This Hitler Nonsense


Hitler was a real life murdering sociopath. He wasn't just a charismatic speaker who incrementally fell into bad behavior. He wasn't just a racist corrupted by unfettered power. In other words, you or I probably couldn't end up being Hitler. A garden variety KKK leader probably couldn't end up being Hitler either ...or a community organizer ...or a New York real-estate tycoon. It's not that easy or simple.

NONE of our American presidents have ever been Hitler. But the people of Germany certainly thought FDR was a murdering dictator when B-17s started dropping bombs on them. This is why you have to KNOW what you believe and why you believe it. Good guys and bad guys are often in the eyes of the beholder. And they often look similar in the fog of conflict. I would imagine Japanese Americans in internment camps wondered if their president was Hitler-like. Nope. Horrible act ...but not close to Hitler.

To that point, ironically, the American president who could've actually been likened to Hitler (before Hitler) in some of his methods was ...wait for it ...

Forward to your friends.


Very interesting and well written.
Hitler came to power in a coalition government the kind you get with rep by pop which tater tot wanted to shove down our throats.
problem being they take your vote if your candidate has "sufficient" and give it to someone else.
Someone else could well be a fringe candidate representing an no immigrant is illegal group etc
Once they are in very hard to throw them out.
Mention this little factoid to someone enamored of an alternate voting system and their eyes glaze over.
They start saying shit like "power up your vote"
Me, I say you are stealing my vote.

An excellent link, Kate, and well worth taking the time to read it all. Unfortunately, the people who really need to read it and take it to heart are determined to ignore its truths.

As Bubba said "very interesting and well said". Should be required reading for news commentators.
I expect that if the Hitler comparisons continue litigation will follow but the litigation process is so slow (ask Mark Steyn) that it will not resolve before the 2020 elections.
PS. would making it required reading in high school be too much like a Nazi Propaganda move.

The piece talked about checks and balances in the US system, but in terms of end run around those; the winner has to be Obama. You google Arkancide... the Clinton name comes up. That establishes a history of violence; likely one of the reasons Jerry Zeifman said it would be the end of the US if she ever became president. The closest the US has ever come to electing Hitler is one or both of the Clintons. Come to think of it, dark triad personalities can be extremely charismatic; definitely not Hillary.

The problem here is that certain words, expressions have been so devalued they have no connection to their original meaning. Think of fascist, Hitler, nazi, racist etc. Hitler died 72 years ago and Nazis about the same time. Young people much given to spouting the words have no idea what the era was like, and even less interest in studying history seriously.
This leads to absurdities like the anti-fascist demonstration in Berkley where the participants dressed up in black uniforms and masks and tried to shut down free speech. How many of these leftist demonstrators could tell you Mussolini was a Socialist, or that the Nazi party contained the word socialist in its title?
Or as Mark Steyn put it, Once you compare someone to Hitler, what is left? Time for leftists to come up with some new insults, these ones have worn pretty thin.

I agree with the blogger, North America and Europe have not had a Hitler since the actual Hitler. The things he did were so evil that even a great novelist couldn't create a credible character that awful. The overuse of calling people you don't like Hitler has become as ineffective as calling them racist. Although the new, improved insults are populist and alt-right but I don't imagine that rebranding will be effective outside of the chattering class.

The bigger problem for progressives is that actions speak louder than words and the actions of progressives indicate that they are the ones most likely to use violence and forced political conformity. They say "we are loving and tolerant" but the TV cuts to riots. They say "we believe in free speech" but the scene shown is their followers violently shutting down everyone who is not progressive. Progressives say they believe in diversity and respect for other cultures but they scream obscenities about white privilege and stupid racists hillbillies in flyover country. They claim they, unlike uneducated non-progressives, use Reason and Logic but then have hissy fits about their feelings regarding microagrresions and cultural appropriations. To add to this irony, they say they have the moral high ground regarding aggression but the laugh, minimize and applaud when people with ideas they hate are beaten and abused. They say they want refugees and immigration but then ensure that all the have not refugees are located far from their neighborhoods and their children's schools. This list of rank contraditions could go on and on with school choice, tax evasion, working class job desruction, carbon footprints, nepotism etc.

