Or Wynnescam?

Wynne was reduced to insisting "I'm not tone deaf" Monday as more revelations about self-serving relations between her government and the unions continued to spill out. "We have to remember that for years and years there were 72 school boards making these decisions," in place of the centralized process put in place by her Liberals, she said. The fact the new process has proven slower, clunkier and far more expensive than anyone expected is just something voters are supposed to swallow. Unfortunately for Wynne, the size of the meal keeps growing: from $2.5 million paid to three unions when the news broke a week ago, the figure quickly grew to $3.7 million, and on Tuesday was reported to be as high as $7.1 million.

[...] According to one calculation, teachers and affiliated unions have spent $6.5 million supporting the Liberals in the past three elections, on top of direct donations to the party approaching $1 million. In return the Liberal governments of Wynne and predecessor Dalton McGuinty have rewarded union members with rich increases in benefits and salaries. Though McGuinty eventually came into conflict with union bosses as he tried to reduce Ontario's swollen deficit, Wynne quickly mended relations by granting public school teachers $468 million in concessions in advance of the 2014 election. The unions repaid the favour with a fierce advertising campaign against Tory leader Tim Hudak.


Ontarians would re-elect her without hesitation.

Wait till she unloads the Ontario pension plan onto the rest of Canada

Wait till she foists the Ontario pension plan onto the rest of Canada

Yeah, like this had no affect on the federal election. Its clear the Libranos the public sector unions and the Media corrupted this last election. The Glob@Plop declared this WASN"T a "federal election issue" so no need to let anyone know about it, at least not until after the frisbee coach becomes PM. This election was a farce, the gangsters won, and even worse than the shamelessly open corruption is the fact that these assholes will get away with it. No one will be held accountable, the whole system has been poisoned and the thieves and gangsters are in charge.

Ontario is an example of political chicanery and thuggery. To broaden her influence Wynne has taken the young Dauphin into her claws to pull in favours for her part in getting his Liberal Cabal elected, the entire country will be living the nightmare in short order. Taxed to the max,legislated to the gills, it'll be communism light, freedoms curtailed and all spare cash going to the state.

There may be some relief when the Dauphin legalizes pot we can all toke up and be happy as they have their way with us.

Sean, the people are no longer intelligent enough to know what will or will not be good for them. That must be true because if not then we would not have some many idiots in power in Canada.

"Wynnescam",perfect description Kate, it's going to be sweeping the country. Wynne and the Dauphin have had their first meeting, negotiations have begun, Canada will be run by Captain Wynne and the Kid.

Yeah but the $90,000 Duffy thing was the real scandal! Wait until Trudeau gets through Ontario-izing the rest of the country. We ain't seen nothing yet.

Well, they won't be getting the money from Alberta this time around. By working to kill the pipelines the lefties may have inadvertently cut their own political wrists. Shell just killed a project in no small part because of the inability to get the product to markets and not solely because of the price of the commodity. When one looks at China's activities in the South China Sea I think it's pretty obvious that they would have been willing to pay at least something of a premium for a reliable, if slightly more expensive, source of oil. That's now dead along with the pipelines. And with the loss of revenues goes the ability to pay for the "programs" lefties use to keep their slaves on the plantation. With debt will come inflation, with inflation unemployment and eventually maybe even some of their own bone-headed supporters will figure out they've been sold a bill of goods. We got rid of Trudeau version 1.0 and we can get rid of version 2.0.

Now that the Libranos control Ottawa and Onterrible, and the east coast there will be no trace of Librano crime investigated, published or punished. Essentially legal and media accountability have been neutralized and perpetual fiscal& electoral support established through largess.

The Liberal brand is the party of corruption and they have been allowed to set up a klepto-monocracy - buying police, media and union protection with your money - the Fed-Libs will now establish this protection by networking and controlling the Librano-owned provinces and they will plunder and destroy until they are stopped by a damaged or enlightened public.

Dark criminal days ahead - act accordingly

The Senate passed Bill C-377, the union transparency bill, just prior to the federal election campaign. One of the first things that Justin did after winning the election was to re-state his commitment to repeal said legislation … Union transparency should have been one of the central issues of Harper's strategy. No surprise that the media, who were registered to campaign against Harper and who are themselves CMG members, never spent anytime discussing this important issue … but neither did Harper, and now, what's coming next will change this country forever. Canada is no longer a democracy; we are now run by ideologues and the mob.

ontario homeowners face additional land transfer tax as liberals try to dig ontario out of hole...

“Ontario home buyers are already charged a provincial land transfer tax, so by adding a municipal tax, they’re essentially doubling the tax burden on Ontario families,” said Patricia Verge, president of OREA, in a release.

can't wait for that "eats red meat" sin tax.


This is a very good piece of legislation. If the Liberals dare to cancel this, I hope the media provides coverage. There is no reason (except ongoing corruption) for repealing this legislation. Canadians need to understand what they voted for.

Bad enough that taxpayers have to pony up lucrative salary bills for Ont teachers, now they are expected to pay for pizzas for the union bargainers? Has Wynne and cohorts any idea whatever of union, management divisions, and where the two end? On the one hand they need the union support to get elected, on the other they are charged with negotiating on behalf of Ont taxpayers.
If the unions have enough money to contribute lavishly to the LPO. why is it they can't afford their own pizzas? Media paid hysterical attention to a federal (CPC)cabinet minister for ordering a $15 glass of juice, but at least she submitted a receipt; Liberal cabinet ministers can't even be bothered to ask.

