Leftist men tell women to shut up on domestic violence...


I'm sure you are shocked. Watch and please share.


No words.

did you hear the joke about the leftist wife beater who mosied down a dark alley?

OMG will you haters get on with the program, the only people who are not supposed to beat their wifes are white men, for everyone else it is either a result of being oppressed by white men hence not their fault, part of their cultural heritage, or the "ho had it comin".

"Leftist men tell women to shut up on domestic violence..."
By Brian

Brian Lilley refers to them, not as Leftists, but repeatedly as Progressives.
Even Lilley does not emphasize the connection between the law against beating wives and our cultural proclivities.

Mohammad was just following his culture and ignorant of ours. He gets 8 days in jail(odd number, probably time served waiting for trial) and 1 year probation during which the Zoolander regime will probably pass amendments to the domestic violence law exempting Muslim culture.
Presto! Problem solved.

Now, back to our regular programing...

Perhaps if the Liberals had had any type of screening program (as recommended by Leitch), it would have provided an opportunity to indicate to the wife-beater that beating wives is not part of Canadian culture. Did anyone take time to introduce him to Canadian values as he arrived in Canada? The Liberals are being completely irresponsible on this. The fact that wife-beating is acceptable in many Muslim societies means something must be done to ensure that this does not happen in Canada as people immigrate. It is infuriating the way the Liberals constantly try to turn the tables on their critics, rather than admitting there is a problem. No one is saying that all Syrian refugees are wife beaters, but ensuring an understanding of Canadian values would go a long way towards refugees integrating successfully. At this point I am very worried about the wife when this guy gets out of jail. Do our Liberal leaders have no concerns?

Monseff has just announced big funding for studying gender based violence. Will they be including gender based violence among Canada`s immigrants-refugees? Or is the plan to cover up research on this?

To some extent I blame Trudeau. He met the refugees as they arrived at the airport. He should have taken the opportunity to explain to them that...

The parkas he was handing out were to be worn by the wife whenever a beating was required.

But beating your wife(wives) is now a Canadian value. Remember, we're the first post-national state, we have no culture, no views that are strictly Canadian and, so long as the playoffs drop the puck on time and Timmy's is still open, Canadians don't care.

How I wish this country would just *end*. There's nothing worth fighting for left.

Leitch is right. This is the Liberal legacy on Syrian (and other) refugees. Trudeau has indicated that there are no core Canadian values, so wife beating is simply another manifestation of diversity. Instead of jumping on Leitch, people need to place blame where it belongs. Liberal policies are destroying Canada.

I didn't realize Butts actually looks like an ass crack.. Explains his attitudes!

When beating one of my wives with a hockey stick .... I ONLY use my wrist shot motion ... I NEVER wind-up a slap shot ... Geeze, you think we're Muslim monsters ? And I never give her a cross check with the stick ... although I WILL hook her ... if she tries to run away.

Ain't multi-culturalism beautiful ? We can learn so much from 7th century cultures.

Motion 103 ,once liberals turn it into a law, will make it impossible to even talk about the fact it is common for muslim men to beat up their wife.

Motion 103 will protect muslim wife beaters, that is the ugly truth.


Every male refugee should see this excerpt from a great documentary on the roooles of hockey.

lucky she didn't die, cuz then she would have won!!!!!

Stop calling these people "progressive". There is nothing progressive about these backward thugs.

Liberal men know exactly where they would like their women: under their thumbs.

They will do anything to protect their emotionally retarded voters base.

Progressive, progressive, progressive. They are progressives.
The are PROGRESSING toward a totalitarian One World Government which they think will be a Utopia.

Hahaha ... sorry Don ... I forgot to say NO high sticking, eh ? Nice video reminder. I would NEVER use a high stick on ANY of my Muslim wives ... esp. those not yet in their teens.

It can also go the other way.

A few years ago, a young married Muslim couple lived across the hall from me. A few weeks after they moved in, her mother visited and it didn't take long before I heard hollering and screaming.

As it turned out, the husband called the police because, apparently, his mother-in-law was took a swing at him with a broomstick.

I often heard a ruckus in that apartment while they lived there. I was relieved when they finally moved out after about 2 years.

That's not progressive.

Great editorial Brian.

At least now we know what Liberal values are.

Actually, family violence in immigrant communities (refugees and regular immigrants) is a dirty little secret that's been whispered about for years. Men emigrate from countries where they had some status and find they have very little status in their new country. Unfortunately, some respond by abusing wives and children. This has been well known among those working with immigrants and refugees. Knew the volunteer co-ordinator for refugees for the local diocese back in the day, and she did confirm this in response to a query from another parishioner.

As well, families tend to retain the more conservative elements of their culture when they emigrate, perhaps to preserve a sense of who they are. This leads to conflict with the junior generation which wants to grow up Canadian, or American, or Aussie, or British. The Italian-Canadian communities in Canada, for instance, were way behind their "home" communities in social change in the '60s.