Pretty sure normal people are watching this and seeing the disconnect between who progressives claim to be and how they behave. I'd bet non-progressives are/will be both mocking progressives and seeing them as a threat to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Today it's Naziis that progressives believe it's ok to punch (leading to everyone they dislike being labeled as one) but eventually all people and businesses insufficiently enthusiastic about being actively pro-progressive deserve the same beatings. I wonder at what point the chattering class will stop thinking it's funny. Hopefully before the non-progressives retaliate physically instead of at the ballot box.

Still, I find that the Godwin's Law/reductio ad Hitlerum tactic is very useful. When someone starts seriously introducing Hitler and the Nazis into the conversation, I know right then that I need not waste another breath arguing with them.

The same is true of the Z-word (Zionism).

If only Lenin and Stalin got the same bad rap.

Hitler is the Progressive's Satan. When you hear them chant think "Bush/Bush/Trump is Satan". It puts their lunacy into perspective.

"If only Lenin and Stalin got the same bad rap."

I think the reason this does not happen lies in the differing fates of those two great malevolent 20th-Century ideologies.

Fascism was largely excised from the human body politic by the total defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945.

Communism (or Marxism if you prefer), though certainly widely discredited and debunked, has never suffered the same comprehensive physical rout, notwithstanding the implosion of the Soviet Bloc.

Thus it lingers on still, its various intellectual darlings and fellow travellers simply choosing to ignore the vast mound of corpses they stand on whenever they spout its dreary tenets.

“The dark night of fascism is always descending in the United States and yet lands only in Europe.”
― Tom Wolfe

MYTH BUSTED: Actually, Yes, Hitler Was a Socialist Liberal

Just learn something; Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Lenin: ALL SOCIALISTS/COMMUNISTS/MARXISTS. Hitler was the only national socialist, the rest being international socialists. Other than that single point of contention, they would all be in agreement on everything else.

A little bit of the national leaked into Russia,which explains the feud between the Maoists and the Stalinists.

Admitting the USSR to the Western Alliance against the Axis Powers has a lot to do with it. To make common cause with them our governments pretended they weren't another evil, allowing the left in our countries to pretend they weren't also pursuing a totalitarian ideology that justified any and all repression and oppression of individual human rights in the name of The People.

I don't know how we would have defeated Nazi Germany without the USSR doing the bulk of the fighting on the ground, but I do see what that Russian blood cost us.

Fascism and socialism are both variants of statism, the premise that the collective is supreme and the individual exists only for its benefit. Historically, mass murders have all been perpetrated by statist (tribal) regimes. Hitler, while no more accomplished in this trade than Stalin, Pol Pot, (Mohammad?) and Mao, may have been unique in his particularly damaged psyche but the ideology he espoused is less so. While at University I used to take news quotes of David Lewis (Federal NDP Leader at the time) and substitute "foreigner" or "Jew" for his use of "American" and "corporation" and then read it to fellow students asking them to name the author. Their initial responses were always Hitler. I have listened to individuals in the green movement who are capable of genocide in the name of their cause. Suzuki has been quoted as advocating imprisonment for "deniers" (political enemies?). The left is crawling with looters and thugs.

Statism and its accompanying evil exist as a continuum rather than an on-off switch. Power over other people's lives combined with state coercion is almost a guarantee of soul-corrupting evil resulting in situations ranging from minor "necessary" evils to full-on authoritarianism and mass murder. It often does and understandably attracts the worst of people.

