Oh, Shiny Potato!


Via Magafeed: Justin Trudeau Gets Called "Little Potato" By Chinese Government And Thinks Its A Compliment

Those Chinese people - so simple in their admiration. So quaint.


Good God, she is a bobble head vacuous twit.

Sunny Fries!

They were referring to his intellect !

With apologies to Ezra but I think the 'Lil Tater' title is a better encapsulation of our PM and the rest of his staff than 'Shiny Pony'. Now when I see all the selfie pics in the main stream press I can't get the image of Mr. Potato Head out of my mind.

Good grief listening to her prattle on is painful.
PM "Tater-Tot" seems to fit, that he is indeed our "leader" lucky us.

That's a keeper!

This might very well unite Canadian politics. Imagine a rally where Liberals start tossing small potatoes, only to be joined by Greens flinging non-GMO spuds. Dippers would chuck Red Russets, and finally, the PM would succumb (still waving) to a mighty barrage of Adirondack Blues.

Small potatoes, def.
A person or thing regarded as unimportant.

Works for me.

So, China sees Trudeau and Canada as "small potatoes," then?

So, China sees Trudeau and Canada as "small potatoes," then?

I think I'll address my mail to Ottawa from now on as "Prime Minister Little Potato".

They are talking about his nose and how far up their asses it is!

Justin potato head.

She'll probably take that as a compliment.

America's leader: Big Potato
Canada's leader: Little Potato

Chinese ... such an accurately descriptive language. Two countries that have been eaten-up by the Chinese Dragon. A very filling, and starchy, diet

Le petite patate.

What a horrible insult to potatoes! French Fried a@@hole would be better!

A PM of a low population, identity-confused, resource-rich but developmentally-challenged, defense free-loader nation who holds elected office solely by virtue of who his father was shouldn't expect much more than "small potato" from a nation that sees itself as the next dominant world superpower. To me he will always be simply the Spawn.

Poodeau or Turdeau. Potatoe,Potato.
So, I bet they have a fond name for Freeland too.

I found it amusing to find the population of France in 1914 was 33 million and in 1939 at 40 million people. A major country of those eras. Today Canada gets a pass on a lot of world issues because of a small population of +/- 34 million people.

Your point of 'developmentally challenged' is totally accurate. We can easily point fingers at politicians, government bureaucrats and intellectuals. I would add a large portion of our business community who either live off government handouts or sell their companies once they decide to retire or simply cash out. The number of MBA's per thousand in Canadian industry versus the USA is very much smaller.

Spud Puppy!

Meh, so Trudeau sound like Tudou. There's enough to dislike about JT without trying to make this an issue.

When I first saw Chrystia Freeland running for the LPC,I shuddered at the thought of this psuedo-intellectual lightweight representing a constituency.

Freeland is one of those progressives who is SO enamored of herself she cannot conceive of any possibility of errors or misjudgements by her ultra-brilliant self.
When she was made Minister of International Trade it was like a nightmare that I couldn't wake up from. This woman is the epitome of the egotistical progressive,she will do more harm to this Country during her tenure than all the criminal organizations rampant in Canada combined,and throw in the terrorists to boot.

Freeland is a media idiot, educated to believe she is a member of the intellectual elite of the world. As a Minister for Trade,she is so lacking in any qualifications it boggles the mind. Why didn't they give her a Ministry where she couldn't do so much harm, such as Women's Affairs?

Frightening thought: maybe she's as well qualified for the post as any other member of the LPC!

Off topic,what in hell is with her constant head bobbing, is she a victim of Parkinson's?

soon he will be promoted to potaTOE peel

Yep, the bobble head doesn't look too sharp but this gal does:

Dee Dee Sharp - Mashed Potato Time

So now we have Prime Minister "Poutine"!


Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

1st Saint Nicolaas Army
Army Group 'True North'

So Ms Freeland, let's do just the tiniest bit of modern research; let's ask google:

Top Definition

I'm a potato

Saying this refers to the fact that someone is ugly, strange, and/or fat.

You can also refer to someone as a potato if they are dull, uninteresting, or boring. Such as:

"Mary is such a potato"
"David asked me to prom, but he's a potato so I'm not going"
"Our professor is such a potato."
"Dude I'm a potato"

Don't be silly. Potatoes are useful.

The old demeaning insult "Small Potatoes" immediately came to mind when I heard this on the news the other day. It fits perfectly. The Lieberals are too stupid to realize it's an insult, and the media are playing "The King's New Set of Clothes".

Love it when the "Valleyspeak" shows through. You see it all over the left, beginning all answers with "so....." It is now the indispensable primer for the regurgitation of narrative ascribed by others onto an otherwise blank page. So... it is reasonable to celebrate the resurrection of a false cognate as good start.

Nothing like confusing affection with condescension. I think it's a coping mechanism.

I agree with the Chinese,our Prime Minister is a small potato. As for Freeland,I'm not so sure she's up to her billing, She's not alone, there are several in that party, slim pickings with newbies and old farts like Goodale who is long overdue for hanging it up.

"Small Horse" = Tai Ni Po Ni

Who IS that writhing twat?

Yes, potatoes are useful. When was the last time you saw a potato dish on a Chinese menu?

Also definition of small potatoes implies "insignificant."

She's a very learned woman, spent a decade or so in the USA and wrote a couple of books about rich people. The LPC recruited her to come home and run for a seat, touting her as an expert in financial matters. She's about as flaky as Doctor Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, (or something), who has all the mannerisms of a basket case.

Regardless of the definition, the mainstream media will not know how to spell potato unless a certified, experienced teacher will give them a written note. I kinda think this pays back for the setting up of Dan Quayle. From now on, anytime this is mentioned or the statement made or the question asked by the librul media pukes, the proper response is "How do YOU spell potato?"

Firstly, she starts her response with "So...." Immediate SJW tell for chicks, gamma for men.

Secondly, stop moving your head when the guy is speaking feigning interest and actual listening. She has her talking points and no matter what he said, that was what she was going to say regardless.

Little rotten potatoes should be plowed under, feeds the soil to boot.

Oh I get it now...he's a dick-tater!

Freeland is brain dead. And to think she is a "star" in the Liberal caucus. Good God.

They made the measure long ago and saw him for what he was.
Small potatoes
If he takes umdrage at that he can get used to small onions.

Whenever I"ve had the displeasure of seeing Freeland answer questions she does have that annoying nodding smirking hurry up and finish the question so I can get to my rehearsed answer attitude... she's going to enlighten everyone with her vast knowledge of leftist talking points, signifying nothing. When I was a younger feller my friends and I would use the word potato as a substitute for turd, "oh oh potato", maybe the Chinese use the word potato for the same purpose.

They call him a little potato I call him a road apple. Kinda the same thing no?

China is laughing at our little spud
Posing for selfies
And pulling his pudd

"Can I get baked now"
Justin Potato

We need the original badly. If someone finds it we need it posted here, please. Abosulety hilarious.

Canada is back...sitting at the kid's table. We will be the laughing stock of the globe under the Liberal Cabal.

Road apple fits nicely. After all, that term originated as frozen horse Turds in street hockey. Yeah, he could wear that.

That applies to quite a few in Shiney's cabinet. He seems to go out if his way to appoint the bobbleheads. Even the occasional experience ed Ministers are bobbleheads. Dion so one example. McCallum, not much better.

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