Is There Nothing That Obama Couldn't Do?


This was the moment that the rise of the petulance began to flow...


Yup, just like a mangy coyote. If he can't chew it or screw it, he'll piss all over it.

As Michael Savage has been saying, he has a SCORCHED EARTH policy in place for his way out the door.

Obama is the first elected black President and it may be argued he was given enormous leeway and support 8 years ago to make a success of the position. His truculent and childish behaviour on leaving office, along with his wife's behaviour, may ensure he is the last one. Maybe not fair, but a lot of things in politics isn't fair. They just do not seem to respect the position of President.

The Obama administration has 26 days left (16 US working days).

What's really remarkable is the silence from the left. My lefty friends aren't saying a word.

The term for this process, in Marxist theory, is "cultural/political hegemony", a phrase that was coined by communist philosopher Antonio Gramsci to describe how the political power-structure of a society is always determined by the cultural norms of that society. Political culture was changed from republican to communist with the gradual infiltration, and then surreptitiously commandeered control of the political institutions which shape cultural awareness (Oval office, MSM, Hollywood, Campus) - then people will simply vote themselves into communism without the need for a revolution.

That was the Alinsky-Gransci theory presumed. So, it’s no accident, nor did it simply happen naturally that each Dem POTUS has been getting progressively anti-American to the point that Obama writes executive orders against constitutional protections in the 12th hr and refuses to leave Washington, staying on as an unelected government opposition leader.

The point of this soft revolution is that it is communism by "stealth", the public must remain unaware they are voting themselves into a communist single party tyranny - and there's the rub - Obama was blatently communist and Clinton even more so.

The Trump revolution show there are a majority of Americans awake to the stealth commie revolution and are having none of it - the awareness will grow - and stealth commies like Obama are stuck on stupid, totally confused as to how they were voted out - so they will double down on the OPEN COMMIE HEGEMONY and awaken more people.

2016 was a historic moment in America not unlike a second liberty revolution - but by ballot this time - this time.

Any executive order by one administration has a shelf life that can expire the moment the next one assumes power.
What is stopping Trump from issuing an executive order rescinding all executive orders issued between Jan 2009 and jan 2017?

And the crap Trump can't get rid of our Republican congress can refuse to support.

Threaten to cut money from the EPA, Education, Planned Parenthood, etc.

If they don't,
We will FIRE their ass in two years.

Hallelujah – Pentatonix (From A Pentatonix Christmas Special)

I am struck by certain similarities between the reigns of Obama and Harper.

Both were brought in as supposed fresh breaths of air by people unhappy with the status quo.

Both were dismal failures in fulfilling the expectations those supporters had of them. Neither offered any real positive change.

Both will have their supposed "legacies" absolutely erased by the government that follows them.

As a Trump supporter, I may just have to delude myself into believing I'm American to survive three more long years of Trudeau ruining Canada. With the CBC-led msm in Canada seemingly maintaining a choke-hold on public opinion and the currently depressing crop of PC-addled Conservatives, I have little hope for a Trump-esque renaissance here.

Obama is THE most Anti-American, American president in the history of the US. Yeah, scorched earth ... starting with the "Affordable" (Jedi mind trick) Care Act. Obama was elected because he promised to "transform" America. Trump was elected ... because Obama "transformed" America. It is no surprise that the POTUS who told the Chinese (in China) that he wished the American government was structured like Communist China where Obama answered to no one but his leftist Democrap-Communist party. This midnight basketball being played by Obama is his Chinese Premiere moment ... and the American people are paying the price

Lovely song, but what does that have to do with Christmas? It's popping up in Christmas programs everywhere, like Lenin's "Imagine."

Pretty, but out of place.

"martin says... Obama is the first elected black President..."

you mean mulatto, right? what would his whitebread mother have to say, i wonder.

in fact, obama is just like all the ambiguously bi-racial models in the canadian tire catalogue who always seem to be ridiculously enthused about camping equipment... and who inexplicably always seem to have an oriental child lurking nearby.

there never seems to be an overtly african (ie... too black complected/featured) person in the popular media mix and barry follows the halle berry/beyonce principle... essentially a darker complected caucasian dude who won't scare all the social justice warriors off the sidewalk.

regardless of any racial construct... obama would not have been elected without the corrupt "cook county machine". chew on that for a while.