Scott Adams/Dilbert, as you probably know, cited Regie's excellent article with his "Berkeley and Hitler" post, which, comme d'habitude, is quite excellent:

"Speaking of Hitler, I’m ending my support of UC Berkeley, where I got my MBA years ago. I have been a big supporter lately, with both my time and money, but that ends today. I wish them well, but I wouldn’t feel safe or welcome on the campus. A Berkeley professor made that clear to me recently. He seems smart, so I’ll take his word for it."

I’ve decided to side with the Jewish gay immigrant who has an African-American boyfriend, not the hypnotized zombie-boys in black masks who were clubbing people who hold different POVs. I feel that’s reasonable, but I know many will disagree, and possibly try to club me to death if I walk on campus."

And, possibly opined elsewhere, Rex's cutting wit ravages the witless fasciactivists and neo-SJWs:

"A couple of nights ago the Twitter-banished, Trump supporter, Internet gadfly and author Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to give a talk at the (hilariously regarded) home of the Free Speech movement of the 1960s, Berkeley campus in Oceania, sorry, in California. If I were to characterize Yiannopoulos I’d put him down as a right-wing, more sophisticated version of Jon Stewart. He is certainly more clever. There is a relaxed quality to his goading of the politically correct hordes that Stewart’s more determined sneering never really achieved."

"... As the gathered crowd got more agitated, masked ‘black bloc’ activists began hurling projectiles including bricks, lit fireworks and rocks at the building and police. Some used police barriers as battering rams to attack the doors of the venue, breaching at least one of the doors and entering the venue on the first floor. Now what do we call it when people in black uniforms and face masks storm a speaking venue, assault attendees, light fires and throw bricks at police with the express purpose of shutting down a speech? Would “fascist” work for you?"

Ending slavery was never one of Lincoln's war aims, partly because he didn't think the black race was the equal of the white, i.e. he subscribed to the racism of his times, at best in is benevolent form. He did issued the Declaration of Emancipation out of military necessity.

I always wonder how history would remember Hitler if he had succeeded in defeating the Soviet Union, let's say by over-running Leningrad, Moscow and all of the south, and forcing the Stalin government to choose between an enclave in central Siberia or a fight to the death. Let's speculate too that by 1943, with all this accomplished, Britain and America would sue for peace terms that might have frozen their political cultures into place. It would have been a more isolationist America, a huge Japanese empire, and the British empire possibly staying in a colonial mode longer since no doubt Germany and Italy would prolong their colonial presence. France also as a sort of German ally might have wanted to prolong their colonial empire. In that scenario, a vast German empire in Europe, with colonies elsewhere taken away from France (like Madagascar, possibly with the Jews that Hitler had left alive at the end of his war) might have persisted for decades. It might be the world we lived in today. Would it have become nuclear? Hard to say, why build atomic weapons if Hitler didn't have them?

The horrible truth of the holocaust might have leaked out after this shorter war ended, or it might have been a state secret that was only speculated about. Hitler might be seen more like Napoleon or even Roman emperors of note. You have to wonder too, with Hitler in his seventies by the television age, would be have handed on his Reich to a younger man, or would he be forced out? Would a form of multi-party democracy have returned to the countries occupied by the Nazis? Assuming that the western USSR was divided up into Vichy-style fiefdoms, what would their political future have been, with millions of German settlers pouring into their territories? What would have been the eventual boundaries of Germany itself?

The evolution of the Japanese empire in my alternate history would also be quite uncertain. It would have been a colossal economic giant especially if they managed to develop China the way the communists have done since 1949. With all of Indonesia, southeast Asia, China, and Korea in their control, how would that have played out?

As to U.S. presidents being evil, I don't really think we've seen an evil U.S. president. Obama was a loathsome punk, but fortunately for the world he did not max out his evil potential. He made big messes with his failures to understand reality (notably his reactions to the Arab spring). Clinton was evil on the personal moral plane but that has happened a few other times (rumours persist that Warren Harding was poisoned by his wife for being unfaithful). Nixon is often seen as a Darth Vader figure but I see him as politics as usual only with bad intel management. They all do what Nixon did, he got caught. But in many ways he was a rather good president. Lincoln did what he had to do. Unless one is very sympathetic to the states' rights viewpoint and a closet racist, there is very little on which to base admiration for the secessionist South.

