More Pavilions At Bloodfest


Cutting through the pathetic symbolism and meaningless claptrap;

The patriots of the rest of England versus the liberals in this city. The endless tolerance to those who harm us, (while the Home Office tries to shift the focus of public fear to white terror) -- versus the millions like me who face the truth, with worried families and hopeless hearts, who feel the country sinking.

We are taken under the cold water by this heavy right foot in the south, a city of lead, so desperately wedded to the multicultural illusion that it can only fight those who love the country the most, blame those who are most proud to be British, and shout racist at the 52%.

This place is just like Sweden. Terrified of admitting the truth about the threat we face, about the horrors committed by the migrants we failed to deter -- because to admit that we are sinking, and fast, would be to admit that everything the liberals believe is wrong.

That multiculturalism has not worked. That it is one big fat failure and one big fat lie.

It is a lie, but it's not a failure. Multiculturalism was never about "advancing diversity", and always about importing reliable, multi-generational voting blocks.


It's time for Canada to start taking in millions of white conservative refugees wanting to flee the UK for a better life.

Katie is right.

Lighting candles and fancy lights on buildings will not stop this slow but definite move toward turning the western liberal democratic nations into slaves of the coming caliphate. ISIS is not the biggest threat, the moderates in suits are.

Motion M-103 is one aspect of this slide; impatient radicals with a vehicle as a weapon and knifes are another aspect. Muslim prayer rooms in our schools, and at the same time shutting out Christianity are more aspects. Slowly we succumb.

Ken (Kulak) >

"Slowly we succumb."

I suppose living in a bubble surrounded by the Third World and history only lasts for a few hundred years on average.

The barbarians have breached the gates.

Amen. I couldn't get the article posted to FB but many others did. When I think what will happen to the institutions and landmarks of probably the greatest country in the history of time, and I'm a jingoist, U.S. patriot, it is beyond sickening.

'we'll never waver' - Theresa May

Translated = "We will continue flooding the UK with Third World Jihadist, but we will increase security around our important and wealthy hopefully containing the violence & misery to the dirty streets of the "little people"."

The Prime Minister May has said the “Islamist” attacks on Parliament was not “Islamic” and Islam is a “great faith”.

Other article on same page says:

"Islamic States Glorify Attacks. And Infidel Blood Flows In London Streets."


Blind Leading the Blind.

at the same time shutting out Christianity

Only conventional Christianity. The faction which had its roots in the doctrine of "liberation theology" is most welcome, particularly as it acts as a fifth column.

Several Lutheran synods are a good example of that.

Give your car a hug!

You know what is coming next.

And don't forget to thank your local male Liberal voter.

I can understand why women plus immigrants plus young people plus public servants plus Free Sh*t Army plus French plus Media plus Crony Caps plus Laurentian Elite plus wilful ignorants plus dumb fvcks all vote Liberal.

But men?

Particularly white or English or Christian or numerate or sentient men?

Anyway, if you have the misfortune to meet one, make him own it!

I know it's hard to find words to describe such a creature, so here's a starter kit:







Benedict Arnold

"Multiculturalism was never about "advancing diversity", and always about importing reliable, multi-generational voting blocks."

EGG ZACKT LEE. Thank you Kate.

PS: I know it should be ignoramuses but ignorants sounds better.

Plus I feel if progressives can invent all new meanings for words so can I.

It's a brave new world after all!

"Blind Leading the Blind"

That is a very kind way of putting it.

I think something like "Corrupt leading the weak" is more accurate.

C'mon now..... we all know Europe isn't REALLY having troubles with Islam.

But given the proclivities if our current government, they may not find that better life here. Canada and serves headed down exactly the same road. Only Trump is looking to steer things in a different direction.

How about:
"The Wolf leading the sheep"
"The fox leading the hens"

Can you imagine if Tator Tot was leader of the Trojans in Greek mythology?

No need for a hollow horse.

Hire some visible ethnic minority mercenaries and send them through the front door!

Can you imagine if Tator Tot was leader of the Trojans in Greek mythology?

No need for a hollow horse.

Hire some visible ethnic minority mercenaries and send them through the front door!

You'll never see me forming a heart with my hands. I'd rather kill the bastards with my bare hands -as long as we get to keep our own hands still.
How many more times will we cowtow to islam by devoting time and symbols to honor their deeds? No more minutes of silence, no more turning off lights, no more flowers and candles and all that. We all ought to get into our pants and get things done. Now.
There is no way to end the abuse other than to get rid of the abuser(s). There is no saving your own life. We shouldn't be afraid to fight -only afraid to lose and survive. Who'd want to live life under islam?

"Multiculturalism was never about "advancing diversity", and always about importing reliable, multi-generational voting blocks."

There is no voting under Sharia.
If it were voting blocks that the MultiCult Elites wanted, there are millions of Christian 3rd worlders to import.
No, voting blocks are not what they are angling for.

