Dear Alberta Human Rights Commission,


I'm informed that your Commission (via your proxy) considers the word "crazy" an insult.

I thought of sending a simple "fuck you", but I've thought better of it. I take it back: unfuck you.

You swine. You vulgar little maggot. You worthless bag of filth. As they say in Texas, you couldn't pour water out of a boot with instructions printed on the heel. You are a canker, an open wound. I would rather kiss the Law Society of Alberta than be seen with you.

You're a putrescent mass, a walking vomit. You are a spineless little worm deserving nothing but the profoundest contempt. You are a jerk, a cad, and a weasel. You are a stench, a revulsion, a big suck on a sour lemon.

God created houseflies, cockroaches, maggots, mosquitos, fleas, ticks, slugs, leeches, and intestinal parasites, then he lowered his standards and made you. I take it back; God didn't make you. You are Satan's spawn. You are Evil beyond comprehension, half-living in the slough of despair. You are the entropy which will claim us all. You are a green-nostriled, crossed eyed, hairy-livered, goisher kopf, inbred trout-defiler. You make Ebola look good.

It is hard to believe how incredibly stupid you are. Stupid as a stone that the other stones make fun of. So stupid that you have traveled far beyond stupid as we know it and into a new dimension of stupid. Meta-stupid. Stupid cubed. Trans-stupid stupid. Stupid collapsed to a singularity where even the stupons have collapsed into stuponium. Stupid so dense that no intelligence can escape. Singularity stupid. Blazing hot midday sun on Mercury stupid. You emit more stupid in one minute than our entire galaxy emits in a year. Quasar stupid. It cannot be possible that anything in our universe can really be this stupid. This is a primordial fragment from the original big bang of stupid. A pure extract of stupid with absolute stupid purity. Stupid beyond the laws of nature.

I began this note with the intent of writing something original, but I changed my mind. Originality should not be sacrificed to such a worthless cause. You're unworthy of the effort to string words together in a novel arrangement. In fact, I'm not convinced you're worthy of this obvious plagiarism. Plagiarism is too good for you, certainly plagiarism of material of this quality is too good for you, so I've butchered it badly. Writing this in steaming cat piss on a hot summer sidewalk would be too good for you. Writing this in the writhing bodies of one million wingless flies glued to a barn door with cow shit is too good for you. (OK, that part was original. I'm not without generosity.)

In closing, I hope this finds you unwell.

Update: A petition


Don't be shy Kate, tell us how you really feel?

Come and get us, you fairies.

I think Monty may well have had the jump on us...adapted for your pleasure!

"Yes, well, that's the sort of blinkered,
philistine pig ignorance I've come to expect from you
non-creative garbage. You sit there on your loathsome,
spotty behinds squeezing blackheads, not caring a
tinker's cuss for the struggling media artist. You excrement!
You whining, hypocritical toadies, with your colour TV
sets and your Calloway golf clubs and your bleeding
Human Rights Commission secret handshakes! You wouldn't let me join, would you, you blackballing bastards! Well, I wouldn't
become a Human Rights Commissioner now if you went down on your lousy, stinking knees and begged me!"

Oh and did I mention? SCHWEINEHÜNDE!


Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

1st Saint Nicolaas Army
Army Group 'True North'

I would refuse to do anything one of these idiot tribunals said. let them try and arrest me. they are batshit crazy fascists.

Geez Kate, SHARP ELBOWS have emerged into YOUR SDA comments!


So we think we live in a democracy then we have human rights commissars deciding what THEY think is offensive. In their world, the world of the extreme Left, freedom of speech is only free if they agree with what's being said which is a tenet of communism.

We have an election on, these Commies need to be shut down, we need to demand this promise from all political leaders. There is no place in a free society for Communistic tribunals taking away our rights to free speech.

How the heck do we get these 'commissions' shut down?

The Human and Civil Rights maggots(Like in Colorado)who force bakeries to cater to gay weddings need to be totaly defunded and abolished acting like total Brownshirts

Gee, Kate. I don't think you went far enough in calling them "stupid".

It might be time to launch court actions against human right employees, there lawyers, and the politicians involved with them.

You missed "farm animal stupid" Kate

Kate, You gotta stop beating around the bush.

God, if there's one thing I hate it's suck-holing letters..... :)))))

This is archetypal leftist.
Make up laws as you go along to override established law. Then misapply established law in prosecuting your critics. Howl about your critics' lack of respect for the law.

