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Okay. That cardboard cut-out of JP Veitch (Rona's partner) was hilarious.

Rona is kicking Liberal ass, or "balls"....

Thank you, Rona Ambrose, you did a great job. Cheers!

First round results (last to first): Deepak, Saxton, Peterson, O'Leary (?), Alexander, Blaney, Raitt, Leitch, Lemieux, Chong, Trost, O'Toole, Scheer, Bernier

Two surprises to me: Trost in fourth and Bernier less than 30%. So, tell me again how this style of convention is bad for TV? The depth of the field is actually benefiting the networks.

The next results will be an amalgamation of rounds two through seven.

Second announced results: (off the ballot) Saxton, Peterson, O'Leary, Alexander, Blaney, Raitt, (still on the ballot) Leitch, Lemieux, Chong, Trost, O'Toole, Scheer, Bernier

Round 8-10: (off the ballot) Lemieux, Leitch, Chong, (on the ballot) Trost, O'Toole, Scheer, Bernier.

Round 11: (off the ballot) Trost, (on the ballot) O'Toole, Scheer, Bernier (36%)

Round 12: (off the ballot) O'Toole (on the ballot) Scheer (38.36%), Bernier (40.38%)

Final Ballot: The Conservative Party leader is Andrew Scheer (51%)

Blog Notes: I've been liberal in my libations. There won't be any more posts from me today. Cheers!


How this looks on tv is irrelevant in the larger picture. What matters is that the winner reflect the will of the members. The current system is flawed but better than any other that federal parties are are using.

Still TOO MANY Red Tories as shown by Chongs standing fourth. He's closer to David Orchard than PMSH. If for some reason he flukes this out, the CPC will be in the wilderness for over a decade, likely spawning a new version of the Reform party.

What surprises me is Chong in fifth. I suspect his support will go to O'Toole which could make things interesting. But pure speculation since I haven't really been following the race.

I put trost firstvbernier second...that is all!!! Thank you . There are a lot of people that like trost ...just not many in here.

1. I'm angry to see a Red Tory like Chong doing so well ...will those Red Tories never die?

2. As a lifetime marketing / advertising / branding guy I've got to say that no matter how great O'Toole's policies and/or speeches might be and no matter what the reality of O'Toole is, no MALE named ERIN is ever going to be elected as PM in our lifetimes. With Islamic terrorism in the news literally daily EVERYBODY knows we live in DANGEROUS times, but his parents cursed ERIN O'Toole with a soft, feminine, gentle sounding name. Nobody can imagine anybody named ERIN ever getting tough and licking @$$. Sorry, but if ERIN wins we're doomed to not win again for a LONG time. If his parents had named him Mike or Jake or Vic maybe his policies and speeches could carry the day in a general election, but MEN named ERIN (not Aaron) could be stone-cold killers in real life but on an election sign or brochure that name is NOT electable as a PM, no matter how big the ad budget is.

OOOOPS! ...kicking, NOT licking. My bad ...'fat finger syndrome' hit the L next to the K.

Howdown music sucks here. Don't mind Erin name, just balding not sexy for superficial voters.

Saved. Scheer in by 51%. I bet they are going apoplectic at CBC headquarters.

I've met Red Tories who are actually PROUD to label themselves as such. Shameful, really.

Ugh. Scheer. Of course. I'm sorry, I saw some of his leadership pitch emails earlier before I unsubscribed from them. Vapid. Completely lacking in substance. "I can build a winning team" was about all he had to say. Can't see him even coming close to taking down Shiny Pony in 2019. But then I didn't think anybody could.

This is a disappointing result. The fact that my guy, Bernier, can lead on 13 ballot counts and then lose on a final count is disappointing to say the least. I don't think Scheer has the moral fortitude to be PM but I wish him the best and hope he proves me wrong.


After seeing the CBC predictions that Mad Max was the winner without any doubt....They had the numbers....Who would/should listen to the CBC wishful thinking..The total nonsense Network who should move to Brussels where they understand the EU agenda....

They need to change the process for sure. I'm not super pleased about the results but it could've been worse. No one thought Harper would ever make PM when he was elected leader. Anyway the stupid ranked ballot thing was dumb. I only put one mark and it was in the first column.

What planet do you live on.

Shit! It's Trudeau in 2019,and maybe many more after.

Ugh. Democracy. This is why we can't have nice things.

Fcuk it. I'm joining the Liberals, declaring myself Muslim and trans, and getting some sweet government money while the getting is good. We're done.

Well, let's be honest here. It was probably going to be Trudeau in 2019 any case. But least we'd have had someone who didn't win by being the 'least offensive' and pandering to the middle.

I think the most promising thing about Scheer is his 5 kids. That means he has skin in the game.

Now whether he can win depends on so many factors that I am not qualified in any way to assess.

