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Getting the government they voted for;

Alberta will try to spend its way out of an economic downturn with a provincial budget that projects a $6.1-billion deficit, hikes sin taxes and calls for billions in new debt.

Good and hard.

Related: Shell is among the first companies to publicly cancel a project as a result of pipeline constraints.


About 80% of Albertans are going to get it good and hard. Including the 20% non union average albertans who voted for "change".

But 20% are going to be doing very, very well indeed.

The Atlantic provinces are also going to be hit by the downturn. Some years ago, CRA decided that anyone working up at Fort Mac who had immediate family (spouse and/or offsprings) down East was considered a resident of the province wherein resided the dependents. True, some of these men (and they were almost exclusively men) were commuters - flying in to Fort Mac for a regular shift (staying in bunkhouses) and then flying home for their time off - but others stayed at Fort Mac for much longer periods, visiting the families only on vacation time. No matter - their provincial taxes all went down East, while Alberta had to fund the infrastructure and other costs associated with their presence in Alberta.

Hear that the "commuters" were the first to be laid off: the companies could no longer afford to foot the bills for the transport to and from down East. Just wondering if their EI benefits will be governed by Atlantic Canada rules (where they were deemed to reside) or by the more restrictive rules for Alberta, where they actually worked.

A Parody on the “Job Switching” episode of “I love Lucy” (go ahead, Google it, kids!)
“When Rachel Notley writes on the back of a check that she hopes the teller won't put the check through till next month, Albertans get upset that she's spending more than she has. They tell her she doesn't know the value a dollar and insist they trade places. Regular Albertans decide to do the chores around the legislative assembly while Rachel and the NDP folks go out to look for a job. The NDP’ers find themselves grooming pets at a rate that’s a little too fast!”


Rachel: I write a check out to the creditor’s every month.
Albertans: Yes, we know that, but they don't always have a little note in the back like this one! (reading check) "Dear Teller, be a lamb, and don't put this through 'til next month!" Now, what do you gotta say for yourself?
Rachel: That's why they call 'em "tellers." They go around blabbing everything they know!
Albertans: Every month, every single month, your bank account is overdrawn. Now, what is the reason?!
Rachel: You don't give me enough money?
Albertans: We don't give you enough money?!
Rachel: Well, we both agree. That must be the reason!


The Alberta NDP are going to spend spend spend Albertans money on public sector projects, thereby ensuring their support come election day. Expect salaries and benefits to increase across the board for the public sector Industry.

Yup. That's why Shell cancelled. Nothing to do with the price of oil dropping.

That would be the civil servants

there is not much pleasure in saying I told you so.

Perhaps Saskatchewan should also go on a massive spending spree, otherwise they may be the only province transferring their wealth to Quebec in 2016. It's looking like Alberta is off the hook for a few years.

Alberta intends to diversify its economy by investing in government health services for people who work primarily in the oil industry.

Who hired the guy who came up with that strategy?

I see John didn't read the story. Again. They put projects in earlier development on hold last year. This year, the combination of low prices and the lack of pipeline capacity (meaning they have to build alternate capacity or pay higher costs to ship as they would be in a bidding war for available capacity) means that even their more advanced developments that are not operational were looked at and ranked.

Guess what? Developing in Alberta is too risky now. No surprise to those of us in resource extraction.

The destruction of the Alberta economy and the erosion of the liberty of its citizens is a small price to pay for the approbation Albertans will receive from the great and the good for their embrace of Notley and Nenshi.

Notley's government intends to diversify Alberta's economy away from oil & gas by building more roads, schools and hospitals.

Sorry to point this out but you can't diversify your economy by forcing its tax payers to pay for more infrastructure. You are just taking a dollar out of a private wallet and putting 83 cents into a government wallet. Not sure where that 17 cents is lost...

When your economy is growing then build roads, schools and hospitals from the surplus in your tax revenue. When times are tough cut back on government spending OR give all tax payers a tax break through incentives that put those tax dollars back into the economy.

Albertans are in for a tough lesson. The Notley budget is designed to diversify away from the oil & gas industry based on a return to higher oil & gas prices in future years. Sad thing is Albertans are falling for this failed plan.

If those higher prices don't materialize then Alberta is in deep trouble. If prices do go higher and help bail out the government's finances, then how is that diversifying the economy?

