Random quote pulled from somewhere, "Calm down. You've more a chance of getting killed driving than by terrorism in Canada."

3,268 (PDF, 2pp) died from auto-mobile accidents in France in 2013.

Why aren't liberals telling France to calm down?


Lol, our first siek as defence minister, great we are sooooo progressive and that is just fantastic.

Say any word on the siek gangs in Vancouver dealing drugs shooting and killing each other ?

Thought that just went through Prime Minster Stephen Harper's mind.....

"Miss Me Yet?!"

Please remember Paul, the new Liberal Government MP's look like Canada. So sayeth the person elected to be head Poobah of all matters affecting the running of this land. We really don't know for sure who is feeding him or what advice he will take.

Oh Canada, who stands on guard for thee?


You've got a better chance of being kicked to death by a cow than killed by a terrorist in Canada. Driving is more likely to kill you by a factor of about 50,000.

So far.

Of course that might change now that ISIS is on the move internationally, and like all decadent Western cultures we're falling all over ourselves to bring in thousands of young Muslim males from the worst region on earth.

Were I the President of France my Department of Immigration would be busy this morning printing up eviction notices. If you are a Muslim you have a week to get your affairs together then the moving vans will be pulling up in front of your house. It matters not if you have been in France since birth you are going home to the country of your ancestors. Once cleaned out, immigration offices will be reopened, and those deemed worthy of entering the country will be welcome to do so, otherwise you stay where you are and figure out for yourselves what it take to be a free people.

How does being picked off one by one by a mad gunman in a concert hall or restaurant rank up against being killed in a car accident?

CBC has all but shutdown their comment sections. Apparently, no one has any faith in our dear leader. Comments are taking over an hour to get approved. Only 1 comment in ten is getting through the review process. Guess what those comments are like. Essentially, blame Harper or some other retardedness.

Ya Kevin that makes sense. Realistic too.

The terrorists of today are muslims. But not all muslims are terrorists. Some are actually real refugees. Families slaughtered because they didn't align themselves with the flavor of the day. They were born in a land of violence, warlords, and lawlessness.

I happen to be born in a land where my parents raised me in a loving family within a great community. Freedom to go to school, to marry my sweetheart, to raise my own family and to have grandchildren. All the while never having to worry about food, shelter, career, or the threat of violence.

I was fortunate. They, not so much.

A methodical vetting of refugees and immigrants like Harper proposed was very doable.

With the Pony's plan....

The comments that disturb me the most are the ones that offer a one sentence statement about the victims in Paris but then immediately launch into a one or two paragraph diatribe about victims in the Middle East. And all of this before the bodies are even cold!

The moral equivalency of the Left is staggering. There constant insinuation that Western nations are deliberately trying to kill civilians is preposterous at best and downright ghoulish at worst. One could make a strong argument that these voices on the Left are what has tamped down the aggression of our militaries, thus prolonging these wars for decades rather than just months or a few years.

Imagine carrying that message into the Safe Spaces (aka closed minds of pampered young adults) at Yale.

PET Cemetery Report.

Any words from Citoyen Kyoto Dionky, Canada's Goball Affairs Minister?

Dionky is a dual citizen of Canada/France.

"Dion keeps French citizenship" (canadacom)


"Paris attacks won’t affect Trudeau’s stance on refugees, fighter jets"

"Mr. Trudeau did not speak to reporters Saturday, but a senior official from the Prime Minister’s Office confirmed Saturday evening that the government stands by its refugee plan and its position on the role Canada should play in the Syrian conflict."

"Mr. Trudeau is expected to speak inside the meeting Sunday on the topics of trade, energy and inclusive growth, according to the PMO official."

I was going through Twitter late last night, and tweet after tweet contained lefty wisdom: "religion of peace", "culture of fear", "they want us to react harshly" etc, etc. It suddenly occurred to me that these people are the grandchildren of those who surrendered and collaborated so willingly with the Nazis.

No doubt the threat of Islamic terrorism will eventually be defeated by our militaries & security services; when they are defeated many of those whose folly and indifference led to the rise of these problems in our societies will later claim to have been members of the "resistance" all along.

"Mr. Trudeau is expected to speak inside the meeting Sunday on the topics of trade, energy and inclusive growth, according to the PMO official."

What the F is inclusive growth?

Apparently the election promise worked but what was going through voter's minds when they put an X after a Liberal's name because of Trudeau's promise to bring in 25,000 terrorists who want to kill us? All I can do is shake my head and buy more ammunition.

"Inclusive growth" means you can be included in the growth of Islam in Canada, you just have to convert.

