Get out your checkbooks.


Dion's second chance at screwing everyone.

As was mentioned to me recently, and to which I found myself in agreement, "I hope the incrementalist Conservatives are paying attention. The liberals are slashing and burning their way back to Trudeaupia and they've only been in power for what - a week?"


At this point the more radical and outlandish they show themselves to be, the better. In order for the dummies who voted for this abomination to pay any notice, you must have "change" that begins to take on a the characteristic of a financial black-hole. Everything else is just feel-good until it affects the personal financial well-being of the LIV to the point at which they actually take notice.

But Lance you are exactly right that this would be a page to take from them. If we ever get a real conservative government back, time to be merciless towards the Liberal machine.

It's so cute how you think this is just going to be about money this time.

There will be no messy camps for the world to see. They are going to kill us in our own homes.

Just watch him.

Dion gets his green shift. In 5 years the whole county will be in the same shape as Ontario.

The likes of Dion are perfectly happy with the intolerance prevalent at universities today.
So certain of their wisdom, blind to their own failings.
The question no Cult member will consider, is; "What if you are wrong?".
We who doubt are treated to the full show, 5 minutes of hate, denigration of our intelligence and insulting our "conservationist credentials".
Absolutely no room for an alternate point of view.

I am all out of tolerance,patience and sympathy, when these hysterical nitwits are shown to have been completely ignorant of science, so emotionally invested in their religion that they caused sever damage to this nation, I say we treat them as they have demanded we be treated.
No quarter, fools and bandits who wreak such havoc deserve banishment, complete with the energy restrictions they demand for us.

CAGW is an intelligence test, the loud mouthed strident failures of this test are dangerous.
I'm a moron is a bit long for branding on a forehead , but CAGW says it allow C.C.C.

Corrupt communist clowns?
Cult of Calamitous Climate.

Like all good retributive measures the names and their own words will live on the internet, until the UN seizes control in the name of fairness.
Purge the swayback machine?

The key to their theology is that the believer can not even define what they mean by Climate Change.
But it is science..eee.

Harper was an incrementalist in the face of frantic media opposition to all things conservative. The Liberals are afforded the opportunity to slash and burn as they do so in consanance with nihilist, media objectives.

I agree; Flyboy; Cheers

Didn't we have a plebiscite on a carbon tax. It was called the 2008 election and this knob got tutored for his sky is falling attitude. Well Chicken Little is back.

/To succeed in a world battered by global warming" - Undoubtedly a majority of Canadians nod their heads, like obedient sheeple, at this statement. The fact that it's utterly false shows just how effective the Left's Propaganda Machine is at shaping the opinions of LIVs.

It is back to 2006 again, and Dion has not gone anywhere. This was obvious in the recent election, but does anyone remember substantive discussion of the Paris accord and the financial burden it represents? No, more talk of intolerance and sunny disposition.
Because Canadians have the temerity to heat their homes above 60 degrees, and distribute food and goods over vast distance, we will suffer greatly when the zealots around the Paris table decide on the correct reduction of carbon outputs. Trudeau and McKenna with their childish "Canada is back" routine, have signaled they will sign anything put in front of them. It is prudent for voters to examine what they are likely to get; in 2006 they rejected completely Dion's green shift; now it is back under a different label.

Dion the Carbonator reinvents himself, he still looks like he doesn't know exactly where he is or where he's going, which means we're all on mystery trip at best, or at worst, lost at sea with Captain Dion at the helm. Take your pick, it will be a helluva ride.

In Ont the debt/deficit/transgender/windmills/high-electricity/deceit agenda of the Libs was given the faster, harder thumbs up by the Ontario voters.
They went from minority to majority.
How? This agenda is geared to their base in metro Toronto and they swung over enough suburban seats.
"Screw the province, we don't need their vote."

Do you think Trudeau Libs will differ?
In Ontario, their vote was the same metro Toronto vote relied upon by the provincial cousins.
If the metropolitan axis can carry them, they'll screw the country and carry their PLAN on to the end.

Elections are won or lost in the suburbs.

