This Is Not Your Grandma's Humane Society




That's some weapons-grade crazy and likely dangerous too. They seek to protect all sentient beings. Where, exactly, do they propose to stop? No more baiting a hook with a worm? No more driving down the highway and inadvertently killing some bugs? It sounds to me like their ultimate aim, like all socialists/communists, is to drastically reduce the earth's population by driving us back to the 6th century.

"If you know of other blogs dedicated to animal rights and the defeat of capitalism, please comment with a link."

Trying to cloak his true nature with animal skins.

Just read through both of his FB profiles. He is clearly deranged and likely should be visited by the police and a team of mental health professionals.

Isn't that incitement to murder? I don't think that's covered under the first amendment........

This kind of stunted thinking is yet another example of how big city life completely distorts people's concepts of the realities of nature.

How dare we humanely take down a deer with a shot to the heart and deny it the terror and excruciating suffering of having it's throat slowly crushed then ripped out by the jaws of a mountain lion?

According to a Discovery documentary there were 1M white tail deer in North America 100 years ago. There are 30M today. We run a guantlet of deer where we live and now moose populations are exploding too. I don't hunt but I thank those that do. These radicals are dangerous in their cluelessness.

That does it I really want a nice coon skin hat next Christmas. Actually watched someone heading to the cottage this summer writing down a licence number of a vehicle with a whining dog in the car at 10 in the morning with all four windows open six inches at least. The only thing that's going to fix people is some historic reality - as in some real hardship.

Roland Vincent is clearly loony, which is perhaps why he failed to note that those who kill animals have a lot more guns than those who oppose them. This makes shooting "animal murderers" a hazardous occupation.

I wonder if he will make the the trip to my house if I email him my address? I'll even let him know when I'm home.

So I click on the link and go to his website to read further.

The first thing to catch my eye was an advertisement.

For the Keg Steakhouse.

There is a God.

Curious what this chap's opinion is of abortion practitioners...

The Keg steakhouse...

The irony is almost as tasty as rib-eye grilled rare!


how many times has some sort of 'social media posting' led to large scale news-generating involvement of law enforcement?

somebody needs to track down this individual and report this posting.

and regarding deer populations, locally it gets in the news every 5 or 6 years the 'outrage' when culls are called for to prevent large scale suffering of the out-of-control surplus deer population. very, very simple math shows there is NOT ENOUGH FORAGE. they eat, breed, and come winter, starve and freeze to death.

on the bigger picture, me brudder, a very knowledgeable, successful and skilled hunter more than once bemoaned the FACT that in Canuckistan, hunting, which obviously touches on gun ownership, is a fading craft. ergo populations of wildlife get out of control; bears, deer, moose, whatever.


This is why I despise social media. It gives dangerous kooks, lunatics, and fools an audience they don't deserve to have and should never be given access to.

how is it that conservatives are always being equated with violence and extremism?

"-- PARIS -- A Paris activist pierced her skin with giant fishhooks and hung herself
from the ceiling of a boutique
Thursday in a radical protest at the threat of extinction
facing the world's sharks."

i mean... you can just smell the crazy... but the media narrative is that she's some
sort of noble martyr.


Welll, I see he stated his view on abortion--he's fine w gov't funded abortions. This guy is a festering boil of antisocial hypocrisy.

Oh, so that's what a microaggression feels like. No problem I can handle it without intervention.

Well nertz! He is deleting sound, reasoned and factual comments. Could of had some fun this morning on his blog.

They'd best be careful. We will shoot back.

Thanks for sharing this bit of nuttiness with us today. I am older than Roland the Nut and I have enjoyed years and years of killing my food and eating all sorts of critters other people have killed for my gastronomic enjoyment. Life is good and in a few days we will have a New Year to enjoy our carnivore selves.

That speciesest bastard! I suppose he gets to decide what species deserve protection? Who will defend the millions of bacteria slaughtered in his nose by his body's so-called "self-defence" systems? If he were really serious about protecting biol-diversity he would take himself out into the deep woods and shoot himself so that his body could fester and support many other life-forms.

