The Children Are Our Future


We need a famine.



What is this I don't even


Too coddled, too materialistic and too self-absorbed - eternal children not really ready for adult responsibility or the responsibility of a citizen of a free republic.

You think too small.

We need an asteroid.....

In better times, people like these were kept in homes.

Dobrze że świat się zmienia, jestem za postępem.,c121.html

As my mother used to say, "More money than sense". Of course, I have always thought of Manhattan Island as one big pre-school for adults, anyway.

Stressed out adults my arse. How about silly little tits.

About ten or fifteen years ago at a family gathering a relative was complaining about how stressed out her daughter was, with two kids, a great job, a brand new home with all the creature comforts, and a husband who was pulling in about a hundred grand. My late father-in-law, who worked off-farm during the winters, smiled a little smile, turned to my mother-in-law and said, "Hey, Evelyn. How did you ever manage...with five kids and fifty cows?"

I'm going to steal tj230's line from the chopping blog: Time to build a cabin, stock up on ammo.

In the sacred words of the sainted Inigo Montoya: "Grownups? You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means."

You can laugh now but when the famine hits, macaroni art is going to be worth alot of money!

No, in better times they were turned out of their homes and had to fend for themselves or starve.

There simple question and obvious simple answer to it regarding today most of killing war linked to racism and hate one person or group toward others. Question is can we allowed some one run country who gun down or gun down of randomly go kill others because of hate crime. Can we kill in supermarket a person because he is jewish? Can we by gun disabled 1000 children because they arab palestinian. ? Can police kill black boy just suspectt because of his colour? Can muslim kids church minster kid or jewish reebi kids must kill because of religion differences can black boy sell marijina to rich white kid because hate rich white kids? Can we allowed criminal who directly or order soldure to go kill randomly allowed run country? Race colour religion rich poor kids are main target now for adult corruption life styles.

I see what appears to be an open barred gate in the background......did someone leave the door to the human monkey cage open again ??

Yes, and the sad part is that these people vote accordingly, and we might have to fight the likes of ISIS in our streets with this mentality.

Agreed. It's much more grown up to gather here at SDA and anonymously make fun/gripe about other people from a distance.

This is progress. When I went to school you could "flunk" a grade and have to repeat it. These people must have flunked kindergarten since "Everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten". So it's appropriate that they should have to repeat it since there obviously must be something that they missed learning.

And you have to love that student teacher ratio. One Facilitator and two assistants for 6 students. They must be real brats if they need that much supervision.

This is what happens when you don't put your boys and girls in basketball or hockey.

It is basically a matter of an old saying, "There is a sucker born every minute". She found them by charging $333.00 to $999.00 per class X 6 for the week. Not a bad profit for letting pre-supposed adults experiencing life before stage 5 Alzheimers kicks in.

"...and anonymously make fun..."

So this piss-pots goes into this bar, and he says to this bedpan....

Wait for this to be turned into Performance Art classes, like the ones sometimes found on

This one featured a 15 minute video of a young woman chalking words on a sidewalk, followed by another young woman with a mop and pail washing away her words. Clearly my level of artistic appreciation needs improvement.

A mind*fart from the Progosphere - "It's much more grown up to gather here at SDA and anonymously make fun/gripe about other people from a distance."

You mean like you just did?

I guess the hypocrisy escapes you , probably too much time in the CBC forms echo chamber to detect hypocrisy, after swimming in it for so long.

@Jamie McMaster, Occam: the difference is, I'm mocking you, to you. You're griping about others, to each other.

You are being troll who gets his perverse pleasure antagonizing your betters. It isn't anything special. Have fun in daycare today junior.

Someone "anonymously" taking shots at people "anonymously" making fun of.... doesn't really demonstrate any moral courage.

The post is a fine example of taxation on stupidity. Suck them dry!

Are we sure these aren't CBC moderators at work?

Tooner -

Not at home, a home, as in institution for the feeble minded.

The zombie apocalypse can't come too soon.

No you're not.
But you're sure getting spanked as a silly tit.

My hat is off to Ms. Michelle Joni, who having wasted huge money on a degree in pre-school studies went ahead and found a way to make it pay. And also found a way to get mega free advertising for her fledgling company by suckering ABC News into covering it.

That she's done a Tom Sawyer and convinced a bunch of Millenials to pay her money for allowing them to use her crayons and finger paint is just friggin genius. I hope she makes millions.

