Enjoy It While It Lasts


At the current rate of Muslim immigration to the west, gay marriage is just a temporary condition. Poligamy, on the other hand...


You left out the fact that it's now EXTREMIST to want society to remain how it is. The status quo is extreme.

"At the current rate of Muslim immigration to the west, gay marriage is just a temporary condition."


I've stated here for years that "assimilation will be easy for me"; in fact, I believe those of my ilk would likely benefit on some levels.

Off Topic, but loosely related:

All of that said, I think I've "evolved" regarding the US Constitution, and the legalization of Gay Marriage.

Here is my reasoning: The 14th Amendment guarantees "Equal Protection(EP)" under the Law; therefore, when a certain threshold is met(say 25% of the country) has legalized Gay Marriage, it sets the wheels in motion regarding the 14th Amendment. Why? Well, it seems to me that under the aforementioned Amendment, you cannot deny rights(in this case legal status) while it is given to others(gay couples).

In other words; had none of the States legalized Gay Marriage, then there would not be a case for the 14th Amendment, because you wouldn't have SOME gay couples recognized and some not.

Anyways; I'm not a legal mind, so this is my reasoning as it stands today. Please provide some input if you disagree.

I will continue this comment on my next post.

Post at 3:31 continued….

I said “evolved” because up until last week, I had a different point of view regarding Gay Marriage. Previously, my take on Gay Marriage is that it was a ‘corruption of the English language’ because it took two distinctly different things: 1) a man and a woman coupling for life and having kids; and 2) a man and a man coupling for life(or woman and woman); and defining them as the SAME THING!

For me this was wholly unacceptable, because I can see the Big Picture and understand that this is simply another step by the Left to dumb-down the population. So, my previous position on the Gay Marriage issue was to provide a comparable legal status for gay couples; which I suggested being called “Gay Marriage”.

So, here is my point: THIS IS NOT REALLY A DEBATE ABOUT THE DEFINITION OF MARRIAGE! This is simply a debate about a legal status and entitlements. REGARDLESS of what the government calls the civil union between two people, so long as everyone gets the correct legal status, all is right.

All of that said, even though the government may issue you and your gay mate a Certificate, and a tax rebate; in my eyes YOU ARE NOT MARRIED!

“a rose is still a rose if by another name” – Shakespeare
“If it walks like a duck…” - dad

For those of you who can stomach this

This is an EXCELLENT disection and explanation of why biblicaly gay marriage is unacceptable and terrible for a society.


No matter what any Pastor or city official EVER say No Homosexual marriage can ever be sanctified and recognized aslegitamit by god. the only thing that happens when a pastor/priest or justice of the peace marry homosexuals is they are commiting blashemy and they are denying Christ to themselves. Make no mistake.

Agreed, but it can be recognized by the State; which of course has no bearing on "God's" definition, nor does it have any bearing on the uniqueness of the lifetime Union between a man and woman.

"Gay marriage is the Catlin Jenner of marriage." - Indiana Homez

You can choose to call him "him or her"; but it does not change who or what HE is.

So while i firmly am against homosexuals marrying, it does not have any bearing on my faith or what i will teach and believe in my home.

There are a million reasons man can come up with as to why gays should marry. However there is only one and the most important reason of all for them not to. God said so.

Sounds really stupid to the unbelievers but i'm not interested in their thoughts or commands.

If you are a true believer in Christ you will turn to scripture all day everyday for answers. And you will never concern yourself with the folly of mankind.

I really think people should watch that video above i posted its long but it cuts through the crap on both sides and lays out scriptural where real true Christians MUST stand on this subject

I think your pov is solid reasoning; hence my quote "a rose is a rose if by any other name". The government can call a gay civil union "marriage" if they wish; it matters not to me; but I will not call two dudes "husband and wife", nor will I call Bruce Jenner "Catlin".

That said, based on my understanding of the 14th Amendment, the US Constitution and the Bible are in conflict regarding this; IF, the Supreme Court got it right.

Is that fair to say?

