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Okay, that's funny.

LOL! Good one, Mike.


"The purpose of the military is to kill people and break things it is not some silly social experiment" was mike's answer.
The question was "what do you think of Obama’s rainbow agenda in the military"?

Haven't we seen this movie before?

The latest joke is that in some parts of the American military, the personnel have to undergo "white privilege" training.

All those experiments must be an attempt to kill the enemy by making it die laughing.

Anyone else notice that hillary had a sign in from of her saying"fighting for you" while complaining about fighting

WE don't need a Military that won't fight, or any police force that won't control riots & Looting...

"White privilege" pffft! Privilege comes from responsibility! Those who neglect their responsibilities lose their privileges. Those who tend to their responsibilities are given privileges.
That applies to all colors white, yellow, red, brown and black.

Good wit from Huckabee. When I see an event like the UIC riot, I ask cui bono? Who benefits? In this case, the answer appears to be Hillary.

Nothings changed in Chicago its still a crime ridden hell hole of uncivilized brutes and lowlife scumbags

Lol. Humor can be a magnificent weapon in the right hands.

It is unbelievable to watch the MSM and it's leftist talking heads incessantly smear Trump and his supporters as being racist, inciters of violence and just generally mean, evil people. The story they are trying to sell is the exact opposite of what I see happening. It is the MEDIA propaganda itself that is inciting hateful and violent protesters at Trump events, not Trump.

They have lathered their flock into a frenzy with their non-stop hateful and evil lies about Trump as some kind of "enemy of the people". Also, the media refuse completely to put ANY responsibility on the protesters themselves. I have not heard any criticisms of their behavior at all! Cripes, I have seen NO scrutiny of their actions outside the internet. This is not fair and unbiased reporting of the facts in any sense of these terms, this is controlling them to achieve an end.

Despicable pricks.

Until the MSM's sense of entitlement is taken away from them by whatever means is expedient, this sort of crap will continue to escalate until there is serious violence.

And she would be referring to...the same video she says caused the Benghazi incident?

Franklin Graham's (son of billy Graham) thoughts on what is happening in the US. Sorry for no link. This came in an email to me so I have no evidence of authenticity.

Time is like a river You cannot touch the water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again.

Franklin Graham was speaking at the First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida in January, 2015, when he said America will not come back. He wrote:

The American dream ended on November 6th, 2012 in Ohio. The second term of Barack Obama has been the final nail in the coffin for the legacy of the white Christian males who discovered, explored, pioneered, settled and developed the greatest republic in the history of mankind. A coalition of blacks, Latinos, feminists, gays, government workers, union members, environmental extremists, the media, Hollywood, uninformed young people, the "forever needy," the chronically unemployed, illegal aliens and other "fellow travelers" have ended Norman Rockwell's America.

You will never again out-vote these people. It will take individual acts of defiance and massive displays of civil disobedience to get back the rights we have allowed them to take away. It will take zealots, not moderates and shy, not reach-across-the-aisle RINOs to right this ship and restore our beloved country to its former status. People like me are completely politically irrelevant, and I will probably never again be able to legally comment on or concern myself with the aforementioned coalition which has surrendered our culture, our heritage and our traditions without a shot being fired.

The cocker spaniel is off the front porch, the pit bull is in the back yard The American Constitution has been replaced with Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" and the likes of Chicago shyster David Axelrod along with international socialist George Soros have been pulling the strings on their beige puppet have brought us Act 2 of the New World Order. The curtain will come down but the damage has been done, the story has been told.

Those who come after us will once again have to risk their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to bring back the Republic that this generation has timidly frittered away due to white guilt and political correctness.

Franklin Graham does indeed warn the United States, but SNOPES says this was attributed to both him and a USMC Vet. I've seen it attributed to the USMC online on "my right wing dad" blogspot.
Snopes also says it has been going around for 2 years. As true as the comment are, they're not Franklin's.

The brilliance of Trump in a word - "disruptors".

He won't allow the media to legitimize them as protesters. He is using the left's typical reframing tactic against them with great effectiveness yet again.

"disrupters"... Soros funded useful idiots and Obathouse brownshirts... cheered on and enabled by a hopelessly corrupt anti American media... Go Trump!

The USMC Vet may well have originally written and who knows this could have been read by Graham and then someone attributed it to him. In any case the coming election in the US will show weather there is still hope for the US or if the Vet is right.

In Canada it appears that it is too late and the "kt"s ilk from the Laurentians have won.

well, after all, it was the birthplace of organized crime in America. must be something in the water. the rot remains to this day, coming up on the 100th anniversary of Mr Capone's rise to power. I wonder if there will be a celebration?

Horowitz discusses this and the ridiculous criticism from Cruz and Rubio.

I thought it was a university course.
Trump has suckered these violent fools into exposing themselves early, I think his GOP rivals shooting themselves in the feet ,with stunning disrespect for first amendment ,is just an unexpected bonus.
Thanks to the internet the media smear is already peeling back.
Trump by speaking, causes weak-minded democrats to attack people and vandalize property.
Trump is their God.
What a guy, able to manipulate LIVs via the media.
Sadly the standard Guild of Parasite G.O.P candidate would be frantically rushing to apologize to those who hate them, for daring to have an opinion.
What the hell, maybe Trump will subcontract the campaign grovelling out to Romney.

America is saved, Tomorrow Trump,( God to all LIVs) will call for them to take a bath , develop a work ethic and engage themselves in productive work.

What ? You say it won't work?
But they riot at his command.

note the subtle language; a 'protester' is NOT a disrupter.

protesters include for instance, the long banned sign holders in front of an abortion clinic who speak in calm tone, trying to convey the notion there are alternatives.

my first introduction to disrupters was a news story about a speaker at McGill U IIRC, who was shouted down by students who chose to silence the person invited to make a presentation. It got all the way to the CBC news. I would be about 16 at the time.

they are an old breed, emboldened by current events. and all interested parties, leftists, MSM, financial backers, agendists, are lined up like ducks in a row. oh, wait, is that the right analogy? 'ducks' in a 'row' are the things at the midway target shooting game . . . . .

Brilliant ! We need to SEIZE the language as effectively as the fringe has. My personal contribution ... "sustainability" ... I thoroughly enjoy shoving this Eco-word right back down the gullets of the left. As in ... an open border policy is "unsustainable" as the few remaining resources are used-up by hoards of freeloaders and substandard wage slaves. "Unsustainable" ... yet the leftists conveniently ignore their own term, when actually applied correctly for once.

"touché é match"

Its not the first time Liellary has used the internet video excuse! The women needs to go away, I would take a wing-nut like Trump over the wicked witch any day! If there is anybody with a secret agenda, it is the Clinton's.

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