This son of a deadbeat African dad and a white mother who then had him schooled by his affluent white grandparents, who has never smelled a ghetto let alone lived in one and has actually hurt black American voters more than helped, is the first black president?


Now, he is condensing his hatred and contempt for humanity in the few short weeks he has left.

He is nothing but wicked.

He wasn't kicked out; his term limits kicked in. Sadly, that will not be the end of him.

I g­e­t p­ai­d 8­5 bu­ck­s h­ou­rl­y f­or f­­ree­­lan­ci­­ng. I n­ev­­er th­o­ug­ht I c­­a­n m­an­ag­e t­o d­o i­t bu­t m­­­y g­­oo­d fri­­end i­s ma­­­ki­ng 1­­0­00­0 d­­ol­­la­­rs ­­e­­ac­­h mo­­n­­th b­­­y d­­oi­­ng thi­­s jo­­­b a­­nd sh­­­e r­­ec­­­o­­mm­­en­­ded ­­m­­e t­­o c­­hec­­k it out. T­ry i­­t o­­ut on f­­ol­­lo­wi­­ng we­­bsi­­te, y­­­­­ou ha­­ve no­­th­in­­g t­o lo­­se...

Click this link............

The misdirection, obstruction, & silly childish acts are smoke & mirrors meant to delay Trump from rejecting the UN /EU climate change treaty... The UN Communists are bound together in a Global cabal. It was the 4 Countries with deep socialist bent that brought the resolution (against Israel) to a vote in the security council. The stomping of the little feet & hitting out against anyone & everyone is classic Obama "The Man Child"...

AGW/Climate Change is 100% supported by the Communist Countries... They are not classic scientists.

Trump needs to keep his eye on the Ball!

Did Trump's and the GOP's overall victory mark the beginning of the end of the political demoralization of the American voter?

Yes, the left hates Trump, but rubbing his nose in it, in full view of a hapless and helpless electorate, was the ultimate goal for their hegemonies.

Progressives believe, without evidence, their wisdom surpasses mom and pop's totalized efforts when the opposite, getting out of the way, is needed.

As long as the perfect remained the enemy of the good, it seemed the good was a conniving, incompetent political class & abysmal governance.

Canadians wonder if they are the frog in the pot or the onion being skinned. The US overlords are in disarray, having to contemplate getting real jobs.

Canadian Observer: I disagree strongly with your comparison of Harper and Obama as failed agents of change. Harper sought to limit government, some may argue not fast enough, while Obama did everything he could to concentrate power in the hands of government and their elitist handmaidens.

It will take years to undo the damage Obama did, and it will take years to undo the good Harper did for us with massive tax cuts and fiscal policy actually aimed at those who needed it, rather than for the benefit of neo-Laurentain cronies and identity politics as we have now with our boy blunder.

Trudeau got in by posing as a populist agent of change. Harper's failure was not exposing that, by not showing he wasn't "establishment."

Was he demoralized like Dubya in 2008? I've never understood how the party let Trudeau get away with his lies, no matter how co-opted our MSM.

Now we get another stint of overlord addled economic stagnation, as an incompetent government pees our money into the wind, endangering everyone.

Now the new CPC iteration works towards reinventing itself as the PC-CPC, jettisoning Harper's grand fusion of libertarians and conservatives.

Trump may have saved Americans from cultural Marxism. Harper's loss delivered us into it, as our international allies promote limiting government.

We did this before with Trudeau the elder, who so perverted our economic system that we will never recover fully or pay off its debt.

Trudeau the younger, aka cabin boy has a long way to go to reach the heights of elitist depravity his father did, but he will try.

He'll probably need a second term, which the loser present derivative of Harper's vision of responsible government will unwittingly facilitate.

Well said sir. Excellent summation.
Merry Christmas.