I hate to say it but Alberta still needs allot more downturn to stop the flow of deadbeats to the province.

The river has definitely narrowed and slowed but Alberta is still showing a net gain over the deadbeats leaving, even through this downturn.

An immigration insider told me just the other day that the Alberta government is quietly "hush, hush" working on placing 250 - 500 Syrian "Refugee's" in Red Deer Alberta alone - can you imagine how many around the province?

We need to go to the bottom before we can handle being up it appears.

I f memory serves me still:
WHEN STOCKWELL DAY was ALBERTA TREASURER AND ALBERTA OIL was selling at $14.00 per barrel, DAY could balance ALBERT'S budget!

ALBERTA NEEDS Mr. Day for ALBERTA treasurer!!!!!!!

Good move by Comrade Notley - keep here unemployed eastern voter base from going home or elsewhere with lush welfare payouts - hoping she can have them last out the 4rs to election.

I think a provincial Sales tax is coming to Alberta in a short-time. The Dips create large deficits in order to justify massive tax increases. Just look at Ontari-owe.

There seems to be a single mindset that borrowing money now, when interest rates are low, is only a good thing. It can be a good thing, but paying off debt when interest rates are low is a great thing because most of your payment goes to the principal and not the interest.

With interest rates at historic lows they will almost certainly rise. Borrowing now is a guarantee to paying back at higher rates in the future. Economists think that such borrowing is not good for home buyers (who are seen as over-leveraged) yet it's good for governments (who are set to run massive deficits). Why is that? Because individuals are responsible for personal debt but the government is not responsible for government debt. We are.

Everything's going according to plan for Bay Street I see.

1. A wink and a nod to the Saudis
2. The Saudis dump oil, cutting prices in half
3. Convince LIVs dump the Tories in favour of a socialist government
4. Ruin Alberta financially with bridges to nowhere and free stuff for deadbeats
5. Snap up Alberta's oil and other real estate at bargain prices
6. Another quick call to Riyadh
7. The Saudis stop dumping oil, bring prices back to a fair value
8. Bonuses all around.

Actually, only in Alberta is it actually going according to plan.

Saudi oil dumping hasn't yet seen off Vladimir Putin. The heads of the Canadian Tories, federal and Albertan, are a consolation prize at best.

The very losers who did their best to skewer the conservatives, the media, will now skewer their heros the NDPee. The gravy train of things and people to skewer never ends when you are a self loathing leftie urnalist. I hope all the little "change seekers", whose minds were changed by the self loathing media, have paid down their debts like the house 2 quads jet skis boats and toy haulers, because this is when you get change kiddies. Media scum like Don in the herald and the Beavis and Butthead show on radio along with now the afternoon Quisling show should all be thanked by you little change seeking Nenshiites, enjoy the decline and end result, you earned it.

You have too many people who have migrated to Alberta from Ontario.

From someone who lives in Ontario...."good luck to ya".

See you at the bottom of the tank.

Sounds like Venezuela!

All Alberta's woes stem from this uncomfortable reality:

Crude Oil USD 47.25 bbl 28 October 2015

Screw you, bartinsky. The PCs were going down the exact same path.
The only hope for Alberta lies in voting WildRose. If A-holes like you continue to vote PC, we will be looking at an NDP government again next time too.

And thank you Kate, for kicking real Albertans in the teeth once again for wanting something better than the slow slide to socialism we were getting from the PCs.

I think Albertans more than proved their true conservative loyalty on October 19.

"I think Albertans more than proved their true conservative loyalty on October 19."

Ahem. That was a federal election.

If Albertans were, as you claim, true conservative loyalists, then presumably that would have been reflected in any provincial election too and Notley would never have been voted in.

Do some math Oz, aquaint yourself with borrowing practices. The NDPee are borrowing on an operating loan. You can slag me all you want but you need to add facts to the slagging. Your hero lives on a trappers consession on an island on Government of Alberta land. A-hole

Presumably? No need to presume at all. Combined WildRose and *PC votes show clearly that the majority of Albertans want a conservative government.

*the PCs had ceased to be conservative after Ralph Klein, but because of the name having conservative in it, and the media always calling them "conservatives" "Tories" etc. voters thought they were voting for conservatives.

"Your hero lives on a trappers consession on an island on Government of Alberta land."

Who are you talking about, Shitbird?

"The NDPee are borrowing on an operating loan."

