Oh, Shiny Prime Minister


Is that my wallet in your pocket, or are you just happy to see them?

Canada is making a five-year, $2.65 billion contribution to help developing countries tackle climate change.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the announcement Friday at the summit of Commonwealth leaders in Malta, where the battle against global warming is becoming the dominant issue.

Enjoy the decline.


When you are born with a silver spoon and a family trust and have no idea of how the average Canadian makes a living then the "Money Bucket" (Canadian Taxpayers) has no bottom.

For all you liberal trolls out there show me an example of one thing that past liberal governments have ever accomplished without increasing the costs halfway through the project. This "Turdeau" government is well on its way to beggaring the Canadian taxpayer with its sanctimonious ideals of solving all of the world's problems. The refugee problem will only cost us 1.2 billion over six years, that's like the long gun registry only costing a couple of million. Then we have the upcoming carbon tax that will be "revenue neutral" but those of us that don't believe in unicorn pharts and pixie dust know it will be paid by the final consumer, you guessed it , the Canadian Taxpayer.

Enjoy the decline because we will never see the Canada that we were so proud to be part of after WWII again.

Hey let's needlessly increase our deficit by giving billions to third world tinpot politicos to stuff into their Swiss bank accounts. That money is needed here in Canada, Tosser.

$2.65 billion - Big deal - he can borrow a lot more where that comes from. When he runs out of borrowing he can start raising taxes. At least he isn't balancing the budget like that nasty Harper.

Makes a great Christmas gift: 'Justin Trudeau is a MORON' bumper sticker:


The sayings of Chairman Justin:

The deficit will balance itself. . .

From the heart out.

(it's gonna be a long four years)

All so that the poseur can pose at international dinner parties. And Bob Fife reporting from the Commonwealth summit, states the ocean are rising and the global temperature is rising. Liberal propagandist tool.

There also talking about a tax on global shipping at the climate summit. I won't be surprised for the world leaders to bring up again a tax on each financial transaction if China and others don't go for a shipping tax. Huge slush funds that people won't protest against as indirect taxes.
Harper opposed the financial tax at the last G20 meeting.

Considering that man made CO2 is about 3% of total CO2 in atmosphere, which is about 400 CO2 molecules per million of molecules of air, or 12 man made CO2 molecules per million, even if we all stopped breathing it would make very little difference IMO.

Well the LIEberals under Just-in are at least keeping their promises ... Canada will be changed to his vision ... promising deeper debt, and the budget will magically balance itself in 2019 - with a surplus in 2020. (If he can pull this off, I would be impressed though I would not vote LIEberal.)

Sad part is he has not even started infrastructure, which will cost billions. He also mentioned he will fight Climate Change/ Global Warming ... be prepared to be taxed to death and Canadians will end up like Ontario and Alberta (under the New Dictator Party of Alberta.) Expect Wind, solar power to be pushed and power rates to be much higher.

(Sarcasm on: Thank you LIEberals for putting LIEberals/Just-in as your leader, you do not have the right to complain when his "bills"affect your present life style. Sarcasm off)

Trudeau's election platform boasted 250 million to resettle the RefuJihadists and it has already been revised to 1.2 billion to 2 billion. At this rate the Liberal scheme could cost us Trillions. Lying is what Liberals do best.

Try twenty-two years (King-St Laurent 1935-57 and Pearson-Trudeau 1963-1984).

What's worse? Justin giving $2.65 billion to foriegn countries to spending on "climate change" or Harper having already given $1.2 billion for the same reason?

Give us one real Conservative for one full term. Just a happy accident. Let him tear up the framing of everything...total scortched Earth conservative cleansing...it would be a great four years.

Funny part is they were pretty shy on details around this infrastructure fund. I can guarantee you that it will be for Quebec primarily. The leftovers will be featherbedding for their next election campaign.

It would be interesting to know how many people from across the country actually went to the meeting.
From Ontario there were over 50 from the province and 3 from Toronto.