Other bonus, there's an outside possibility the art therapy (that's what this actually is) will get some dysfunctional New Yorkers to finally potty train their inner child. Heaven knows they need it.

What ever happened to tree sitter eco-nutcase Julia(Butterfly)Hill hav'nt heard from this ding-bat in years

She's out of her tree, man.


Indeed, but she has made a welcome space of community, and for only $35 US, you too can become a member and have "access to special artwork, poetry and writings as well as 4 conference calls a year with me and special discounts from the store coming soon."

The conference calls almost had me, but if it had a decoder ring I would have signed up.

Lighten up, folks.

We may all get a chance to go to Fun Camp.

Real soon now.

almost hilarious pic, but i feel like it doesn't fully express the amound of pansyness that american kids aged 25 and under currently possess.

kids under 25 are poster babies for infectious pusillanimous.

the famine comment caused a legit LOL.

there's coffee on my cat.


What is it with all the SDA readers who can't seem to consume a beverage, laugh, and keep their mouths closed at the same time? "There's coffee on my cat." "You owe me a new keyboard." "You owe me a new monitor." Seriously -- just how old are you folks?

i think its awesome young people take to culture and art, like in the picture. Everyone can't be conservative-military.

These. People. Are. Idiots.


Premature artificial stellar collapse aka a super nova

There's something to be said for adult unsupervised nap time.

How does one view people such as these obvious dimwits? With disdain? Revulsion? Pity? Amusement? The entire concept is so astoundingly ridiculous that I take the simple approach that if they're indulging themselves on their own dime then go ahead, fill your boots.

Let's hope this never catches on in Canada. There will be grants and non-refundable tax credits galore to anyone willing to debase themselves in this manner.

Biffjr. If you think this here is retarded, have you seen the indoor dog "parks"? $10/hr to let your dog play with other dogs in a small-to-medium sized industrial unit.

They're a pretty big thing. They're making money. It's a bit frightening how much.

As a Hasbro stock holder, I approve. You idiots keep playing with Playdoh and I'll collect the dividends, thanks.

May all your peeves stay petty.

It is heartwarming to see the stupid, the well off stupid,
plus the rich and stupid interfacing together without being
even a bit embarrassed about what they have in common.

lightweight troll proffers - " the difference is, I'm mocking you, to you."

No there is NO difference, you are a scold and a hypocrite by your own standards, you are what you scold - fess up and live with it.

The real difference is I do not see you as inferior, and feel, as you do, I have any right to SCOLD you or monish you or tell you what to think or how to act because I view myself as a superior. To me, only your argument or ideology is fallacious or stupid and worthy of rational criticism.I feel no morally superior compunction to confront you for what you think or do or say - I do have the right to comment on anything I damn well please regardless of who it offends. The only time I feel justified in personally confronting anyone is if they have transgressed my personal property, my person or my rights - none of which has happened in my commentary on the aforementioned metro neurosis - in such a case makes your moral pomposity here just so much boorish interloping.

You, OTOH mock (scold) from a position of fictitious moral and intellectual superiority which is obviously not merited and thus fraudulent. It is the fallacy of modern misnomer "progressive?" ideology and social memes which I offer a considered opinion on - it may be offensive to some , I may even be partially incorrect but it is always based in logic, and objective observation - unlike prog reactionaries who act on displaced sentimentality, morbid sensitivity, and bogus moral high ground.

Largely agreed Occam, the mocking troll doesn't realize that some of us aren't mocking them, we're laughing at them. I guess if the troll can't see the difference, that tells us quite a bit about it. Mocking implies a sense of superiority. Laughing at implies "man oh man, are they ever different". Some of the funniest things I've ever seen could have been prefaced with the words "Y'all watch this..."

As for these children wannabes, they're free to play however they want. They can have diaper time if they want. It's their money and time, they can do whatever they want with it. I think that the owner could make a lot of money with a mirror wall and a pub on the far side, where the adult daycare is the entertainment. Just like how the progressives used to visit the insane asylums to laugh at the inmates.

Their mothers worked when they were little. They never got this love. This is sad. Their mothers also had only one child, them, so they never witnessed childhood.

It's all women. They want to be mothers and nobody is going to marry them. The one guy present is paid to be there, by the business owner, I am assuming. He is necessary, to keep it from being all-women; that would injure the brand, dilute it, make it something else.

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