Yeah? And you think the PCs wouldn't be right now too, to pay off their Union minions? The PCs spent the Heritage Fund and the $8 surplus on the Unions. It's all gone.
The only difference between PC funding and NDP funding is history.

Seek anger management Oz, then seek facts. Credit ratings go down for a reason Oz.

"Combined WildRose and *PC votes show clearly that the majority of Albertans want a conservative government."

They don't show that at all; on the contrary, the results show the majority of Albertans didn't want a Wild Rose or PC government.

The majority of Canadians didn't want a Liberal government either, but here's the thing: the majority of Canadians didn't want a Conservative or an NDP government either.

As we say in la belle langue de Molière, "C'est la vie!"

If Shell is willing to write off $ billion as lost money look out. I suspect we may see a stampede. Will oil companies ever have confidence in the Alberta government? The promised review of oil royalties is still to come. I honestly don't believe the $6.1 billion. My gut feeling is that it's a lot higher. Maybe they are doing like former Alberta finance minister Doug Horner who said things like we "balanced the budget .... and we only had to borrow $4 billion to do it."

Before the last provincial election I sent a note to Wild Rose suggesting two strategies.

1. Always label the PC's as Progressives as they are certainly not Conservative.
2. Treat the media as the enemy they are. Challenge them, call them out, berate them. (Doesn't seem to be hurting Trump or Carson)

I was obviously ignored, being a right wing loon and all.

Let's face it though, the re-elections of Obama and Wynne, the election of the despised NDP in Alberta and now of the ignoramus Trudeau show that "Free" societies are in serious trouble.

The media and education systems are keeping/making people stupid and the chains of tyranny (one world green government) are tightening.

If the media treated Justin like they did Harper people would know that Trudeau is a Pedophile befriender (Ben Levin), Terrorist Supporter (yah, they can remain Canadian), Tyranny admirer (China is awesome), Junk Science lover (Carbon taxes), Economic ignoramus (budgets balance themselves - grow economy from heart out).

I fear for the future.

Notely is just finishing the PC's plan of creating and solidifying their own voting block made up of government employees. With 340,000+ people employed directly by the 3 levels of government in Alberta, they each only need to bring one like minded relative/ friend / neighbor to ensure a majority government for those that promise to keep the flow of money going.

"If Shell is willing to write off $ billion as lost money look out. I suspect we may see a stampede. Will oil companies ever have confidence in the Alberta government?"

Crude Oil USD 47.25 bbl 28 October 2015: this is why Shell is calling it quits.

Corporations actually have a high threshold of pain when it comes to dealing with the fiscal whims and vagaries of governments (they more or less have to).*

If there's a profitable business case, they'll put up with a lot. What they won't do is waste one nanosecond on a market where there is no hope of money being made for their shareholders.

* Shell is active in a number of European countries whose policies make the Notley government look like fiscal conservatives.

"but here's the thing: the majority of Canadians didn't want a Conservative or an NDP government either."

Oh, so you think that vote splitting on the right is the same as vote splitting between opposite ends of the political spectrum.

It was a possibility, in your fevered imagination, that the people who cast votes for the NDP could just as easily cast them for the conservatives, was it?

Are all Quebecers that delusional or is it only you?

What Alberta needs is a provincial-level "Stephen Harper" who can unite the PCs and Wild Rose into a single, electable conservative party.

Harper did this and won at a federal level, which, if you think about it, was an incredible political achievement.

If most Albertans are generally conservative-minded (as they do seem to be), one way or another they need to put an end to all the Sunni/Shia (PC/Wild Rose) sectarian nonsense.

Got to love it.
Tax the private sector more,while their incomes are already down.
That will bring in more revenue… yup.
Then borrow billions to keep a bloated bureaucracy intact.
Cause it is in the interests of NDP supporters
I mean in the public interest.
Public sector interests? Check.
Union interests? Check
NDP looting interests? Check
Taxpayers and citizens of Alberta?
Who cares? They never liked the NDP anyway..

Uh, would be good if you had a clue what you were talking about. Large projects look at the LONG TERM price of oil.....not weekly, monthly or even year over year. Yes, it is EXACTLY why the project was cancelled. More will follow.

It doesn't much matter if you have two "conservative" parties; they're different parties (duh). Let me refresh you on our electoral system: the party with the most votes wins.

