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Hillary beats Trump by 6, 16 months out.

That's what happens when you put slimy and deceitful against arrogant and comical. People know what they get with the latter.

Just to be clear, Clinton is the former.


Another charming commie or Liberal with a @#%& Harper Tee shirt on their toddler:

Expect it to improve for Trump. He's a fighter, and a genuine American. Hillary Clinton? She may not be as much of a rat as her former boss.

I presume that what you mean by "arrogant and comical" is HRC herself.

" Hey girl
feel my thobe
you know what it is made of ?
Husband material.
That's what. "

That is from their twitter site.

The CBC is promoting a muslim dating service.
Yeah, really. Take your fate out of Grandpa's hands ...

I can hardly wait for the 'Aisha Madison' site, 'when four isn't enough' .

It's all coming together...just like they planned.

Polite disagreement. Hilary is trending down. Trump is trending upwards.

If it ends up as Clinton against Trump the socialists win either way, they are both people with criminal tendencies and Democratic values.

Trump predicts he will run against Biden as Shillery is dumped to the ashcan of history

Does it have six different gender checkboxes? And a spot to check if your a Red Sea pedestrian?

Who knew life in the Fraser Valley was this exciting?

Like the idiots wearing their Che T-Shirts or the fools who worship around deceased terrorists Yasir(Thats My Baby)Arafat and Nelson Mandela those people have no knowlage on their crimes they commited

"Just to be clear, Clinton is the former."

And I presume the latter as well.

Harper & Thatcher are not ideologically attached at the hip after all, says Tom Mulcair. Now he would run a government more like Maggie Thatcher; nothing like the evil Stephen Harper, who apparently must go at any cost no matter what incompetent buffoon has to replace him.

Mulcair has the least in common with liberalism, by far, compared with the other federal party leaders; yes even Elizabeth May. Even Maude Barlow and the Council of Canadians look liberal compared to Mulcair.

Liberty - in the hands of a statist - is a logical impossibility. Furthermore, a progressives will take individuals further from liberty, never closer to it, as clearly demonstrated by history.

Maybe this shows politicians do have a sense of humour. Or is it irony? Or delusion?

' That awkward smile you have to give your boss when they walk in on you in the work bathroom with your foot in the sink '

' When you feel like farting right after performing wudhu'

' Wore my hijab loosely (b/c summer)&while under NMR magnet, it pulled the pins (&hijab) off my head...&onto the magnet jacket'

'It was National Smores day and actually wanted to make one but marshmallows are haram'

Belonging to a barbaric 7th century religion that controls my every thought and action ... no problem.

Just one more reason that the bureaucracy in Ottawa needs to be trimmed this is it:

One MP on the 'list'......perhaps this will get the media party's attention off of the Duffy!!! so called scandal.

Hillary doesn't make it to much past Xmas before she is indicted for the classified email leaks and quite possibly obstruction of justice. The fbi is full-on in its CRIMINAL investigation.

Meanwhile trump has peaked - the rest of the GOP pack has mimicked his anti-establishment theme (Cruz has always been that) and over the next several months his lack of substance and conservative bona fides will put his support levels in decline.

Cruz vs Warren perhaps?

OOOhh, if only she meant it.

Unfortunately she will suck up to anyone if it means a few votes. Doubt if Trump would put up with these idiots for more than a few seconds.

I hate repeating myself, however on December 14, 2011, in the House of Commons, Liberal MP Justin Trudeau called Conservative MP and (then) Minister of the Environment Peter Kent, ''a piece of shit.'' A the time, the CBC was in bed with the Liberals, thus they let the whole thing blow over with little or no fanfare.

On August 18, 2015, a Conservative party supporter (who was commenting on the Duffy trial) called a reporter, ''a lying piece of shit.'' For two days now, the CBC is capitalizing on this incident to boost NDP and perhaps?? Liberal fortunes. And do keep in mid that the Conservative supporter was just that, and not an elected official.

When I made that comment on CBC.Ca, it was immediate deleted. There are two sets of laws in Canada. One for the Liberals, and one for the Conservatives.

Should have know better than to read some of the comments. The stupid, it burns. I know they just parrot talking points, but how dumb and self unaware does one have to be to call the author a liar while spouting spin, obfuscation and hyperbole like there's no tomorrow.

A journalist on MSN named Brett Arends attempts a takedown on Trump's tax plan. You can read it here:

My favorite paragraph...

"Right now someone who is paying corporation tax (at 35%) and income tax (at 43%) is only taking home 37 cents on the dollar. Scrapping those and replacing them with a 15% tax leaves you 85 cents instead — more than twice as much."

In other words if you only take home 37 cents of every dollar you make, that is OK. But taking home 85 cents is ridiculous. How do you fight that?

The Trump polling does not account for Republicans, like me, who are leveraging our Vote in the same manner Trump is leveraging his commitment...The present Trump numbers are those that are committed to Trump regardless of his banner... The Republican establishment have been Trumped

Don't count on the media being lured away from Duffy, their rabid hatred for Harper trumps sex for them. Betting there'll be more hush-hush on this one, the Madison clientele will probably cut a wide swath.

