Those Moderate Muslims!



What's that of 'strailyan tune? Oh yes....

♫ Waltzin Wahhabi ♫

"G'Day Habib."


To find out what's going on?????

It's an invasion to take over the western world ... how is it that anyone hasn't figured that out yet ...

The first clue is that the iMams all over the world tell us that this is what they are up to all the time...

Who are the clueless that aren't getting it?

I have said this over and over again in many different venues:

The goal of Islam and Muslims is to conquer nations, peoples, and individuals.

If those nations, peoples, and individuals do not accede to being conquered, they are eliminated.

Islam, as socialism, grants permission to people to take that which does not belong to them, including human lives.

Ironic isn't it that even after Trudeau's charter was implemented juthtin is declaring Canada a racist nation.
There must be a stark juxtaposition for that

Liberals/liberals will call people names for as long as said people tolerate being called names. It'll continue until the populace tires of it - but I wouldn't hold my breath.

"Who are the clueless that aren't getting it?"

Justin Trudeau be one.

Daddy would be so proud of his son. Juthtin will finally finish what PET set out to do.

That guy in the video. The imam with the turban and the beard. He's Islamophobic.

He's a Shia - the ones he's concerned about are likely Sunnis.

The submissiveness continues. Criticizing Muslim prayers is now considered hate speech in Brampton:

The Objection The Ordinary Canadian Citizen has with the Large Influx of Middle-East Desert Muslims is not Nativism.----- IT IS; recognition the NON-Enlightened Culture, which is the Special Voting Block Concept using a Planned Migration Pattern.----- IT IS; The Concept used by Liberal Members Of Parliament to Support the Corrupt Liberal Cabinets for Decades during the Seventy Years of Federal Liberal Governing DURING the Period 1900 through 1999 & after.--------- The Canadian Voters through the Liberal Corruption away from Ottawa; BUT the Bought-Off Central Canadian Smearedia re-established the Corruption in Toronto under the Cartel run By David Herle's Crony Crowd.--------The Destruction of Ontario's Financial Situation was Developed under Socialist Gerald Butts.------Butts; although caught using Canadian Tax-Payer Dollars for Personal Gain is now developing the Establishment of Sharia Law as a Federal Law, ----------This will enshrine Sharia Law as Equal to Quebec's Civil Law & English Common Law.------Sharia Law will become effective BEFORE Canadian Culture And Canadian Values of Enlightenment are able to Set Aside FOURTEEN CENTURIES of Vilolent Conquest.------Ineffect there will be another FIRST NATION's Reservation System supporting Canada's URBAN "Police No Go Areas" similar to British Cities and throughout Germany; France; Holland; Sweden; etc.--------The number Of Captured Liberal Party Special Voting Block Muslim will grow Exponentially through the One Man = Four Wives = Sixteen Children every Generation living off the Largesse of the Canadian Hard-Working Tax-Payers.------The Political Elite Class -(recognized as the Laurentien Elites) & represented by Justin & Princess Sophia will be raised above the Chaos for the Education of the Canadian Citizen's Children. --------Open Borders Laws will become the Standard & Sharia Law the Other Standard of Governance. -------Do remember David Herle with a Bonus Going Away Gift of $ 830,000.00 {Eight Hundred And Thirty Thousand Dollars} is now back in Ottawa.------The over EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND going away Gift a Present from Proven Corrupt Liberal Party of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. Paid by the Ontario Ordinary Citizen Tax-Payers. This money provided even though Ontario is NOW the Largest Indebted Sub-National Government in the World.---- The Debt/Capita of Ontario is now Greater than California which is also on the Cusp of bankruptcy.---------------No Liberal Members Of Parliament Do not Support your Corrupted Cabinet.------------The Average Canadian Citizen is not Against the Middle-East Desert Migration engendered by Corrupt Crony Crowd Liberal Party Elite Insiders.--------There are many other Countries Such as Ethiopia with Large Populations and much Poverty (over 85 Million People). This specifc Country for Example has been able to Fight Off The Wahahbist Extremist Led Muslim refugee Cult for centuries.------Ethiopia's Large Christian Population goes back to the Early Days of Christ's Philosophy and Teaching of Love your God & Love your Neighbour as You do yourself.---------By the Way in closing please point out to any detractors to my suggestion Most Ethiopeans are Black Skinned People. ------Hopefully this will reduce the Standard Liberal Response I am advocating Rascism Instead of decrying Nativism which is the present Liberal Party Members of Parliament method of supporting their Corrupt Government Plans.

