What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Frog, meet scorpion.


Never. Ever. Trust. A. Muslim.


For. Anything.

(Except to stab you in the back the first chane he gets.)

Never. Ever. Trust. A. Muslim.

For. Anything.


(except to stab you in the back the first chance he gets.)

Sorry for the double post...unintentional...

I tried to buy a car from a muslim once a young lebanese muslim. I called to see the car he said sure ...i showed up in broken English he said car has been sitting a few months ....this was in Calgary just after that major hail storm anyway i noticed alot of leaves on the car i asked him to start it ...he simply said either buy it or leave....lol i laughed i said that is not how it works. I told him i was interested and i wanted him to start the car he reluctantly started it i took it and him for a drive in it ran ok ....when we got back i made him an offer he rejected it then i pointed out that all of the leaves on the car were placed there to hide the hail damage i also told him that the car was a hail right off he took to the money bought the car back then tried to sell it as a perfectly normal car the issue is that you must notify someone if the car is a write off or a major claim has been made against the car...he immediately got belligerent and if i was not bigger than him and if he had even one more fellow muslim there he would have tried to hit me. he was very nasty and tried to force the car onto me lol. Scum all of them yes even the nice ones the ones like tarek fatah, and the other muslim lady that is friends with ezra levant. she points out the savagery in islam yet continues to contribute to its growth. its disgcusting.

From the article: "So, he made friends with the male refugees, even letting a few of them stay with him in his house."

Just mull that over a bit ....


Your heading needs to be modified a bit, i.e. "What could EVER possibly go wrong?"

(laughing on the outside, cryin' on the inside..)

Dare I suggest the professor was a homosexual and invited the young Muslim into his house out of more than "kindness"?

Or would that be too un-pc?

Haha. Yeah, bit of reading between the lines sheds new light on this.

My "starting point" for determining whether a family is made up of "good" Muslims (aka moderate Muzlems) is to observe what their women are wearing. ANY form of head wrap = Muzzie extremist believer in sharia law. They are NOT welcome by me into MY Western culture. PERIOD. END. STOP. They should all be summarily deported to the lands of Hillary's Arab Spring where sharia is fully adopted. Yes, this includes homegrown converts. They would be MUCH HAPPIER living with "their" people. And if we cannot deport the millions of these "sleepers" ... then they should (at least) under 24hr surveillance by law enforcement.

Some years ago I worked with a guy by the name of Jim. He was of some ethnic background other than Caucasian. Fast forward several years and we ended up working in the same office building for a different employer. I saw him and said "Hi Jim". He replied " Don't ever call me that again. I am with my own people now. My name is Imtiaz." Indeed he was a Muslim and made it quite clear "his people" were superior.

We Republicans/Conservatives are on the wrong side of this clash of ideological opposites. The Muslims will eliminate the Communist freaks.....Stand back and enjoy the culling & beheading....Why are we hell bent on protecting these weak minded fools. The Muslims are the Storm troops defending the Republic.

BTW: If moderate Muslims are not part of the solution, they are the problem!


Heh! That the Eloi was a muslim is doubly sweet.

Slap shot ... you put that one right between the knees of a collapsing goalkeeper ... ! Perhaps you are right, let the Muzzies clean house of all the mush-headed Euro-trash. Those who cling to their windmills and little red books ... need to LIVE with what they have wrought. I like watching the Belgian polititzia scurry about AFTER the fact. I DO get some serious Schadenfreude out of it.

If you are a muslim, you don't have to be a homosexual. He probably told the Afghan lad that he had a goat farm in the basement but when he got there it was just the twin moons of the other mohammed fella. When you're expecting goat and it turns out a bait and switch, what is a good muslim to do? The Afghan dude didn't even exercise his right to have sex with the dead body, that says everything about their relationship.


Slap shot i tend to agree with you however ....once the aligator eats all the sheep it is we who will be left to fight , and it is a fight we dont have to fight ...stop muslim immigration period and start deporting them back. tear down mosks ect ect. i do agree though its the same as the pro choice people. lol massive hypocrites they have kids then teach those kids to be pro choice....but pro choice people will sort themselves out naturally they have and are having and will have fewer and fewer kids mean while those bible and gun clingers are having and continue ot have more kids (there was a lul) and espouse pro life messages it is a perfect storm to destroy the pro choice movement. same with feminism they have less kids there fore ensuring their own demise.

The muslims out breed us all so it will be one hell of a fight once it starts.

Do you know how labor-intensive 24 hour surveillance is? How many police do you think there are in Canada? Trump has a better idea.

The Carrot (reward) & the Stick helps train even the dumbest animal to become useful. I would suggest that all Muslim Immigrants be screened by asking these two questions

A) Do you want to Bake wedding Cakes, for same sex weddings, and get to join in the Honeymoon celebration?

B) Do you want to behead MSM journalists, and win a family trip to Disney world.

Those that choose A will be sent to Canada, Toronto & Vancouver..They are subservient & harmless like all Canadians....Fit right

Those that choose B will be sent to NYC, Atlanta & LA.. They are trainable Storm Troops

The goal is it identify a common enemy & reward results. Perfection is a fallacy ..The Communists have the same problem & goal

This nonsense will continue and undoubtedly get worse as long as you have the dimwitted Germans and their commie trained leader doing nothing.
I guess she is doing something - welcoming all 'refugees' - no questions asked.
The end of the EU is well within sight.

The guy was a Leftist Liberal Progressive - move along.

I do. There are 168 hours in a week. I used to manage security guards. If a site needs the constant presence of one guard, it would directly employ three guards doing twelve hour shifts. Each week two would do five shifts of twelve hours and one would do four shifts. (On a three week cycle they each average fifty six hours a week so there is always overtime pay unless you add a fourth guard, but then they each get less than full time hours and you have to pay them more so they can make a living on reduced hours. And you need additional people shared between sites to cover sickness and holidays.) Security guards aren't well paid. The quality of people and level of training to carry out covert surveillance would cost a lot more than unarmed commercial security guards, and each target will require many more than one watcher at a time.

The terrorists wouldn't have to actually do anything except attract suspicion and wander around meeting each other. The employment costs of security staff would bankrupt us. (And we'd be paying the terrorists, too, to do this - welfare.)

the same liberal fools who want to hold councling with a rapists or serial killer and try to rehabilitate them are the same ones who end up dead becuase they were that dumb enough to think that all thugs need hugs instead of life in prison

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