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Audubon Society;

In early June the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Fiscal Year 2016 Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill--with a sneak attack on birds attached. The bill included an amendment prohibiting the use of Department of Justice funds to prosecute or hold liable any person or corporation for a violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. If it becomes law, anyone could kill birds with impunity, with no risk of jail time or even fines. It would decimate one of the most successful pieces of conservation legislation in history.

Audubon has obtained documents linking Duke Energy, the largest electric utility in the country, to the amendment, which was sponsored by Representative Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.). Duke's renewable energy division had been the first green power company to be prosecuted under the MBTA, pleading guilty in 2013 to the deaths of more than 150 protected birds, including 14 Golden Eagles, at two wind farms in Wyoming, and forking over $1 million in fines.

In the wake of that guilty plea, Duke, which has contributed $23,000 to Duncan's political campaigns, apparently began deploying its considerable resources and political muscle to undo the very law it had violated, paying at least $60,000 in 2014 to The Majority Group, LLC, a lobbying firm with offices on D Street in Washington, D.C. On the "lobbying report" it was required to file, Majority Group recorded one purpose of its efforts as "Amending the Migratory Birds Treaty Act and Bald and Gold Eagle Protection Act to address accidental avian deaths." A staff member in Duncan's office confirmed that the Congressman has discussed amending the MBTA with Duke Energy but did not confirm or deny that Majority Group lobbied Duncan on the energy company's behalf.



The US is so crooked that it is totally screwed. Every facet - justice, security, the environment, energy, etc. - has been irretrievably compromised by filthy payoffs and sleazy deals.

The Liberal left sure do love their bird and baby blenders.

Next is old poor people, I wonder if they'll just run over them with a combine?

Generally $1 in lobbying will get you $1000 to $3000 in cash returns.

"Representative Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.)."

yes knite99, that liberal lefty, Mister Republican, sure loves the bird blender benefits, or did you miss that interesting little part. It's shows that it's politicians in general that are the NME, and not just lefties.

USA are new surrender monkeys.Limp-wrists win.. Good Lord, rewriting history, black minority taking over. Taking down flags. How embarrassing for a once proud country.

Knight, NME666, you're both right. Yes, lefties love bird blenders. And yes, big business tries to put government in its pocket because these days that's the only way that companies can deal with the insane mishmash of government policy, legislation, regulation and jurisprudence.

It's a testament to the fact that the US today may be the worst governed country in the western world. Yes, the Obama syndicate may be spectacularly incompetent, but basic governance in the USA has been going wrong for the past half-century or so.

Green power and politics is for the birds.

.... $1 million in fines, and agreed to an array of mitigation strategies. Those included continuing to employ biologists to radio for temporary turbine shutdowns when eagles were spotted and to report bird deaths to the government, as well as installing radar technology similar to that used in Afghanistan to track incoming missiles.

Why is this controversial at all? Rep. Duncan is responding to a concern of a constituent; Duke Energy, who incidentally, provide my home in Florida with cheap electricity, 365/24/7. For this I am profoundly grateful and appreciative. Duke Energy is induced by a combination of bribery and blackmail to invest vast sums of money into nonsensical wind energy schemes, they would never do this without political coercion so why should they suffer loss for bird kills that were known about beforehand by the idiot proponents of wind farms.
If there is a scandal here it is the scandal of wasting $billions on an ineffective energy strategy.

Totally agree! Four thumbs up!

Jamie MacMaster-
"The US is so crooked that it is totally screwed."

Abso-frikkin-lutely Jamie - the US is run by a cartel of political party-connected bag men installed and paid for by the biggest lobbies on earth (including the POTUS)- the old saying that "the US has the best government money can buy" is no longer a joke - and a lot of people are awake to the corruption if you believe the polling about congress approval/trust levels.