The combination of NDP in Alberta and the Liberals Federally (who have moved far to the left) will bring total doom to western Canada. I live in the oil patch area of Northern Alberta. What we are already experiencing is much worse than 1980 - 1985 NEP disaster, or any of the dips including 2008.
Unless the conservatives begin to BE CONSERVATIVE in opposition, and hold to conservative ideals, we will have 30+ years of unnecessary hardship. In the end the CAGW crowd will look back and say, "You see, the earth didn't warm as much as we feared, so obviously our methods worked."

Where is that commenter who was telling me I was terrible to take my pension and spend it in a warm land where I don't need heat? I wonder if he still agrees with his comment?

This should not surprise anyone in Western Canada but it will.

As the CPC made futile attempts to cozy up to Quebecers Dion and Turdeau made no effort to disguise their contempt for the West. The naturally governing party is back and will exact their revenge. It is all about, as it has always been, extracting wealth to those who are truly smart enough to make those decisions about governance.

"Because Canadians have the temerity to heat their homes above 60 degrees, and distribute food and goods over vast distance"

Canada is minimally industrialized. The reason we create a lot of CO2 is distance and 40 below. Then we decide the world is a better place if we bring terrorists from the desert to the subarctic increasing their carbon footprint tenfold and then penalizing us for it. It makes no sense.

Oh yuck!
I haven't been able to read any MSM "news" articles since comments have been disappeared and the retards gave our country to a trust fund frisbee coach idiot.

"Cheque" and I'm the worst speller ever, I admit it, sorry to be that guy!!!

The lieberal "green shift" amounts to them shifting "green" out of your pockets and into theirs.

marc garneau was the liberal foreign affairs critic, but he got passed over for dion because garneau wouldn't, like the rest of his liberal confreres, sh!t on israel.

i can't wait wait for justin to appoint a special envoy to hezbollah.


Well, Prime Minister Butts is completely on board.

I agree too. Harper was an economist he knew the effect on jobs that slashing government would cause during a recession and participation in a war.

There is a great deal of difference perceived by the people when your goal is to slash government to pay down debt and live within your means and cut regulation all under the critical eye of a Legacy media which hates you compared to raising debt, raising taxes, raising spending based on borrowing to buy votes from identity groups with utopian ideologies all to the cheerleading of a media which loves your and your agenda.

I think we are going to see the 2nd, 3rd? coming of bob rae shortly. Ambassador to Israel?

Something for him to screw up.

Rae is going to be Ambassador to U.S. I believe

Undoubtedly the Tories needed an effective "wedge" issue during the campaign, so why did they choose to ignore what was an openly talked about policy of Trudeau's?

Alberta is going to get severely screwed, just like it did under PET.

What a sorry state of affairs. Quebec elites running the show again, prancing about with their pious attitudes. Makes me sick.

I think the situation is really quite serious for Alberta. The objective is to kill off the oil sands completely, make no mistake about it. In the eyes of Dion, and all the green, communist freaks that are now pouring out of the woodwork, killing the oil sands off would be considered a huge success.

The false narrative of the struggling middle class during the election campaign and abetted by the mediocracy will become our future reality with government "investment" and carbon "pricing," which apparently nobody pays, just the inhuman "polluters," kind of like "corporations." As usual the "middle class" aka the tax cow, will pay the freight of big government and get to suffer as taxation, present and deferred eats into their disposable income. Of course the poor get poorer, but the statists ditched them long ago. Somebody on the right better step up to the plate soon and show it for what it is, and call the mediocracy to task for their bias and ignorance. Canada needs a grass roots revolution to pursue the rights and aspirations of the individual, within their families and communities, and through the state if necessary, but not necessarily, so therefore limited government. Instead, we have the individual and the state, who decides for them their rights, views and morality.

This must stop. PET took us there after he became PM, now his son wishes to pursue his vision of justice through even larger government than now with Harper unable or unwilling to bring the leviathan down to limited levels.

