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Shut up, tinfoil people.


The invitations to Breitbart were unfortunately lost in the mail.

Yes it is disgusting but Trump is such an narcissistic, vindictive imbecile that it makes no difference. Hillary is the only rational choice for the US.

If the GOP wants to win it has to pick a candidate that is not a clown.

Donald is right. The fix is in and the system is rigged. Every attack against Trump has been pre-planned. It was no accident that the video appeared after it appeared that Trump might win and these latest accusations are meant to give Trump's campaign the coup de gras.

In my mind, the US is now officially a banana republic and has nothing over Putin and Russia. And, the MSM calls out RT when it is no better.

Even most of FoxNews has gone over to the dark side, especially that vindictive beatch Megan.

So, you are OK with Hillary finishing off the Republic and making it her own personal money making machine and fiefdom?

Hours Devours?

I give up with fools like you. You are presented with hard facts that the media rigged the game and you then recite their talking points back to justify Hillary.

Hillary a rational choice? Tim. Your meds called. They left you for someone curable. You are scewed.

Please don't vote.

Donald said it on day 1 of this joke of a race. The system is rigged.
The USA and other similar western nations are in fact done. Dead. The left has won. Multiculturalism,leftist governments that run us right into the ground with out of control debt, exported our good jobs overseas. Our national infrastructure is a joke. The MSM lies and disinforms stupid gullible westerners. We have Marxist/unionized teachers in our schools indoctrinating our children (the next gen of lefties) that often grow up to frequent safe spaces and behave as non binary gender snowflakes in universities. White male guilt, the affirmative action fail that actually made everything worse, the BLM or even the climate change fraud. We are done.
Trudeau's a false feminist and the airhead small spud hypocrite suffers from big time vanity.

I must run away from this "civilization".

Vladimir Putin and the Chinese laugh good at the p@ssy west.

I'd be more upset if Hillary wins for many reasons not the least of which are those supporting her.

Her public record is well known as well. The accusations against Trump are not proven, are malicous and all coming out in the dying days of the campaign. If people are dumb enough to accept them as gospel they deserve what they get.

There is not enough logic on the face of this planet to justify twisting a belief that Trump would be bad into meaning Clinton would be good. It is stunted thinking at it's best and a common meme of media-trained trolls.

It is without question that between the two, she is the least honest, least loyal, least trust-worthy, least patriotic, least inspiring and most importantly, least concerned about the fortunes of the average American. And hey, if people don't want to believe me, they can just ask Bernie Sanders.

Well said. Too true. Crooked Hillary with the crooked MSM. The MSM are now ignoring newest wikileaks email dumps. Are American voters this dumb? We shall see.

MMMMM............ leftard "hours devours" .....'Murican peanut butter an cheese whizz on fancy Ritz crackers for media elites! Saving the whores ovaries for the MoBro guests.

As convoluted as the Trump campaign has been Clinton continues to get a free media ride. Do thinking progressive people ever wonder why? If they do the truth cannot escape them and their continued support is testimony of their willingness to accept lies, security risk and financial disaster. I have little sympathy for these people as IMHO their immoral acceptance of Clinton equates to intellectual laziness and corruption.

Would Trump be any better? Sadly to date he has not demonstrated an articulate argument for support. Can any conservative say with conviction that they understand what motivates him or his decision making framework?

Ultimately voters will make a choice between Clinton (more of the same culminating in a fiscal disaster) or Trump who might provoke the same fiscal disaster. Clinton has demonstrated an inability to fix things and Trump has not. How many will think they have nothing to lose by voting Trump? Either way I anticipate anarchy.

Trump is caught on tape claiming to use his wealth sexually assault women and people have to nerve to claim that the charges are 'unproven'? Talk about delusional thinking.

Trump is a pathetic scumbag. The media may be biased but they are not wrong.
It is fine to point out media bias but bias does not mean "always wrong".
A stopped clock is right twice a day and the media has it right on Trump.

I would have supported any other GOP nominee except him.

Folks, I believe what has been revealed over the last couple weeks, is that the Coup is firmly in place, and has been for some time already, likely back as far as 2010. Now that it's so firmly in place, They're allowing you to see more of what's happening, they're blatant, arrogant and unafraid.

You know it's bad, when a out of the way, back water radio station like CJME, about as far removed from the U.S. Presidential election as you can get in N.A., slants the news to the extent that it does. Everyday a different brick thrown at Trump, and everyday the News Director buries anything damaging to Hillary, not mentioning any Wiki leaks emails.

I couldn't agree with you more ... however ... where were you in 2008 and 2012 when the Republicans were running clowns with no real ambition for the office ? Where were you then ? And where were you when a feckless, reckless Speaker Ryan plotted a strategy to grant every border crashing illegal US citizenship ? Or when Mr Ryan orchestrated the passage of Obama's full budget without any modification ?

