"I Did Not Have Classified Relations With That Woman, Mrs Clinton"


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Heads up: "If Dems have anything left on Trump, expect it to drop soon now to distract from the FBI news,"

Or not. Update.

Federal law enforcement officials said Friday that the new emails uncovered in the closed investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server were discovered after the F.B.I. seized electronic devices belonging to Huma Abedin, a top aide to Mrs. Clinton, and her husband, Anthony Weiner.

Strike Breitbart down, and he'll become powerful than you can possibly imagine..


The FBI, and Comey in particular, has been criticized lately for being politically partisan. I wonder if this is Comey's way of trying to rectify that -- a mulligan, if you will.

My guess is that this is just cover for the FBI and a delaying tactic;nothing is going to happen as the fix is in.
FBI will investigate til after the election, OBummer will pardon all,it quietly dies.
We are deluding ourselves if we believe that our learned ideas about justice exist and apply to all.
No matter what really happens at the polls, the Electoral College
will not receive voting tallies that are not in accordance with Hillary winning in the big picture.
The only positive is that the odds are changing. http://www.oddschecker.com/politics/us-politics/us-presidential-election-2016/winner
I wonder if Soros' machines would 'allow' a tidal wave of votes for Trump?

Comey doing damage control now that everyone and his brother can read the Podesta emails in which Hillary's gang talks about the classified emails on her bathroom server.

And of course it's just a coincidence that no matter what happens after the election, he is now in the clear as the investigations can go on or will be stopped by Obama, not Comey....he did his job whatever happens. Slick!

Please God ! Let this be the Federal Govt. desperately trying to avoid the embarrassment of an upcoming WikiLeaks Dump that fully exposes HER corruption and sedition. Please God ! Let the Clinton's become modern era Julius and Ethyl Rosenberg. Please God ... don't make us WAIT for justice. Let it be TRUE that Kim.com has given Julian Assange all the goods to DESTROY these subversive parasites. Please God SHOVE the corrupt, sycophantic MSM's face in the dung heap of the Clintonian's they worship. Please God CRUSH this American CORRUPTION ! Take the blow torch of TRUTH to the entire Federal Govt. Do some REAL sanitization work on D.C. ! Send a MASSIVE SOLAR FLARE of hidden corruption to wipe the place clean.

Kenji: Don't held it back, man. Tell us how you REALLY feel about this.

Memo to the FBI: a reputation for honesty is a lot like virginity. Once it's gone, it's gone forever.

The timing is beyond suspicious, Comey had had access to other "pertinent" documents since last Jul when he cleared Clinton the first time.This latest move is simply a ploy to run out the clock until the election is over. Similarly to 1972-73 it may take congress months of investigation trying to remove Clinton from office, unless O'Bama pardons her before hand. Comey is simply kicking the can down the road and leaving congress to do what he should have done months ago.

If the dems don't have anything on Trump they will just make it up, blame it on a video 'cause what difference does it make? FBi is rotten up and down like the IRS, EPA, supreme court ect

New Emails in Clinton Case Came From Anthony Weiner’s Electronic Devices


US Attorney General pleads the fifth. How can the Attorney General be able to plead the fifth???


I am certain there is at least a dozen porn stars or reporters who can claim Donald offered them money . The shame . We know they aren't motivated by money or notoriety. Except , possibly when it comes from Democratic agencies. Yes , they are all artists and victims.

I just feel bad for the families of the upcoming rush of "apparent suicides" in the weeks to come.

Old Hagatha Clintigula will find some way to blame Trump and the brainless breathless media will broadcast whatever the wobbler comes up with, just watch. The old boot is so crooked she could sleep in the grain carts auger pant suit and all.

The only expose on Trump that could possibly be worse than the multitude of E-mails showing how corrupt Hillary Clinton is,would have to be a revelation that HE was actually the Green River killer and Gary Ridgeway was erroneously convicted.

For F***'s sake,America, how much evidence do you need to tell you that,whatever you think of Trump,this evil harridan Hillary Clinton should NEVER be given the reins of power in the White House!

Is Comey getting a bit nervous,and hedgeing his bets just in case HC doesn't win?

The Clintons have left nothing to chance. The election HAS to be won. Failure will put them in prison along with the current president. If they don't live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave they will live in Leavenworth and they know it. Too many Republicans will be after them and if your not in power your nobody.

Zero is on a slippery slope. He has until Jan 20th to issue a pardon. If the Clintons toss him under the bus - should things get too hot, you can't expect a pardon from them. They will be trying to save themselves.

America is changing and not for the better. So hated is Hillary that she could be hounded from office, impeached like her husband. Wouldn't that be something.

Welcome to the revolution.

"Clintigula". I like it.

This election is a choice between
rotten-crazy Caligula and
clean-up-the-mess Vespasian.

--Bad News

The whole administration probably used private emails to avoid any FOI requests. The whole Obama administration is a giant scam.

I wouldn't be too quick to hail this event as good for Trump and bad for Clinton. The talking-heads are saying that The White House didn't know about this until now, but I smell a rat, and its name is Obama. And as far as I know the FBI still works for Obama.

Did you know that Trump RAPED a 13yo girl ... and that she has already filed suit in court ? If not, then you just aren't reading enough posts by "Correct The Record" ... i.e. George Soros


In typical Snopes leftist fashion ... since it is an inflammatory, destructive charge against their gals rival ... they "just report the facts" ... but never provide the obvious conclusion that the whole story is about as real as the DUKE Lacrosse Team Rape, or the Rolling Stone Frat Rape story ... ie FRAUD !!