Trump is nowhere near Hitler, vaguely reminds one of Mussolini but is perhaps somewhat closer to being like Franco or Pinochet as being an authoritarian who might resort to considerable force to repel what he sees as dangerous socialist enemies. I think Maggie Thatcher might be the closest analogue we could find. Reagan was too sunny and subtle to be compared to Trump (also just an all-round class act, Trump may have had a come to Jesus moment recently but in the past was a demonstrated a-hole). If so, more power to him. The alternative in the last election was a communist in almost every classical sense, and where not a communist, a raging globalist neo-conservative hawk who would have perpetuated the death industry in global politics. She might have been an evil president.

Trump is to Hitler as Obama is to Lenin?

I would say Trump about a 2 on the ten point scale of being like Hitler, 4 for Mussolini, 6 for Franco or Pinochet, and 8 for Maggie Thatcher.

He is a different sort of man than Ronald Reagan and faces such different challenges that I find comparisons pointless there.


Hitler tweeting: "Another glorious victory at Stalingrad. Ein reich. More great triumphs are sure to come."

Stalin tweeting: "You're a dead man, _____. "

The key word here is authoritarian. We are in the Facebook age, where, " LIKE LIKE LIKE" is the only comment tolerated. Progressive leaders, allow permissive behaviour all over, witness our lax drug enforcement, the ridiculous tolerance for public IV injection sites, and on another front, the ridiculous befriending of the tranny/gender mental illness category. Everything is supposed to be tolerated, except Christians, Caucasians, and old men.
So, we have the big bad wolf/Daddy/The BOSS, telling the usual suspects to behave. Is there any surprise that we are seeing temper tantrums from the proggy left? Children don't like to be told NO!

UnoMe >

"He still ended slaver and crushed a criminal attempt to form an illegitimate country to preserve it."

Partially true, Lincoln was largely responsible for ending slavery in America, but he did not believe blacks and whites should cohabitate as equals in society, and was prominent in the Colonization Movement to repatriate freed slaves back to Africa.

Also the legitimacy of a separatist Confederate South was not illegal then any more than a dozen succession movements from the Union are in the US today. Succession by Constitution is within the powers of the States, not the Federal government.

I assume you also agree that the criminal attempt of the Palestinians to form a illegitimate separate state should be enforced? As they do not have constitutional protections to do so as the Confederate south did in the early 19th century.

If Trump were "Hitler", the Berkley rioters would be the first of the 'lumpen proletariat' on the trains to camps...

For the most part the 'Hitler accusation' is a throw away line underscoring a punchline.

Secondly, if Trump were Hitler why does he have excellent relations with Jewish part of the family clan, not to mention Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu? This is the talk of ignorant idiots.

Most people are either too lazy to read about the period or don't have parents who happened to live through arguably among the greatest of military cataclysms.

My father, as a 15 year old boy, had the 'good fortune' of surviving being commandeered by the 12th SS HitlerJugend Division. These were not the kind of folks you even entertained saying no went out and did your sharp end of the spear 'duty' and managed to leave the battlefield in the vertical position. Half of his class mates never made it, and he should have been 'iced' dozens of times...he however is clocking in at 88 years pretty soon.
After 54 years as a hydro-electric engineer he is quietly retired and not under the lawn amongst his erstwhile comrades.

When I think of all the stories he has since related this scene probably captures it best how one was viewed as cannon fodder:

Hitler Youth Der Untergang Scene

By all measures governmental idiocy is never too far away...especially when you get "Dr Mengele love letters" from Revenue Canada (2003). But that is another story...

The family default position regarding government is that they are 'functionally insane' and/or corrupt and work up from there...

