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The Charter of Rights and Freedoms allows us the use of French and English, officially. Why is that necessary?? And to taunt us further, to place it directly above the maple leaf!


PS: I ran it through Google Translate. I may be wrong but...I think the decal is upside down.

شرطة = Police

WTF is that? Sharia law police? To protect and stone the infidels? I can't be accused of having too much respect for the JBTs but this a new low even by their standards.

We too have the Londonistan.

That is nothing but leftard pandering. Even sand monkeys know it's a police car by the lights on the roof.

How many years after Caledonia and the cops are still facing the wrong way.
Fire half of them just for starters.

What kind of pro-Izlamic conspiracy is afoot ? I know Canada to be quite a multi-cultural nation with literally thousands of different foreign nationals living in your country. Out of all these foreigners and languages ... is Arabic in third place behind English, and French ? From casual observation, I would have guessed -Hindi ? So, if this is Arabic ... then what is the possible explanation other than the state choosing a preference for Izlam ? The leftists will do anything ... anything ... to crush Christianity. Even if it needs to import and support genocidal Izlamic believers.

Effing thing should say in Arabic: lan astaslem mothersticker!

This is a signal to those in the know, that this officer will pick your side in whatever imbroglio brought them to your location.
If you can't read it, or speak it, you'll be SOL.
Some are just more equal than others, time you learned that.
And let's all turn into France, Sweden, Londinistan, those unbridled multi-culti success stories.
And ungendered washrooms! Now that's important, because we all lost our b***s
Little do the precious dears comprehend where their systemic nihilism will lead.
To that not far off day, where they'll be the first nominated to take that involuntary swan dive off a 12 story building.
Oh well, fun while it lasted.

To Protect and Serve the Broad Strata of Society.

Shocked by seeing the tip of an iceberg are you?

It's a status signal to law enforcement about special treatment for political Islam.

Once numbers permit:

Until they have enough Muslim officers Muslim advisors will be assigned.

Soon Muslim affirmative action hires will be the ones assigned to: investigate possible Islamists, honour violence/killings, refusals to provide taxi/bus service to the disabled with service dogs, and possible rape grooming gangs, anything Sharia related including offending bacon).

The rape grooming gangs should ring a bell, as that is how dozens of Muslim rape grooming gangs in the U.K. managed to go for years without police investigation. The Rotherham gang is the most infamous. Where an estimated 1400 young teen and pre-teen girls were predated on over a 16-23 year period is one example. They're one of many finally convicted at trial. At least, two U.K. police officers allegedly participated in gang booty, too.

What has succeeded wildly in the E.U. is the tactics/strategy for North America.

It's nearly 15 years since 9/11. Canada's Muslim population has more than doubled. Some fleeing Sharia law and jihad, others dutifully spreading it.

At present, political Islam's influence is disproportionate due to the unquestioning support it receives from the left overs, the cultural marxists who control much of the public sector.

Remember in the U.K., the police call the imam of a Muslim enclave to ask permission to do a perfunctory drive through patrol.

How long before Canadian police cars have a decal saying police in Farsi, too?

Since the Royal Canadian Mounted Police no longer have to be Canadian citizens.

It's only a matter of time until their cars display the same decals.

So sick of these people. And their useful idiot, fifth columnist, liberal apologists.

Does anybody know what it says?

Stupid bloody Canadians.

Relax, it's not "Islamization".

The London police department has been putting the word "Police" in different languages -- Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, Persian, Polish, Vietnamese, etc -- on their cruisers since 2007. It's just a symbolic "community outreach" gesture -- the languages included change over time, based on the top immigrant groups in London. They would've used Spanish too -- London has more Latin American immigrants than Arab ones -- except the spelling was deemed too similar to English.

Wouldn't want people to mistake the police cruiser for a taxi.

Do watch this.

Diversity DESTROYS Social Cohesion in the West

Make the lie big. Make it simple. Keep saying it. Eventually they will believe it.
Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

Unless you are a white male, the police cruiser is a taxi.

Here's a "community outreach" gesture for you: teach them what the word means in English....

There you have it. From an interview conducted with Chief Pare by the London Free Press on the day he was sworn in.

