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Rockefellers Admit Paying For #ExxonKnew Media Coverage

In a stunning admission, Lee Wasserman, Director of the Rockefeller Family Fund (RFF), today openly admitted that the Rockefellers are pouring millions of dollars into "media" organizations like InsideClimate News (ICN) and projects at Columbia University School of Journalism with a specific mission and outcome in mind.


Energy In Depth has worked to expose exactly this kind of shady "journalism" for many years, uncovering clear conflicts of interest when the mainstream media would not. In fact, EID was one of the first to expose the fact that RBF and RFF had funded the Columbia School of Journalism hit pieces, as that information initially wasn't disclosed.

EID also called attention to the fact that these very same foundations also funded anti-ExxonMobil series published by ICN, which came out within days of the LA Times piece - and as the National Review pointed out after all this came to light, "The little that is known about InsideClimate News raises questions about conflicts of interest as well as about the publication's ability, and proclivity, to report fairly and without bias."

Only about a month later the RBF funded a study at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies suggesting that "corporate funding" to more than 160 so-called "climate counter movement" institutions was largely responsible for skepticism about climate science.


Imagine these pampered twits directing their inherited fortunes to researching cures for various real world diseases instead of buying ink to promote their fairy tale, end-of-world, paranoid climate delusions. Or not.

So the descendants of John D Rockefeller, who became the world's wealthiest man by creating Standard Oil (which is now ExxonMobil), are now spending their money attacking the company he created. If they feel guilty about how their wealth was created perhaps they should fling themselves off a cliff and leave the rest of us alone.

You just know they have been up to the same here. Bought and paid for activist, aboriginals and old man rockers holding anti oil protests that get prime time coverage. Honesty in Science and Journalism is dead.

After spending all those dollars on their MSM whores,
Americans still are not convinced..


Maybe Obama will have to start putting some climate deniers in prison ??

Guess who tried to stop the production of the catalytic converter from the 1960's until its adaption by Ford Motor company in 1973.

Rockefeller Oil Corp.

The greatest invention ever made [catalytic converter] which cut emissions [smog] not just in America but all over the entire planet. Trillions of tons of air pollution were prevented by just this one device.

The Rockefeller Corp. which made their billions from so called dirty oil, tried to stop it from going into production.

Hey !.. Rockefeller Family Founders,
If you want to stop polluting, go get a rag, piss on it, and put it over your nose and mouth.....

Rant off...

You can be guaranteed this flow of money into "journalism" is rampant in Canada too. The Vancouver Observer and now National Observer are definitely getting money from shady sources. Canadaland's Jesse Brown had Observer founder/publisher Linda Solomon on his show last year and she freely admitted that half her revenues came from donors who wish to remain anonymous.

That could be the case, but if they still have investments in the oil business they are just trying to destroy their competition in the business.

That is why the left keeps saying that global warming deniers are financed by big oil; to redirect attention away from the fact the left is totally corrupt and financed by corrupt Zillionaires.

The Rockefeller Family Fund advocates for every far left anti-capitalist project you can name from radical green to ensuring that children are allowed to vote.

wasserman, soros , rockerfeller, alinski, marx, steyer,gellen, yellen, lerner ...................and I'll just leave that here

How true, and refreshing of you to draw attention to what is never to be acknowledged. You know it is written that he truth is no defense when it comes to certain subjects.
Unfortunately, one could make a similar list of all the totalitarian loving Neo-Con frauds who also have full spectrum control over the conservative side of the political divide.

just another form of lobbying that sets the agenda in American politics. do I recollect correctly there are presently some 2,000 lobbyists for every congressman?

It takes some pretty sick minds to fund the destruction of our civilization.

I believe that the reason that the Rockefellers tried to kill the catalytic converter is that there was a possibility that the sulphur in fuel would combine with hydrogen and oxygen in the converter to create sulphuric acid. Separating the sulphur out at the refinery would have cost 100s of millions.

Happily, the hydrogen would rather buddy up with oxygen to form H2O instead of H2SO4. Because of that the sulphur remains in North American fuels except for clean diesel.

It appears that a couple of the regular brighter lights from Taki's Place have landed in the yard.
Where's my varment gun Ma?

"varment gun"?

Is that a threat?
Does acknowledging the truth not have a place in your world?
Also, "Varment" is spelt "varmint" around these parts Mr. Bright Lights. If you shoot like you spell, the only one who has to worry is the innocent bystanders.

Imagine them using the money for productive causes even.

I see your point, but the Rockefellers are not jewish.


As it is present in this era, there is a lot of confusion about words and what they mean.

George Orwell wrote in 1948 that there will be a new semantic language in 1984 he simply switched the last two digits of the year just to make it easier for low information people to grasp whereof he was writing.

Anyway, he called it newspeak. It has been 32 years and the new language has become the norm in the socialist/fascist aristocracy, the sophists, the ruling classes, the bureaucracy and anyone that would like to dictate to the plebeians how to live. They talk newspeak without a glint, without one scintilla of sensible thought.

The schools of “journalism” would not know what the reality is if it kills them.
It is a fact that those that go to school for a long time are told to go and change the world. Of course the problem here arises from the quantity of useless blowhards where every one of them wants to change the world according to oneself. There are few in a generation that could possibly, perchance, conceivably change anything other than a flat tire if that, while the chance for doing good is 50/50.
There was this Austrian corporal that was at the bottom of the bottom 50.
There was Reagan that was in the upper half of upper 50.
There will never be anyone at the top of upper 50.