Are we in Ontario being run by mob tactics? Is the support of these same operatives given to the federal Liberals to help get them elected something that should be grounds to declare the election null and void?

How are we to deal with this. If this isn't corruption, what does corruption look like?

LindaL said: "If the Liberals dare to cancel this, I hope the media provides coverage."

I hope there's a free Ferrari waiting for me in my driveway tomorrow morning. A Ferrari I say, delivered by Elvis Presley and the entire Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Squad (who will all be eager to date fat old me!) In a flying saucer. With aliens. And a cow. A talking cow. That recites Hamlet.

Of these two hopes, I do believe mine is the more likely to happen. Just sayin'.

Liz J said: "How are we to deal with this?"

Move to Mexico, where the corruption is honest and above board, and a bought politician stays bought.

Alternatively, get a job in the Ontario Teacher's Union and gather in the sheaves while the gathering's good. It will imperil your immortal soul, but who believes in that stuff anymore anyways? Live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse.

Kleptocrats Rule.
Shut up and pay, your entitled ones have to set an example to us all.
These kind of parasites become emboldened by the past thefts and see no limit to the wealth they can share.

Blatant adscam operation, Unions spend Millions "supporting " the liberal campaign.
Liberals refund the unions.
Not very long ago this was done discretely, brown bags and back room deals.
But Voters in Urban Ontario have shown they are quite happy to reward such corruption.
So why would Wynne hide it?
The media, public employees and political opportunists are all on side.
This is rule by thieves and bandits, Ontario loves it, Eastern seaboard loves it.
Quebec lives and breathes it.

So why not just cut your helpers a government cheque?
Public interest does not mean the interest of the taxpaying citizen,

The "public" now means the parasitic hordes who are here to serve us.
So when you hear one talking "public interest", you know they do not mean you.

Public sector unions supporting any political party is nothing more than racketeering. They support the party that will fill their pockets in exchange for their support (which in reality comes from private sector taxpayers). The entire process should be completely illegal.

That is the heart of it.
Liz's question needs to be put to every wanna be politician and presstitute.
If this is not corruption, what does corruption look like?

For if there is no law or ethical standard that our elected and appointed persons must meet, why should the taxpayer be bound?

If it belongs to a bandit gang, acts like a bandit and steals from me?
Why should I accept its claim to be a peace officer or government agent?

And Justin Trudeau promised/bribed the CBC more money. And ...

Common sense and integrity are now superpowers.

Evidently Ontarians have accepted the fact that they are being governed and policed not by the "JV team", aka the Chicago mob, or even by the "Libranos" but by the "Professionals". The former two groups at least felt guilt and shame by trying to commit their crimes covertly but the "Professionals" have overcome that weakness by convincing the general population that voters are so stupid that there is no shame or guilt in corrupting the education system, the electoral system, the judicial system, the medical system, and the press. It must be truly comforting to be a teacher, police officer, municipal worker, reporter, doctor or nurse to know that you have elected a body of criminals that have no shame or conscience.

I think I'll retire to Bedlam!!!! No wait I'm Canada so I guess I'm already there!!!!

The tangled web is getting a little more tangled.

Now, Wynne wants receipts for the 'bribes' that may have or not have been paid.


Typical action, Wynne demanding receipts in an attempt to cover her ass.

I wonder if Chretien got receipts for the millions he tossed to the wind which enabled Adscam?

When one considers that all money spent by government originates from the theft of taxation (even if deferred by debt), it is also telling when those thieves are uncritically exposed in their incestuous relationship with the public sector union-extortionists. To those who are rational enough to exercise moral judgement, that should help clarify the moral pretense of "good" government spending as well as the politically progressive and criminally contributing roll played by the media.

Crudely illustrated, the taxpayer could be depicted as a woman tied down on the table with Paul Bernardo as the public sector unions, Kathleen Wynne depicted as Carla Holmoco and the media as a zombie cheerleader.

Anyone got a link the big hug between Wynne and the Dauphin when they met for their meeting? I hear it was a real bear hug, they were so delighted with their win, and it was a team effort, Liberals got elected in Ontario on the strength of their lies and promises soon to be lies. Thanks to the clueless, mindless voters we will all be paying and paying and payi.........

Chris Selley National Post on Liberals payment for teacher bargaining expenses:

"In other words, the Liberal government was reimbursing undocumented expenses to a third party that spends lavishly in support — directly and indirectly — of the Liberal party. It is, at the very least, a colossal conflict of interest, an engraved invitation to corruption. However “normal” these payments are, the Liberals have a huge incentive not to worry about “overpaying” for unions’ expenses when they know they’ll benefit from their advertising largesse come election time".

Since the main beneficiary of these bribes are the Liberal Party, should the bill for the expenses not go directly to the LPO? Why involve taxpayers at all?

Has anyone ever contemplated what having every province running massive deficits will do to the equalization formula?

Last year, I became a "part-time" worker and reduced my work hours to 80%. I realize now that this is the one thing that I can control in this horrific political environment. What that does is deny these parasites a large chunk of money as I retreat from the highest tax bracket. The beauty is that highest marginal tax bracket is so punitive, I hardly notice a change in my disposable income. Why earn two extra bucks if you have to pass one of them to some greasy government bureaucrat.

Since then jackass has one the federal election and as he mugs for the camera, talking about lowering taxes for the middle class, I am preparing for them to pick my pocket. If he raises the $89k+ tax bracket, I'll drop down to 70% to exit it completely.

If it quacks like an in-and-out scheme it's probably not something Wynne should be pushing.

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