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And the 116 handgun incidents involved voting age Somalians and Darwin?

More flaws in agenda driven gun violence study.

...the study not only includes anyone up to age 25 but they also include BB guns, air soft and paintball guns in their definition of firearm.

... the researchers released a breakdown of injury by type of firearm and nearly half of all the unintentional injuries were from BB guns.

If anything, this study proves we don’t have a gun problem in Canada, and don’t need to change the laws to make them stricter unless it’s decided we need a BB gun registry to stop men in their 20s from shooting each other.

Does it really matter?

Could Canadians be more defeated? More passive? More prostrate?

Look at the heavily armed Americans and their feel up your Grandma flights, 24 hour surveillance and police state ambiance.

Y'all be defeated and whistling past the graveyard.

So for potentially lethal injuries (counting rifles, handguns, and "unknown"), both intentional and unintentional, we have a grand total of 954 in Ontario, over a period of 4 years. That's less than 250 injuries per year in a province of 13.6 million people.

Chicago had 747 murders in 2016.

They've already been WARNED !! ... You'll put your EYE OUT !!!

... with your toy gun

Kids learn early, that bb's usually just bounce off.
Whereas air gun pellets can penetrate (bb's too).
Not that that ever stopped us from having "wars".
No significant injuries incurred, somehow :)

Now add "Foreign born" & "First Nations" into the mix and watch the supposed threat to the average Canadian National by aka legal gun owners fall way below, death by lightning strike.

The vast majority of assaults were committed with an "unknown" firearm. If it was an assault it would have to be reported and if the police were involved it would at least be "known" whether it was a handgun or rifle. How much anecdotal evidence was used and how much was made up from whole cloth. On a properly done study the "unknown" category should be much smaller than the rest. One thing is clear though: Guns Are Evil And Must Be Stopped.

We have a different name for the unknown guns. We call them backfires.

Another typical gummint study - the findings were written before the study started, and its purpose (as always) was to back-up the gummint conclusions that were already in-place. Cue Wendy Cukier and the Coalition for Gun Control:

"Once we rid our fellow Canadians of all those horrid, naughty guns, everything will be SO WONDERFULLLLLLL...

"you'll shoot your eye out kid"

funniest xmas movie ever.

If some kid twisted an ankle while running around with a Nerf gun, I suppose they counted that too.

Where does this data come from? It is not in the original paper. Has it been published or archived somewhere? If someone could put me in contact with Ivana Yelich, I might be able to write a letter to the CMAJ about this.

Also, someone should tweet this into the CMAG twitter feed.

When Rolf Goodale gets his hands on this data his mind will focus and he will act. A backdoor registry is the librano objective and powerful evidence like we have before us is proof it's required. A proof is a proof and it's for the children...afterall.

Never mind. I found the source of the information

Their response to a question on their web site.

Stacan 2012 - some cherry-picked quotes.........

"A large majority of injuries that occur as the result of a violent crime are not caused by firearms. In 2012, police reported approximately 134,000 victims of violent crime who suffered at least minor physical injury, accounting for under half (47%) of all victims of violent crime (Table 1B). Of these victims, about 107,600 were injured by the use of physical force, and a further 24,776 were injured by the use of a non-firearm weapon. The remaining 1% of these victims (1,325) were injured due to the use of a firearm."

"Consistent with previous years, shootings, along with stabbings, were the most common methods used to commit homicide in 2012, accounting for 33% and 31% of all homicides, respectively. Beating (21%) was the next most frequent cause of death."

"In 2012, about half (46%) of all homicides committed with a firearm were gang-related, compared to fewer than one in ten homicides committed with another type of weapon or with physical force (8% and 5%, respectively). Three-quarters (75%) of gang-related homicides involving firearms were committed with the use of a handgun, with fully automatic firearms (10%) the next most frequently used type of firearm in gang-related homicides."

Of course no mention of race or nationality, although the geographical breakdowns paint the full picture to anyone mildly familiar with Canadian demographics..

It is even more flawed than you pointed out.
Of the unintentional injuries caused by "firearms" of known type, 732 were caused by airguns or bb guns, 108 were caused by handguns or rifles.

I'd guess that three-quarters (75%) of gang-related homicides involving firearms were committed with the use of an illegal, unregistered handgun, smuggled into Canada or stolen.

For the Lieberals it's never about the criminals, we already have laws that adequately deal with criminals. Rather it's that too many lieberals feel that people should not have free access to guns, because 'bad' guns make good people do 'bad' things. Lieberals have this fanciful notion that everyone is inherently good and if they do bad things then it must have been something external causing it. Their firearms 'education' comes from watching too much TV violence. THAT's what the Firearms Act is all about.