Libertarian ideas can find oxygen in the conservative message that the answer from government cannot simply be to do "more" because it is cutting off productivity gains for Canadian workers and employers going forward in a deeply complex and worrying international economic climate. Deflationary forces are having an effect on our economy already. Sprinkling productivity killing taxes collected from "rich" Canadians to use a political lubrication will not stem a period of 2-4 years of anemic Canadian and world growth. If the US does raise their interest rates what will that mean for us? If our dollar does drop to 55cents as some predict, what kind of drag will that be.

We've got to get government out of the faces and wallets of our citizens! Harper was going to do that because it needs doing but the statists and the mediocracy blocked & tackled him in a display of unethical illogic that continues to reverberate as consumers boycott mediocracy news outlets with an obvious future effect on advertising revenue.

We who believe in limited government that is already more than big enough and getting more than enough revenues must step forward with one voice, starting in the coffee shops and moving up the ladder to a political voice to stop the madness, united in our belief in limited government. IOW it's up to us.

The Liberals will have a huge problem with equalization with Ontario and Alberta on the skids, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces on perpetual dole, where are they going to tap for the money?

“The reason we worked so hard is because we have a plan for the country and we wanted an opportunity to implement it. And for that, we needed a mandate,” ~ Stéphane Dion

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. " ~ C. S. Lewis

Maybe now Harper will become leader of Alberta PC's and implement that firewall!

Sounds good. Where does one start.
We are living under a kleptocracy right now, never mind Justine and co.
Theft and destruction, that is what government has come to mean to me.
I have paid heaps, taken very little and will be "entitled" to very little if I stop working.
Top down government, will always expand. The nature of bureaucracy demands it.

How about taking local control back from the Province and the Fed?
Community first.
Collect a flat tax locally, forget the progressive BS, which destroys productivity.
Let the local pay that same flat tax rate to the Province.
And the Province that rate to the fed.
All "Common Good" projects have to be funded locally.
especially welfare,health and education.
Let the Fed take care of their core responsibilities, Law,order and defence.

I stand by 10% because once society has more than 1 out of 10 persons freeloading it is in decline.

Enrich the local, kill the beast.
As for the welfare communities…sorry but socialism has run out of other peoples money(efforts).
Communities die, that is why we have ghost town.

Now people will protest that we need healthcare, for all provided by big government.
Free. well that sure has worked real well, hasn't it.
The politicians and the union healthcare workers all have wonderful healthcare plans, almost as good as what the Liberals are giving the Syrian invaders, but we dumb taxpayers… sorry you can't see a specialist for 18 months, MRI? Buy your own, emergency surgery, please wait…How long does the wait have to be, before it is denial of service?

I get better more competent service from my dentist and my vet.

Here just after remembrance day, it is worth noting, Income tax was a temporary measure brought in to pay for WW1.
The GST was a temporary tax until the debt was paid off.
Government will never stop stealing.
Not voluntarily.

I am retired and have a property with extra bedrooms. We aren't rich but live comfortably. I require hip surgery and after waiting 4 months to see the surgeon was placed on a 9 month waiting list for surgery.

It has been suggested that our famlily take in a refugee family.My answer is that I am in complete agreement and would gladly and willing do so AS SOON AS I GET THE SAME HEALTHCARE BENEFITS THE MIGRANTS GET. The response is "crickets".

It seems socialism is taking deep root in our country. Our education system, our entertainment system, and now our energy supply.

"where are they going to tap for the money?"

Short answer .... Saskatchewan.

I won't brag about Saskatchewanians being the only province left with a free enterprise government simply because it took us years to finally smarten up and relegate the socialists to the opposition side of the legislature.

Oh yes, and I do have lots more:

