Draining The Swamp, Flooding The Zone


1 outrage out of 3 headlines in a week: Bad Persuasion

25 outrages out of 25 headlines in a week: Excellent Persuasion

Update! Sometimes you drain the swamp, and sometimes the swamp drains itself: The State Department's entire senior management team just resigned


The "Trumpening" continues!

The POTUS has hit the ground running and left them in a dust cloud whirlwind like a true CEO would.

Lead, Follow or Get the Hell out of the Way!

I'm quite enjoying his flurry of activity, in contrast to the vacuous torpor of his predecessor.

He'll get more done in his first week of governance than the Obama-Nation™ had in his entire first term.


Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

1st Saint Nicolaas Army
Army Group 'True North'

It's a tactic that worked with great success for Mike Harris. Just as the press was getting into full howl about some supposed outrage, he'd kick them in the balls with another one.

So. Much. Winning.

As predicted, I am almost exhausted and sickened by ALL the WINNING ! But mostly sickened by the leftist wailing, weeping, and gnashing of teeth in the media. And, yes ... Trumps work rate ... IS.... making me QUESTION every other POTUS in the history of POTII ! It appears as though each and every prior POTII were spending their time asking the White House Staff to ... "please pass the sweet and sour shrimp" ... or scheduling another White House party with JayZzzzzzz.

Yes, just as feared ... Trump has launched WWIII. And the declared ENEMY is every policy, and regulation imposed by leftist Republicans and Democraps who systematically worked toward the destruction of America. MAGA.

I have to wonder if Trump planned the controversies over the inauguration crowd size and voter fraud. These have acted as smokescreens that enabled him to achieve a lot of things the first few days while the media were looking the other way and wringing their hands about his ego. The media is used to a 24 to 48 hour news cycle and when things are coming at them this fast they don't have a strategy to deal with it.

"Confusion to the French !"

Noooooo ...

Trump is too DUMB to do that.
Trump is tweeting his way to total destruction.
Trump is too Orange to do that. Trump will never win a single Primary.
Trump will LOSE in an electoral landslide to HER.
ITrump will crash the economy and stock market.
Trump got lucky, due to the technicality of the old timey electoral college system
Trump will lose the recount vote
Trump will lose electoral college voters
Trump had a tiny crowd for his inauguration ... like his tiny hands

Yeah ... Trump is too DUMB to have deployed chaff for the medias guided missles ... yeah, too DUMB

His greatest asset in the campaign was that he did not care what the leftist media and anti-American progs said. He just wrote them off and declared them to be his enemies, just as they had already written him off and declared him to be their enemy. Now that he is governing, that remains his greatest asset. It's amazing what you can do when you don't bother to waste time posturing and posing and creating an aura of "inclusiveness" and "reaching out" to those who will never reciprocate. He wants to build America, and they want to destroy it.... end of conversation.

Washington Compost reveals the truth in the middle of the article....
One senior State Department official who responded to my requests for comment said that all the officials had previously submitted their letters of resignation, as was required for all positions that are appointed by the president and that require confirmation by the Senate, known as PAS positions.

“No officer accepts a PAS position with the expectation that it is unlimited. And all officers understand that the President may choose to replace them at any time,” this official said. “These officers have served admirably and well. Their departure offers a moment to consider their accomplishments and thank them for their service. These are the patterns and rhythms of the career service.”

Re: the Swamp draining itself.

Reading the comments on the story, there is a lot of concern regarding the en-mass resignation of the senior State Department Staff. The fear of it falling apart at the seams without upper management types is causing the snowflakes to shudder. Might I present a more rational point of view. It appears the rats are abandoning ship? Are they taking away the documents and the knowledge which can put them up on treason charges?

There has been a destructive and concerted effort by Elitists' tinkering which has permeated the department the entire term of the Obama Administration. The State Department has many skeletons in it's closets, Bengahzi, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, and on and on and on... The thought or sight of the hangman's noose must be a very intimidating thing when they now realize that the One in Power has no hesitation in wielding swift and thorough judgement for crimes against the State and the People of America.

Wonder how many other private servers in America and around the globe which have been used as proxy servers have been obliterated, never to see the light of day. The trouble is that humans being what and who they are, there is always someone who has the glimmer of light within their wretched soul and opens the vaults to the underbelly of destruction.

There is way more to this story which is yet to have the light of Truth shone brightly up it. There will be more rats changing area codes shortly.

Fantastic ! Now John Fitzgerald Kerry's hand-picked staff won't have a FIRING on their resume's ! Golly, but these engineers of The Arab Spring are geniuses !

The Victims of Benghazi can now rest in peace!