So we are to conclude that First Rapist "Bill's Wife" is going to get screwed over by "Wienergate" in the middle of an erection...er election?

I wonder if the American people want to vote in the 'perverts club' to the White House; and what could have ever gotten to Jim Comey to turn from spineless jellyfish to actually executing his job description?

From the feckless and the fey to actual law enforcement
...what a concept.

"I did not diddle my country, I am not a crook" despite a mountain of evidence.

Well at least according to Colin Powell, who is still voting for Hillarious, Bill is still 'dicking bimbos'.

If the American public concludes the country is totally screwed over they would be entirely correct in their assessment.


Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

1st Saint Nicolaas Army
Army Group 'True North'

Captcha hilarity: "PROHIBIDA" spanish for FORBIDDEN

You have to listen to Rush Limbaugh's reaction to this.

Actually, I think they have made arrangements to move to Qatar. Hillary recently transferred money there. I believe obama has arranged to get a percentage of all that dough recently transferred to Iran. They will be well looked after.


“We’ve gone from +350 to +220 (on Trump winning), as we’ve seen significant money on Trump, and it’s not stopping.” http://bit.ly/2f0j3pI

Is it "Here, tell these people something about him they don't know" or follow the money?

Clinton was -600/+500 Trump last week, check out the tweet

Those that are under Impeachment, Lynch & Comey, can't be granted an Obama Pardon.... Congress better MOVE
those slobbering fools after the Election to insure a full investigation...Obama has things he needs to hid

Valerie Jarret, Lynch, Uma all have something in common...They were selected by Soros

Brought down by Weinner!!! This is so appropriate. So entirely appropriate. The media must be depressed.

Anthony Weiner and or Anthony together with Huma, most likely stored sensitive government info on Anthony's computer for blackmail purposes,,,,just to make sure obama or Hillary give Tony and Huma all the pardons they need or want. An insurance policy so to speak.

"Schlonged" by Obama in '08. "Schlonged" by Weiner in '16. How delicious is that?

"I can not predict how long it will take us to complete this additional work...." -Comey.

I can, November 9, 2016.

Being cynical, i think it means nothing except that James Comey is CYAing in case of a Trump win.

Anyone who doesn't see that this event is being orchestrated AGAINST Trump, is being schlonged.

Just as the Wikileaks emails are starting to bite, here comes Comey to the rescue to offer a distraction that will be "solved" the day before the election and Clinton will again skate free.

This is earned cynicism.

James Comey and Hillary Clinton should be forced to share a cell.

For amusement I watched CBC P&P for a few minutes to see how the insufferable Milewski would play this story. And play it he did with a US commentator solidly in the Clinton camp. The e-mails were in no way connected to HC, nothing damaging has been suggested, no security lapse...etc. The most astonishing lie was a response to a soft question from Milewski, "Could a campaign possibly overcome a 6% advantage in just 11 days" The reporter said "absolutely not. Never as far as he was aware had this happened"
I almost choked as I had just read this link about the 1980 campaign. Ronald Reagan overcame a 9% deficit in the closing days to defeat Jimmy Carter in a landslide.see here:


On the panel discussion Wells repeated the mantra such a deficit had never been overcome ever. to see the extent of bias at CBC and others, one has to watch a developing story along with blog coverage and reports from some US sources.

The difference is the lamestream press HAS to cover this. Wikileaks was illegal or whatever but now we're back on emails and re-opening the FBI case is not something you do if there's nothing there. That was the DNC line before... the FBI exonerated Clinton. That line has now been blown to smithereens. She's toast. Even MSLSD knows it. Taken down by Weiner unbelievable. This is bigly.

This just got freaking awesome

I will coin a new phrase:

This will be known henceforth as getting your "TRUMP-upPENCE!"

Stephanie Trick & Jörg Hegemann -- "Shout for Joy"


Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

1st Saint Nicolaas Army
Army Group 'True North'

Ace of Spades = triple flaming skulls.

always happy to re read the above link on Andrew Breitbart's most excellent day too.. :)

Haha, Loretta Lynch just plead the 5th. Incredible, an AG pleads the 5th. Wow.

Wiener just played his get out of jail card.

Happy belated birthday bitch

So it is true that there is no honour among theives. Hillary had the dirt on Obama and publicly threatened to expose him and all the while Huma was amassing a 'keep away from me Hillary' compendium of her own. Unfortunately she stored it on Wiener's machine. Oh the tangled webs they weave when first they practice to deceive.

Well, I have an email account. At this point it is pretty clear that everyone on earth has inadvertently received classified information from Clinton.

I don't. They are Democrat families. The more Arkancides the better. All dead Democrats all the time.

Bill's weiner isn't the only one to screw HRC. Huma has one too...

Dammit, I picked the wrong day to give up eating popcorn...

With her husband's peccidillo's and now Weiner's, uhhh, wiener, the fat cankled harridan just might be taken out by two guys who's penises have never been anywhere near her.
Should we wake up November 9th to a Clinton win, get ready for the presidency of Tim Kaine, who's thoroughly un-Able to serve.
Kaine...Able...no, it's okay, I'll see myself out, thank you kindly.

Bill Still figures it was the result of an internal FBI revolt:


The stock market didn't take too kindly to the news. My portfolio took a hit as a result but, maybe in the long run, it was worth it.

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