Well, okay. I'll give him that. =)

Yeah - you did a GREAT job, Rona. Other than, you know, that little bit of blatant issue-destroying hypocrisy, dumping-on Shiny for partying at the Aga Khan's private island, while you yourself were partying on some bigshot's private yacht......


G'bye, Canada. It's been nice knowing you. On the other hand, maybe this will give rise to a Rupertsland party.

One good thing about Scheer is that the media will have a much harder time demonizing him with those dimples (than was the case with the more austere-looking Harper.)
Actually, I liked his speech and thought he was very effective in turning the tables on the media when they tried to trap him. If people are sufficiently angry about the carbon tax fiasco and illegal immigration, I think he may have a decent chance in 2019. He also was effective in naming free speech as an issue -- indicating that Liberals typically try to shut down discussion, and of course they do.

"Vapid. Completely lacking in substance." But clearly, given the current PM, these are not qualities that Canadians particularly value. Actually I think he has an excellent chance against Pony -- Liberal style is not particularly appealing this time around with it's focus on featuring the PM mostly in photo-ops (he is otherwise quite weak) and having various non-entities as Ministers. They got rid of some of the more experienced Ministers, or keep them well hidden. I think people will begin to sense they are being manipulated by some man behind the curtain with the current Liberal government. They are the ones with too much style and absolutely no substance.

"will of the people"
what alternate universe do you live in. This is how we got that idiot Brown here in Ontario. They need the ranked ballot system, with top 2 point getters having runoff, and then have to voters (not fellow politicians) vote on the final 2, after a week or two. I don't know anything about Sheer, so I wait and see, but if he turns out like brown, I'll not voter for him

I cannot for the life of me understand the comments following my last post. He was not my first choice but he sure as hell is a better man than what the CBC was trying to push on the country. The astonishing thing about some of the comments is that you think Trudeau is going to get another victory in 2019 because Scheer is now the leader of the CPC's, for God's sake give your head a shake. Scheer is the re-incarnation of Harper but with a more appealing personality. The Left stream media will be all out to skewer him from the get-go what we don't need is you, so called conservatives, conceding the next election because Scheer was not your man in the race. Get a f*cking grip and realize that we dodged a bullet by not voting for Bernier who the CBC was pawning on us. Thank God that saner heads have prevailed and that we go into the next election with somebody at the helm that knows where he wants to go, rather than being dictated to by subservient 'social' (a Liberal by any other name) conservatives.

"Um. You do know that Trudeau defeated Harper handily right?" No, he did not. It seems it took quite a few NDP votes (those hoping to get rid of first past the post) and foreign money for him to win. I do not think the next election will be a cake-walk for Trudeau. He has the aura of an elite self-promoter, and Canadians are beginning to sense that.

Not the most "prime ministerial" acceptance speech ever.

Scheer is not as sharp or polished as Bernier or O'Toole (my first choice). But while all three are very different, each has/had the POTENTIAL to be a very successful leader IF they can unite everyone and use the runners-up effectively in their opposition. Time will tell whether that happens or not, but one hour into the guy's term as leader seems a bit early to be writing him off.

I would not say Canadians exactly "want" vapid, and personally, I would not call Scheer vapid. He comes across as down-to-earth, while Trudeau with his AgaKhan-type friends will forever be an elite. I also would not call a carbon tax and concerns about immigration (given what is happening in Europe), or free speech "insider baseball". Liberal policies will begin to hit people in the pocket book, and that will also help erode the current Liberal support.

The CPC had 30% support, hardly a wipeout. That's a solid base to build for 2019, given the idiocy of Spud and his JV team.
Exactly what has Dopey done since bring elected? Jet setter, done selfies, and went deep into debt, with no economic plan for Canada going forward.
Sounds like a caretaker, not a leader!

A little commentary on Andrew Scheer courtesy of the REBEL media.


We may not learn, but we vote. Too bad for you, eh? Actually, we often learn quite well, but your issue seems more to be that we do not think exactly like you. Just from your comments this evening, I do not think your political judgment is very well thought out. The next election will be highly competitive and the Liberals may well go down. They are way too much style over substance. They may have to think in terms of more days in the House for Justin and fewer photo-ops, but unfortunately for them, Justin in the House puts their weaknesses on display. It is kind of like a Catch 22.

Andrew Scheer has a quick wit and charm necessary to out maneuver the Media Party.

He can think on his feet. He's not afraid of difficult issues. He loves debate.

He kept the Parliamentary zoo in order as Speaker.

They took orders from him. The youngest ever in that role.

Proved able to rally those who knew him best, fellow M.P.s, to support him.

Rally party supporters to the cause and building support over the next two years, he's capable of that.

Justin Trudeau, clearly isn't in charge of anything, including his mind.

P.M. Trudeau's main political strategy is to no longer appear in Parliament during question period more than once a week to reduce making a fool of himself in public.

