values,” or better yet, “core values.” If they are arbitrary, shared values are worthless. If they are arbitrary, core values are simply located where our intestines are, and are full of the same thing.

So a culture that does not stand for something will fall to anything. And this is because somebody else with a different brand of “shared values” will come along and say that they like blowing up little girls at concerts. They like driving vans into pedestrians. They like watching the candlelight vigils afterward. They like measuring how bloodless and desiccated and lame our responses are. They like watching us not having a clue. Why wouldn’t they?

Collectively, we have no God. The ramifications of this are simple. We have absolutely no way to answer the most basic questions. Why are their “shared values” inferior to ours? They prize suicide bombings. We prize sex change operations. They prize one kind of genital mutilation and we prize another another. Tomato, tomahto. So we need to answer the questions."

Speaking of the gingerbread man, two females in Wawa, Ontario have come up with a gender teaching tool called the genderbread mascot. The mascot is shaped like a gingerbread person and that makes it difficult to tell if it is a boy or a girl. The perfect tool for teaching little children that gender is not binary.

So for those of you who think kids are not being properly taught at school...there is no God and is there is no sex.

And the captcha is "school innova", short obviously for school innovation.

Good read. A related concern is that without a sense of our own core values, we are welcoming immigrants into a gigantic vacuum. What are we communicating to them about their new country? Basically that we stand for nothing. We are destroying our heritage and our shared values. This is not Canadian in my view, but it seems to be what our Prime Minister thinks about us. Liberals are enthusiastically embracing a globalist world where heritage and nation states are forgotten. It is sad that the media chose to attack Kellie Leitch for simply suggesting that there is such as thing as Canadian values, and that we might want to preserve those values. At this point I am very pessimistic about the future and where the country is headed.

Another day another attack:

'This is for Syria': Tourists locked down inside Paris cathedral with their hands up after Algerian student carrying hammer and knives attacks police outside Notre Dame before being shot by cop

Londonstan is in the very best of hands with the lying Khan... Londonstaners were warned but PC stupidity prevailed.

"The temporary foreign workers program, TFW, is different than immigrants and refugees. Yes, corporations abused the program. It needed (needs) to be fixed not abandoned. It's a good way to fill vacancies and get a good look at potential immigrants."

It serves its purpose in keeping down the wage value of the poorest people in Canada. While doctors and lawyers set the bar so high as to keep the value of their labour disgracefully high, the lowest income people have to compete with third world trash fighting for minimum wage. Why do we even want people slogging for minimum wage? They pay almost no taxes and demand equal services. Why can't we have a labour party in Canada that hasn't sold its soul to international Marxism.

It took seven - 7 - centuries for the spanish people to finally kick out the muslims who had been occupying Spain for - I repeat - seven centuries.

I have no idea how long it will take the west to wake up and kick out the muslims this time but I doubt it will be any time soon.

At least half the population of the west is completely brainwashed or hypnothized and is convinced the bad guys are those who want to kick out the murderous islamic terrorists and kick out the " moderate" muslims slowly invading us and taking control.

when hundreds of millions of people - inside the gates - welcome, aid, side with the invaders, how do you kick out the invaders???

The day the half that is still sane rebels/revolts ( whatever the correct term is ) and gets rid of both the invaders and the anti-western and anti-white establishment is far far away in the distance.

I think it is going to get worse much much worse before it gets better...maybe it will not take 7 centuries but it may take 7 decades...

Sad, but that is where we are, deep in a dark tunnel that is getting darker every day.

Our liberal establishment is making sure the tunnel is darker and darker everyday.

Trump is one of the rare people trying to show there is light at the end of the tunnel, or trying to hold a candle to show the way, and look at how half the planet is colluding to destroy him, look at the left foaming at the mouth with rage that someone dares try to protect the west from barbaric terrorists.

nope the day we will kick out the muslims is not near.

If you have children, their children, their daughters will live under sharia law in Canada, you can bet on that.

I'm not pessimistic I'm a realist.

The mouse is too deep inside the jaw of the snake, it is still alive still breathing but it is too deep, it will never get out of there.

Maybe the USA or the states that will secede will not be part of the caliphate, but most of Europe and Canada are finished.

Islam is winning, I hate that it is, but it is winning thanks to the extremely insane left giving it powers islam could only dream of.

sad, very sad.

Great post. I laughed out loud.

Added some levity to this thread...

The temporary foreign worker program isn't designed to work like that. If it is then there needs to be more penalties.

Immigrants, not TFW, aren't holding down the wage value of the poorest (working) Canadians. First because there's a minimum wage. Second, minimum wage jobs are unskilled labour and service industry jobs so whats holding them back is lack of valuable, marketable skills or not moving. Third, our immigration system prioritizes immigrants with high skills and/or occupations in high demand (except family class immigrants). Again, it's not perfect but it's pretty good.

Carefully choosing your career and being willing to move are far more important to economic secrity than the number of immigrants. Robots and automation are also bigger worries and one reason to think about lowering immigration numbers.

Nice essay read. And let me add that our God-LESS society isn't quite satisfied with just IGNORING God ... no ... our society wants to PLAY God. Abortion. Euthanasia. Transgenderism. Transgender SURGERY !! And one of "the most exciting" of Google's "moonshots" is ... their research into allowing humans to - LIVE FOREVER.

Who needs an afterlife ? Who needs heaven ? Who needs 72 Virgins ? (uh, nevermind ... mmmmmm ...tight young pussieee ... now THAT'S STILL worth DYING-for, eh Ahmed ?). Religion is mocked by modern society as "inventing" God as a crutch to cope with the finality of LIFE. Yet no one is mocking the "futurists" for doing the same thing. Only, they have "reinvented" THEMSELVES as God.

I can only imagine the cringeworthy dystopian future ... where fetuses are created and harvested for stemcells necessary for "eternal life". What could go wrong ?

Oh well, not to worry. I don't believe that Sharia Law will T-O-L-E-R-A-T-E Google's research into becoming God. You think Christian Pro-Lifer's are pesky ? Just WAIT till the Sharia POLICE show up at your laboratories ... no beaker or incubator will be left intact.

Well said sir, as were the comments of kenji and Canadian Friend at 8:01.

I am beginning to despair that what Bezmenov warned about is becoming worse and more entrenched by the year and I am getting rather long in the tooth. We have a puppet beholden to a foreigner as prime minister and every official organization that there is in the US is doing its best to sabotage the duly elected president. It seems that it is too late.

I wonder if Eugene Ionesco had the Invasion in mind when he wrote his play Rhinoceros.

while I agree with 99% of the comments here,,,,you do know they will never be read by the know nothings who wouldn't be caught dead on this site.
the comments and feelings should be put on the lefties sites and maybe, just maybe one of them might start to think a little.

Ken, what distinguishes us from the USSR is that we still haven't had the major financial class that the USSR went through in 1989/1991. They had their own useful idiots as well as a huge communist bureaucracy but Russia managed to to come out of this well enough to infuriate the globalist deep state that thought for sure Russia would be a vassal state like Germany. The advantage that Russia has is a more homogenous population as well as a population which is comfortable with a more authoritarian form of government. Also, Putin seems to have the best grasp of any world leader in knowing what needs to be done and when.

There will be a financial collapse in N. America and Europe and likely in China. What will determine the outcome following the collapse will be how well locally organized groups keep things running post-collapse. The USSR trained useful idiots are located primarily in large cities and won't fare well as their only abilities are to destroy functioning societies, not to deal with societal collapse they weren't programmed for.

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