"Who are the clueless that aren't getting it?" Liberals. Today's liberals have a desire to destroy what is left of classical liberal democracy. Like Lemmings they want to rush for the cliff of self destruction. The end result of multiculturalism.

Today's liberals have a desire to destroy what is left of classical liberal democracy.

They don't consider it destruction, but liberation from the oppressiveness of that same classical liberal democracy.

It's been going on for years. I noticed it nearly 40 years ago when I was a grad student at UBC.

I was affiliated with a certain religious community back then. It was one of those that held liberation theology as its doctrine, guided by the "social gospel", something that I wasn't aware of at first and became increasingly uncomfortable with and eventually distanced myself from.

Its most important issue wasn't the recklessness of the Soviet Union (its invasion of Afghanistan being an example) or that Khomeni had unleashed the devils in Iran. Nope. It was mainly South Africa and I heard the caterwauling about it in each and every Sunday sermon. (The unrest in Latin America got an occasional mention, thereby avoiding any hint of geographic or racial bias.)

It didn't like the apartheid government there, not because it separated races but because it was run by--wait for it--whites. The community's members, in general, liked nothing more than its overthrow. They got their wish, in a way, about 10 years later when that political system was dismantled.

South Africa now is slowly descending into chaos, lawlessness, and corruption. Where are those same liberals now? Are they protesting what's happened? Are they concerned that their beloved social justice has gone off the rails there?

Once again, nope. The liberals got what they wanted. Once the whites stopped running South Africa, it became a black issue, and, so, those "concerned" liberals promptly washed their hands of it all.

Wait this country becomes the Caliphate of Canuckistan. Those same liberals won't even say peep, being shamelessly pleased that they helped destroy yet another "oppressive" domain.

... and I might add ... destroy the Christian underpinnings of all Western Law. Destroy the Christian underpinnings of Freedom and Liberty. Christ said that he came to set us free. Free from the rigid arbitrary, and cynically-enforced Jewish Law of his time. He said that he came ... not to abolish the law ... but to transform it. To cause Gods laws to live in our hearts ... not be used as a bludgeon of repression. The writers of the Magna Carta, English Law, the Mayflower Compact, The Declaration of Independence, and US Constitution READ and UNDERSTOOD Christ's teachings ... and used it as a foundation for FREEDOM and LIBERTY. Our society has forgotten and ignored the source of our Laws ... and are about to lose it because of ignorance and hostility toward Christians.

The reflexively Christian-HATING left (led by the LGBTq QQ gestappo) is willing to commit societal suicide in order to wipe Christianity from the planet. I have never been a Hal Lindsay doomsday end-of-times conspiracy nut job ... but there are signals of the End times that are getting harder and harder to ignore.

BTW ... my local High School (when I was a kid) offered an AP English class called "Bible as Literature" ... which taught the underpinnings of all the great Western literature is rooted in Biblical themes. There was -0- proselytizing in the class ... just an intellectual exploration of the connection between the Bible and Shakespear, Melville, etc. Today, this class would be BANNED from school ... what a shame. The Left has very nearly completed their goal of CRUSHING Christianity

J >

"Who are the clueless that aren't getting it?"

It's us.

The biggest mistake we make is that everyone else is "clueless", when in fact they are actively and knowingly doing this to us. What the western free thinking conservative fails to recognize is that the world is at WAR with us. Globalists, Liberal Marxists, Islam......etcetera, etcetera..........