Oh, and I'm not a Quebecer.

Though I must say, your recent spate of commentary here is certainly reassuring: it shows that being delusional is by no means geographically confined to any one part of our country.

I think Albertans more than proved their true conservative loyalty on October 19.

Yes, much more so than Saskatchewan...their socialist roots are still showing. Everyone, oil companies especially, know that creeping roots are much more persistent than a flush of fresh weeds. Won't take much to tip the present half socialist gov't to full socialist once again.

Not that I hope for that, but Saskatchewan has always been a good living example of the horrors of socialism. Lest people forget.

122 rigs drilling in Alberta and 35 drilling in Saskatchewan this week. Not to mention all the wells being fracced in Alberta. Millions of tons of sand moving right now.

"unite the PCs and Wild Rose into a single, electable conservative party."

No need for that. Albertans will line up to vote WildRose next time without the Progs.
It would have been a WildRose government this time had it not been for the Traitorous 13 last Christmas.

That was Jim Prentice's seat. The safest PC seat in Alberta or they wouldn't have risked parachuting him into it in the 2014 byelection.
Money quote from the article: "“That clearly indicates the PCs were yesterday and Wildrose is the party of tomorrow for common-sense fiscal conservatives,” said Jean."

Of course I put this important conservative win in the SDA Tips thread when it happened, SDA embargoed it.
But like the Old Legacy media, SDA would rather slag conservatives than to trumpet their triumphs.
If it Bleeds it Leads, eh Lance and Kate?

I agree with you completely regarding the "unions" (government employees) and in particularly the teachers union. They now have their wages guaranteed ... and perhaps a raise. If one looks at map of Alberta where the Wild Rose were elected, they are in areas where union concentration was the weakest. The Public Service union are protected and will not feel the effect of what is about to come. I think the Alberta NDP is working to set the circumstances to bring in an Alberta Sales Tax ... so they can continue to pay unions. (The NDP have to bring in the sales tax {or Harmonized Sails Tax} early in their mandate because in four years it will not have the same desired effect ... it will be accepted as normal.)

This is the same thing that happened in Ontario, and with the support of the Public Service unions, will continue to support both Provincial and Federal LIEberals.

I wonder if the Federal LIEberal Party will increase the Grits Support Tories Tax (GST) back to 7%. (My bet that it will be 7% or higher by next election.)

from 10:49 >"As we say in la belle langue de Molière, "C'est la vie!"

Looks like you're a Quebecer, or who is "we", you and your tapeworm?

So Joey. Why did Shell just pull out?

Notley is now wearing the results of an NDP-spending spree courtesy of "Conservative" progressives. How many Albertans would actually vote for an actual conservative party? Who knows. They haven't had one since Harry Strom's Socreds. WRP was / is a populist party from what I can see. Non-NDP Albertans will have to unite in some version of BC's Liberals as true conservatives likely couldn't fill the Saddle Dome.

"Non-NDP Albertans will have to unite in some version of BC's Liberals as true conservatives likely couldn't fill the Saddle Dome."

Is the CPC a populist party?
Tell you what, JC. You find out the number of seats in the Saddle Dome and then add up the number of people in Alberta who voted CPC on October 19th and you are 'likely' to get your answer.
I think you'll likely find you are wrong.

"They haven't had one since Harry Strom's Socreds."

Alberta is no longer an agrarian society, and the Socreds were never suited to leading the economic powerhouse that Alberta has become.

Oz >

"I think Albertans more than proved their true conservative loyalty on October 19."

Yup, Alberta 2015 saw 58.1% voter turnout, of that the NDP received 41% of the eligible vote with 59% of the eligible vote going elsewhere (WRP & PC).

The Federal 2015 election results proved what most Albertan's already know, that Alberta is still well entrenched as a Conservative province, mistakes were made in May 2015 by many uninformed and pissed-off voters, and that the Racial Nutley regime will be kicked to the curb of history sooner than later.

The bigger the mess she makes the more Conservatively entrenched Alberta will be in the future. Yee Haaaaaaw, burn baby burn.

Liberals.....ISIS in suits.

"Looks like you're a Quebecer, or who is "we", you and your tapeworm?"


All those Franco-ALBERTAins: I guess they must be "Quebecers" too then.

So, you're Queen of the Franco-ALBERTAins(sic)? Is that what you mean by "we"?

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