2015 Federal Election Prediction Contest


Now open.

Predict the final party distribution of the 338 seats in Parliament up for grabs in next week's federal election for a chance to win a free book from the SDA Free Book Library.

Contest closes on Tuesday at midnight. One entry per customer. Entries must be made in the comments (not email), earliest time stamp will determine winner in the event of a tie.

Polling data here, fwiw.


Cpc 172
lpc 93
ndp 65
Bq 8
Gp 0

CPC 134
Lib 119
NDP 80
BQ 4
GP 1

I guess we will see if the Liberal pollsters (Nanos/Forum) are looking thru rose-coloured glasses, with their urban centric polling strategy, and if the silent majority turns up, the people who don't answer 1-800 calls.

Let's hope for BC 2013 redux.

With regret:
lib 141
con 121
ndp 67
grn 1
bloc 8

CPC 140
LPC 110
NDP 85
BQ 2
GP 1

I call 157 PC, 111 Dippers, 62 Libs, 6 Independents, 2 Greeners. But I'd prefer a lot more PC's.

Cpc 174
lpc 90
ndp 56
Bq 16
Gp 2

Cpc 122
Dauphin Party 128
ndp 79
Bq 9
Gp 0

Elizabeth May runs screaming through downtown ottawa, breaking windows.

CPC 215

NDP 60

LPC 60


The signs are there.

That would be nice, but Lizard has too many sisters here in Whacktoria, who are of the same, raging, SJW like mind. Think Cat ladies in sandals in January, driving Subarus and Prius'. That's her demographic, and she will be in office until she is recycle material.

CPC 134
NDP 103
S Pony 96
BQ 4
GP 1
Other 0

Either way, my money says Justina will "Dance The Night Away!!!"

PC 137
Pony's 117
Dippers 84

CPC 128
Lib 127
NDP 59
BQ 23
Grn 1

Followed by another election in the spring.

CPC 200
Lib 36
NDP 34
BQ 68
GP 0

CPC 199
Little Pothead 90
Angry Tom 45
BQ 4
Green Pinkos 0

Liars 127
Dippers 53
Greenies 1
BQ 10
"Conservatives" 147

It all comes down to how the Tommunist vote breaks away in Quebec.

CPC: 167
Lib: 98
NDP: 65
Gre: 1
BQ: 7

The opposition won't have enough seats without the Bloq to take down the Conservatives.

The universe continues to unfold as it should...
Liberals: 137
NDP: 113
Conservatives: 87
Green: 1
BQ: 0

Le Dauphin(e) becomes Le Roi, enfin...

The elder Sun King has given his posterity an example of how to rule in a minority, (1972-74); give the NDP whatever they want, the only thing of importance is to retain power.

"God has given us the prime ministry. Let us enjoy it."

CPC 170
Lib 109
NDP 54
BQ 4
GP 1

CPC 140
LPC 119
NDP 50
Bloq 28
Grn 1

Robert, Angry Tom looked positively ANGRY this morning from CTV's live promotion from Maple Ridge BC.
GONE, was his fake, forced, uncomfortable smile, he was back to his Angry, black, soulless eyes, fear and loathing, old self.
Maybe he's been read his last rights by Unifor, CUPE, PSAC, CUPW, etc.....

CPC 147
LPC 102
NDP 66
BQ 22
GN 1

PQ don't like the Islamic body-bag stance of the LPC and NDP and will revert to their default screw you ROC party. And, we'll be back at the polls within a year.

"... the people who don't answer 1-800 calls ..."

I've started answering those calls so when they tell me it will only take two or three minutes I can say, "Answering questions is fifty dollars for up to twenty minutes, how would you like to pay?"

CPC = 127
LPC = 126
NDP = 74
BQ = 10
GPC = 1

I'm afraid you're probably right. It looks like the people of Ontario and Quebec are about to elect the coddled,self entitled petulant boy. I just hope that if it's true it's a minority.
I'm still scratching my head as to what grave mistake Harper did to earn such ire.

If only...

"I'm still scratching my head as to what grave mistake Harper did to earn such ire."

As near as I can tell, he's not a c***sucker.

Will the results be authentic now that the supreme court has destroyed the fair Canadian election process. It is now a third world corrupt process full of electoral fraud. Any citizen can now vote while covering their identity and not proving their identity whatsoever. That is fact, so Canada's elections are fraudulent from now on as long as voters can hide their identity and not have to prove their identity.

I don't see Quebeckers voting for the Shiny Pony en masse. They remember his father and Cretien.

CPC - 147
LIB - 120
NDP - 63
BLOC - 7
GRN - 1

Yes, the dippers want more government, the tories less government.

The Liberals just want government, and all the handouts and sinecures for their cronies.

why would ontario go liberal there on the conservatives side with the neqib that alone should make people vote conservative.

CPC 158
Liberal 83
NDP 82
PQ 13
Green 1

OK, so I'm an optimist.

I have a certain respect for the Tommie. May he do well ;-)

CPC 168
Lib 133
NDP 36
GP 1
EKOS has phoned here so they are polling hard. If the commie vote collapses it helps commie lite.

The fraud of the Morontariowe Liberals ought to turn them conservative. But it hasn't. They don't believe in a day of reckoning. Its a government reflecting its own supporters, massive debt, "just gotta have it", and "its for the greater good" is all the defense they need for their bankrupt policies.

CPC 173
LPC 92
NDP 65
BQ 7
GP 1

The silent majority will show up to vote en masse.

Conservatives 150
Liberals 113
NDP 50
BQ 23
Green 2

His grave mistake is to not be part of the Laurentian Elite.

CPC 200
Libs 90
NDP 48
PQ votes to be in cabinet

CPC - 177
LPC - 100
NDP - 31
BQ - 30
GP - 0, lol.

Without looking at others ...

Con - 168
Lib. - 89
NDP - 79
Gr. 2

Liberal minority with NDP holding balance of power.

Unable to guess what seat numbers will actually shake out to.

I sure hope I am wrong.

CPC 158
Liberal 83
NDP 82
PQ 13
Green 1

OK, so I'm an optimist.

His grave mistake is to run a very poor campaign. His campaign alone will lose him 10 seats. Why do the incumbents always drop the ball on the campaign trail?

PCP - 141
Lib - 107
NDP - 85
PQ - 4
Green- 1

Since I have no information - and the polls are being used (check the relative weights accorded by the CBC) to push the liberals, I'm going to bet that the average Canadian voter can see how arrogant, rude, rich, condescending, and inexperienced and selfish Irudeau is.

Hence I'm betting on a PC majority - something like:
182 PC
74 liberals
69 NDP
9 bloc
2 greens
1 other

From Frankenstein polling; the "Hallo-weeney" progressives will be setting their hair on fire!

Grab yer Niqab, and welcome to the "Shrieker's Ball"

Bobby Pickett "Monster Mash"

Con - 216
Lib. - 75
NDP - 47
Gr. 0


Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

1st Saint Nicolaas Army
Army Group 'True North'

CPC 155
LPC 128
NDP 34
PQ 20
Green 1

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