The speed with which he is moving is remarkable. Obama wrung his hands for about 5 years? on Keystone and President Trump OK'd it in a 2 days. He has left Trudeau too shocked to respond to any of these developments, he doesn't know exactly what to say or do.

When the press could not carry the election with their time honored BS then it appears they had to justify their reason for being. Accepting Trump cannot happen as it confirms their own prejudice and in reality seals their fate of irrelevance. Media might disparage Trump as a 'fool' but the reality is they fear his 'truth' that they are no longer relevant.

Top that all with the Trump claim that their 'business plans' are failing and that they are going bankrupt! That resonates corporately but also throws fear into the media rank and file who already see many empty desks in their offices. IMHO the vaunted CBC support their 'brothers' down south for the same reason. Many within can see the threat ala the dinos that preceded them.

WaPo is gonna hafta change its name to "The Whole Trump, Nothing But The Trump"

Well! Mexico has walked away (threw in the towel) from NAFTA by cancelling the negotiation visit, no reason for the Canadian Spud to waste his time to visit Trump unless he wants a bi-lateral trade agreement between Canada & the USA...

The 90 day notice may be enough time to re-patriot money of the US Companies in Mexico & Canada, before those currencies are stranded. Cheap labor & free import/export may not be that wise.

"The Victims of Benghazi can now rest in peace!"

Not yet. Congress needs to pass an act awarding the 2 CIA contractors the Medal of Honor like they did for Lindberg and a couple others.

Is the drain swamping itself? Is Donald Trump - the ultimate revenge of pop politics - the embodiment and culmination of the Tea Party revolution?

Is this the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end? Yes the swamp is draining itself nicely.

"Just think back to 2009, when the Tea Party movement began with CNBC financial commentator Rick Santelli’s furious on-air rant against Barack Obama’s stimulus package. “How many of you people want to pay your neighbor’s mortgage, that has an extra bathroom and can’t pay their bills?” Santelli asked the traders behind him on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. When they roared their disapproval, Santelli invoked the Founding Fathers and announced that he was thinking of staging a Tea Party in Chicago, fair warning that citizens were fed up with taxation without representation and a government that, like George III’s, had become swollen with “a multitude of New Offices,” as the Declaration of Independence had put it, and with “swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.”

The Tea Partiers wanted a second American Revolution that would sweep away the Administrative State that the Progressive Era, the New Deal, and the War on Poverty set loose to devour and fatten on the carcass of the Founders’ republic, replacing a government of limited and enumerated powers with an unlimited government that rules by administrative decree and redistributes wealth as if it belonged to the governors and not the governed. No wonder Obama’s Internal Revenue Service worked to squash that movement as tyrannically as George III’s tax collectors. Let’s see if the new revolutionaries picked a leader who knows what they want and how to get it."


Trudeau? Give us all a break, please. JT has no thoughts on this, other than what Butts et al tell him to think. He's a sock puppette.

The UN, NWO (Soros), WWF (through Butts), Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Clinton Foundation, Tides, Rockafeller Foundation, Hewlitt & Packard Foundations (among others) are "running" this country. Most of the Premiers have deferred to them on policy, or you'd have a howl of a time imposing "carbon taxes" from Ottawa. Their bread is mostly buttered with Equalization & they toe the line.

Un-elected, EU-style "democracy" is being performed here & you really have no say in it. Even the oppos are in on the deal, because I don't hear much in the way of noise reported on the subject, or any efforts to resist. Dead silence. No tantrums in the HoC, obstruction, efforts to enlist the populace in demonstrating against them. They spend their time & efforts on demonstrating against a foreign administration they have no influence on, outside their jurisdiction. A smoke screen to mask their collusion & ineptitude.

They just collect their paychecks.

Shamrock ! Thank you for the beautiful reminder of Santelli's RANT. However, I want to emphasize THIS quote from the smartly-written city-journal article ...

Santelli was more prophetic than he knew, for the stimulus saved few Americans from foreclosure on their over-leveraged houses. Instead, it mainly kept state and local government workers employed, while the citizens whose taxes formerly paid their salaries were losing not just their houses but also their jobs.

THIS is what Obama meant when he used the term "infrastructure". It's a nice, broad, non-specific word ... isn't it. Obama (and the LEFT) meant the "infrastructure" of UNIONIZED government employees. Almost NOTHING got built for the $Trillion-something cost. NADA. Roads ? Very FEW ! Bridges ? Name ONE ? My own upper-middle class suburban bedroom community received a $million or so "stimulus" dollars to ... rebuild our downtown handicapped sidewalk ramps. Yes ... I said RE-build. We already had them, but they were not up to the "current" ADA regulations. They needed a different non-skid texture. They needed a wider flare on the wings. Yep. Regulations. Non-essential regulations. But regulations that keep government bureaucrats busy administrating.