- as you mentioned provincial jurisdictions collect all taxes including income sales, pensions, etc.
- in fact end income taxes of all types, personal, corporate, capital gains - in favour of value added taxes with some transition measures required.
- no environmental tax may be levied unless revenues used exclusively for pollution reduction or other mitigated costs. No externalized taxes going to general revenues period. For example, cigarette, booze and marijuana taxes go directly to health care.
- science must be depoliticized for its own good and ours. Proper scientific outcomes must be sought, so no more wind turbines, yes continue solar and other sources. Get the meteorologists off the climate change file, all of them. We know the climate changed, so they may go now.
- equalization system is ended. If a province wants a program, let them go to and be accountable to their voters.
- no civil servant may receive a base salary above $200,000 annually, (all bonuses must clearly show value added measure that increase productivity) with the bulk of saving internalized into the present public sector compensation systems. Fire the deadwood managers, pay civil servants more, make the union workers your allies; screw their leftist executives. Nobody should get rich in the public sector, go put on the line personally in the real world. Unqualified managers hopping from one department to another will need to try to get their executive salaries from the private sector.
- health care & other privatization permitted but must meet existing standards within strict service (not bureaucracy) guidelines, including use of unionized workers at least until proper standards of service can be verified.
- all federal funding must be auditable, no free rides for anyone. If departments don't provide proper service, they can expect changes. We'll have already bribed the union workers so they will not put up too big a big fuss.
- target all income transfer programs to the poorest, target all welfare to those actually needing it, not able bodied persons. The inherent inefficiency of most transfers going to households earning high incomes must end. This requires the difficult exercise of convincing the sheeple they are voting for free stuff they end up paying for, with interest.
- no corporate bailouts ever, no crony capitalism. Keep private & public stream apart.
- as baby boomers retire to their government pensions, make new public service lean and mean, weed out the mandarins, focus on delivery of service not available from the private sector. Reduce government departments drastically, pay business to provide unprofitable ventures needed for public interest, let them develop the funding and infrastructure.
- actually ask Canadians what they want from their government instead of having them fill out long term censuses.

Do it all at the grassroots level, gaining traction and momentum from there, without the mediocracy working constantly to get us off message, as they did constantly during the last federal election campaign.

Lots of work to do, but a good four year run, while unlimited therefore irresponsible government does the damage for us to make our case directly to the people. If they can't understand the simple message of limited government and how it benefits them, well we're all doomed then; but let's at least try.

We did have a plebiscite on a carbon tax in 2008. Captain Dijon is now back but this time they have a majority clown leader who's benz is excluded from any laws meant for the rubes. I'm surprised Iggy wasn't persuaded to come out of his hole.

It is called deficit financing. Who better to fleece than taxpayers that aren't even born yet.

The attack on evil profiteers and corporations will be very selective. The Liberal ones won't be affected. TD Bank, SNC-Lavelin, etc. will do very nicely.

I'm stocking up on beer and popcorn waiting for all this insane climate theft/tyranny to sink in to the zombie horde. Time and time again poll after poll has shown the average Lib-left zombie's commitment to agenda 21 green austerity is only surface deep

They all want the latest green moral glow - AS LONG AS IT DOSN'T REALLY COST THEM ANY MONEY OR INCONVENIENCE.

This globalist cabal in Ottawa is going to fast track agenda 21 and pack it back up these urban liberal greenie's anus - theft, bullying, goon tactics - be prepared -I will love watching the trudeaupian honey moon end abruptly when these zombies are paying 3/4 of their remaining wages in climate sin taxes to just to keep warm and eat like a human being.

"As was mentioned to me recently, and to which I found myself in agreement, "I hope the incrementalist Conservatives are paying attention.""

Still in denial, eh? After how many elections in a row where some 60% of voters chose a left-of-centre party?

The facts are these: 1) Canada is a liberal, progressive society. 2) Nine years of Harper-esque incremental conservatism is as good as it's gonna get for you.

Don't like that reality? Quit your incessant bellyaching and actually do something about it:

With all the news that has come out in the last week I think we are going to get the shaft quite royally.

Harper: Too cute by half. Simply left the vast Progressive structure built by Chretien in place, waiting for the next Prog who came along to keep on going as if nothing had ever happened.

It's utter arrogance and ignorance to govern as if your party is going to hold the balance of power forever. You better make hay while the sun shines. Harper was too busy tinkering.

Dion claims a mandate for his green shaft and if anyone disagrees not to worry, since the system will now be reformed to ensure a permanent mandate for it. I personally feel that changing the electoral process immediately after an election is kind of underhanded to say the least but shiny pony boy says it's all about "democracy" so what do I know. I'm just a little western "citizen". Quebec is in charge now bitches.