The Green energy free pass for waterfowl slaughter is just the latest incantation of this corrupt crony corporatism - Monsanto, GD , DuPont, Rand corp, the banks and Wall St. pour billions a year into buying legislation/legislators - with less than a dozen exceptions there isn't a congressional member who is not bought and paid for by some lobby or special interest. To keep the rube's attention focused elsewhere they debate race, gender politics and the corporate media pimps this instead of investigating the shady trade and money deals hatched.

We have been relatively clear of this with the anti-lobby laws Harper passed, The big corps have been largely neutered here, but you can bet your bottom dollar if the Librano or brown envelope dips ever get in, lobbies and special interests will be buying a chunk of government - both are brokerage parties.

Exactly. Energy policy is now written by people with the mental capacity of 8th graders.
If the 150 birds had been killed in a tailings pond where real energy is produced the whole world would be aware of it.

Birds chopped up by windturbines and the granola munchers/tree huggers could'nt care less but when some birds get oiled up their out there picting and waving stupid signs in the air and the media scumballs are covering their little protest and many protected speices are harmed for this Green Energy nonsense

Don't blame duke. Blame the greens. Duke would perfectly happy burning Wyoming coal.

Anyone driven on I15 lately, south of Las Vegas about 30 miles? What a colossal bird killer we have there! Estimates are as high as 65000 birds have been set on fire in the air by this monstrosity. I do forget what it is called but I'm sure it is on google earth.

Why break the law when you can buy it? Besides, those birds had the stars and bars on them.

hello SDAers!

did the infamous WMDs of the dubya era ever actually get found? I mean, other than the WW I era chlorine gas. or is it true the truth about George string-puppet-in-chief Bush is a very sinister thing indeed?

I wonder if any of the stupid eco-freaks who ride bicycles to protess against Big Oil know that bike chains need to be well oiled and then on this film a saw some eco-twat hada sign on their bike TRAINS NOT PLANES Yeah and Trains run on Disel fuel the same thing Greenpeaces ships Rainbow Warrior II and Arctic Sunrise run on

This is not a "liberal" versus "conservative" issue. It's a matter of unbelievable corruption in the United States legal, legislative, and business world. Laws governing lobbying are wide open, making what would be corruption in Canada, legal in the USA. As well, any country that has a minimum personal donation limit of over 300K to political parties or individuals, can hardly be called a democracy.

The United States is one big massive crony capitalist system; where grass roots voters have virtually no power, no matter how well they organize ... this is because their efforts are drowned out by big money.

America; once the beacon of freedom, is just a stew of competing special interests all trying to outspend each other ... that's what happens to a country that is basically a "pay to play" playground.

In the case of this post, it's big energy, versus Audubon, versus the Greens and their farcical bird choppers.


"This is not a "liberal" versus "conservative" issue"

It is a legal issue, after the 9th circuit is history those whose actions created the problem will be held responsible. The members of Aububon & Green Peace will have to pay for the damage to the environment. If the Aububon society pretends to protect Birds, they should be held responsible for not objecting to policies that result in wholesale killing of birds. The slime seem to only be interested in body count Money from Duke.

Matt Damon, go away.

Yes, ISIS found them and is putting them to use.

..If there is a scandal here it is the scandal of wasting $billions on an ineffective energy strategy....

Somehow McGuinty and Ontario comes to mind here...
..and god helps us all...soon to be Alberta too with the minions in power...actually, thats degrading to minions...MORONS is much more apt.

Perhaps we should be tracking Kubota Diesel home genet sales/idiotic public policies.
Remember if an eagle is killed by the 3 winged crucifix it is a holy sacrifice to Ghiaa.
If injured by a high voltage line, shot , trapped or poisoned it is a crime worst than murder.
Can't blame Duke for buying a representative, if you have not noticed this is the Hope and Change ™ Obamanation, rules the USA is currently run on.

Agreed - don't blame Duke - the other crazy laws demanding wind and solar power put them in a bind.

Better to attack the root cause - the stupidity of environmentalists.

We have to pass the law to find out what's in it....

Goose, meet gander.

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