As for gay marriage being temporary i agree the Muslims once polygamy is legalized will out breed us in as little as 2 generations by that time the sore worn out vaginas of the 4-8 kids they are having now throughout the western world will begin to bear fruit.

Through steady riots,protest and rapes of christian(and non christian) women who don't believe in abortion conversely any child born to a Muslim man is a Muslim first and foremost and so the left and progressives will gladly take that child from the mother to be indoctrinated to be another baby boomer or head chopper.

While the secular mothers will happily hand the baby over to the Muslim rapist so she can go back to work and like not have to deal with a crying baby all day (sarc off).

So point is once polyigamy is legalized abortion,homosexuality,and gay marriage will be banned/illegal.

Personally i would rather deal with some immoral queers dancing in the streets then being handcuffed by the left while they usher in sharia law and the world caliphate.

Personally the reason the muslims are not attacking and landing on our beaches is because we welcome them into our fertile western wombs. once we realize this it will be far to late.

world gov (un agenda 21 and the forming of the EU) check.

Mass immigration even during economic down turns to destroy the economy and saddle the taxpayer with so much debt they throw in the towel...almost a check not quite sure.

Teach white girls that white men are useless and no good for anything check.

Teach white men that they are useless and no good for anything check.

There is so much going on morally, economically, ect ect i am wondering when the straw will be placed on thine camels back.

Just my thoughts.

"Enjoy it while it lasts" should be a warning to the whole lefty hypocracy (spelling intended).

They are rejoicing in their recent victories against what they would call Christian totalitarianism, and at the same time embracing Islamic totalitarians.

well for gaey marriage I think this is good way to identify who is who and people know them as group. may be number of marriage certificate can be used for SIA black list in future to help them can get find cure for them I think gay has disability not able to do normal sexix life. who knows.
I was last year in hotel has in lobey two computer there is man set next to me suddenly I hear screaming loudly other boy came to him and he screamed said I do not want with you and asked me for help said my boyfreind insiste I back to him and I do not like him any more I did not what to say I said I am sorry I am busy not like to involve please bring your voice down or call the police. then I looked both were in 20 years old and one begg for other back and other gay man said No I do not like you I never see gay people and he tried to talk to me oh.... my god I said sorry I must go not like to involve with your argument, In result, now I notice so many gay are forced by men to stay with them or can be harrased by otehr men too that is danger part of it. I discuss of what I saw feel sorry. young boys can be victimized by old men here!! who may need financially

similar like Marijuina and drug said say it without arrest in Canada to identify those to help them

for Muslim you can not if Muslim changed the name from Mohammad to Michael and as allow change family to new one as chineese does
only accent can identify them but if they born in Canada is not recognizable too. nobody know who is real muslim in thier home some pretend they are Muslim or look muslim but not really muslim or real Muslim restricted but not look like it especially white Muslim look.

I read artical in israel most children born put their name as Mohamad for saftey of their children now we do not know who is scared muslim scared of nonMuslim or nonMuslim scare of Muslim.
if Muslim country get fixed to warning to war so many will back for sure.

I wanna marry my dog! Best friend I have ever had.

Good idea, the bit** will never hurt you. Unlike some humans.


Pbbfbfbffffft. The cretins pushing the gay agenda are way past that. They are pushing for legalized pedophilia now. Just ask Blazing Cat Fur about the queers and pervs that run the Toronto District School Board...

Your analysis is inadequate, homez. The whole point of the exercise to use the power of the state to force everyone to treat these unmarried people as married. You don't want to call these people "married", good for you, but you'll never be allowed to hold any public position, and you can expect to be harassed by the law. Compulsory lying is the whole point. You are no longer permitted to tell or know the truth.

Who thought that on the way to the Age of Aquarius we would have to tip toe through the Age of Aqueerius?

"You are no longer permitted to tell or know the truth."

People can tell and know the truth. It may be a revolutionary act, but they can still and will still do it even after it is outlawed.
What the common people need to understand is that we are all marked for death anyway and they can't deal with all of us if we resist.
you aren't part of the solution, ebt, you're part of the problem.

