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USS Surrender: Navy ship to be named for late gay rights leader Harvey Milk ...


He was a good friend of the late reverend Jones. There are pictures of them together, it was not mentioned in the movie. You think they'll name the ship the Jonestown? Probably not.

Next, the USS weapons, but lots of cover.

To be affectionately known in the fleet as the "Milk Dud"...

Is there a cutoff point where all will be considered equal or is the goal to make some, especially minorities, sexual or otherwise more equal in every facet of life?

It's a fleet oiler. "USS K-Y"

USS 2%

Can one imagine a capital ship named the U. S. S. Milk? Ouch!

Milk Dud and USS Milk- ha

Many Navy men and women working at the Nuke plant live in this area.

One of them said: "You know we were always a little superstitious, being on a sinkable vessel can cause those kinds of feelings."

"Being on a boat named after a man killed because he was a homosexual activist would make him want to carry a live rabbit."

According to the example of other U.S. Navy ships named after people, it will be USS Harvey Milk, not USS Milk.

Tug boat?

Well, it WILL be full of sea men. Sounds about right?

Wasn't he a rear admiral?

The Harvey Milk Navy Chow Hall will be serving Chinese Food Today.

-main dish- SomeYoungMan, with noodles..

Oh Shit... LOL

Shouldn't that be cream of sum yung guy?

Informally, the ships have often been referred to by the surnames. Still, it hardly seems to stir a fighting spirit, now does it? Compare "Milk" to names such as "Wasp", "Hornet", or "Enterprise".

If the USSHM is in a battle and loses, it won't be long before it earns the nickname "Milquetoast".....

The little frigatt will be manned by Vice-Admirals and be known as the USS Chocolate Milk or
Vi-Co for short.

USS Harvey Wallbanger might work...also, besides the drink, there is apparently a cake recipe as well.

Perhaps the new and improved US Navy can sue a few Christian sign painters should they refuse to paint it on the stern.

Seeing as the stern was Harvey's home port.

Will those who serve on it be known as the "Milkmen"?

If your object was to prove that discrimination against gays is a real thing, you have achieved your objective.



Just thinking with my thumbs.

In the can sail the seven seas!

Zachriel...grow up and have a little humour in the day to day mechanations of the progressively impaired.

These people don't need your convoluted self righteousness...they've already got the msm.

I'm sure they'll name an arts center after a Gen Patton any day now.

I have seen on at least two American websites the information that Harvey Milk was a pedophile. He raped young boys. One eventually committed suicide two years later, because of the traumatic experience with Milk.
Daniel Smith, an employee with a commission in his city, had a proven record of tolerance. This in regard to the gays. In a fit of disgust he resigned from his job. I do not have the details.
It was very hard then to make a living for him. He begged for his old job back. An authority was amenable to this. Milk and others forced a denial of reinstatement for Smith. Milk jeered at him.
He shot Milk and his supervisor. Served six years and then committed suicide two years into his freedom.

If you only knew how much it bothers us that it bothers you.

No, Zachriel, explicit discrimination is never SDA's objective.

SDA's modus operandi is the innuendo, the oblique reference, the aposiopesis. Partly this is because merely the faint taste of red meat is all that's needed for well-trained SDA commenters to respond, and partly it's to allow the same commenters to hide when confronted behind the "grow up and have a little humour" shield, but mostly it's to help the blog owner to defend against defamation lawsuits.

It's worth noting that the comments here feature plenty of gay jokes, but not a single argument for why naming a Navy vessel after Harvey Milk is a bad idea. It's also worth noting that even though the Navy is naming new ships after 5 different civil rights leaders -- others include Robert Kennedy, Justice Earl Warren, Lucy Stone, Sojourner Truth -- the commenters here all focus on the gay civil rights activist, which tells you a lot about where their obsessions lie.

No, SDA's objective is not proving discrimination -- it's to provide a safe space for its community to vent their impotent rage against a world that's leaving them behind.

Scared, eh?

Good points, Peter. Harvey Milk was not a "martyr" for gay rights. He was killed by a guy who had a personal grudge against him. And Harvey Milk was very much opposed to gay "marriage" as were most of the militant gays at that point in time. He really wasn't a civil rights leader of any kind, just an asshole who buggered young boys, and who advocated buggering young boys.

It's a fleet oiler. "USS K-Y."

I see. Missed that on the first run.
Appropriate for the "lube necessary" folks.

@YTL: As opposed to a faint taste of -.

So they're naming a vessel needed to service other vessels after a gay icon. Hmm. No further comment on that point.