"And Bob Fife reporting from the Commonwealth summit, states the ocean are rising and the global temperature is rising."

Barney is doing the Lewinski on Trudeau, just like Oliver did on his old man. These guys are like giggling schoolgirls with the new Liberal government.

I haven't noticed any rise in the ocean nor any rise in temperature. The 1990s were warm. The 2010s are not.

Fair point oa515, but I guess I would point out it took 3 terms for Harper to commit that much, and Shiney Pony, 3 weeks to double it. And he is just getting started.

I wish Harper would have handled the climate file differently, but Trudeau will ultimately outspend him on it - and raid our treasury - by 100 fold, maybe 1000.

And media will applaud the whole way along.

"High-income earners are less likely to leave Canada"

Or they are likely to arrange their affairs to minimize tax. Rich people have choices. Their income can come from different streams, some which may require no taxes such as savings as opposed to income. They may avoid the highest bracket and await a friendlier government.

They are just getting started. From the Globe and Mail. The last sentence cracks me up.


By 2020, t‎he Canadian government will put in $800-million annually.

Environmentalists argue Canada's fair share of the $100-billion annually that is pledged for 2020 should be about $4-billion.

Mr. Dion noted that that sum is supposed to be Canada's contribution from both public and private sources, and that the $800-million Canada will contribute in 2020 will attract private "partners" and generate a total of $4-billion. He did not specify by what mechanism such private funds would be attracted, or what incentives might be provided to generate private capital.

May I suggest that for a start, sensible people consistently use the term "anthropogenic global warming" (AGW) instead of the econuts' "Climate Change" expression. As a principal part of the ongoing discussions, we must insist on having proof that carbon dioxide emissions (from man made causes only!) are a simplistic control knob for global temperature, which means that "they" have to show us that one added molecule of CO2 in some 84,000 atmospheric molecules is going to cause a catastrophe. This is obviously silly, and no such proof exists.


"When you are born with a silver spoon and a family trust..."

oh, it's way better than that. pierre-lite is a millionaire courtesy of an inheritance from his grandfather... who sold a chain of... wait for it... GASOLINE SERVICE STATIONS... way back when.

doesn't that make justin a "carbon criminal" of the first order?

you think he'd want to divest himself of all that eco-blood money... but apparently, he's good with it.

i call that "elasticity of conscience."

you probably don't understand... it's a liberal thing.


Wouldn't the first solution be to spend the money in Canada on long-term solutions like hydro dams. Money sent to the 3rd world has a nasty habit of ending up in private accounts in Swiss banks.

Nope,they've got THAT covered too!


The only clean solution is windmills and solar panels,preferably those built by companies who contribute heavily to Liberal coffers.

Or, we could maybe hold mass necktie parties for enviro-zealots.

Regarding The Canada is back shtick popularized by jr, what he rally means is that spendthrift Liberals are back. No rat hole especially a UN administered one is too obscure that his government won't stuff it with taxpayers' dollars. This is but the beginning, and Canadians have permanent deficits to look forward to, in good times, bad times and indifferent times. What would one expect from a candidate who stated "The budget will balance itself".

Then the shitty countries kick back a percentage to his personal offshore account.
He's a Librano.

Go git 'im Rona!

C'mon...sic 'im!

Rona! Get out from under that table!

Any PC out there ready to tackle this sissy little asshole?


But he's pissing away billions on foolishness and our health care system is going for the shits!

Did I hear right? You don't have the guts to say anything because it's about climate change?

Get with the times. Hey haven't been PCs for a dozen years. You embarrass yourself.

Rona is too busy establishing her creds by talking about violence against women. I might get violent against a fellow female soon if she doesn't smarten up. To speak in female terms, the Liberal honeymoon is over when he lies, cheats, empties your wallet and beats you up. And tells you he has left you in the dust.

rona has already stated on canada's national broadcaster that she is going to turn the page on that "nasty stephen harper" era. and she proved it by endorsing justin's vagenda... appointing a bunch of softer, gentler non-p@nis equipped critics.

just buy into all your opponent's fallacies and voters will love you.

there is no party of the right anymore.