Yeah, that describes the MO of the so-called human rights buggers to a T.

Please pass on this advice to Ezra.

What he needs to do is take your words Kate, have an Arabic speaking person (use this one not for the Islamic angle but for the fact that Kate's insults are similar to what is said in that region of the world) or similar protected minority of another language that agrees with the stupidity and craziness angle and thus have them read similar words to Kate's in their native and I would imagine "protected" tongue.

So here is the scene in the Kafka Kourt: As the foreign words are being spoken the translator holding back laughter manages to deliver the words to the ear pieces of the tribunal staff and chairs. They not daring to shut down a protected member of our community have to grin and bear it for a couple of minutes, their body language writhing in a delirious conflict of horror. Then Ezra courteously provides an english version for the media.

So who is the Tribunal going to come after now?


Oh and for what it is worth Ezra should state that he identifies with this person's viewpoint.

Triggers all over the damn place!!

Are you sure this isn't coming down from Rachel and the Alberta Politburo? It sounds like a communist kind of thing. Unaccountable communist tribunals killed a lot of my relatives in Russia.

I was snickering away saying 'way to go Kate'! Then saw the original.

You could have created that classic Kate!

So this is the first and only time a citizen has been publicly discourteous to an officer(er) of the guvament?

This is going to be fun!

How does one sign this petition?

Thanks Kate for the link, great read.

I had little I could spare but contributed to this new battle he's engaged in because he usually is speaking for me. Not my style, but content wins over style.
We all know that lefties are capable of the most vicious hatred towards anyone who disagrees with them.
If Harper wins again, both the CBC and the HRC have to go.

To add to your thoughts (and with all credit to cowboy poet, Baxter Black)

You mare ridin’, mouth breathin’, egg suckin’ skunk
Yer the kind who drowns kittens for fun
You hat stealin’, hole peepin’, pencil neck punk
Yer the blister on everyone’s bum

You dog kickin’, mule whippin’, carp eatin’ crud
Yer a bagful of grizzly bear bait
You never sweat, no workin’, blank shootin’ dud
Yer the reason for bicarbonate

You lackluster, festering, dumble dumb putz
Yer the wax on a tom turkey’s snood
You buzzard breath bone pickin’, big tub of guts
Yer a flake of the first magnitude

You scrofulous, wool slippin’, miscreant scum
Yer the grease off a Hell’s Angels’ comb
You bilgewater, bog drinkin’, boot licking bum
Yer a bucket of thundermug foam

You counterfeit, card cheatin’, commonbred clump
Yer the fungus in old cottage cheese
You back stabbin’, beady eyed, Bactrian hump
Yer a throwback to when we climbed trees

To sum up yer good points could be quite a chore
There’s so many that it’s hard to say
So I’ll just repeat what I’ve oft heard before
Yer the nit in a wino’s toupee

I live in Alberta, and am a professional. I would love to be able to sign a published petition with those words and/or sentiments on it.

Does Ezra need funding for the latest round? Now that I am no longer paying my monthly subscription fee to Ashley Madison, it would be nice to direct the money to something worthwhile.

If you're a judge OR lawyer you should be obligated by law to call all human rights courts in Canada out for being crazy. In fact everybody in Canada should be required by law to stand at 9;00 AM every day like we used to start school and recite: "Human Rights Courts are crazy-mental-retarded-schitzoid-wackadoodle-drool cup wearing-blithering -coniptioning-dyslexic-lunatic-fire dancing-parkinson-snake handling-fetishizing-animal molesting alcoholic- bulimic-aspergers-insomnic-paranoid-manic-hallucinating-narcoleptic-phobic-vibrating-shrinkwrapped fruity nutbars and like it, so help me God"

Someone post a link and we can all copy and paste right?

"my monthly subscription fee to Ashley Madison,"

Better save it! Multiple hits on "Lorena Babbitt" solutions for cheating husbands. That and a hungry Dog will get you a running.

I've converted this into a petition. When we get 1000 sigs, I'll send it to the Commission.

What did Omar Kadr's laywer say about the Prime Minister of Canada? I don't live in Alberta but if I did I would do some research into every single Alberta lawyer who ever said anything even remotely critical of a government institution, tribunal, etc... and made a complaint about every single one of them. Either they spend the next decade hearing them all or they drop them, including Ezra's, as the waste of time and money that they are.

" I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!"

what did Dizzy Lizzy may say about the whole cabinet when on a rant about his royal loveliness Omar?

