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Police have charged a Canadian man with assault after he was caught on video at the Edmonton, Alberta, Woman's March punching a camera held by a female conservative reporter who said the camera subsequently hit her in the face.

Jason Dion Bews, 34, is charged with assault and uttering threats, CTV News reported Tuesday.

Sheila Gunn Reid, Alberta bureau chief for Rebel Media, was covering the Saturday march and said she tried to interview Bews, who became indignant -- and soon violent. [...]

Ezra Levant, founder of the Rebel, told Metro News "there's something weird going on at a women's march when a man assaults a woman and the reaction of the assembled marchers is to assist him in scurrying away and to denounce the victim."

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Can't some of those women be identified and charged with aiding and abetting?

This was a Women's rights march correct? Shocked that none of the Women at
the scene came to the aid of the FEMALE reporter.

Want to know what's wrong with this Genesis 3 world in which we live?

He's 34. He looks and acts 14. Hipster toque, ring through lip, participated in hard-left women's march.

He'd have been killed early in the Men's March on Fascism on 6 June, 1944.

Man this cowardly little maggot could be the poster-boy for the misguided left.

Let's see ... John Lennon eyewear. Check. Army surplus coat. Check. Ratty toque. Check. Polka-dotted bandana around neck. Check. Requisite backpack. Check. Stubbly excuse for a beard. Good to go.

If there were any women nearby who were really serious about their so-called cause, this pathetic excuse for a man would have been fumbling around on the ground, leaking blood and tears searching for his recently removed lip ring.

It was not a women's rights march. It was a Cultural Marxism march.

So, what is the name of the jerk charged with hitting the female reporter? That march/demonstration was not about women,it fit the political agenda after Trump's win, it's whining by sore losers. It wouldn't have happened if their Hillary won.

This puke is now claiming he is the victim.Hope the Rebel and Sheila Gunn Reid sue the pants off this lowlife misogynist scumbag.And the fellow women at this event ironically blame her for being attacked unbelievable.

"female conservative reporter" is the new White Male.

Any bets that he wouldn't have assaulted her if she was black or Muslim?

It should be fairly obvious this clown will not face any legal consequences. But he should pay.So I suggest spreading the word about his guitar building business. Nothing violent, just tell people what a spineless jerk he is and avoid his business.

"Any bets that he wouldn't have assaulted her if she was black or Muslim?"

Any bets that he wouldn't have assaulted her if she was a male? Fear and common sense would have caused hamster-brain to rethink the tough guy routine.

To the two SJW snowflakes with their Youtube post decrying the "fake news" of the assault... You are wrong, it is too assault, even if girlyman "only" punched the camera. If he had punched the reporter directly, that would be Assault AND Battery. No physical contact is necessary in Cdn law for an assault charge. That does not alter the fact that Dion Bews is a leftard douchebag, and you two are delusional idiots.

But who was concealed carry?

I think it would be safer for the little sh1te to plead guilty and take the courts punishment. I'm not threatening him, nor am I encouraging others to harm him, but I suspect there are people in Edmonton (who maybe don't even read this site) that will consider dishing out some vigilante justice if the courts don't deal with him.

It will be interesting to see the self-righteous TV interviews he did when his is in court for sentencing. It will be really hard to feign remorse. He needs at least 90 days. And then someone needs to get the details to the US border guard service in case he gets a pardon and a search no longer shows the conviction.

I watched Genesis II. I didn't know there was another.

He'd have been on the other side. Those "isms" attract such, the weaklings, the fearful. Subsuming themselves in the groupthink makes them feel safe.

Ezra Levant is wrong.

There is nothing weird about a leftist man hitting a conservative woman and having leftist "women" cover for him.

Bugs and features and so forth.

So why do guys go to ladies night at bars?

Why do guys go to feminist marches or claim they are feminist (aka Trudeau)? And this guy is married.

"Ezra Levant, founder of the Rebel, told Metro News 'there's something weird going on at a women's march when a man assaults a woman and the reaction of the assembled marchers is to assist him in scurrying away and to denounce the victim.'"

Apparently those female marchers who helped the man scurry away while denouncing the female victim suffer from a condition commonly known as "Bill Clinton Syndrome".

What amazes me about this incident is how the legacy media is not condemning this attack on a reporter. And many are using the defense that he was provoked. If that's a valid defense, think about how much of CBC's (Marketplace, Fifth Estate) and CTV's (W5) programming consists of an interviewer chasing a person down the street with a microphone asking for comments about a scandal they are involved in. If said person ever turned and punched their lights out, we would never hear the end of it.

Remember how quick they were to condemn the FHRITP guy a couple of years ago?

"Bill Clinton Syndrome" is merely a much more contagious variant of the older libtard rapey disease called "The Kennedy Syndrome."

No. The Canadian justice system is reluctant to charge anyone unless they have committed a very serious crime,rape,murder,or having no trigger lock on your guns,etc.

The police respond to a minor crime like typical civil servants, it's too much bother to do the paperwork.

Aiding and abetting would be impossible to prove with Court-admissable evidence,so they won't bother to even try.

Numbnuts will lawyer up,and get an order to take an anger management course,and do 10 days community service,with no criminal record.

Remember,this incident occurred in the Province where Travis Vader murdered two elderly citizens who had given him a ride in a foolish act of kindness. They never found the bodies. This happened in 2010, sentencing just today after being plea bargained down to manslaughter: life with no parole for 7 !!! YES SEVEN YEARS!