Wouldn't that 2.65B look good in the health care system? Or maybe providing cheap housing for the homeless. We could even use it to build safe injection sites but instead we piss it away to the third world whose despotic leaders will use it to gold plate their AK-47's. They might as well deliver it in cash and get it over with. Saves on all that complicated money laundering.

Maybe he should be using that money to help Wynne get out of debt. One complaint I heard during the election was about the 'state of our democracy" -- how is this an improvement? Did anyone vote for this? This is one if the first signs that the globalists are calling the shots. Justin did nit dream this up on his own and it certainly is not in Canada's interests.

"Get with the times. Hey haven't been PCs for a dozen years. You embarrass yourself."

No embarrassment here. They're nothing but the same old PCs of the Joe Clark variety...just as pink and as chicken as they ever were. But you can keep running cover for them. They need it.

Government spending is ONLY at 33% of GDP, Under PET it rose to 50%. Picture $150b annual federal deficits for context. So lots of room to "invest" taxpayer dollars for any project they can think of to puff themselves up. Too bad for Justin he still has his daddy's debt to repay and the boomers are heading into their downside years instead of just beginning to drive up productivity as they were in the 60s.

We're not just headed for the wall, the wall is headed for us.

As far as the $2.6b to help the poor outside of Canada, that's probably less then the carbon taxes paid by our very own poor thanks to these reformed SJWs. Now they're middle class warriors, warring against the middle class who always get to pay the freight for being stupid enough to believe the rich will pay for their free stuff.

Taxing the air for socialist causes; the statist dream come true. Take money for nothing, to do with what you wish, then get the mediocracy to agree to blame the extreme right wingers when socialists run out of other peoples' money. The ON/LIVs voted in this crap for 10 years and then sentenced the rest of us to it. Thanks idiots. Who knew never considering the cost of something and using emotion for all decisions, then throwing a temper tantrum if anyone disagrees could go so wrong?

Nobody at the Fine Arts faculty said this would happen, but it did in spite of their worldliness.

Progressive bait and switch politics. It's not about the "poor" or anyone else; just them and their stroked egos, showing the great leadership required to spend like a drunken bureaucrat and borrow based on the "unlimited taxation power of government."

The poor get hurt the most. Why is that important when historical legacies, statist kudos and political selfies are being served up?

The airhead is testing if turning on a dime will work in this country.

Surprisingly to him, it works. The media cartel runs interference and everything is well with the world.

The majority of the population will lap it up as though it is a sweet nectar.

The LIV's don't will never know what's the difference.

Yeah, we are on a slide to the great abyss.

The socialist/fascist cabal that got hold of this land for 4 - 5 years will run down the country and to some it will seem as though the paradise is just around the corner.

Not unlike Venezuela.

Hey, there ain't no gangster like a "Liberal" gangster... this saving the planet from the weather racket should help fund Librano campaigns for decades to come, no mare laundering stolen taxpayer cash through fake "advertising firms" in Quebec... it should also help keep Queen Sophie's stupid hat collection up to date with other "Royals". I wonder if Blob Fife gets a cut of the Librano "save the world fund" or whether like Owliver he gets paid by the amount of Turdo sperm he can swallow.Yep, electing a brain damaged effeminate trust fund jagoff does have consequences. Librano theft sure pleases the Media though... It's clear the cure for the Media's Harper Derangement Syndrome was a heavy dose of Librano theft. Its going to be a long 15 years.

Just now I Googled Trudeau and 2.65 B, and came up with another news release of commitments to Native education.$2.5 here $2.5B there and soon we are talking some real money. And as Dion points out correctly, they haven't even got to Paris and the real negotiations yet.