This reminded me of something my otherwise quite and proper German great-grandfather (apparently... i wasn't there) said to a comparatively wild daughter,

"You weren't born, the Devil farted you through the wall."

Thanks, Kate, for talking for us.

I happily signed that petition! Funny/strange how NO politician has tried to curb the authority of the HRC's. I guess it's because they know that the power vested in the HRC's might come in very handy some day.

We have Courts, we don't need another judicial body,especially a kangaroo court that defies all rules of justice and common sense.

Shakespeare should have been alive to see the HRC's, he'd have changed his line spoken by Dick the Butcher.

I signed it and used my real name because I am so pissed about this that I want them to know where this magnitude level 10 of contempt is coming from. Not that it means much, but I feel better.

This is obvious harassment.

No sense preaching to the choir. So....

Office of the Director of the Commission
Alberta Human Rights Commission
800 - 10405 Jasper Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4R7

Law Societies have an incestuous relationship with the state. They are the body that decides who can practice law in each Province where they enjoy monopoly "right to practice" legislation. IOW, they enjoy the power of the state without absolutely any consent of the governed. They act as governments without accountability. Various provincial law societies are actively discriminating against (private Christian) Trinity Western University for the behavior covenant required of their students which has nothing to do with the practice of law nor TW's potential qualifying graduates. This is just one example of an abuse of the "privilege" of "right to practice". It appears that progressive politics is the driving force of these organizations. I extend this criticism (potential or real) to each and every professional body that enjoys right to practice legislation. Ezra has championed the fight against the various law societies anti-Christian positions and one wonders if this isn't payback on behalf of the fascist and "crazy" HRC.

Signed and also used my real name with display because Human Rights Commissions and Courts degrade humans and rights.
Limit Government!

Ah Kate, you floor me!

im signed up as well. number 35 ,

"No sense preaching to the choir. So....

Office of the Director of the Commission
Alberta Human Rights Commission
800 - 10405 Jasper Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4R7"

This, coupled with:

Typo in the petition Kate, but thanks very much for setting it up.

"I though of sending a simple"

Signed, sealed and delivered with my own personal info all the way. I hate scumbags.

can you fill me in on that? Personally and / or direct me to books? You can write me directly
at Thks

It was discussed in a previous election and the "discusser" lost. Unfortunately, since this stuff doesn't get reported in the mainstream, not to mention pure ignorance, the gen public thought it meant getting rid of Human Rights altogether (sigh)

This is how places like North Korea operate. Mustn't criticize Dear Leader.

Signed it as number 110.

Signed it at #83. I see superman (Mark Steyn) signed as well....

Good company.

Okay, light bulbs went on, now what about C-51?

Are we going to have a frank discussion about that here?

Or shall we just hope that the left never get into power to use the East German template against ordinary Canadian conservatives?

News flash, the unelected portion of the government already do that, with impunity. Perhaps this is the start of a wider revolt (Ezra is quite wrong about being the only one or even the first to challenge these elites, but maybe he is just saying that for effect -- google Stephen Boissoin or various Ontario lawfare cases or Brad Love or Arthur Topham -- this war has been underway for quite some time in Canada).

The time for pretending has to end -- the Harper government is two parts accommodation and one part resistance to the globalist Marxist agenda. This is evident and in plain sight for anyone to see. They won't listen to outsiders so tell them at your riding association meetings to smarten up and get rid of C-51 before a Liberal-NDP coalition get their hands on it. The NDP will stop opposing it when they realize what they can do with it. The political dangers of C-51 do not stop with the environmentalists or native groups, think of what will happen when political direction changes one day -- the apparatus in place is already substantially leftist in its thinking and sympathies.

The learning curve is steeper than it looks. Get used to it. A good start would be for Ezra Levant and perhaps this website to break with the CPC on C-51 and to demand greater and more articulate opposition to the fraudulent climate change agenda. It seems too late to roll back the gains of the sexually depraved and hopefully they will just fade away, at least we know they can't easily reproduce.

My question is simply this -- are we going to pretend we are opposing these harmful agendas or are we going to start actually opposing them with policies and legislation? It won't be easy. Just tinkling O Canada on a piano and having a photo op won't do it. Counter revolution -- that's what is needed. Do you think this lot are capable of it? They can't go any further than accommodation and the sort of incrementalism that is basically shuffling backwards.

Sorry to dash any illusions.

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