They love to say the perpetrator of this horror was born there. Sure, but he stemmed from the roots of Islam and went off the rails in the usual well worn pattern. Is it really radical, or, are they all radicals in varying degrees until something finally sets them off to kill and maim innocent people?

Is there one Liberal politician here who would agree it's time to stem the flood of ME immigrants? This is not about race, it's not racist it is all about the safety and security of our people.

The UK has set itself up to become a real tinderbox for terrorist attacks, we here are on the same path if we continue our present immigration.

The UK, arguably ahead of Canada in the cultural suicide race, is impotent in the extreme. From the Muslim Mayor issuing platitudes (Taqqiya?), to the "unarmed" cop who lost his life while trying to stop the Jihadist with a knife, to the Jihadist being on MI5's watch list for all the good that does, to the multi-culti progressives welcoming the jihad - featured prominently by the likes of Prince Charles (there's a head I'd prefer to see hacked) and the Arch Bishop of Canterbury.........Katie Hopkins nails it.

Another one was just deterred in Antwerp...

The fact is, no-one was murdered in London, and the sooner folk internalize that fact, the better.
Casualties in wars of conquest are not "murder victims", they are just casualties.
Do not let the prevalent PC NewSpeak cloud your minds.

At this point, The UK, and indeed western Europe is faced with 2 options:
1. Surrender (which seems to be the option they are currently choosing.
2. Ethnic cleansing.

If (2) never occurs, Europe is a goner.

LindaL >

Cheers Linda, my comment was tongue-in-cheek. Of course Canada wouldn't let any "white refugee's" into Canada regardless of their plight, ask South African whites. I thought the "conservative" part was the biggest give away :) Canada would send the coast guard to sink a ship of conservatives headed for our shores.

They'd probably use the same Canadian ship they sent to save the Dual "Citizen" Lebanese living in Lebanon in 2006.

YeahWell... >

History proves that "2. Ethnic cleansing" will be the likely result.

It's why Conservative Europeans & North Americans should be keeping track of Liberal Progressives today, many could slip through the cracks in the future otherwise.

Perhaps it is time for some progressive wordsmith to reverse engineer Churchill's famous speech,"we shall fight on the beaches and landing grounds,we shall fight in the streets ,in the hills...." "We shall NEVER surrender"!

Let me try here a minute,"we shall submit at the airports,on the beaches and landing grounds, we shall surrender in the streets and in the cities,and we shall grovel in Parliament.We shall never be politically incorrect".

Now,if only I had Richard Burton to make that speech!

That's why we need more refugees who have lost their countries to Islamic immigrants, to come here and tell the story.

Yes, and we know how much flack Trump is taking for his efforts.

I am desperately in LOVE with Katie Hopkins. One of the few who dares speak the TRUTH. The contortions of the ruling elites ... to apologize for Islam is witness-enough to their subversive plan. Their plan is to erase the dominant religion (Christianity) and freedom (Constitutions) from Western civilization. To chisel the faces and words of our founding fathers (mothers, and sisters too) off the statues erected to memorialize their wisdom. And replace them with a tossed-salad ("melting pot" is no longer PC) of disperate cultures that never BUILT anything worthy of praise. The "white guilt" and "Christian guilt" is being assuaged by embracing Islam. The elites have adopted Islam as their Holy warriors fighting Christianity. Embracing the world's "poor", "disenfranchised" peoples who have been sooooo misused by Christians. Their "Christian (and Colonial) guilt" has spawned indifference to Islamic TERROR and MURDER throughout the world. Islamic Terrorists have been sweeping through Africa slaughtering African-Christians ... with impunity and indifference from the UN and Western elites. The HEART of our culture is under attack. Attack from within.

I was sickened by reading Piers Morgan's DM response to Katie Hopkins today. The effete elitist scolded Katie and praised the je sui ... (fill-in the Muslim Terror locale) weeping, candle lighters, and Teddy Bear donors. Piers is whistling through his own graveyard ... now littered with a few more "tourists" (thankfully not native Londoners, eh Piers ?).

How many more times will we cowtow to islam by devoting time and symbols to honor their deeds?

It'll continue until the government and the dumbasses that voted it into office wake up and realize that incidents like this are acts of war.

How likely will that be, though?

The Swiss are ready, a gun in the closet.

Is the EU ready to become Sarajevo Redux?

Where's Tarantino on this? C'mon man, the scripts already written dood.

Notice how the regular SDA trolls never comment immediately when the "poor youth" they support slaughter innocent people on our streets.

As usual they'll wait a little, as the guilty do, then step out when they feel it's safe to derail the real narrative.

UnoMe, we're waiting, it's safe to come out and defend the pedophiles and cultural women abusers again...."