(/sarc just in case)

His comments make me f-e-e-l un-com-for-table ... can't some adjunct professor at some college create a SAFE space for me.

Ha. I'ma shoot back in that case. Lessee how brave they are under return fire.

This nut bar is old news. He is the same guy that last year was calling for people to shoot small business owners, no?

Here is a link to one of his adventures that I found in 5 seconds on Google.

Those anti hunting idiots need to have a heard of deer move into their neighborhood and snack on their fancy bushes maybe a few moutian lions eating spot or fluffy or coyotes stalking their kids im sure their nature has been so disneyfied for them the total idiots

Jimmy Carter: History's greatest monster...?
I am an Animal Rights activist.
I was a Baptist in my youth, but I am an Atheist.
I was a libertarian in my youth, but I am a Liberal.
I am vegan.
I am a Freemason in the tradition of the Grand Orient of France.
I am an attorney, but I do not practice law.

His own self introduction:
I was a stockbroker and an investment banker, but I’m now a Socialist.
I am a political strategist.
I am an historian.
I served on President Jimmy Carter’s staff.
I lost a landmark free speech case in the US Supreme Court.
I ran California’s Proposition 13 campaign for Howard Jarvis.
I was a Los Angeles City Commissioner in Mayor Tom Bradley’s administration.
I served on Alabama Governor George Wallace’s staff.
I was a journeyman machinist while in college, and worked on the rocket engines that went to the Moon.
My family followed the Dodgers to LA from Flatbush in 1960 (my father handled the Dodgers’ insurance).
I have 7 rescued parrots, 6 rescued dogs, and one rescued cat.
I ride motorcycles, sail, fly, and shoot skeet, although not so much of late!

'Dangerously insane' is too gentle a descriptor for Roland Vincent. He reminds me of Michael Harris.

Pammy Anderson and Alec Baldwin both of these hollyweird idiots have done stupid ads for PETA both are stark raving stupid like all those who join PETA and take part in their idiotic protests

These ignorant flatlanders who have never much ventured beyond their city city surroudings have no idea what real nature is like Owls will eat bunnies and skunks and male bears will kill cubs not adopt them(like in that stupid french film THE BEAR)to them nature is what tehy see in some disney movie(Bambi,A Tale of two Critters Etc)if they saw real nature it would scare the poopy out of them

So, is anybody going to hunt him down and gutshoot him? about just kicking his arse?

Vincent talks about meat eaters, hunters, abattoirs, etc as being worse than the Nazis and about the defeat of capitalism. I suspect that he does not mention the communists Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, et al because he is some sort of deluded anarchist/communist.

HITLER WAS A VEGETARIAN. This idiot needs marooned in the alaska wilderness where the animals dont eat at salad bars

"Bill Sticker | December 30, 2015 11:39 AM | Reply

Isn't that incitement to murder? I don't think that's covered under the first amendment........"

Its not even close to incitement.

The 1st Amendment is about the only one that the Supreme Court bends over backwards to protect.

The First Amendment allows punishment only of subversive advocacy calculated to produce "imminent lawless action" and which is likely to produce such action.

A Facebook post pretty much fails every aspect of this.


Masses Publishing v Patten, 1917 (sets the major precedent the court's been following since)
Brandenburg v Ohio, 1969 (The definitive 1st Amendment incitement case)
Elonis vs US, 2015 (most recent - though dealing more with 'threat' than 'incitement', it basically says that such speech must be *intended by the speaker* as such - how its perceived by others, even 'reasonable persons' is not enough to prove intent.

I wonder what is his opinion halal meat? This could be fun.

Animal Rights advocates want to start a shooting war? I think I'm okay with that.

Spurwing - Hitler was a hardline anti-smoking vegan, I thought?

You have it right. Some seem to be copying him.

See? This is what happens when you go full retard.

Isn't threatening people with gun violence a crime?
Why hasn't this a-hole been arrested?

Lordy Lordy...Am simply gobsmacked this smug arrogant marxist still walks the streets of San Francisco...but not at all surprised that it is there he lives...within the official residency of beyond help LOONY TUNES on the the planet...California.

As per SDH....I got your 6.

Bring it! Reloading .223Rem as we speak.

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