Lieberals and Conservatives have fundamentally different views on human nature; theirs is based on idealized fiction and ours is based on experience and observation.

Liberals base their thinking on the notion that certain objects are like Voldemort's horcruxes that bewitch good people into doing bad things. You're the same person with a gun in your hand that you are without one. If you're having wicked or disturbing thoughts, they're nothing you didn't already have before, and it's a sign that you need to examine and evaluate your own character. Harry Potter is FICTION, people.

John Galt >

"...illegal, unregistered handgun, smuggled into Canada or stolen"


We can also extrapolate from the 172 firearm homicides in 2012 Canada that 79 were gang related, leaving 93 non-gang related firearm homicides.

Outside of Liberal Urban Ghetto's, the provinces with the largest firearm related violence, Northwest Territories & Nunavut lead by a mile, followed by Manitoba & Saskatchewan (any guesses as to why guns are more dangerous in those places?)

93 non-gang related homicides representing 15% of ALL homicide in a country of 35 million people doesn't sound like allot to me.

Then there's this:

"Indigenous populations – the rate of domestic homicide is eight times higher for Indigenous women compared to non-Indigenous women in Canada."

And this:

So in a nutshell you are far more likely to be killed by lightning in Canada than a firearm - if you are NOT a First Nations member, NOT in a criminal gang, or NOT a landed immigrant that culturally practices honor killings.

" is estimated that each year on average in Canada, there are between nine and 10 lightning-related deaths and up to 164 lightning-related injuries."

Response stuck in moderator filter....

Liberals and all others on the left hate guns and the thought of possessing guns because they know in their hearts and minds that if somebody was to place a gun in their hands and have them take the gun home with them they would within a short period of time shoot somebody with it.
That's generally the gist of it.
Liberals and others on the left know that they themselves could never ever be trusted to possess a gun without resorting to violence and therefore think no one should possess them.
In the over 4 decades that I've owned firearms I have had many liberals and leftists say as much to me when the topic of firearms and gun control comes up in conversation

Liberals and leftists are insane people

Ban icicles! Global Warming is about saving the children!

There were more people run over by dump trucks in Toronto in a single month than the fake gun injuries alleged during the last 10 years across the entire country ... Toronto doesn't have a gun problem, they have a problem with excessive construction.

I experienced my first firearm injury when I was twelve. I neglected to hold my grandfather's double barreled 12 gauge tight enough against my puny shoulder, man, I was in pain for a week.

I shot the old single shot Cooey from the waist. Damn near took my thumb off.

At 10yo ... I was carefully taught and instructed how to shoot a classic, beautiful 1911 45 cal. pistol. Both hands ... eye level ... sighted the target ... squeezed the trigger ... recoil ... hammer gouge in my forehead ... blood ... OUCH ! ... ... but WHAT a gun ! Sometimes life lessons are painful. But I wouldn't call me a gun injury "statistic"

Wrong! Correct statement is- "Once we rid our fellow Canadians of all the guns they can use to resist us, can go full fascist and FORCE them to conform to our ideology, and continue to pay for our entitled lifestyle."

My most serious firearm injury occurred when I was still a "youth" - about twenty years of age and serving in the British Army. I dropped a machine gun (FN MAG, 26 pounds) butt first on my big toe (boots off, we were cleaning guns in the barrack room after an exercise.) Lucky I didn't break the toe, I did have to make an effort for a couple days to not show a limp.

Guns are dangerous if you don't handle them properly.

As youngsters, a group of would gather on our farm (6 to 10 or 12), pick sides and head into the cornfield to play war. Daisey and Red Rider BB guns blazed away until we were too tired to keep going. We had one rule, no aiming above the shoulders!

And the winner? All of us, because we had more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Casualties? Non really, unless you count a couple of red welts where we were hit. No blood, no broken skin.

Gosh those were the good old days!

That "no aiming above the shoulder" is a rule the older kids in the neighborhood should have adhered to. I was watching their two-side match-up with bb guns, as they shot at each other over upturned picnic benches in the park across the street. The game suddenly ended when one of the participants was hit directly between the eyes. I can still see the small trickle of blood flowing down his nose (and that was about 60 years ago).
My own stupid act (a few years later) was to aim my pellet gun at a metal fence post about 10 yds away, and suddenly feel the sting as the pellet bounced back and hit me on the forehead.

I don't see bombs, vans or Kirpan's listed so I think they are purposely ignoring the facts of modern-day Canada.

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