Token Liberal's list... a Kennedy, an investigator into "how could anyone, even a shitty little communist, shoot a Kennedy", an early feminist whose efforts are almost universally enshrined into law (and is therefore worthy of the honour of having a vessel named after her, despite the future jokes about "so how many sailors does it take to keep Lucy Stone going?"), and an anti-democratic former slave? Oh, that's right, historical revisitism means that the abolitionists are no longer against the Democrats. So why are the two women who were fighting against Democratic national and state governments now being promoted in this way? Their nominations only make sense to those who doesn't know the history of the Democratic party.

Feel better now?

@Your Token
It's worth noting that the comments here feature plenty of gay jokes, but not a single argument for why naming a Navy vessel after Harvey Milk is a bad idea.

Because, like the other ships, it has nothing to do with the Navy. Also, Mr. Milk has a more complicated history than his hagiographers let on.


I remember the famous San Francisco drug scene. It got so crazy, people were shooting Milk!

Hill and Bill BOTH display the gaping maw ... Bill looks very much like an over medicated mental patient. I am guessing that Bill was diagnosed as bi-polar and his lithium level is far too high. Hillary ? She's simply trying too hard ... way too hard. Way, way, wayyyyyy too hard

Don't purport to speak for SDA'ers...they are quite able to & will speak for themselves.
I'll state it again, "Grow up and have a little humour...."

Your kind think they own the pulpit and that what you feel and emote is what all should think .

If you cared to pull your head out of your butt, you would realize that people here are not necessarily making comment on Harvey the gay but on a Gov't with such a transparent agenda as to name a boat after someone who doesn't have the bona fides to
rate such an honour.

Do you think the Brits should name a ship after Jimmy Savile?

You people and your identity politics.

Exactly ! Ed ... I can't STOP hearing that gayyyyyyy anthem by the Village People ... whenever I hear of the SSHarvey Flaming Fffaggg ship. And I don't even want to know what the "punishment" will be for any Navy enlisted man who refuses to serve on that unfortunately named craft. Somebody's gonna really get a really hard spanking... really ... hard ... spanking

The thing about Harvey Milk is that he was (for most of his life) a hardcore conservative. He even campaigned for Barry Goldwater. One of his greatest supporters was Ronald Reagan. I can think of worse men to name a naval vessel after.

If you want to stop this in its tracks, just point out that Milk detested taxation without representation, championed individual liberties...etc. The left will smack this down in a heartbeat.

It's a replenishment oiler, a naval auxiliary ship with fuel tanks and dry cargo holds, which can conduct underway replenishment on the high seas. It's a floating grocery store with a gas bar. It will likely be nicknamed the "Milk Truck"

When Gilbert and Sullivan wrote "H. M. S. Pinafore", they were poking fun at government bureaucracy as well as the Admiralty.

With this matter, though, one wonders if satire might have been the real intent.

President Obama expresses his contempt for the American Armed Forces of which he is the Commander-in-Chief.

When Donald Trump is President.

Will a Navy aircraft carrier be named the U.S.S. Counter-jihad?

Harvey Milk was killed by Danny White, a former Vietnam Vet, police officer and fire fighter.

Mayor Moscone was a Navy Vet that refused to give White his job back after White had resigned in protest over many of Harvey Milks policies. Danny White considered Milk a pervert and a danger to the community.

Whites lawyer used the 'Twinkie defense' because he said White had eaten junk food for days before the killing.

White only received 5 years in prison from an all White jury and no Gays. He was out in 1 year, but then committed suicide ? So they said.

I think Vietnam PTSD had a lot to do with White killing the mayor and milk and then killing himself.

Wonder why they didn't commission the ship, Moscone ?

The Twinkie defense is a media-created lie. It is a reversal of cause and effect. The defense was trying to argue that the change in diet was a symptom of White's mental illness. The media twisted this around and said the defense was saying that Twinkies caused White's diminished mental capacity.
I do not advocate on behalf of White but merely point out that the Twinkie defense is one of those lies the media told that keeps being retold.

I agree with you that Bill does look like he may well be over medicated or he may be eating maryjane brownies or muffins. He has certainly lost his pucker power.

$10 says it's Parkinson's or, more accurately, a side effect of medicine commonly prescribed for Parkinson's. In this case Botox is commonly used to close the jaw. He's had enough Botox so... he gapes.

Maybe a stroke,Parkinson's or an adverse effect from medication, but as I said a few months ago it is more likely residual effects from many staff infections.

"Harvey Milk was killed by Danny White, a former Vietnam Vet..."

Mayor Moscone was a Navy Vet..."

And further to all this, Milk was himself a former US Navy officer. He served from 1951 to 1955 as a diving officer.

Perhaps that ship should be named the USS Lieutenant (JG) Harvey Milk?

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