I guess it all depends on whether you are amused by happy-face clowns ... or the sad sack variety

" Can any conservative say with conviction that they understand what motivates him or his decision making framework?"

There are several ways in which we can analyze Trump's "decision-making framework". The first are his books, especially "The Art of the Deal", which is a fairly clear statement on how he makes decisions and negotiates. You can watch some of the videotaped presentations he made before Congressional committees in the past (including the early 90s where he warned them about the issues with commercial building development and investment).

The other way is, frankly, is to observe his ego. Trump identifies strongly with being American. America is suffering right now. Any real measure would show how bad it is for the average citizen. America looks terrible, and by extension, that wounds Trump's ego because it makes him look bad. A soaring, great, Eisenhower America like Trump's youth is his goal. That is an America to be proud of. Who the hell (other than a damaged individual) wants to be a rich man in a dump of a country? Sure you'll be a mighty king amongst the rabble, but you're a joke when you go to any nation that matters.

The final way is that he has burned his boats. He can never, ever, go back to what he was before. If Hillary wins his business empire will be destroyed, along with any chance his children have. Any of his connections to the elite will be done- this applies if he wins as well. He is at a point where he must win, and then he must implement his key promises. He has no alternatives. Therefore, his decisions will be fundamentally influenced by how he has no chance of return.

Frankly, he's not all that bad, and certainly better than Clinton in many key ways (beyond just the supreme court justices issue).

Trump scoring because of wealth: horrible, worst thing ever.
NBA, NFL players scoring because of wealth: that's just nature.

Do I have this right?

Just leave Tim alone. Paid shills can't ever be taught.

"Trump is caught on tape claiming to use his wealth sexually assault women"
You do know that this is standard practice for most of Hollywood, most famous musicians, and most famous athletes, right? The gold diggers that flock to the rich and famous are expecting to be treated as an object, as long as they get some of that fame and fortune themselves. Seriously, take a look at the number of young and beautiful girls that date/marry very old rich guys. You also know that Bill Clinton did MUCH WORSE THAN THIS, and that Hillary not only covered for him, but tried to destroy the lives and reputations of Bill's victims? Justifying Hillary for President because of Trump's behavior requires you to completely ignore much worse behavior on the part of Hillary and her inner circle.

Ah, yes, but Donald Trump is not a clown. "Clown" is an emotional word you are using to make it look like your opinion is fact. If he wore a spotted, baggy suit and had a painted face and orange hair, he would then be a clown. Words like "clown" are very popular in today's discourse because the number one weapon in the commentator's arsenal is pejorative naming. I do believe that the Donald is narcissistic, but so is 98% of the population, including the nominee for the other side. But I also believe that he has a real vision for the protection and betterment of the USA, which I believe Hillary Clinton lacks.


There is a difference between sex and rape.
Trump bragged about assaulting unwilling women who can't complain because he is a 'star'.

Give your head a shake if you can't figure out the difference between that and consensual sex with 'groupies'.


The allegations against Bill Clinton are allegations. Why should they be given any more credence than the woman suing Trump for raping 13 year girls in NY? Why should Trump be the only one who gets to claim to be 'innocent until proven guilty'?

What we have on Trump is an admission - not an allegation. And the admission is damning. It makes no difference if other Hollywood players act the same. It is still wrong but the unnamed 'others' are not running for president.

The media is not "biased". They are completely for the Democrats, no matter what. Hillary should be in jail, period. But the media is doing their best to bury any and all info that makes her look bad. It's absolutely unbelievable. Welcome to the 21st century version of the Nazi propaganda machine.

There have been times in my life when my three most used words were a, an, and fu@k. When I attended university 40 years ago many of my friends were kids of the filthy rich Alberta upper crust. We all discussed women in rude terms when in private but were the utmost gentlemen when in their presence. The only people who may not have been typical males were queers and Bible thumpers. I feel very comfortable having Trump as president. After all Billy Clinton raped women while Hillary denigrated them.

Dumas, thanks for your response to CT. I would add that Trump has expressed a desire to "build a Wall across the Southern Border", "regain control of American immigration", "deport all illegal aliens", and "implement a moratorium on Muslim refugees", and he is a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment. Intellectual and cultural 'elites' have been brainwashed over the last fifty years and as a result they cannot see that Trump advocates some common-sense solutions to the problems that face America, and these problems are resonating with the average American taxpayer. Elites that advocate for Hilary are living in their gated communities far removed from the life style they and their like have cast the American taxpayer into. Uncontrolled borders and illegal immigration is nothing less than State Sponsored Slavery and the cultural elites that declare for multiculturalism and open borders are nothing more than would be plantation owners.