At the time of the commission of the crime,Vader was on parole and was being sought for parole violation.

So,aiding and abetting a minor assault: not a hope in Hell.

It isn't wierd Ezra, its Progressive.

Yet, If I were to sell unassembled butterfly knives or unassembled switchblades, I bet they'd come down on me pretty quick for "aiding and abetting".

I have been saying for some time that our society is dangerously screwing with Darwinism. Yes, this face-pierced "tough guy" wouldn't have survived 20 min. on a battlefield of WWII. Steven Spielberg would have made a film about searching for HIS brother. Our society continues to breed, and welfare fund, a permanent underclass that is wholly incapable of surviving on their own. Instead of teaching them to fish for a living, we are teaching them about gender "inequality". If you don't think this UNNATURAL behavior ends badly for millions of helpless snowflakes ... then, you are likely one of the weakest of the herd, yourself.

The proof that this was a womens demonstration is inconsistent... are those really female Females, or are they representing a Group that backs the selling of Baby (fetus) parts. They look like unhinged Marxists with lots of HATE

The Police charge may upchuck this obscene behavior to coverage on National News, NOT CNN... No fly list & denied entry to the USA...

Trump needs to evaluate the history of Canadian Justice (treaty) cooperation, criminals returned and turned loose. The criminal history of Canadian's deleted in RCMP databases...buying of sealed records etc

Indeed. Leftist men for the most part seem to hate women, treat them like dirt. Gays too. Hate 'em.

But they're really good at -looking- like they're all non-threatening and caring, right? Right up until the moment they sucker punch some woman in the face.

Y'all will be happy to hear I met one of these passive-aggressive turds many years ago. He took exception to my presence at a public event. Everything was fine until he cursed at me and went to jab me with a finger.

I was unhurt, thanks for asking. |:)

these tolerant socialist liberals are a whole other breed.

I wonder if the RCMP deleted the Long Gun Database?

His guitar-making business will suffer or whither here in Canada... Quebec might have him.

I'm sure he will find a place to play his trade in La La Land. I hear they have lots of work openings now that all the Trumpsters are being blackballed from their crafts and trades.

I don't think so, Quebeckers aren't too keen on trash like that hitting women. Also, there were fairly clear shots of the women around. Couldn't they be identified and charged with aiding and abetting.

I will assume you are making a bitter joke.

Have the organizer(s) denounced the violence against a woman at their march? How about the keynote speaker? Did the mayor of Edmonton #make it awkward? Did the Premier of Alberta comment on this political attack?

If this happened on a University campus with a snowflake he'd be charged with rape already.

Instead it took citizens time and investigation along with some embarrassing news coverage to eventually have him charged with anything at all.

I wonder if Nutley will slide him some spare Carbon Tax for his defence.

These are small, unimportant men who wait for the chance to lash out at smaller victims to make themselves seem big.


OK, so I am an Engineer and not a Lawyer (thank whatever supreme being there may be) but if I recall correctly, the O.J.Simpson case ended with dismissal from the criminal proceedings yet ended with a severe settlement from the civil litigation, due to differences in guilt criteria between the two systems. Any resident lawyers available for comment? Ezra had already advised the perp to present himself to the authorities and prepare himself for serious civil suit attention, whereas the perp was advised (according to CTV News) that he would not be prosecuted by the police. I guess even that did not turn out very well for him, and the civil and criminal suits may well put him (rightfully) in the financial toilet and the institutional slammer. Welcome to reality, criminal.

And how was the other guy?

I punched a woman in the face yet I am the victim. Where do they grow these people?

Why is it not properly named: "March of the Trolls"?

Makes me wonder, if I wandered into his place of business and started punching the merchantise , what would this "gentleman" say the charges should be?
And if by happenstance he was holding said junk when punched, would he still insist I am the victim?

I mean .. crappy handmade musical instruments.. they just cry smash me,.help me, kill me, make kindling of me..
Sure sarcasm but as sensible as this fools victimhood.

So this little Nancy Boy actually has a wife? Maybe the Police should talk to her and ask her how many times he has slapped her around. these guys don t like to be criticized or disagreed with. My bet is that this isn t the first woman he has had to " correct ".

"Two people who said they saw the incident disputed Reid’s claim and said she was never hit".
WOW stupid must run deep in Alberta... The attempt to cover-up a felony crime with false testimony kicks in more serious charges for the little fools...Way to much video that shows punch and the group protecting the punk. The two people should read up on what defines a conspiracy.

I blame it on his parents, his teachers, and his wife ... no one taught him to be a man.

Fcuk - I just created his defense.

ÈThe Canadian justice system is reluctant to charge anyone unless they have committed a very serious crime,rape,murder,or having no trigger lock on your guns,etc.

Not at all. Check one of those green 2lb propane camping cylinders. You refill one and you are looking at up to 5 years in the jug and a $500,000 - yes, that's a half-million)fine.

Assault, manslaughter, armed robbery. Not so much.

You are not going to be charged unless you refill them and then sell them.

Do you also believe the tags on mattresses that say you will be fined and go to jail if you rip them off?


Is his listed address the same as his mums basement

Wonder what ith rest of the story is .

I would love to be this Ba$tards jury!

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