We have EVERYTHING they want, including our domestication and subservience - unfortunately for them we fight our enslavement with our wealth, intelligence, and overwhelming desire to live freely and independently. We are an enemy that they ALL fight with every means at their disposal, Third World Immigration is a win/ win on every level for them.

They are NOT clueless, it's the hard working taxpayer who is completely ignorant of the global & domestic war against them.

... and I might add ... destroy the Christian underpinnings of all Western Law. Destroy the Christian underpinnings of Freedom and Liberty.

Unfortunately, the church has been and is still being sabotaged from within.

In an earlier comment, I mentioned that, many years ago, I was involved with a religious community that was led by the "social" gospel and liberation theology. Back then, it was hard to find a member of the clergy or, for that matter, a seminarian who didn't consider it a badge of honour to espouse such doctrines. Anyone who opposed those same doctrines was either openly ridiculed or came close to being branded a heretic, despite the fact that excommunication appears to have become an anachronism.

My disillusionment with the church, and Christianity in particular, began back then. Somehow, the source of my beliefs, such as they were in those days, had been hijacked by a faction that replaced the spiritual foundation with one that was political and radically leftist in its leanings.

It's no wonder that the church nowadays offers no resistance to the creeping infestation of Islam and its progressive allies. It's already been converted.

So true brother. So true.

I just hope the current crop of leftists live long-enough to experience the "fruit" of their actions. Much like all the horrific provisions of Obamakkare kicked-in AFTER Obama left office ... I suspect the HATEFUL cabal of leftists-LGBTQqq-gestappo-Muslims will be long dead after the West has been converted to the most oppressive centralized Religious government in the history of Mankind. They won't be alive to experience the natural result of their depravity.

Liberal/Leftes, parties around the world have been bought and bribed to be sympathetic to Islam. Every time a see one of our Liberals praying at a Mosque it confirms my theory. One of these days it will come out, but the person that does it first will pay a heavy price.

are we in for a revival of the middle ages oppression at the hands of the religious in charge of things?


and technology will only accelerate the process.

They will ban the drinking of Beer in Australia... What is wrong with that? Australians can't drink real beer called Ale, or hold their beer. Beer is a drink for females... Fosters tastes like Sheep Piss...

If you give an Australian two Calgary ALE, he will be comatose for a week..

Beer is a drink for females...

Ahem! I'm a home brewer and I make the best lager in town!

Fosters tastes like Sheep Piss...

Back in the mid-1980s, Fosters was imported directly from Oz and it tasted pretty good. Then someone had the bright idea of making it here in Canada under license and it clearly didn't taste the same.

Whoever makes those decisions has no idea of how to make beer. Any half-decent brewer knows that one has to use the identical ingredients to produce identical results in a different location. Factors such as the mineral content of the water and the growing conditions of the hops will affect the colour and taste.

Fosters ONLY comes in a really BIG CAN ... kinda like what the "urban youth" would call a "40". Kinda like malt liquor sold at ... ahem ... mostly in "urban" neighborhood convenience stores. Big cans. Big drunk. Brothas in cans ...

Fosters ONLY comes in a really BIG CAN

That's changed since I used to buy it some 30 years ago. Back then, it was available as 6-packs, complete with the plastic holder, at least it was here in Alberta.

I haven't paid much attention to it ever since I started brewing my own hootch in the mid-'90s.

Most Aussies would agree with you that Fosters tastes like sheep piss since no one in the country drinks it. Sort of like no Canadian drinks Moosehead. As for your Calgary Ale I'll be happy to match you one for one with a Darwin Stubbie. I drink one Calgary Ale and you drink one Darwin Stubbie. We'll see who's comatose first mate.

the clueless would be the millions of morons world wide who some how are so dumb that they think islam is a religion of peace and those who practice it are just like Christians. There really is no cure for stupid other than dea th.

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