Just thought on the 25000, whatever they really are.
When did their homeland become unable to support them?
Why is the "situation" at their home so insurmountable that they must emigrate ?
Something is missing here, besides the fact these "refugees" look and act more like invaders.

What am I missing, there is no chance for their homelands, no reason for fighting age young men to take a stand for the future of their homes and families?
If they are this useless, why would we want the here?

Let us see, cowardly nihilists, with a stunningly ignorant superiority complex, are being brought here on our dime, hosed, fed and entertained.

How many do you think will ever get off of welfare?
What would be the incentive?

After all you already know they no self respect.

We should follow the examples of the Left and organize demonstrations all across Canada against bringing 20 K + refugees in Canada. I propose this name for the movement: White Lives Matter.

John - think Christians and Yazidis. Those I wouldn't mind importing. The rest - not so much.

Gee, the warmunists must be just ripped that these ISIS savages have stolen their thunder from the world stage. I mean, Glowbull Warming/Climate Change is front & center of everyone's mind. Right?


The Alawites, Hizbollah and the Russians have just lifted a siege on an airport held by Assad's forces. They were under siege for two years. Resupply was by air drops.

The Kurds, Yazidi and Christian militias, and Iragi forces have just evicted the last remaining Islamic State savages from Sinjar.

It looks less like the Islamic State creating refugees and more like the pending extermination of these Islamic State animals. The territory they occupy has very little in the way of natural defensive terrain. If the French actually decide "c'est guerre!" then the Legion could be engaged very quickly, followed by regular army, probably from the Syrian side. Suicide bombers vs. LeClerc tanks. My bet is with the French.

Depending on how quickly this gets cleaned up, will the Liberals immediately ship all the Syrian refugees back home again?

Other than that, I have no probably welcoming Christian and Yazid refugees. And any muslim who is willing to entertain voluntary conversion and live under the rule of law.

What the F is inclusive growth?

It is economic growth led by the regime's favorites and friends. Justin is bringing American Democrat style economic growth to Canada. A subsidy here, tax credit there, and pretty soon the right people can make lots of money.

Don't ask. Your betters have decided that your only role is to be a provider. Don't worry about it, just keep working.

Business as usual for our Liberal Party then.
Rob the poor to enrich the well connected.
The public treasury is their personal piggy bank.
One could describe the Liberal Party as the ultimate union.
Corrupt to the core, aided by useful idiots.

"Bagdad Bob" - LOL I was just thinking about him this morning briefing some Liberal rags commenting that conservatives need to "calm down and stop fear mongering".

John Robertson, that's an accurate and succinct assessment. Add to that list the sycophantic, unethical and incestuous mediocracy, who sustain them and provide editorial cover for their ludicrous "leadership."

Best part of Steyn's article, words to live, and survive, by:

"Among his other coy evasions, President Obama described tonight's events as 'an attack not just on Paris, it's an attack not just on the people of France, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share'."

But that's not true, is it? He's right that it's an attack not just on Paris or France. What it is is an attack on the west, on the civilization that built the modern world - an attack on one portion of "humanity" by those who claim to speak for another portion of "humanity". And these are not "universal values" but values that spring from a relatively narrow segment of humanity. They were kinda sorta "universal" when the great powers were willing to enforce them around the world and the colonial subjects of ramshackle backwaters such as Aden, Sudan and the North-West Frontier Province were at least obliged to pay lip service to them. But the European empires retreated from the world, and those "universal values" are utterly alien to large parts of the map today."

And then Europe decided to invite millions of Muslims to settle in their countries. Most of those people don't want to participate actively in bringing about the death of diners and concertgoers and soccer fans, but at a certain level most of them either wish or are indifferent to the death of the societies in which they live - modern, pluralist, western societies and those "universal values" of which Barack Obama bleats. So, if you are either an active ISIS recruit or just a guy who's been fired up by social media, you have a very large comfort zone in which to swim, and which the authorities find almost impossible to penetrate."

President Obama would say, so you just have to put up with it once in a while, and it's tough if it's your kid, but that's just the way it is. If we're being honest here, isn't that all Mr Cameron and Miss Thorning-Schmidt are offering their citizens? Spasms of violence as a routine feature of life, but don't worry, we'll do our best to contain it - and you can help mitigate it by not going to "controversial" art events, or synagogues, or gay bars, or...or soccer matches, or concerts, or restaurants..."

Oh, but apparently the restaurant was frequented by Jews. Now that's relevant eh? (sarc off).

"What the F is inclusive growth?"

It means, "No midgets left behind."

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