Andrew Scheer will be calling him out every day in Parliament and in the media.

Scheer in doing so will take a dominance role. Trudeau hiding out, a subservient, weak one.

Let the games begin.

Unome is a cranky naysayer...

My guy got in...Scheer is actually quite well spoken; I took the time to see him in action in Surrey recently before voting.

The vapidity is all Unome's


Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

1st Saint Nicolaas Army
Army Group 'True North'

I am pleased that Maxime Bernier lost ... very pleased.
Does anyone remember when Bernier lost his cabinet position years ago? Some confidential papers were left with his lady friend who had previous relations with a couple of biker gangs ... This is your choice for PM? Did this happen before or after Bernier was a member of the Parti Quebecois?

The best thing about Scheer is that he is a conservative ... and he is loyal to Stephen Harper. Conservatives have elected a conservative to be their leader ... Scheer is a fiscal AND a social conservative ... he's not a libertarian and he was never a member of the parti quebecois and he has no previous connections to any motorcycle gangs .... Scheer is smart, bilingual and experienced ... he wants to cut taxes, the size of government and the CBC ...

Zoolander is arguably the worst PM in Canadian history ... the electorate think he's got a head injury ... he's an idiot ... Scheer will destroy Zoolander in any debate and this country's economy will be so fu@ked up in 2 years that the only people voting liberal will be illegal immigrants who drive taxis in Toronto ...

I think you are right, and I believe this is what has got Liberals/leftists nervous. Trudeau's shallowness will become increasingly apparent. Voters will start paying attention now that Conservatives have a permanent leader in place -- and an articulate and personable one as well.

So O'Leary throws his hat in the ring, when he was not even a sitting MP, but was a BIG star for CBC and then pulls out of the race while at the same time endorsing Bernier was in your opinion a 'tin foiled hat' issue. Bernier who was receiving accolades from the CBC crew of Coyne and Herbert, that wasn't the CBC trying to subvert the process. And then to top it all off O'Leary criticizing the process tonight of having too many candidates in the race. Bernier was being led by the Liberal backroom boys to ensure another Trudeau victory.

I like Andrew Scheer, I'm from SW Sask where our own David Anderson takes this seat with 70% of the pop. vote.

Will Scheer take on Justin?? After today, I won't speculate. However Bernier had what it would have taken to down Justin, and that included 8,200,000 Quebecers. Saskatchewan votes PC, but we have 14 seats. Quebec has 78.

Oh well++++++++++++++++

Exactly the Lieberals wanted Bernie to win. They would have roasted his ass during the next election, his baggage destroyed him. Like maybe his Clinton penis.

By 2019, the youth will not care about this issue, particularly as they see how the government screws up legalized purchase. Most will still be purchasing cheaper pot from friends. I am not sure where Scheer stands on this issue, but he understands the political costs of taking too firm a position on abortion. He will seek a balanced position on various issues, and traditionally, Canadians have liked that. Moreover, people are getting angry about things like the lack of free speech around social issues. (e.g. M103) That should help Scheer as well. Also, you are a bit of an idiot to suggest "we people" don't learn. If Bernier was your favoured candidate, he did very well and has a lot of support in the party. Overall, I think Scheer is more electable across the country.

I'll take sheere he was not my pick but I will support him now. I will pray for him , I hope he deals with the supply management stuff guns, lowers taxes and slashes gov largess.

Early days: 2 questions asked 2 ministers now gone, maybe a good omen.

I voted Mad Max but Andrew Scheer was my number 2. I will circle my wagons around Andrew. Perhaps not enthusiastically, but methodically.

"Trudeau is, despite his considerable ineptitude, riding pretty high in the polls."
Trudeau's support is a mile wide and 1/2 an inch deep. It will disappear overnight once people get any sense of a decent option out there. Polls are meaningless this far away from an election, especially when the other parties have been leaderless. Scheer is not particularly reminiscent of Hudak or Tory. Having said that, I think their downfalls are attributable to badly run campaigns . . . not to either of them being unacceptable candidates. Now Brown is an unacceptable candidate -- but watch him win. That's politics for you.

I'll take your word on Scheer, and wait and see if he pans out.> as to your comments on Brown, I think you are too kind to that fool.He lost a lot of support on his flip flop as to carbon taxes.

Larry Dickman...Bernier having had a bike bitch with big tit, as a girl friend, means he lives in the real world, something a lot in here don't do. Churchill was a lib turned con, Reagan was a lib, turned con, Trump was a lib turned con, see were I'm going. People who have changed their stripes a bit are better able to gauge the peoples wishes, and serve them accordingly. Too many people in here live in Disney worlds, and never ever see the real world, even tho it is all around them. I'v said before, I could take most in here and show them things in Canada that they would not believe existed. Bernier has most likely seen much of that hidden world, you haven't

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