“Journalism” is so rooted in propaganda that it could arguably be said that they are not responsible for what they write. It is as though there is an alternate state, an alternate world, a parallel universe.
This applies to most, a wide term no doubt, of the “journalists” today.
Full honor to the exceptions.

Earlier there was a discussion about the homeless that need for them to be taken to mental institutions.
The same applies to “journalism” the only difference is that the “journalists” have the mouthpiece, as it were, of the public presence in a strangle hold.
There is something else today, there is the internet and free exchange of information and ideas, bypassing the “journalistic” cartel, to tell the story. It is also true that there is a vast amount of bullshit.
Ideas are the real danger to the ruling classes, they would like to limit the ideas to their own.
Intelligent people (this is not to say that present writer is necessarily included) can and will sort it out, the difficulty comes in that it is on a far too small a scale.

Don’t know where this stuff comes from though there it is.

Mr. Webster, a nice protestant fellow, told me that varment or varmint is acceptable. On the other hand and for what it's worth he told me that 'spelt' is some kind of wheat.
There really is no logical answer to the mindless bigotry NME666 provides here so aye, my retort was supposed to be a wee small joke.

This is why anti-elitism is on the rise from the left, the right and the libertarians. The Rockefellers are not being altruistic. They're business class environmentalists and aristocrats who think they should get to decide the standard of living of the peasants. They've failed to notice that everyone but their entourage thinks they're a-holes.

The left resents the economic inequality because they're always looking to reap rewards they have not earned. To be fair, old money have inherited not earned that wealth and are meddling in politics out of boredom, greed and arrogance. To progressives, that money should go to the state and, preferably, progressive causes (grassroots) and cronies (party elites). It's all about the money and the two sides ,grassroots/elites, are thieves that stick together. At least until Sanders who is the Ron Paul of Democrats. The millennials, the Occupy Wall Street crowd, are starting to rebel against the bought and paid for political leaders and elites.

Conservatives are more divided. The elites are very much pro-big business. Look at their resurrection of the export-import bank and support for open borders (without addressing valid, genuine concerns). The conservative political class are dominated by big business and big government supporters. The grassroots, the so-called "Tea Party", get that the party elites despise them and lie to the them. They've had enough but still want their government entitlements. A full rebellion and a FU protest vote is in progress.

Libertarians get that the leadership of both parties are economically and psychologically dependant on big business and the donor class. They understand the free market was killed by those groups. Libertarians don't resent their money but that the elites use their power to buy favours, anti-competitive laws and neo-Puritanism. Neo--Puritanism - "The fear that someone, somewhere might be having fun"...at least fun and personal choices not approved of by the aristocratic class. It's the undermining of the law, choice and the free market that irks them. They've never liked the elites who pervert the system to benefit themselves at the expense others.

So Liberals are greedy, Conservative feel betrayed, libertarians object the the erosion of fundamental rights. I don't like Sanders or Trump but the momentum towards the idea that it's the elites fault is growing everywhere. I think the political elites can make sure they keep out the populist leaders this election but I wonder if they can really stop the populist sentiment and growing resentment of the alliance of political-billionaire-big business elites.

It is called racketeering...nothing like environmental corruption.. Anything that makes the Price of oil go UP is good... folks.

An uncorrupted environmental agenda would make Oil worthless...

Presstitution is so hard, it is not the whores fault, they were forced into this "profession" by their weak mental state and once inside the Guild, there is so escape.
Look at the fate of Duffy who dared to attempt to escape the Canadian Media Guild and rise to slurp at a deeper trough.

The horror faced by our media whores, to report as directed and receive financial compensation and mutual admiration form their tribe, or to report accurately and be reduced to piece work, book sales and diss-invited to all the "best" places and people.
Remember; Choosing a career in the Presstition Industry is not their fault, they must have been forced into it, usually by some pimp in University, or by their drug addiction.
Presstitutes are people too.
Someone at some point in their lives, did love and cherish them.

Do I need a sarc! tag?
Brad Keyes over at Climate Nuremberg did a beautiful series of beat downs of "Climate Science Communicators" last year.

The amount of money spent funding CAGW hysteria has produced surprisingly feeble results.
All that propaganda from public and private sources and still mother nature slips them a frigid wet willy.

If I was with the RBT, funding these liars, I would be starting a serious audit into my "helpers".
Surely inherited wealth can buy better help?
Or does the help they mange to buy, instinctively reflect their own limitations?

Anything that makes the Price of oil go UP is good..


Interesting that you mentioned that.

It took oil prices 12 months to go down 30 cents per gallon,
it has taken 3 weeks for it to go back up 30 cents per gallon.

Spring vacation traffic, you know...

Not that I mind paying more if it helps the Canadian- American Frackers survive,
but now that the Chinese are trying to buy American refineries,

who knows?

... Or spend ALL of their money building a "Winchester Mystery House" ... like the window of the Winchester rifle fortune did. She imagined all the ghosts of everyone ever killed by her husbands rifles were haunting her ... and it was only the sound of hammers building her Mansion that kept them at bay. So the crazy lady just kept building and building and building.

Yep, the heirs of wealth RARELY do anything positive with it ... TRUMP being an exception to that rule.

Lee Wasserman. Didn't his sister marry Sargeant Schultz?

Frankly all those hollywood celeberties(Leonardo DiCaprio,Luarie David,John Travolta and cetian political hacks(Al Gore,David Suzuki Etc)need to practice what they preach and quit telling us how to live or we all must like as one with nature and worship gaia they need to either change their lifestyles(their very unlikely to do it)and leave us alone

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