Imagine a man with 4 wives. One wife becomes a problem and is then divorced.
She doesn't get half of the common property as 1 wife does under the current fading paradigm, she gets 1/5, 20%. Not only that, she doesn't get custody of the children because the father and his remaining 3 wives are more capable of giving her children a better living and more stable household than the 1 divorced wife.

How long will the paradigm of polygamy last in that case?
How will single women, who are ambivalent about SSM today, vote in future after they understand the risk they face when traditional marriage is just one out of many types of marriage available?

I think there is a better than even chance that the pendulum will swing back, if we survive the current foolishness.
Perhaps men will have by then become incentivised, whether they can get multiple wives or not, to vote for polygamy because of the mere possibility(as Muslim males do) and a reversal will become impossible.

One last comment on the issue on this thread: Maybe Shamrock and his ilk will be tempted to blame this paradigm shift on the Baby Boomers.
If the Baby Boomers were to be responsible for such a shift, because of our numbers, we could have made shifts like SSM or polygamy decades ago and neither our parents nor our offspring could have resisted the change.
The change is happening precisely because we are now dying off in droves and don't care to put up resistance. That said, abstaining is not causation.
Me personally, I plan to resist until I cannot resist due to either mental or physical incompetence, or both.
I have no children, but I see clearly that we are heading toward Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World' and it's a world which I will never cease to resist.

Ebt, I suspect that at the rate things are going on this file you are absolutely correct. Politicians like Cruz, Huckabee, Stephen Harper and others that hold to the same traditional principles will be fighting their last election. The "Brave New World" purveyors will make sure of that. We are already seeing the assaults on Trinity Western's law discipline.

We are moving fast toward becoming nations of whisperers. It is rolling over us like a tidal wave.

polygamy will be accepted in Canada as soon as the muslims demand it.

On the definition of "Marriage"
"When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean -- neither more nor less."
"The question is," said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many different things."
"The question is," said Humpty Dumpty, "which is to be master - - that's all."
(Through the Looking Glass, Chapter 6)

oz: "The change is happening precisely because we are now dying off in droves"

No, my friend, the change is happening because millions of us left our children in state-run schools, where they were steeped in collectivist twaddle for so long, they no longer think straight (sic). Once you accept the SecHum mantra that there are NO moral absolutes - that everything is relative, that all value systems are equally valid, etc. - SSM is just the tip of the iceberg.

If marriage is not solely between one man and one woman, then why can it not be between two women and a man (or two men and a woman)? After all, polygamy, unlike SSM, has thousands of years of cultural practice behind it. But the SecHums won't stop there.

Already, there are some in the Western US who are looking for permission to marry their pets. Now, I know Kate loves her dogs to pieces, but I don't think she'd want to marry them! "Inter-species" marriage will make SSM and polygamy look like arguments over checkers.

Either you live in a world with values, or you don't. We have, unfortunately, left it far too long to make it back now without serious blowback.

However, that is the history of the world, from Athens to Rome to Paris to London to New York and doubtless to Beijing - freed from tyranny, liberty blossoms, and art, commerce and quality of life all increase dramatically. Along the way, liberty gives way to license, and slowly but surely, decay (moral, not tooth) sets in. When licentiousness peaks (as in stories of the IMF executives - the bankers for the WORLD - throwing themselves parties stocked with teenage hookers), the rot is terminal.

We are seeing the collapse of the fairytale world dreamed of by the leftists, where no one has to do anything they don't want to, and everything is permitted. As history shows, the next phase will be a takeover by an ultra-moralistic 'righteous' government, accompanied by a great deal of death and repression. My greatest fear is it will be a Muslim government, but I guess if I have to spend my remaining years pretending to mouth prayers, it would be less frightening than an endless string of "Pride" parades.

One Australian couple has announced that, should the Government there legalize gay marriage, they will get a divorce on the grounds that the institution they entered ten years ago has been redefined in a way they no longer wish to be identified or associated with.

They will, of course, remain together and, presumably, they were married in a church before God and his people, so they will still be in a real, natural marriage. This action would do them no harm, financially or otherwise, since the government gives benefit to cohabiting couples who now have their union recognized in the same way as marriage, by the state.

My recollection is "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet".

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