Q: Lack of diversity is a concern on the force (a recent survey found only 4.4% of officers were visible minorities, compared to 16.1% of Londoners) especially in upper ranks and you said that’s a priority for you. How are you going to make the force more diverse?

A: We have a diverse community and it’s important for policing to be reflective of the community we serve. We’ve had some challenges attracting some diverse members and we’ve lost members who have moved on to other careers or other services. We have a new diversity plan and we are going to set some benchmarks we are going to try to achieve to prove to the community how serious we are about improving our diversity . . . both attracting and retaining (diverse members).

I'll bet that no one in the press and few public will make an issue of this. If there's anybody else here who wishes to do so:

That's not the point.

Canada doesn't need police cars with Arabic signs on them, because Canada does not need Arabs.

It could use a lot more of the white English-speaking Britons who would dearly love to flee Islamisation in their own country and start over in Canada as refugees. But nobody could trust them to vote Liberal.

No wonder the bad guys are winning--there are too many white people in the American national security system:

Ah,I see,the symbolism that is. The Arabic letters are just ABOVE the Canadian flag, symbolic of "One Nation Under Sharia Law". Coming to Canader by 2030.

btw, in the "community outreach", why haven't they put signs on cop cars in Algonquin,Cree, Huron,etc.? Surely our First Nations deserve to be outreached to as much as Arab immigrants. ;-)

When things go sour the Mounties main job will be to protect Muslims and root out Islamophobes. They are not your friend if you are not Muslim now.

Interpretive languages on Cruisers

The London Police Service cruisers have been outfitted with “interpretive language” decals which when translated reads ”POLICE” in five different languages; Arabic, Persian, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Polish.

The languages were chosen based on the top 5 immigrant groups in London (except Spanish as the spelling is so similar to the English). This is a symbolic outreach initiative designed to create an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for newcomers. All London Police Service cruisers will display one language on the rear quarter panel of the vehicle.

I think it's nice of the London Police Service to provide targets for the Occupoopers.

Source, please kt.

Dead link

works fine for me ... opens up a pdf doc

Fine ... send me a photo of the police cruiser emblazoned with Cantonese. Let me know when the Arabic is replaced with Korean. Liar. Leftist apologist.

Is that birdshit?

Not photoshoped... maybe... but why does the car behind it does not have the same sticker in arab???

why only one car has this on it?

"all London Police Service cruisers will display one language on the rear quarter panel..."
The car behind it shows no such thing. Do they alternate left and right?

Next year the decals on police cars will say "police" in gayese, lesbianese and transgendernese.

Canada Post is not that far behind. They have a tracking page in Arabic:

Interesting ... although you might want to pay attention to the two brochures he is holding trumpeting "diversity" ... One in English, one in Arabic. Still seems a little fixated on the Arabic. Why ? Of course we all know the reason why.


There are two languages in Canada: English and French. There are plenty of resources out there for learning one or both.

Not that the Islamists are law-abiding or anything.

"Do they alternate left and right?"

No, they alternate between soft left, hard left and loony left.

Got it now, thanks. So you're right it is not an dhimi idiocy it is just the usual garden variety multi culti idiocy. No cop driving those sharia cruiser deserves an ounce of respect.

I'm confused, does this mean it's ok to rape minors and abuse women now in Canada?

"Source, please kt."

2. (provided earlier by rizwan)

"Still seems a little fixated on the Arabic."

I dunno, Kenji, seems like you're the one who's still "a little fixated on the Arabic."

Only when the A-rabs invade my non-A-rab country ... enabled by Christophobe HATERS. Only when my beautiful, peaceful, prosperous culture is infected by 7th Century retrogrades. I am most happy when surrounded by neighbors who SHARE my culture ... not those who seek to destroy it. I shouldn't have to to even THINK about, or read about Arabic graffiti spray painted on police cars PAID for by "my people". Stop that ... and I will go back to ignoring the death cultists.

There is no ignoring them, fecal matter will hit the rotary device in the upcoming decades and then someone (Russian or French or British) will nuke Mecca and the world will rejoice. Pity, there will be little left of the Western World as we know it, by then.

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