Right. The most telling thing to come out of the Podesta leaks is the hand wringing about overcoming HC dislike of "ordinary Americans". Not surprising really as she is completely isolated from everyday contact with them. Then why exactly does she obsess about being President?
Trump may also have limited access to "ordinary Americans" but he is more credible in his concern for their well being; this goes a long way in explaining his appeal to them.

hildebeast's hitlist...

"Several issues: I think gay adoption belongs with the "liberal" hit on Obama,
but "a little blow" does not. "A little blow" needs to be tested on its own."


hildebeast's hitlist...

"Several issues: I think gay adoption belongs with the "liberal" hit on Obama,
but "a little blow" does not. "A little blow" needs to be tested on its own."


No Tim, he said he "could" do those things because women are drawn to money and power. That was the context of the conversation.

So ... when Hillary spoke of a ... vast right wing conspiracy ... she was doing what Psychologists call "projecting". Projecting what she engages in, onto someone else. You can pretty much assume that is EXACTLY what she does in EVERYTHING she says about Trump. Projects her own life experiences and lifestyle onto him.

After my last post and in my review of the blog sites this morning I came across this at Blazing Cat Fur and thought a few of you might want to take the challenge. I implore you to seriously consider the questions, and after viewing the results try and apply them to the last Canadian election and the direction that this country is taking.

No matter who the candidate for the Repubs is the Dem machine would fashion a sexually charged attack to destroy the character of their opponent. TimG can keep his head up his ass while parroting the lies and gross exaggerations funded by those who willingly betray America through the removal of Individual Freedoms, true competitive free markets and equal Justice.

Trump is no boy scout. He is what he is and to believe that a Hollywood celebrity known for big brash shrewd business gambles is a George Bailey selflessly kind builder of Utopia misses the point all together. If America wants a leader for its' deplorables and everyone else that needs a more fair shot at the American Dream - Trump is your man. If you want those people to be "bleached" away and made eternally irredeemable while burning down the remnants of the Old America then Hill's your bought and paid for convict.

Interesting how a post confirming what we have all been saying about the patently obvious for years morphs into a defense of Trump's campaign. I'm still waiting for a leak of emails exposing the collusion between Clinton's Corruption Central and the media in holding all the juicy stuff on Trump until well after he had the nomination as he was likely their choice for GOP nomination and fully loaded with material to use against him at the right time. It would be like what would have happened had Stockwell Day become CPC leader instead of Harper. The "Man walking with Dinosaurs" belief would have been pulled from the shelves and used at just the right moment (not to conflate Day's political handicap with Trumps "character").

The institutional left now rules America (and us), either through politics, culture, education and entertainment and the integral glue that holds it all together is that part that masquerades as the media.

There you go again!

But he didn't say they can't complain because he's a star. He said they don't complain because he's a star.

It is amply demonstrated that any woman can complain against any man, star or not, and while her accusations may not stick, she will be supported by some elements, even if her accusations are proven to be false. And it is also demonstrated that if she accuses certain men, e.g. President Bill Clinton, the same elements who would support her in false allegations against someone like Trump will attack her.

(If someone like Trump grabs a woman's genitals and she punches his, he limps away and keeps quiet about it.)

John Chittick,

The problem is Trump is such a horrible candidate that there is nothing that Hillary could do to make her less preferable than Trump. I would personally prefer Gary Johnson but that is not plausible.

Trump has destroyed the GOP coalition and poisoned the well for important policies such as skepticism on climate change and immigration. Trying to defend this scumbag only hurts the cause of promoting sensible right wing policies.

Thomas Sowell makes the point that one of the things money can buy is protection from reality. This partly explains why "The Powers That Be" advocate policies which, while superficially good for assuaging guilt and generating kudos for themselves at cocktail parties are disastrous for those who are lower on the socio-economic ladder cannot escape the consequences of those policies.

Rules for the rest of us are made by safe people. These are the people who run governments and bureaucracies, who live in nice homes in nice neighborhoods and are protected by their status.

Those who live with the effects of laws are those who are much less safe. This could be true of ALL bad legislation or the self interested agendas of the power structure - fact is that big government will never bear the responsibility of their actions nor the effects of their mistakes in policy - it has always been so since the Pharaohs built their monuments on the dead bodies of their slaves.

OK, what the hell are "passed hours devours"?

I guess "hors d'oeuvre" was too challenging for the intellectual superior who composed this email.


You'll get no argument from me on all three points.

"Trump has destroyed the GOP coalition"

And McCain and Romney didn't? Thee Democrats and their media fluffers had the quasi-Marxist Romney painted as a red-necked right-winger. Apparently their enemies get to define the Republicans.

I hadn't noticed that. It's hilarious.

