Matt Harrigan's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day



Hillary/ Obamba supporter, nothing will happen to him.

Well maybe they'll give him a Nobel Peace Prize instead of Trump next Feb 2017.

Placed on administrative leave? The slime-ball should have already been arrested and charged with conspiracy to assassinate a public figure.

I've said it before:

Democracy has more sore losers than any other sport.

He has a pretty good case for an insanity defense (unless he already bought a gun) :)

As Boris Johnson would say, the collective whinge-o-rama continues unabated.

Dan T >

"unless he already bought a gun"

heh, that wouldn't be very "Liberal" of him. (oops Liberal hypocrisy alert)

If he's never used a "sniper rifle" or had prior training of any kind, then we can assume he's going to be in for one hell of a learning experience when he does try to assassinate someone.

Well, he dared them to "bring it".

They brought it.

I wonder what that's going to be like for him?

Post something like that on facebook here in Canada with our PM targetted and see how fast the RCMP will be kicking your door down!

Within hours,but only after they check the Registry to see if you're on file in Miramichi. (sarc)

Harrigan is deranged,and the FBI or local cops should definitely arrest him,and seize any firearms he own or has in possession.

Let childish nutcases like this off lightly,and it will definitely give encouragement to someone with the balls to actually do it.

Anti-Trump rioters have beaten up several people, murder is next on their agenda as they are fully supported by the msm and their fellow lunatics.

Well he is into network security as a job; so one can ascertain that his introduction to military and secret service security response will be very short and quick.

With the first conviction for plotting an assassination we'll see how brave the anarchist lumpen proletariat really are...

I'm sure the George SorASS set will find someone to fund; seeing as he and his ilk got bupkis
for their billions.

All brought to you by the gangsters that couldn't shoot straight.



Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

1st Saint Nicolaas Army
Army Group 'True North'

We'll be told it was just a joke that was taken the wrong way I'm sure.

I suspect the company product reflects the mentality of the CEO. Don't go near it.

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He, like many Democrats, is certifiably insane. Wow....what a whack job.

Wow that is nasty stuff.

I can't imagine someone making threats like that and not being arrested.

Arrest him,

Involuntarily.Commit Him.

That puts him on the FBI background check NO list.

CAlifornia has a law where they confiscate firearms of those that commit felonies or are mentally committed. Use it.

Bring him to court and convict him.

How do I tell my children about people like Matt Harrigan, Black Lives Matter, Spirit Cooking, Portland protesters, Blacks beating a white guy and stealing his car, and most of all, how do I explain to them that it's Ok for a women running for President to lie and murder people to get the job?

This is like a soap opera.

Will he lose his job?
Will the Secret Service visit him?
Will he be arrested?
Will he check in to a detox center?
Will his boyfriend abandon him in his time of need?

(dramatic music) Tune in tomorrow ....

Not to excuse him but this has all the earmarks of a mental breakdown .... drugs and alcohol. He claims it was a joke.... yes, of course, a joke.
Personally I hope he loses his job, the Secret Service arrests him, his boyfriend leaves him and he becomes homeless. But that would be too much to ask.

Good God.

What was this guy thinking?

Wait, lemme re-punctuate the above sentence:

"What? Was this guy thinking?"

Writer for the David Letterman Show ... enough said.
Unhinged of the most Unhinged. It must be tough recognizing ones own irrelevance. But threatening murder because of it ... makes him in need of Psychiatric incarceration

Well, we know who is going to be the newest "wide receiver" on the prison football team next year...

When you surround yourself with only like-minded people, when you live in a hermetically sealed echo chamber, then what is idiotic starts to seem reasonable, for there is no one to tell you different.

...So much hate from the LiberalLeftLosers, that If President Trump was Black, they hang him from the WH flagpole!

candidate for Horrible Bosses 3

administrative leave, that's like a paid vacation right?

The best thing Harrigan could do now is announce that he has a serious substance abuse problem. That would be more reassuring to the Board of Directors than believing he wrote this stuff stone, cold sober.

Hopefully he gets the chair. #notjoking

Hillary Clinton was right about at least one thing. There is a basket of deplorables in the States, but they are NOT Trump followers.

The Loughner Left on public display, pre-Leavenworth.

I see that the company has now reported their CEO to the Secret Service and has placed him on administrative leave. Good for them. It's difficult to believe that they would be indicative of corporate security if they let this pinprick off - if they were interested in maintaining their business they had to report him.

This is priceless! And I though that the best popcorn theatre was during the election!

One thing that has always utterly confused me and my high-tech colleagues is how the high tech sector in the US (and Canada) became to utterly infested with leftists.

Silicon Valley for example is a leftist cesspool. How is this even possible?

Matt who?

Another "superstar" of the left not given to hypoerbole, oh no ...

So he thinks there's somewhere in DC that you can perch with a rifle and shoot identifiable targets through a White House window? It sounds like literally every single thing he knows about snipers he learned from playing Call of Duty or watching Bourne movies. How does someone this unintelligent become a CEO of anything?

I suspect that come 20.January.2017 all those that have shown Bush Derangement Syndrome will find all their long past symptoms have returned, with a vengeance.

This guy, especially:

As their own gods, people like Matt Harrigan truly believe that they are invulnerable to any consequences from what they say or how they behave.

It doesn't take long to destroy one's life, if one tries hard enough:
"PacketSled takes recent comments made by our CEO, seriously. Once we were made aware of these comments, we immediately reported this information to the secret service and will cooperate fully with any inquiries. These comments do not reflect the views or opinions of PacketSled, its employees, investors or partners. Our CEO has been placed on administrative leave."

Not easy to fire the Boss. But it can be done.

ahhhh the tolerant left!

Pretty sure this scumbag gets a pardon from Bamo like Hitlery.Sigh...

typical of the left. just look at the idiocy we listened to surrounding PM Harper.

This deranged and infantile former student radical would soil himself copiously at the sound of an incoming bullet cracking over his head. He gets off by issuing threatening noises while posting anonymously from from the safety of cyber-space. What a sniveling little pussy.

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