As to the Trump is Hitler accusation, it it the fruit of a fevered ignorant imagination run amok, fueled by too many illicit drugs or excess alcohol. Hardly the stuff of reasoned rational disagreement...


Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

1st Saint Nicolaas Army
Army Group 'True North'

Anyone living in our Western Democracies today spouting comparing any duly elected political leader to Hitler are obviously know nothings. It's beyond shameful and extreme disrespect for those who suffered and died under his cruel, inhuman regime. What's it going to take to educate such boors,tools and fools?

"Thus it lingers on still, its various intellectual darlings and fellow travellers simply choosing to ignore the vast mound of corpses they stand on whenever they spout its dreary tenets."

"Thus it lingers" because the Marxist left in its social democrat form always supports it more radical brother communism. This began already in the 1917 era and continues to this day. General Mannerheim, after he led the democratic Whites to victory over the Bolshevik Reds in Finland in 1918, was opposed when trying to prosecute Bolsheviks or aid the White forces in Russia. The social democrat Labour Party in Britain opposed giving asylum to Tsar Nicholas II. There many more examples in history of the so-called moderate left defending their murderous brethren.

Further, calling anyone who opposes the left's agenda being called a fascist also goes back seventy years and it was standard procedure for the left to throw out the epithet fascist to all politicians who were known as center-right.

Its usage is just more common now because of the left's stranglehold on the universities.

Exactly @ 12:40. Although a small correction if I may. It was Trotskyites, not Maoists at that point.

So: The author of Regie's Blog used a comparison of Lincoln and Hitler to illustrate that calling people whose politics are disagreeable to you is nonsensical and you didn't like that so you decided to "defend" Lincoln to derail the blog's point.

If you want to go off on a tangent about Lincoln, carry on.

I know of someone else who has a deep and abiding knowledge ... shall we call it admiration ... of Adolph Hitler - his name is George Soros. So, every time I see the Soros-funded black clad goon squads unleashing their "protest" VIOLENCE upon Trump supporters ... I will think HITLER and the SS.

I am certain these black shirts are thinking the same thing.

"...God forbid people do what they want with their lives. ..."

Progressives not only allow homosexuals to get married, if that's what they want to do with their lives, they also allow them to force someone to bake their wedding cake for them, if that's what they want to do with that baker's life.

If the British Colonies that became America had the right to revolt and become their own country because they didn't like their government, the Confederate States had exactly the same right.

Berkeley is dead to me as well. Not just the Chancellors myriad appeals and fundraising drives, but Bear Backers, Football season tickets, Basketball season tickets, CED fundraising ... everything. Let's see them pay the Memorial Stadium renovation debt service by filling it with Title IX sports. Not that the women's Field Hockey team isn't currently playing rather more competitively than the men's football team ... but it watched only by players families and some random gals from Rockridge ...

Leftist termites infesting the University ... has consequences

"The dark night of fascism is always descending in the United States and yet lands only in Europe."

Actually that line was originally by the French writer and philosopher Jean-François Revel who began as a socialist and ended as an ardent defender of liberalism (I mean real liberalism, not the modern variety). Another of his thoughts from 2002 on what he branded "l'obsession anti-américaine" in Europe:

"[C]omme si le danger 'fasciste' existait de façon prépondérante aux États-Unis, pays qui, en deux cent vingt ans, n'a pas connu la moindre dictature, alors que l'Europe les a collectionnées."

("As if the danger of fascism largely existed in the US, a country which, in two hundred years, has not known the slightest dictatorship whereas Europe has collected them.")

minuteman >


Texas v. White -

"When Texas became one of the United States, she entered into an indissoluble relation. The union between Texas and the other States was as complete, as perpetual, and as indissoluble as the union between the original States. There was no place for reconsideration or revocation, except through revolution or through consent of the States."

The Liberal left is far too arrogant in the belief that their usage of street thugs will be able to control and support a global socialist system. We are already watching the backlash with rise of the right in western Europe and the US. As westerners awaken to the realities of Liberal Progressiveness, the outcome will either be change of governments - or - civil wars to change the governments.

