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Developing... Trump fires FBI director James Comey

I think he did it for Hillary.

Lots of links at Drudge, I'll just send you there as the probable best source for developments.



Trump is back !

About time!

From a cannon on the white house lawn?

My god he's an absolute madman! This is brilliant in so many ways. Remember Clinton JUST went on tv saying Comey cost her the election. And now he's fired. Next up he'll be called before congress to talk about the investigation into Trump's campaign. It's the final nothingburger in the whole muh russia narrative.

Draining the swamp.


utter media hysteria coming in 3...2...1...

He should have been sh!tcanned months ago when he appointed himself acting AG and pronounced Hillary unprosecutable.
And again when, realizing Trump was maybe going to win, he sucked up by resuscitating the Hillary investigation.

As far as firing him when he's leading the investigation into "Russiagate", only a guilty party would worry about that.

Doing the right thing even though you know all your enemies will scream "cover-up" takes a certain type of guts.

If the crap hits the cooling device, I want Trump on my side.

The Dems were going to shit-can Comey as soon as SHE won the Presidency ... for insubordination to the Clintong Machine. So everyone should be happy ... right ? Well ... happy right up until the time that the new FBI Director releases all the 30K emails that SHE hid from HER employer (I.e. US). Happy ... right up until SHE is sent to Federal pound-you-in-the-ass Prison ... for TREASON ... and SELLING her position in the Federal Gov't. for $$$$$.

If you try threatening Trump, or try jerking him around, he utterly destroys you. He doesn't care if it deals him a non-fatal wound. He knows that he'll recover, and that it will make his enemies cower in fear. Comey though he could get some leverage on Trump. Now Trump has cut him down. He can testify all he wants. Unless he's got something really good up his sleeve, Trump will just shake it off. If Comey has done anything illegal, or reveals anything classified, he'll get ground into mulch.

Oh yes. And those who said he should be boiled in oil for blocking Hillary's Presidency will scream loudest that he is an exemplary and scrupulously impartial public servant being persecuted by President Trump.

It would be a good time for a little shock and axe; set free a couple of the overstepping federal judges while the Dems are still catching their breath. The judges can then start their own long march to the supreme court instead of giving Trump that fool's mission.
Them when the fake outrage is really revving up tug on Kim's leash to see how well China plays the game.

Does his post make any sense to anyone but Morris? I can't see where any of the dots connect.

I'd be happy to get anyone's sense of it but I see it like this:

"At the moment there are so many outrages, executive orders, protests, and controversies that none of them can get enough oxygen in our brains. I can’t obsess about problem X because the rest of the alphabet is coming at me at the same time. "

Ural - seems pretty straightforward to me. Use a policy of shock and awe to axe a few sinecure secure judges who have overreached their legal bounds. There are many who feel they ARE the law rather than that they are people who need to obey the law. While the outrage-O-meter is high, do a large number of "but, but, you can't do THAT!" type of reforms that are within the power of the office to do. Those who scream "you can't do that!" the loudest, who have abused their offices, should be the first to go.

It's like "Drain the swamp", only faster and with more outrage. And it doesn't just work on government workers. If Kim Ill Hung (fear him, he has No Dong) keeps barking then kick his tail up between his ears. When China (holding Kim's leash) looks on inscrutably at their temporarily flying dog, Trump can remind them to control their rat.

Firing Comey seems to have entirely justified. Here are some things he has been involved with:

Still, the corrupt media is having a fit.

A review of Comey's wrongdoing is a real eye opener about the Washington swamp. Trump is not perfect, but someone needs to clean that mess up. Getting rid of Comey is a start.

(Sorry a bit of a double post as I also posted this link under Reader Tips. It belongs in this discussion.)

This is unfolding much as I suspected. Sessions is a highly ethical man – interested in the rule of law. He immediately recused himself from the Hillary scandal upon his appointment and appointed a deputy to begin a review of what transpired and to make recommendations. I remind the reader that this was at a time where many in the trump camp wanted to “lock her up” and out the investigation into a senate or house inquiry right away.

Trump and company knew that this would be far too much of a distraction in the first 100 days and that sesssions actions were the correct, impartial course.

This firing – rightly so I think we will all soon learn – was based on the dissembling presser comey gave on July 5 where he stated that there was not enough evidence to prosecute HRC. I think we will find out that he was advised by people in the FBI, DOJ and probablywith the help of the CIA and NSA that there was ALOT of evidence that merited charges being laid.

And That that is what the deputy DOJ found and brought to the AG who recommended Comey’s dismissal as a result.

Next we can expect a series of congressional hearings to be struck to run through the summer to investigate HRC et al. I bet there are dozens of former obama employees lawyering-up as I type this.

Justice will be served.

OK, good to know I can make sense to at least one fellow traveller. While dreaming of what could be, instead of the boring what probably will be, it would be fun if Trump threw the gangreenies off message by inviting Joe Bastardi to give advice on how weather/climate really works. That would round things off nicely.

I LUVS her and wish to bear her children :).....Anne Coulter is even snarkier then I can be :)

I hope Trump is still using his own security service along with the secret service.

The FBI Director not clearing the Russia Collusion file after half a year of investigation with no link whatsoever to Trump's election win was reason enough to fire. That issue's been a never-ending source of huge embarrassment, distraction and obstruction to the business of elected government. The potential cost of such obstacles to America's very survival cannot be underestimated. Comey's inability to execute his job properly has allowed increasingly toxic conditions to undermine the will of the people. Good riddance and long overdue.

Comey acted stupidly. If he didn't think Clinton had committed a crime, he should have said so to the AG, but he had to cover his political hide.

So he tells the world: even though I only recommend criminal charges, which I won't in this case, I must explain she was just "close" to criminality, because she was only extremely careless rather than grossly negligent, just a notch below stupid as a post on security. You see, no prosecutor would take this case, except for the 648 who would. Normally I'd just say so to the AG and leave it at that; but I thought this time I'd just publicly excoriate a presidential candidate; that way everyone would be aware that I'm impartial and therefore wonderful.

Just say no bill to the AG, then back away gracefully, & take on GOP fire; instead, he injected himself into an election and reaped a s**tstorm.

Was he spooked by the days earlier Bill Clinton intervention with AG politico Loretta Lynch (to trade grandkid photos)?

Will that turn out to be the true great blunder of the entire presidential campaigns, as the Bubba assets became a liability, and dealt the decisive blow to Hillary's ambitions? What amazing irony. Sexism? Comey? The Russians? Fake News? Oh no, it's Bubba - again.

Bubba knew Hillary had hurt herself badly with her email scandal. He had continually warned the Dems of disaster prior to his chat with Lynch.

After all that Comey still sent the October letter to Congress. The is the only gripe the Demobrats have that I agree with.

Muddled testimony and conduct were all that followed, offering no insights into electoral interference or clandestine investigations.

Comey seemed to have lost touch or was disinterested in the many internal operations that were conducted on US citizens, then dressed up by the Demobrats as Russian/Trump "collusion." He never bothered to clear that up, as Trump had to do for him in Comey's termination letter.

Of course the Demobrats will say Trump is ripping up the Constitution and instituting a police state. Coulter's Hawaiian judge dig is beautiful.

Of course they can't let Trump implement his agenda and show accomplishment, that would expose their policy free Alinskyism, such a distraction from riots, I mean resistance marches, all funded at ten cents on the dollar by Hillary's PAC. They'll need it; I understand Mr Soros is detained elsewhere.

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