Shows why you cant ever trsut any polls taken by CNN/TIME the lying little reptiles go to cemetaries and prisons to take their polls

The Democrats will not allow Hillary to be impeached.


Please vote for Hillary for President,
Your vote will prevent a 20 year prison sentence.

Thank You...

Committee to Elect Hillary..


ps - Send More Money..

Trump/Cruz 2016!!

Trump will destroy hillary he will eat her lunch and for the record i think Cruz is the more articulate and knowledgeable of the 2 but he has no gusto in so far as shouting down stupid, or completley admonishing the media the way trump does.

Cruz is principaled and groomed to be a president but he is not a strong man in so far as calling out bs and using the hard hitting words required , but trump is and trump will not pander he doesn't have to this is why i think him and Cruz together would be great for america.

I am not going to be upset if Trumps numbers fall and say Cruz and rand team up .

but my pick my guess will be president Trump, or president Cruz!! either one i will be happy with.

Are we choosing to fight like the SJW crowd does? Former Lieberal candidate Ala Buzreba works downtown Calgary. Perhaps an email or two to her employer would be beneficial....

Hiram....we get your point but you are preaching to the choir here...let's all get behind this guy and show up to riot:

His name is Earl Cowan: The Angry Old white guy!!

How dare Earl Cowan criticize a member of the media party? Cowan may have been channeling Trump, that's what the jackasses need. Certainly Conservatives and their supporters have nothing to lose when it comes to the tribe of hacks and hounds presenting as journalists, inserting themselves into the election campaign by tinkering with the facts to manipulate opinion. News readers who think they're stars, like Mansbridge and Lisa La Flamme are not fooling astute observers, acting is not their forte.

Just announced on the Left Coast that the Malahat Nation are in partnership with an energy company to build an LNG plant in the Saanich inlet and they expect up to six LNG transports a month to navigate the Saanich inlet. Expect Lizzie May's head to implode in ...3...2...1...! Oh and as a side bar the Malahat chief is extolling the virtue of employment for his band.

Here is Kevin O'Leary ripping the Alberta NDP a new one...

Where does she work. I will send an email to that business.

DeezNutz polls at 9% in North Carolina according to public policy polling. The word is getting out there. Slowly but surely people everywhere are coming to realize that the MSM is a big joke and to point it out it's best to punk them every chance you get.

Attempting to speak for Hillary can be painful.

" 'So, she made this decision, I think is, obviously, you know, she was former secretary of state, so we want to be sure people understand, uh, how she handled classified information when shew as secretary of state, she was very careful with it, she didn’t deal with it online, she dealt with it on hard copy, in meetings, not on the computer,' ”

Ontario Premier Wynne has the unmitigated gall to say we need a new that's the mission she's on with Trudeau. I say she's right about needing a new government, we need a new Ontario government but we're stuck with the worst Ontario government in the history of the province with no chance of getting rid of it for another three years.

Gotta love Kevin O'Leary! Thanks for posting that video, northernont.

"Humans are unsustainable super-predators, UVic scientists say
Calgary Herald"


"Hummingbirds Are Fierce, Deadly Gods of War"

"Ounce for ounce, they're probably the fiercest creatures on Earth."

That is the conventional wisdom(regarding Trump); I tend to disagree.

Trump's coalition is in the Middle, not on the Right. Hillary is bleeding support to Trump; trust me, I'm speaking to Democrat voters daily who are looking seriously at Trump.

In fact, I've told many Dems that Trump is a "god send" for Democrats, because he is a "liberal running for the GOP".

The worse it is for Hillary, the more likely Trump will win the GOP nomination and the WH. JMO

Furthermore... it is folly to believe that as candidates drop out to the GOP race the votes will coalesce around candidates 'other than trump'. He will get his share of those votes as well(at least 25%).

It is becoming very likely that Trump will in fact become the GOP contender.


I did see Ben Carson the other day in Phoenix. Lucky guy am I.

ROFLMAO 8 years ago it was a hopey changey black teleprompter. Now its somebody with experience and the cajones to stand up to Mexico, China and Russia. No wonder she's becoming more shrill by the day.

"Europe migrant crisis: France, Britain to set up command centre to tackle ..."

"Britain and France have announced a new "command and control centre" to tackle people smuggling gangs in Calais, as Europe grapples with its biggest migration crisis since World War II." (abc)


"The truth must be told! All European life died in Auschwitz

By Sebastian Vilar Rodrigez

I walked down the street in Barcelona, and suddenly discovered a terrible truth - Europe died in Auschwitz.

We killed six million Jews and replaced them with 20 million Muslims. In Auschwitz we burned a culture, thought, creativity, and talent. We destroyed the chosen people, truly chosen, because they produced great and wonderful people who changed the world."

She works at the National car rental on 5th. Wonder if a large multinational company wants to be associated with the type of person she is.

You have that about right....Trump has the Blue Dog Democrats &
when he drops his Independent threat will have >90% of Republicans

The Republican hail-marry, if Trump goes Independent, is John Kasich, (the Jelly Man) who is the only one that will appeal to Blue Dogs & the Center...The sleeper to fight Hillary for her share.

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