CTV: Turdeau Meets The Queen



(Courtesy reader Orville)


God save the Queen.
First Charles, then Cameroon and now Justine..I wonder what she is thinking?
To see the dominions sink so low.
I hope this increases her determination to outlive her son.

As for our PM, sure looks like a immature product along side our Queen.

That handshake just seems odd - like he's trolling for a vote.

Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been?

Someone's getting canned.

Freudian slip, or the subliminal mind at work here?

Bet she rushed out and washed her hands...twice.

CTV finally get something right?

It's official. Turdeue it is.

Pretty sure that's racist for some reason.

That's Mr. Turdeau to you, you moron.

I wonder if Zoolander will do a little pirouette behind the Queen's back like his Bolshevik old man did.

Actually the snivelling little turd should have given the Queen a hug rather than a handshake. We can all remember Stephen Harper being demonized by the media for shaking his son's hand rather than hugging him.

Aren't we having a caption contest for this?

How about "Your Majesty, I can do better pirouettes than my low-class father, just you wait and see!".

Its the Chauncey Gardiner handshake!

Plus he has the same hairdo , the turd

Makes a great stocking stuffer!


Two Queens...

What? No selfies?

'I know etiquette demands I'm supposed to offer one hand Liz, but as you well know, I was just voted sexiest politician alive.

I thought the thing was photoshopped at first. migod they actually did it!!! LOL !!!

is a pirouette mandatory? lizzie isnt stooopid. she found out about 'the pirouette' reaaaalll early.

Humm did he give her a audio copy of his speeches??

Was it the CTV gremlins that did the caption on this story this morning on CTV Newsnet?

Or did her Majesty the Queen arrange this as payback time for Pierre Trudeau's pirouette behind her back during his meeting with the Queen?

In that shot it looks like the guy is talking down to his senile grandmother. It's the queen turdeau, show some respect. Try and at least pretend you respect the monarchy you twat.

He earned the name Truedope with his promise to legalize pot ... but I am betting it ain't gonna happen .... like most things that float around in hair, it's not that simple.

Does this mean the shine is off the apple?..................Nah, I didn't think so either.

In light of the overweening pro-Liberal bias at the CBC I declare this evidence of a higher power, or Karma, or something.

Made my whole day.

I wonder if that little Freudian slip cost someone their job.

I hope the Queen disinfected her hand and counted her fingers when she left him!

Perfect, Grandad.

It isn't right for the media to call that sweet old lady a turd.

You know what would really piss of the Left? Referring to Justin as "Bush Junior".

"That handshake just seems odd - like he's trolling for a vote."

In which case he's truly wasting his time.

The Queen does not vote (because it is considered unconstitutional).

By the way, love that CTV typo.

They truly are the B Team of TV news, which isn't saying much as it is.

(B as in Barney; Barney as in Fife; Fife as in Bob.)

"Try that gladhanding again at the next Commonwealth meeting, you unctuous peckerhead, and you're OUT! Have a nice day."

Turdeau, or in English, Shitwater.

From what it appears to me, Mr. Shitwater (h/t johndoe124), in the way he is shaking the Queen's hand — his right hand in her right hand BUT his left hand also on top of her right hand — is being extremely disrespectful to the Queen.

Am I correct?

Zoolander meets a mutual congenital retard, how quaint.

And the Queen is thinking:
"Another bloody Turdeau? One in a lifetime is more than enough!"

The Queen knows there is a Liberal in the house...she has her black purse over her arm.

She should'a kicked him in the nuts.

"I wonder if that little Freudian slip cost someone their job."

Possibly....but what a way to go, eh?

See tomorrow Aislin's cartoon in the Montreal Gazette which he said would be of Trudeau taking a selfie with the Queen.
I had my younger years shadowed by the reign of the arrogant commie Trudeau pere and now in my near golden years I have to put up with this sunny frontman for the Liberal Mafia.

'There is the "no-touch" rule, for example. The queen's visitors have to wait until she extends her hand to take it, and they are not supposed to grip it tightly or pump it, said Rachel Kelly, a public relations executive at VisitBritain, the U.K.'s official tourism office'

show some respect to the queen of all england you lowly knave

Over at CBC they spell it TurDieu. Then they prostrate themselves.

Thanks for jogging my memory, I was searching for that reference.

Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been?
I've been to London to visit the Queen.
Pussy cat, pussy cat, what did you there?
I frightened a little mouse, under my hair.

That extra grip on Her Majesty's hand is so gauche, it shows he has either not been told about protocol or considers himself royal and on par with the Queen. It would be interesting to know what the Queen really thinks about Canada's choice for PM, that would be like finding out what she has in that black purse, we'll never know.

OMG I only just saw the typo as you pointed it out. It was right inforn t of me. Hahahha. Now it's Turdeau the Boy Wonder!

I guess Bob Fife's chances for the GG are shot.

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