"The South had no more right to form a country than Palestine does."

I agree with you about the South but only after a fashion. It's not really a question of "right" either; that term is largely meaningless. The key term in anything like a rebellion or secessionist movement is this: success.

The US is a nation because its rebellion succeeded; the Confederacy is a footnote in history because its rebellion failed.

He did pick up the fascism bit form Musollini. He only demanded state control of the means of production, not the owership.

To that point, ironically, the American president who could’ve actually been likened to Hitler (before Hitler) in some of his methods was …wait for it …Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln broke more constitutional law than any other president in U.S history. He imprisoned political opponents without due process. He suspended habeas corpus. He was personally responsible for the deaths of six hundred thousand people.

For me Abraham Lincoln was a BUTHCER. 600,000 lives were lost because of his ego. He couldn't fathom a few southern states leaving his empire. Slavery was just an excuse. The north had slaves, the blacks had slaves, the south had slaves. Over time this would have all ended on it's own. But ole narcissist Lincoln just couldn't accept the breakup of his empire. Lincoln the Butcher.

Exactly. The political axis is, in the Western civilisation, statism v. liberty.

It's different in the Islamic world, there not being a "state" at all, but an ad hoc subserviance to the strongest, via the use of religious judiciary.

China has always been a centralized state; one might call the current communist government the RED dynasty.

Gay marriage has NEVER been about "love". It has always been about HATE. And in the count of 3 ... the gay gestappo will be flooding my IP address with spam and toxic viruses.

All in the name of "love" of course

Progressive Liberals get triggered when you point out that Hitler was a Socialist, vegetarian, Animal Rights advocate, and environmentalist claiming that there is no correlation between "evil" and these ideologies.

Then in the same breath they'll forgo Hitler's clear Socialist doctrine & policies but accept 100% his "evilness" due to Nationalism. A single trait of many on the right, and an overwhelming trait of the majority of nations outside of the western first world. Fully acceptable to the right and the left.

Socialists, when it's convenient "just because Hitler liked chess, doesn't make all chess players Hitler". Yes indeed.

"If the British Colonies that became America had the right to revolt and become their own country because they didn't like their government, the Confederate States had exactly the same right."

Neither had any such "right". But as I remarked in an earlier posting here:

"The US is a nation because its rebellion succeeded; the Confederacy is a footnote in history because its rebellion failed."

UnoMe >

"No one has the right to revolt in order to preserve slavery"

You better hurry up get on board then, we have allot of work to do with the welfare ghettos and voter plantations of the western liberal parties!

UnoMe >

"Gay marriage is here to stay forever"

Not if Islam has anything to say about it.

"I don't know how we would have defeated Nazi Germany without the USSR doing the bulk of the fighting on the ground..."

Agree completely.

Dead on. But everything is "forever" to a progressive.

Tomorrow will be a better than today! Just because!

"I don't know how we would have defeated Nazi Germany without the USSR doing the bulk of the fighting on the ground..."

I don't know how the we would have defeated Nazi Germany without Hitler launching Operation Barbarossa on
22 June 1941. If he hadn't turned against Stalin, there would be no free world. Be honest, the USSR was fighting to save its own country and, as an added bonus, annex a few more countries.

Let's give the navy credit for tackling the Murmansk Run to take them supplies. It wasn't fighting on the ground but was one hell of a job.

"Everything is supposed to be tolerated, except Christians, Caucasians, and old men"

ooooooh jeez. I better be careful, Im in all t'ree of them groups.