Well Tim, opinions are like azzholes. Everyone has one. I find your opinion to be without merit. Gary Johnson is actually worse than Hillary. He shares Hillary's lack of charisma but unlike Hillary, he pairs that with a shallow intellect and a poor understanding of the world..... he would be a total disaster as President.

I believe that at this point in the process there are very few people who's minds are not already made up about who they choose. Those "undecided" at this point probably will not vote at all. Most of them are apathetic about the whole election "thingy".

Vote however you please but stop trying to justify your decision based on nonsense. No one here is buying your rationalizations. That's what I plan to do. It will take something more substantial than a 10 year old tape with some frank talk about women or absurd accusations of sexual misconduct that allegedly took place some 40 years ago to make me change my mind at this point.

No, the GOP destroyed itself with milquetoast candidates and GOP leadership that caved to every Obama whim. That is why the people are fed up and angry.

Wikileaks has released the ID's of Hillaries paid trolls. Worried "Tim"?

Ok how likely is it that the Russians or Chinese or whoever is feeding Wikileaks is NOT saving the best stuff for after Shrillary wins? Max disruption/instability of the US is the goal, folks, and what better way to do that than to release a sh*tstorm on a newly-inaugurated, exceedingly corrupt and most importantly, compromised President. This is the thing I'm most scared about. We live in truly dangerous times.

Ok how likely is it that the Russians or Chinese or whoever is feeding Wikileaks is NOT saving the best stuff for after Shrillary wins? Max disruption/instability of the US is the goal, folks, and what better way to do that than to release a sh*tstorm on a newly-inaugurated, exceedingly corrupt and most importantly, compromised President. This is the thing I'm most scared about. We live in truly dangerous times.

TimG, please provide the police records of charges being laid after investigations of rape, or sexual assault or whatever?

Meanwhile, the Clintons have been under investigation their entire adult lives, implicated in layers of corruption, in addition to serial sexual predation.

Ah yes, Hillary. Let's fast forward shall we. President Clinton, tell us about your vision and how it has been completed in your first year of office?

"Uh, I can't recall:"

"Hillary Clinton said under oath in a court filing Thursday that she can't recall key details about her use of a private email server or she refused to answer questions about it posed by a conservative legal group."

Clinton said she recalled making the decision in early 2009, but she "does not recall any specific consultations regarding the decision."

Asked whether she was warned that using a private email account conflicted with federal record-keeping rules, Clinton responded that "she does not recall being advised, cautioned, or warned, she does not recall that it was ever suggested to her, and she does not recall participating in any communication, conversation, or meeting in which it was discussed."

Does she recall sending Chris Stevens to his death in Benghazi to provide cover to arm Libyan rebels, who turned out to be AQ?

Count on many more memory lapses from President Clinton, who's administration is virtually guaranteed to be mired in corruption and government failure.

But lying Hillary is not the problem, just lurid Donald? Oh, but it's 2016? Meanwhile Beyoncé dances obscenely for the kids at a Super Bowl halftime show, young men act disgustingly towards women, while gangbusters talk about abusing women in between hip thrusts and groupie pickups.

Clinton tried to nail every women who came near, JFK was a serial philanderer who consorted with Mafia types, Eisenhower and Roosevelt had many mistresses. Nobody questioned their fitness for president, suddenly Donald is held to a standard the rest of society, including its leaders fail to uphold.

Donald is the problem, by innuendo. Oh look, no discussion of issues. The truly sad part is 2/3 of Americans want change but a quarter of the malcontents will vote for Hillary, the status quo, except even more statism, open borders and the two progressive bulwarks, inflation and war, planned or otherwise.

Tim. These Howard Stern interviews have been in the public domain for years. I've heard them before and I don't even listen to Stern's show. Being the staunch principled conservative that you are, have you ever asked yourself, why are we hearing these damaging words again now at this particular point in time? Why didn't the media bring up these interviews during the primaries? Why didn't the other candidates bring them up? Why did the media give Trump so much free air time during the primaries while ignoring the other candidates?
Clinton used her position in government to shake down other countries for cash, cash that went directly to her and her family. As a conservative if you're fine with that we are truly screwed.

Ok how likely is it that the Russians or Chinese or whoever is feeding Wikileaks is NOT saving the best stuff for after Shrillary wins? Max disruption/instability of the US is the goal, folks, and what better way to do that than to release a sh*tstorm on a newly-inaugurated, exceedingly corrupt and most importantly, compromised President. This is the thing I'm most scared about. We live in truly dangerous times.

Even here in Ottawa at CFRA, which has gone downhill except for a couple of hosts. The trouble is the little places all take their news feeds from CP, AP, CNN etc. and just regurtitate the propaganda.

You repeat Clint propagnada in discussing Russia as a source. Assange knows but he ain`t saying.

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