Keeping in mind of course that Justin will not contribute one red cent out of his own pocket. Got my pension OAP and CPP today. Not one cent more than I got before. Thanks for nothing Trudeau!


However, the real problem lies with Harper and the Cons not digging in and discrediting the global warming farce while they had a majority. 20 million tossed at sceptical researchers - ideally led by Steve MacIntyre - and the whole scam could have been buried forever.

Instead, Harper and the Cons pretended that global warming was a thing. They didn't actually do anything about it; but they did not use their time in government to demolish the Green Blob.

20 million versus 2.65 billion simply because the Conservatives were chickenshits.

Oh, but you would be tarred as a "liberal" for holding those sorts of views. IncreMENTALism was the place to be. That 62% might just vote you out if you went hard right. Gently tickle was the mantra. Get with the program you knuckle-dragger. Harper was doing the "long game", I was told by my CONSERVATIVE betters. Hmmmm, how long? Ten years about. It was so long that I didn't notice any hard right at all and the LPOC is going to undo just about everything the CONS ever did with their majority. Now Ms Ambrose wants to change the "tone" and have the MSM define what Conservatism means to Canadians, while they wait their turn at the trough. They get paid to wait & a nice pension to boot if they get impatient with the wait.

The people to blame are the stupid people who voted in that moron. How can you vote in a person who doesn't have any skills or any brains to lead an entire country! Friggin defies all logic. Justin Trudeau is a joke, but now the joke is on the rest of us.

Count me as cynical but I can just imagine the greedy itching grasping little hands. The handsome smiles and pledges to carry on the good work. Handshakes and photo ops included.
All the time laughing all the way to an overseas account. Anyone doubts it, ask about the vast sums delivered to Haiti. This is if one knows anyone who has visited in the last few years.

Ya jay. Harpers fault. Not the media not the libs not the pathetic idiotic LIVs. Harpers fault alone.
Media tried to get him to take the bait for years for they had the denier yolk ready to hang around his neck.

Then the Vancouver wind storms hit in 06 and the media were ready to lay this disaster at denier Harpers feet. But he did the unexpected and got out in front if the issue by copping the climate change narrative away from the Libs and media who were readying it for Green Guru Stephane Dion. Media were handcuffed by that and pissed.

Had Harper not done this there is a very good chance Dion would have won the election in 2008.

So tell me how he walks it back to denier land from there, without the media and the progressive wing of his own party knifing him in the back?

Maybe Harper could have done more but he also put some faith in Canadians to not be the stupid low information spoiled brats they proved to be.

That faith was misplaced.

Actually it is not so bad..
All promised amounts are it Canadian Dollars.
Which will be worth about 35 cents US by mid Turdeau Term.

Probably on par with the Zimbabwe dollar by end of 2019.
I pay you $ 100,000,000,000,000 no problem.
Very pretty script as well.
Maybe we will have the mint use toilet paper so our money will still be useful.

Turdeau is a loser scumbag. I hope the terrorists get him at the Paris climate conference.

Yeah, you know, well, on the one hand.........on the other, there's a few others that could be disappeared without much "regret", a Kenyan Muslim Yale graduate, for one, or a TNA premier, without a clue (yeah a liberal).
Not wishing misfortune, but let's face it,, France will be in lockdown mode, nothing will happen there, but a lot of progressive selfie ops, and third world demands of penance and greed


Of course the media and the PC end of the Cons would have had kittens. But not if Harper had established a Commission - chaired by Steve MacIntyre - to take an on the record look at the science and then make recommendations. With the right terms of reference such an entity could have sunk AGW in Canada and in much of the rest of the world.

Harper could and should have acted in the first few weeks of his term. He didn't. Which makes the current lunacy his fault.

Even yet on the discussion on CTV about Prime Minister Trudeau's excursion to the conference, it goes on.
Robert Fife mentioned that JT's presence is better than Stephen Harper was at this kind of gathering.
Will these people never give up!

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