OTOH, I can and have defended myself quite well on the personal level, I am very, very strong for my size and age. for example I patented a move I call the pushup which consists of placing my arms forward in 'push up' position and keeling forward, hitting the floor and doing a regular pushup. do NOT try this unless you can do 100 regular pushups non stop. Ive never seen anyone else do this. not on video or any martial arts exhibitions. the trick is to stiffen the arms extra tight in that last split second before you hit and trust me, that floor comes up real fast and real, real hard.

anyways, there have been lots of reruns and analysis of naziism and hitler on the history channel. it all started out as some sort of rebuilt Germany on the agrarian model, requiring the acquisition of lebensraum which required a large army of conquest and the taking out of Russia while 'convenient' to do so. the rest is history. with a huge dollop of hitler repeatedly shooting himself in the nuts metaphorically tqvm adolph.

regarding nukes and future scenarios, if, IF hitler had solidified his European gains and diverted all those resources and talent towards Deuchland's interests, the invitation would have gone far and wide to individuals and nations to join in the success. Britain would meanwhile looked on enviously and Nazi candidates would have run and won seats in british parliament. werner von braun would have come up with the V4 and V5 ICBM and those consciousless atomic physicists from far and wide would have given him a nuke to put on them around oh, early to mid 50s. then its bye bye Russia, and USA is severely threatened with catastrophe unless they hand over Congress and the running of their country to Nazis and traitorous Americans. (always lots of traitors around. google Vichy France).

but it never happened, did it? that's why I show up at all the Remembrance Day celebrations. I even saw a functioning Sherman tank clacking down the street about 5 yrs ago with a vet poking his grey wrinkled and very honoured head out. it is also why have seething contempt for harper's cons and turdeaus lieberals for the prolonged government court battle against the recent class action suit filed by vets for their proper benefits. ungrateful all of them. hypocrites. ya you harper.

Mad ? You're "projecting" again. Amused? yes.

Gay unions will NEVER achieve the meaning of a Biblical sacrament. Because that is what MARRIAGE is ... a religious rite of leaving and cleaving ... man to woman. The scripture isn't unclear or subject to interpretation. God didn't stutter. Man. Woman. Just as God biologically designed.

Equal "legal" status for gay couples. Sure. Sounds reasonable under the LAW. But "marriage" ? No. Christian MARRIAGE has already been defined. The "mad" party would be the one thrashing-about and insisting on changing God's word. "Mad" would be defined by FORCING an unwilling Butcher, Baker, or Candlestick-maker to supply goods for a Gayyriage. Now THAT'S "mad". That's HATE.

for 'move I call the pushup' should read '(insert name) push up' ie named after moi.

repeat; do NOT try this at home, when intoxinated, or unable to do 100 std pushups non-stop, etc. for a dry run, do it onto a mattress to get a 'feel' for just how 'fast' things happen. WHOMP.

I especially agree with point #2.
Let us just visualize what, pray tell, would have occurred if the scenario in the U.S.A. were reversed, and Clinton won the election.
Would the Trump supporters have gone on protesting, setting fires, rioting, whining, literally beating people who did not support Trump?
They would have gone to work, in the office, farming, building, nose to the grindstone, trying to make the best of a bad situation.
Noble, They would have admitted defeat.
This is the difference between the uncivilized, immature, mostly unemployed negative me generation and the rest of the real civilized adults in this world.

Bottom line is that the Allies knew about the extermination camps in 1942. The Polish underground sent people with evidence to London.

IMHO the history of WW II does not discuss the context of the time prior to 1939. What Lenin and Stalin had done in Russia was not a secret and that influenced political thinking throughout Europe. Hitler was able to use that for his own purposes.

Read-up a little, sporto ... the government didn't invent marriage. Did your atheist teachers forget to inform you of the REAL world history and culture ? Or just their pretend version ?

However government DID create tax laws and a legal system which supports marriage as a positive benefit to society. And the whole procreation thing earns really $BIG$ tax discounts ! So, just as Christ instructed to "render unto Caesar, what is Caesars" ... I both PAY my TAXES ... and have no problem if the government extends full benefits and legal rights to gay couples ... furry couples ... whatever "the people" deem "appropriate". But none of it will ever BE equivalent-to, or BE marriage. That has already been defined by God and Nature.

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