They have some parts calling him a veteran climate warrior. Remember this warrior battling it out at ball hockey. Oh and his dog that he named Kyoto, is that still alive?

Exactly! Thanks for that quote from C.S. Lewis at 2:01. It describes perfectly what will happen to us.


My guess is this. I dont think Harper is a dummy, I don't think he was too cute. I think fundamentally ignorant voters were fed a Harper Hidden Agenda for years.

So when he is in power with a minority, its not as if he can pull a Joe Clark and pretend he has a mandate.

So he must slog along incrementally, and actually did quite well in passing legislation as a minority govt.

So when he finally does break through after increasing his seat count in every election that he fights, and gets a majority, what do you think the media/left is waiting for him to do?

They are waiting for him to make major policy moves - major conservative policy moves - at which point the only thing you would be reading for the next 4 years would be HARPER ENACTS HIDDEN AGENDA!

At which point when the 2015 election comes up, he gets soundly defeated, and a Liberal government comes in and simply reverses all policies.

I beleive Harpers stragegy would have been to have governed more conservatively with a second majority, and given the sheer amount of time he would have been PM conservatism would have taken a far greater hold culturally.

If he goes for broke in his first majority, I think he loses for sure. I think that the odds of winning a second majority were far greater by not going for broke policywise in his first majority.

If he demonstrates to Canadians sound policy, centrist governing and balanced budgets with his first majority, he has faith that Canadians will re-elect him with a greater majority.

So that was Harpers failing that he had faith in Canadians. He did not play them for fools. He left that for the media and the Libs, and sadly they were rewarded.

If you want a good snapshot of how a conservative movement that is promoting coservatisim gets treated, maybe you should go back and look at the history of the Reform Party.

We are not in good or safe hands with the Trudeau Liberal Cabal. It's a pretty shaky looking lot the media, unions and various and sundry special interest groups worked to ensure they got out enough lies, spread enough hate to get them elected. It's very much amateur hour at the expense of the country.

Sure, Ward, that's one (exceedingly generous) explanation. Too bad it doesn't stand up to its own logic.

To wit: how is it that the media is supposedly so powerful, so entrancing, so irresistible a force that it was able to deny Harper a second term, yet somehow was unable to prevent two previous Harper minorities and a Harper majority? Presumably it was no less biased, no less hostile to conservative ideas then than now?

Isn't the more parsimonious explanation simply that once in the PM's chair, Harper learned what all Canadian PMs learn? That Canada is a centrist, slightly left-leaning nation, and that to stay in power, one must necessarily govern from the middle? No media conspiracy, no nefarious tactics -- just the reality of governance in Canada.

Oh, and by the way, the Harper "hidden agenda" theme is exactly as fair (or unfair, depending on your perspective) as the Dion "not a leader", Ignatieff "he's just visiting" and Trudeau "just not ready" themes.

"the Harper "hidden agenda" theme is exactly as fair (or unfair, depending on your perspective) as the Dion "not a leader", Ignatieff "he's just visiting" and Trudeau "just not ready" themes."

Perhaps all four themes were fair but only three of the four were accurate. Harper's "hidden agenda" theme was so well hidden that no one ever witnessed it. Apparently it was more important to keep the agenda hidden than to actually implement it. I think it's fair to assume that a "hidden agenda" that remains hidden never really existed.

"Nine years of Harper-esque incremental conservatism is as good as it's gonna get for you."

Which is odd and bizarre considering that Chretien/Martin delivered more fiscally right-wing governance than that inept lefty bumbler Harper did. Or the Republicans in the US when they held power.

Harper was a loser who only cared about enacting a surveillance state and throwing people in jail for smoking pot or seeking prostitutes. His statist 'centrism' got him what he got in the last election. Great going genius. What an a-hole I'm glad he's gone too bad the new guy's an idiot.

I remember some Conservative operator telling me after we won the majority that if the election last time had gone on for another week the Orange wave would have really skilled over from Quebec to Ontario and it would have been a conservative minority government.
So that election was the outlier and we were incredibly lucky to get the last year's of conservative rule.

spilled over

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