What have you been smoking there Canadian Observer? You do know that if take a hard look at what Shiny Pony has done you will realize most of what he has done is basically a continuation of Harper's policies right? So how has his legacy "been erased"? The Liberals have been at the helm of the least productive government in history.....based on the number of bills passed this past year. At least Harper wasn't fawning all over a terrorist supporting, evil dictator. And do really believe that jet-setting all over the world handing out billions of our tax dollars is productive when we have people that cannot get adequate health care here in Canada?

Barack Hussein Obama, megalomania personified.

Restrained, thankfully, by the American constitution and those loyal to it.

Obama's worst regulation is that a statue of himself must be placed atop of every Christmas tree.

Hopefully, that one will be repealed before coming into effect next Christmas.

Those who tried that decoration this year discovered it kept falling...

Yet, Comrade Doug Saunders of the Mop & Pail thinks Dear Leader has been an awesome leader, without flaws, the Black Jesus of the progressive Left. The article is stunning in its blissful ignorance of the dangerous state of the world, and damage that Barky has caused.

You guys have reading comprehension difficulties, or what?

I CLEARLY started with "I am struck by certain similarities...", I then went on to list a whole three.

The voices in your heads must have made up the rest of the shite you imagined you read in my post.

One only need reject the Obama-Nation™ to get a Handel on Christmas...@1:39:39 Hallelujah

Handel "MESSIAH" | King's College, Cambridge Choir | BEST RECORDING

Enjoy, MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy Hanukkah to all the fine folks at SDA!


Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

1st Saint Nicolaas Army
Army Group 'True North'

Obama Quietly Signs The "Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act" Into Law

"a bill to implement the U.S.’ very own de facto Ministry of Truth had been quietly introduced in Congress. As with any legislation attempting to dodge the public spotlight the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016 marks a further curtailment of press freedom and another avenue to stultify avenues of accurate information. Introduced by Congressmen Adam Kinzinger and Ted Lieu, H.R. 5181 seeks a “whole-government approach without the bureaucratic restrictions” to counter “foreign disinformation and manipulation,” which they believe threaten the world’s “security and stability.”

A communist, a muslim, and an illegal alien walk into a bar... and the bartender says ?

O'Bummer hasn't said if he'll attend Trump's inauguration:

Slick Willy's probably still pouting and Shrub might be mad because Trump made fun of his brother.

danbc - I never read the G&M and articles like that remind me why. Holy Mother of God! Did that guy actually write that with a straight face and without his fingers crossed behind his back?

"Mr. Obama’s headline world achievements – the multi-country peace deal that removed the Iranian nuclear threat; the large-scale multilateral curbs on carbon emissions of which the Obama-engineered Paris Agreement was only a part – were important."

That's a whopper of Biblical proportions.

great article at the Flop and Flail.
Glad to see they have learnt nothing and will accelerate into oblivion.
Obama is the best, due to his unique nature he has created a whole new world for the Democrat Party, and has assured the future of the United Nations.
See anybody can write this kind of tosh.
That the Democratic party is exposed ,fractured and continues to implode=whole new world for these lying parasites.
That Trump must, by US law, now defund the UN.. means Obama has assured the end of the UN.
As the other useless Nutjobs will wail,shriek and fling faeces but will never pick up the tab.
No money means by by UN.
Who knew Obama was such a champion?
Government Run Healthcare, is going down, due to Obamacare.
For years the kleptocrats have papered over the huge cost and pitiful performance of bureaucratic healthcare.
But the exposure of Obamanation healthcare and the exposure of our lying useless media have shown even indoctrinated Canadians how shabby our "System" is.
Two sets of care and us dumb taxpayers are in the hurry up and wait system.

"Lovely song, but what does that have to do with Christmas? It's popping up in Christmas programs everywhere, like Lenin's "Imagine."

Pretty, but out of place."

So what should be legislated as "official" Christmas songs? Do you have a list? Just so we ensure everyone celebrates and enjoys the season in the state sanctioned way.

Obama, what will you have?

A communist, a muslim, and an illegal alien walk into a bar... and the bartender says ?

Who has ID?

On January 20, 2017 Trump should reverse every regulation enacted since November 8, 2016 without exception. Within days he should reverse hundreds more of the most egregious partisan ones enacted recently. First clean house, then rebuild.

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