Nobody said the progressives are smart enough to see what will go wrong with their schemes. We're not under sharia yet, but there is a voting bloc that will vote for it, and current Liberal strategy (and Canadian government policy, while the Liberals control it) will continue to reinforce that voting bloc.

I wouldn't call what that murderer did an act of war. As a U.K. born citizen of the U.K. he wasn't a lawful combatant in a war, he had a long criminal record including violence and no matter when he fell for the Islamist ideology what he did yesterday was murder three people and attempt the murder of several more. But you can have your opinion about it as I have mine. I'm glad he's dead, but I'd rather he had been caught alive and executed. Either way, his head should be displayed on a pike affixed to the bridge.

Yup, bang on.

Wait for it, with 12 months you will hear cries for more regulations on driving permits and who can buy/rent trucks.

Just as gun, then knives, then baseball bats, now cars/trucks will see sever regulation in the UK, because they can be used as a weapon.

We would not want to empower citizens to protect ourselves, no? No would we want to blame the criminals, it must be the inanimate object at fault. And that object must be regulated as much as possible.

If it were voting blocks that the MultiCult Elites wanted, there are millions of Christian 3rd worlders to import.
Even in the Middle East where ISIS has murdered so many Christians lately it should be observed that the Christians there had large families or they would have been bred and driven out centuries ago.

No, the MultiCult Elites are bringing the Mohammadans over precisely to start strife, to kill us, not as voting blocks.

The Elites don't need us anymore and we need to realize it.

news papers and dumb liberal voters are our biggest problem today. I have had discussions with libtards, and point out to them that I have muslims friends who disagree with the liberal narrative on muslims. Well then they say I have the wrong kind of muslim friends, and Salim Mansur, is wrong, and Tarak Fata is wrong. They will not change their mind because they have for so long used the racist meme that they are now afraid of being called racist.

The Swiss are ready, a gun in the closet

So are rural Canadians. This anti-Christian, multicultural, Islam-fuck-ation is an urban southern-Canadian phenomenon. Of course that's where all the 'news' comes from so it presents a distorted image of the rest of Canada. Here in Western Canada's small towns and communities Christian values are still alive and well and the majority opinion. Nearly all of us are quite well armed and will defend our culture and communities. Ralph Klein said it well: Shoot, shovel, and shut-up.

The same goes for rural Ontario and Quebec. If anyone is going to lead the fight against Islam-fuck-ation it will be the Quebecois like La Meute. The Franks kept the Muslimes out of Europe in the 700s, Je Me Souviens.

Thomas E. >

"Wait for it, with 12 months you will hear cries for more regulations on driving permits..."

Yup and then they will use gasoline, poisons, train derailments, mob murderers, and on and on...... Regulations will never stop Islamists from killing westerners.

In the meantime they only need to wait and eventually vote themselves into power. The current regulations to disarm the UK public will go a long way to easy herding to the slaughter houses of Islamic Europe.

anonymous cowboy >

"Is the EU ready to become Sarajevo Redux?"

Heh, that reminds me.......

Bill Clinton Worked Hand in Glove with Al Qaeda: “Helped Turn Bosnia into Militant Islamic Base”

There's only two solutions here. The first one is the Trump solution : stop allowing them in. Probably wouldn't fly in Canada because liberals. The other option though is maybe possible. What if we take away their voting block? Jason Kenney tried it but kind of failed it because of the optics around things like the hotline etc. There must be a way to sway immigrants to vote Conservative. Once we do then the Liberals will demand we shut it down.

james the deplorable disciple of kek >

"There must be a way to sway immigrants to vote Conservative"

You first need to convince Third World people to vote against the free stuff they came to Canada for in the first place.

Not likely.

There are no conservative political parties in Canada.
We have a uniparty that makes the GOP/Dem uniparty look like pikers.

The sickest,stupidest people in the world are the Brits. Dumb,dumb,and dumber. Oh well. More chips please.

These are the scapegoats libtards use for Islamic terror in the West:
1. Mental illness
2. Drugs, alcohol
3. Born in the West - aka society's fault (Another helping of white guilt, anyone?)

Make a game of it! Try and guess which option will be used by MSM next!

"Only conventional Christianity." I agree. The mainstream church denominations, other than the Catholic, have largely become, like the Russian Renovated Orthodox Church which supported Stalin and the Communist Party, instruments of the state's efforts.

The unarmed police officer... Correct action for him, should have been to hold the door open the jihadist. Until a peer actually bleeds out on the floor of the House of Lords, don't look for anything to change. Until an MP is run down by a car in the street, don't wait for things to change. Until the schools their children go to get Beslan'd, don't hold your breath.

Yup. Whistling past the graveyard.

The unarmed police officer..
What a stupid concept. A well trained officer can easily disarm a knife wielding assailant with a billy-club or baton, but a sidearm is better. STOP!!... BANG... problem solved.

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