"Did anyone take time to introduce him to Canadian values as he arrived in Canada?"

Well LindaL, I believe you have missed the point of Multiculturalism. Canadian values are subordinate to the new values provided by the diversity train. Since tolerance is a Canadian virtue it follows that when cultures conflict Canadian tolerance insists it is our values that must be pushed aside.

And if you suggest otherwise; Racist Bigot!!!

The progholes are simply defending the most successful policy yet for destroying a nation from within.

Our Canadian values are their enemy and there is nothing the progholes won't do or say to destroy them. Just think Rotherham where they fed thousands of their own young girls into sexual slavery to satisfy a "new" culture's demands. And they continue to do so, and cover it up.

If, in their defense of multiculturalism, they have no qualms about sacrificing their neighbor's eleven year old girls to such a horrific fate, what won't they do to you and your family?

All the world's "Free" cultures are under totalitarian assault. That assault is NOT led by progressive politicians. It is led by those who wield the Racist club and that is the media.

The CBC and the rest of Big Media are killing our culture. We are not just taking it, we are paying for the privilege.

A spousal goal stick is to be no bigger than one's little finger.
Hence the penalty whistle.

What ever happened to the feminist mouth pieces like Judy Rebick? Or hot cross Hedy

Gerald Butts. A bloody chinless wonder. He is a dangerous dooche bag. Who are these evil people that play puppet master? You have Butts in Canada and there was that creature Valerie Jarret for Obama, never held accountable. Never elected.

In muslim countries, husbands beating their wives is supported by the Islamic religion, and so it is considered normal.
From Qur'an 4:34 "...the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them;..." [Shakir translation]
Some translations like Yusuf Ali translate this last part as "(And last) beat them (lightly)", but this 'lightly' is his addition since the original arabic doesn't have any such limitations on the violence. Note also that the wife doesn't actually have to do anything wrong as the punishment is permitted if the husband just fears disobedience, not actually experiences it from his wife.

From Wikipedia (apologies in advance): Acceptance of domestic violence by women in various islamic countries

So, there will probably be more husband fear of wife disobedience in a freer western country, but wife beating is normal in their original country and sanctioned by their religion, both in the Qur'an as well as the Hadiths and Sunnah.

First rule of fight club....

The Liberal Party of Canada is the party of racist hateful misogyny.

I hereby resolve, to let the women of Canada vote for their own beatings. I further resolve to not raise a hand to stop any such beating. This is the country you wanted; this is the hockey stick beating country you shall have. This is the diversity stabbing country you shall have. This will soon be the sharia country your grandmother, mother, and you voted for.

You will not lern, you will not stop; since death is the only solution, I am willing to let the consequences of every one's poor decisions kill them.

In that vein of thought, I wonder why Cosby hasn't simply said he converted to Islam, and everything he has been accused of is protected by religious freedom? Once you say you are muslim, the precedents that have already been set start to work for you instead of against you.

Time to give up the virtue signaling. Hs the social license you've been building done any good for you so far?

In comparison, In Saint John NB, some white guy slapped around his girl friend, dragged her around by her hair and head butted her, got 6 months in jail and probation for 18 months. However she did not need to go to the hospital. But in all fairness, he did have a prior record.

About a year or so ago there was a Saskatchewan (or maybe Alberta) incident in which a Muslim husband went to his wife`s workplace and beat up some people she worked with. The reason presumably was because someone from the workplace greeted his wife in a shopping mall. What is horrifying is that the man and his wife had lived in Canada for years, and he still did not understand or subscribe to Canadian customs. THIS is the problem. Many Muslim do not want to integrate. That is why Kellie Leitch`s interview is worthwhile. It is only fair to immigrants to ensure that they understand and are in agreement with our customs and values. The Muslim men need to understand that their wives are not their property. But Liberals are keen on getting the Muslim vote, so they will just ignore the issues.

it's not just muslims, croate and italian are often no better. And that what I seen first hand, and been told by some from those very demographics

Thanks Brian for pointing out the obvious problems with mooselimbs and their apparent lack of knowledge about Canadian values ... wait let me rephrase ... Canadian Liberal values. Voted for Kellie mainly because of her view that immigrants slash "refugees" be extreme vetted on issues like this story that might make them unsuitable for entry into this country.

Hey, at least he used a hockey stick to beat his wife. Score one for assimilation!

Stunning story of inverted morality on full disply.
But where I am in Germany we have such interesting stories involving "refugees" several times a week in the news, and how the justice system takes their particular "culture" into consideration when pronouncing sentences.
One thing I must disagree with in the short Rebel video: it isn't Trudeau's refugee program, it is Soros' refugee program.
At the NYT they have a story on the Leitch Tweet (https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/21/world/canada/a-tweet-stirs-up-canadas-immigration-debate.html), and it is positively dripping with condescension and concealed disgust for Leitch.

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