It's funny. I grew-up in this town ... and all the way back in the 1970's I watched a BLIND man ... the adult son of a neighbor walk solo from his parents home to his downtown job (no bus runs near his pathway). He navigated his walk with surprising ease and speed. His image became a unique part of our community as he never moved or changed his habits. For 30+ years he traversed the SAME pathway. Not a single one of all the EXPENSIVE government "accommodations" changed or helped him in any way. I suppose the fancy new stoplights with audible tones for the blind were helpful, however, he had learned the "sounds" of a green light and walk-sign. He NEVER stepped into the crosswalk at the wrong time. He had made all the "accommodations" necessary ... by himself. He was independent. Him. He depended on HIMSELF ... not the government as he made himself an EQUAL and PRODUCTIVE citizen. He was as FAR from a snowflake as ever existed. The man was a real mensch.

Now ... the government has gone OFF THE RAILS in FORCING and PENALIZING the average citizen to "accommodate" the least of our society. I have NO PROBLEM with providing reasonable accommodations for ALL the disabled, economically disadvantaged, etc. ... UNTIL ... it gets so FREAKING punitive and OUT OF CONTROL that it demands a PUSH BACK. Go President Trump ... use your pen and phone to ERASE the OPPRESSIVE regulations crushing every American.

I see that Trump has rid himself of the Victoria Nuland!! That will also please the Russians. words are cheap, deeds on the other hand ...

"it is not the beginning of the end, nor the end of the beginning. It is, rather, the middle of the middle." -- Alternative Winston Churchill

And after only three days! What WERE those other POTII doing?!

-- Bad News

State Department was one area with a high concentration of Ivy League miseducated personnel - people who couldn't understand the Qu'ran's plainer statements, for instance. I expected much difficulty in getting rid of them, but it sounds as though they are eliminating themselves.

I suspect that Kennedy and friends think themselves to be irreplaceable and hope that Tillerson will prove himself a fool in trying to run State. They just seem to be determined to continue underestimating their opponent.

The other thing worth mentioning is the 'slight of hand' Trump is exercising that is driving the media nuts.

Trump will make what is perceived as an outrageous statement(voter fraud, crowd size); and the media goes nuts. In the meantime, Trump signs executive orders... which get no media scrutiny because of the of the focus on the "lies". It's funny, because Trump has been doing this for over a year now.

Finally... I can't blame the media completely; the bottom line is... 'low-hanging fruit' is the only "news" folks watching the mainstream media are interested in, or are capable of comprehending.

I can't imagine a better suited POTUS for this day and time.



My theory of: The Year of Trump

Everything Trump touches turns to gold(including the White House drapes); all but guarantee's a New England Patriots Win next week.


Fox reported, last night, that Trumps poll numbers @ 57% .. That was before the Border policy....Trump train...I agree that the New England Patriots will not be robbed by the strips.

There is some legal opinion that Sanctuary City official's may/could be charged with accessory to Murder, under existing law. That suggests there is a civil cause of action for unconstitutional conduct by state officials. It is my understanding that US government officials can be sued if they knowingly violate the law..

The problem with the rational that illegal Aliens will not cooperate with local police is flawed because when Zero illegal Aliens exist there is zero cooperation necessary. The false premise assumes that the Feds have failed to prevent illegal aliens from living among American communities.... The illegal Aliens that are working in Drug distribution & Child Prostitution are increasing because of overly simplistic solutions that do not work


Martin, not sure what you mean. Trump's Keystone announcement was a gift to Trudeau and Notley. I am just waiting for the 20% tax Trump will announce.

"The UN, NWO (Soros), WWF (through Butts), Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Clinton Foundation, Tides, Rockafeller Foundation, Hewlitt & Packard Foundations (among others) are "running" this country. Most of the Premiers have deferred to them on policy, or you'd have a howl of a time imposing "carbon taxes" from Ottawa. Their bread is mostly buttered with Equalization & they toe the line."

Bingo and well put. There is no opposition. Just a bunch of progressives.

TimR, great thought! A smokescreen makes sense.

They had already resigned, as do all those appointed at the pleasure of the President. The difference here is, this time, the resignations were accepted. Usually, most aren't. The Washington Post's hysterical response is "fake news".

It isn't fake news, it is alt news. They didn't resign, they were fired. Puts a different spin on the story.

Well hoppsing, to most people (apparently not you), eating a sh1t sandwich of their own making - is not considered a "gift".

Well, not so good for transition. The gong show will continue. Hang on for the ride.

fired, not resigned. wapo is a piece of crap.

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