Those Moderate Muslims!



Well, to be fair...a man's gotta relax and keep things in order.

Swedish Man Prosecuted for Assaulting Muslims with Bacon

To me, that makes their women tougher than their men.

What's dat' sayin' in da' blax comunitaay?

"Always keep your pimp hand strong"

Such lovely people. Let's import millions more.

"friends help you move... real friends help you move bodies"

mohammed shafia, c/o kingston penitentiary


Are liberals still beating their wives?

What is going on now in Sweden and Germany is that the Muslim newcomers are teaching Swedish and German women obedience.

Why no, Mr. Bond ... I beat her "normally". I am a compassionate beater. I've been doing it to my wife since she was 8 years old. She knows she's gonna GET ONE for Allah ... if she moths-off again.

But who are WE to comment on THEIR culture ? Maybe we can learn a thing or two from their culture. I REALLY like the part where the Girl gets all the punishment and blame for an Adulterers dalliances. I would like to America's radical leftist Feminists contort themselves to wave off that Muslim behavior.

I suppose they beat the children, too. looking at the whole world, it's probably normal in the statistical sense.

I wouldn't keep a woman who needed beating. Too much work for me.

hmmm. so the loaded question 'have you stopped beating your wife' no longer carries the punch (pun intended) it once did.
is this part of sharia? yup !!

my ex is Chinese. I never hit her once in any manner or intent in almost 30 years. never even an impulse. I joked with people that she secretly knew deadly kung fu and would put me in a coma if I went after her.

OTOH, not once when we were together did she or my mixed race kid ever have to face an aggressor. being 6' 180 lbs solid muscle tends to 'send a message'. the trick was prior to going out for the evening in those 'centres of cultural diversity' like downtown tranna, I would remind myself and 'rehearse' the appropriate response, namely a very swift and massive exercise in smashing things. years in construction gave me the agility and raw power to do it in addition to 20 years in the weightlifting room.
the exquisite and magical irony is, when you show this capability and clearly communicate the willingness and intent to apply it, the cowards flee like cockroaches and you never actually have to.

Only female children. Male children aren't disciplined.

Nagging question rich Muslims outsource their wife beating chores?

The only Algerian I ever knew came over here about forty years ago.He was of Italian heritage and a good Catholic,left because of the revolution.

And he beat his wife. Probably picked up the habit from his fellow Algerians

She left him,ungrateful woman.

I've said it here before but it may be worth repeating. Muslim men are permitted to beat their wives by the Koran and Islamist teachings. The caveat to the beatings is that the bruises must not be visible or show. Hence the head to toe covering dress of the burka, it's sole purpose is to hide the bruises of the undisciplined wife.

If I was his lawyer,I'd ask for early parole on the grounds of his good work in bringing religion to many of the prisoners.

Now we know why there are so many marriage problems. Men are not beating their wives enough.

Lets import more of these that think this way and eventually we will have fewer marriage breakdowns.

(sarc off)

Aisha, Mo's second wife, mentioned bruises on women in the hadith.

I wonder if Madonna is okay with Muslim husbands beating their wives.

Speaking of Algerians... Gamil Gharbi elevated the beating of women by several magnitudes.

Is Algeria one of the countries where we're funding abortions? I hope so.

Feminist outcry starting in 3, 2, .... oh wait...

I hear Stockholm syndrome is very nice this time of year.

Lucky for me (since my size frightens no one) ... I just LOOK batshit CRAZY ... like a rabid Dingo. That keeps the riff-raff from commenting on my mixed-race son and girlfriend. Ironically it is usually black dudes who are pissed-off to see such a CUTE blackish girl with my lily white son ... and make comments/sneers. White folk could care less.

Nothing says manly like a skinny Arab with a high pitched voice slapping his wife around.

A few years ago in Saskatoon, after a late night almost black only bar shut down.
Some Somali drug dealers were beating up a woman. A large Nigerian, I'm guessing Christian, stepped in stop them.

The three of them being physically unable to win bare handed against one stronger than them.

So one of the Somali drug dealers pulled out a pistol. Then shot and killed him for the transgression of preventing them beating up a woman.

Sharia culture keeps popping up more and more often in more and more places.

Gamil Gharbi's Algerian father's values imbibed explains the Montreal Massacre in a way the anti-male cultural Marxist analysis doesn't.

The retired clinical psychologist Dr. Phyllis Chesler wrote about that some years ago. Algerian values leading to a massacre of women, she understands it's origin.

She's written more about Islam's treatment of women than most any one.

Her experience at age 18, being married to a rich Afghan and moving to Kabul, which she barely managed to escape gave her a special insight and motivation.

Her autobiography The Bride of Kabul covers that life experience with Islam.

"When did you stop beating your wife?"
"When she started listening to me."
~ Unknown police interrogation

"I mean, who hasn't wanted to shoot at a woman once or twice?"

~ Al Swearengen: Deadwood 


My two kids saw plenty of instances while in Iraq and Afghanistan -- the worst was a grown man walking up, and with no warning punching a 6 year old girl (who was about the size of one of our 3 year olds) in the side of the head (so hard that it crumpled her on the ground,ko'd) for the crime of...waving at the American troops.
Took a lot to keep the troops from killing him right there.

"Nothing says manly like a skinny Arab with a high pitched voice slapping his wife around."

Paul wins the Internets for today. I laughed really loud and got yelled at. ~:D

In response to your wife beating Italian-Algerian Catholic:
My father was off the boat Italian -- to a certain extent he did believe in having a "strong, pimp hand" as it were (it is a cultural thing I think), but some distinctions can be made: 1) the Church has never condoned such things (there is no mention by St. Aquinas on what diameter of stick you should use to beat your wife, far from it); 2) the culture itself doesn't completely condone it -- and it's a bit more reciprocal: in cases of extreme familial stress people can lose their tempers and go to smacking each other, best not to do it, but if you really pushed buttons you shouldn't be surprised, nor if it doesn't get out of hand, should society step into what is generally thought of as a family affair best handled by them...and Italian women are not known for their inability with a fry skillet as both cooking tool and weapon ;)

I would gather that to some extent he did pick up the idea from fellow Algerians.

PS. my mom didn't exactly have a "weak pimp hand" herself -- they, not surprisingly perhaps, rarely got into fights of such a nature

New Irish Spring commercial.

What's the rule of thumb for commenting now that M-103 has passed?

I lived and worked in Algeria form 2000 - 2002 one of only 600 foreigners with a legal Residency Visa at that time.

Funny story, if an Algerian woman witnessed (By anyone) in your company becomes pregnant (even by another) you are beholden to marry and support her.

The punchline - DNA testing is inadmissible. The "friends" witness testimony is all the Algerian court will consider. As an ex-pat you are then by law to marry and support the woman or face indefinite detention.

glenn >

"What's the rule of thumb for commenting now that M-103 has passed?"

You can't say anything but praise for Islam in Canada or face potential consequences from the current Liberal Canadian Government!

However at this time you freely comment about certain gang rape, murder, terrorist activity, cultural pedophilia, mysogony, honour killings, aka cultural domestic murder and extreme violence as........"youth", "disaffected youth", and "lone wolf".

Personally I wish "werewolf in London" would catch on - but thats probably another Thought Crime to many for the Canadian Liberal government to deal with at this time.

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